: I made it out of Silver!
Good job. Keep persevering, and you'll climb even higher. I was placed in Iron II after a year off from league. Told everyone that I don't belong there, now I'm in Plat II. Keep yourself focused and you'll go to places unimaginable.
CrisPlays (EUNE)
: Hecarim is broken as fuck, thank god they are nerfing him {{champion:120}}
Even though he is very powerful, he doesn't really stand a chance against udyr unless he is ahead through ganking. Udyr is a classic counter to Hecarim, assuming that Udyr has maintain the higher ground through counter jungling/powerfarming/ganking
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Critty92 (EUNE)
: How to counter Hecarim?
As a hecarim main, there are really two main ways that you can counter him. The first way is to slow him. As you know, his passive grants AD based on his bonus MS. Runes such as glacial augment can do great harm to hecarim is used properly. The second way is to displace him. Anything with stuns, polymorphs, binds, knockups etc is very lethal to Hecarim. Chain CC is also essential to countering hecarim. Brand's R, Morg's R, and Ornn's R are three very good ultimates that counter Hecarim. Jarvan's ult is also good as well, but using that ability is only best when Hecarim's R is down. There is also a third way to counter Hecarim: Outfarm him/outgank/counter gank him. Because Hecarim horribly scales into late game outfarming him in the early and mid game enables Hecarim to be flexible, making him run jungle routes that he shouldn't be running, and causing him to occupy a lane if you out farm him by clearing unoccupied lanes and/or counter jungling. Counter jungling is the most effective way to slow Hecarim down. Warding his red/blue buffs and taking them when he's ganking will cause him to stay in one particular side of the jungle more often, causing your team to get objectives a little easier. Because Hecarim needs to constantly pressure lanes in order to get stronger, applying vision to parts of the map such as the pixel bushes and the tri bushes, as well as counter jungling him when he is seen in a lane will put him really behind. Use your jungler to apply vision in enemy territory, and if possible, let him stay in a bush in a lane, so he can either lane gank, or counter gank from lane, which is Hecarim's weak spot.
: I'd say just cut all CDR in half. If it gives 10, give 5. If it gives 20, give 10. You'll still hit 40% late game but it's spread out among a LOT more items.
I wouldn't cut each and every item that has CDR in half. Some items, such as {{item:3101}} and {{item:3067}} don't really need the CDR at all. For core items, such as {{item:3078}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3110}} , I do agree with you on cutting the CDR in half. I think that many of the lesser items don't need the CDR that it grants.
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Zero Q1 (NA)
: ***
This comment is awfully ironic.
: It's not when one person dies a few time that irks me with the "never give up" elitist attitude. It's the, "We're 0/25 in 15minutes, they have all of our T2s, just got rift and is now grouping" and having that one irking, positive guy go, "We're still in this" and then 2 people don't surrender. You then spend the next 15-20mins in a LOSING game because the enemy wants to have fun before ending. It's not that we have a chance because they "can" throw. We're literally just stalling for them to get their KDA higher or to enjoy a game that they KNOW they can win as long as they end it before the gold lead is lost.
It really pisses me off when people say/do things like that. It's not me dying 3 times in a row that gets me pissed, it's the mentality people have to keep playing even though it's a guaranteed loss at this point. Those are the kind of people that say too much and do too little. "Enough is good, too much isn't better"
: A Message from Somebody who Got banned for Cheating
Much respect to you because not many people have the guts to fully admit their negative actions to others.
: Can we have a "Buy all champions" bundle?
Instead of having it for ALL champions, how about we have it for champions that are placed in a certain category, based on their kits and overall purpose. For example, a mage pack, fighter pack, assassin pack etc..
: This made my day, hopefully it brightens yours
Binds Mastery to Q on {{champion:120}}
: New Alpha client won't open SOLUTION
Just restart your computer
: The short story is more interesting than the skins. I'm sorry but riot has done better. Like the art tho
I hope you're joking.
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: what happened to america that we dont even have a backbone or a spine anymore 2016 everyones offended by something lmfao
How the hell does that have to do with what I'm talking about?
: What do you call it when your team keeps on killing the feeding Hecarim?
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: Played this for 4 or 5 years, finally made it to diamond. Here is my guide for people like me.
This is one of the most descriptive guides anyone could ever make. This is simple, clear and gives the reader a good understanding of how the state of the game should be. I don't want to analyze your post, all I'm saying is that I will keep ALL of this in mind. #RoadToPlatnium I thank you..
: What would the perfect Ultimate skin for your main be?
We NEED A Mecha/Full Metal {{champion:120}}
: Maybe always play with a group of close friends. That may ease the pressure.
That's actually what I do, but we do very poorly and when I do poorly around my friends I pretty much shutdown.
: Are you on antidepressants?
For now I am not taking any prescription medicine of any sort. I know people that take anti depressants and become more aggressive and that's why I don't want to take any medicine. For now.
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: Cloud drake should give tenacity
Irelia's Passive is getting reworked in patch 6.16 Check it out HERE: http://www.pcgamesn.com/league-of-legends/league-of-legends-patch-616
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: I see Hecarim Nerfs On His Q
Being a Hecarim main, this really surprises me. There have been no changes really toward Hecarim aside his passive and E. Hecarim lacks good AD Ratios, but has surprising base damage, thus reasoning why he can two shot an ADC with only trinity force - his base damage. Hecarim has two ways to dominate a game - Either be really dependent early game, or play passive until mid and late game emerges. And the reason to why he strives to get fed Early game are because of his flat damage his Q and E grants. If we want to nerf Hecarim (And I really wish not being a main), we have to Nerf his base damage and do a MINOR change on his BONUS AD ratios.
: I don't think you realize how powerful tenacity actually is. Particularly when you are suggesting a maximum of 15%
Good point, maybe not tenacity but slow resist or maybe even pure move speed. Just to conclude Cloud Drake is very underrated and giving it a rework or a better boost (which in this case Riot is buffing the drake in patch 6.14) would make the Drake fit in toward the others And in fact if the Cloud Drake is buffed tremendously, it could become more popular than the opposing Drakes, probably being the third best drake (Making Mountain or Ocean drake the least popular).
Borbland (EUW)
: More like slow resistance, similar to the boots of swiftness, I think it would fit the wind type better than raw tenacity
That's what a lot of people are saying and I have to agree. Slow resistance would be the better alternative toward tenacity, but in fact slow resistance is a form of tenacity. If cloud drake gave slow resistance instead of pure tenacity it would be better for the team that is granted the buff.
: why do people always want to break fairly balanced things? it gets a nice buff next patch thats enough
Don't be so hard on someone like me. I barely use the forums in any way shape or form. I just wanted to share an idea and see how people would react, and based by the comments I see it's not very positive. Thanks for letting me know I can't share any thoughts in mind or ideas I've made.
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: Why cant people just be grateful for what Riot provides for us. All you guys do is complain about this and complain about that. Its never going to be perfect but at least theyre trying to satisfy us. If you dont like what they provide for you then go find another game to complain about.
Don't even talk with your username being "Wet Dreemz"


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