hey wats up man I'm a silver one and usually main nautilus blitz support hit me up in game if u want me
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Cr3ator (NA)
: Need an adc duo main support
i added u my name is cvcaroyals
: DE Vindicators is looking for a top, jungle, and mid laner! Silver-Gold
hey add me i main top and play alot of mid so ill do whatever u need. im silver 18 years old. cvcaroyals Eastern timezone mostly everyday im available silver
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: Scouting for a ranked 5's Team (The Boosted Alliance) Silver Players Preferred (Bronze-Gold)
my main champions are malphite, yasuo, twitch, wukong, fizz and a couple others. i main adc, top and mid and was ranked silver this year and last year.
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: Team Recruitment (all tiers, mostly bronze, silver, and gold, but all will be evaluated and accepted
I was Silver Last season and got trolled all the way to b4 but i main: ADC, Supp, Mid, or top {{champion:53}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:91}} Add me: cvcaroyals
: Looking For 3 For Ranked 5's Team
Add me. I can play top or mid cvcaroyals
: S4 Silver- Looking for team or duo partner
: Looking for Silver ADC for Main Sup!
I ADC with MF if u want to add me: cvcaroyals S4 Silver Won't be on anymore tonight but tomorrow I'll be on for sure
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