: "I had 30 seconds and I couldn't find a single League Of Legends champion to play!" https://i.gyazo.com/a3371398488b405d9d84e2f20c7f8881.png For each second they add to each individuals time it adds 16 seconds to the total maximum time. So if you want +10 seconds per person that's almost 3 minutes.
I understand and agree with you this is probably the 2nd time i ever fail to chose a champ and like i said on my comment i dont mind losing the points and getting the time penalty totally agree i just dont think making u take a loss while on promos for fail to chose a champ is fair
: why couldn't you lock in time If you can't lock in time imagine what else you couldn't do in time. Better if you lose a few LP rather than everyone because you're a slowpoke with a slow computer or whatever
For starters it looks like you are the slow one i totally agree on losing points i dont mind but not take a loss if you are in promos.
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Hygoro (NA)
: Nasus gets stacks from Illaoi's tentacles, why?
I main Illaoi and Nasus really has never been a problem for me
: oh i see thanks btw In my last game i got an S and didnt get token for mastery 7 is it random too ? The match doesnt show on my history but i do see it in na.op.gg.
Yes i have mastery 6 so probably need S+ then thanks man
: S rank is only for chests and mastery 6 and 7 tokens once you've mastered a specific champion to level 5. Key fragments are only dependent on wins, and at random. You'll roughly only see so many in a month's period before the drop rate resets. Remember you may only receive a chest once per champion, even if you got one from a friend getting an S instead of you. That should reset next season.
oh i see thanks btw In my last game i got an S and didnt get token for mastery 7 is it random too ? The match doesnt show on my history but i do see it in na.op.gg.
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Atolan (NA)
: Is Going On tilt Normal?
Tilting is normal take a brake i use to be silver last season and got droppen into B4 and ive crawl all the way to B1 and gotten demoted back to b3 and b2 a few times right now im fighting in B1 to get to silver
: Well, generally speaking, it is supposed to be an indication of your skill, based on how you stack up to everyone else's MMR that you play games with. If you play games against people of a much higher MMR, you will lose less MMR for losing to them, but more MMR for winning against them. For people with similar MMR's, you'll gain and lose about the same amount when you win or lose the game, respectively. We don't know the actual formula for calculating MMR, but that's generally how it works, iirc. We don't know all of the details, but it appears that winning and losing and your opponent's MMR are mostly the only factors taken into account... at least, that we know of.
I see i win most of my games but 90% of the lost games i do good and end with a positive score so i was hoping that i would at least get some mmr points based on my good performance not just on win and lost as most wins depends on how well your team can work together and how good they can perform.
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: I think you commented on the wrong guy.
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: Because rank reset every year, you're welcome.
Okay so that means your mmr from last season was at Bronze lvl and ever with all does wins it still is at bronze lvl it takes a bit for mmr to go up and another thing for that one guy who said he won 3 and lost the rest the reason you went to silver is bcus thats a new account you are using or your mmr was at silver lvl.
: I may not be 100% but I think it works somewhat like that according to my experience.
Could be but man like this it will take 4ver to get out of bronze . Ill just keep trying my best and hope i somehow get out of it..
: Thank god the update will remove Malzahar's "buy an item to counter me then I'm useless" ult
Fawksea (EUW)
: i think the answer to this would be: you're in bronze not everyone's gonna be playing smart in bronze/silver elo, ofc not everyone will be playing dumb but sometimes you get unlucky
Yes im in bronze but how is it that the bronze players get worse as i get a better ranking like is just unreal as i get a higher rank im expecting a more even matches but the matches i been getting into are one sided like no matter how good you play or how safe you play other fed lanes come over and you are done.
DJ Fuego (NA)
: How do you win solo queue?
Im having the same issue after i promoted myself from B4 all the way to b1 i started gettign all this players that have no idea what they are doing feeding like hell in the 1st 10 mins that no matter how safe you play ur lane or how good u are the other lanes they fed come over and just rape you i really dont get it how the team up works
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: Whats a good website to Check my KDA and Teams stats?
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: Master Yi Does Too Much True Damage
I feel you i think the same way and it doesnt really require any skills to play him
: Dynamic ranked
This is the reason why, They will bring it back soon. im waiting for ti to come back myself. Network Operations – Yesterday at 7:17 PM Solo/Duo Queue will be enabled while we triage technical issues on Dynamic Queue. Ranked placement and rating will carry over between the queues.
Im sure there is more to it then the word noob for you to have been ban. What kind of ban did you get?
Nehmu (NA)
: From plat 5 to Silver 1 the new rank system
That just means the mmr you have at the moment is at Silver 1 level the 10 games really dont matter the placement you get is based on your mmr
: That's pretty open ended. That could mean it comes back in six months, but hey, it came back. They shouldn't have put it out in the first place if it was going to break on day one, and it's been a full day now and they haven't put it back up.
Here is what they posted about it. Network Operations – Yesterday at 7:17 PM Solo/Duo Queue will be enabled while we triage technical issues on Dynamic Queue. Ranked placement and rating will carry over between the queues.
Parceval (NA)
: Dynamic Queue, Hello?
Lmao nicely done hahaah.. Answer to that ive already asked about and the answer i got was that there are some bugs going on with the Dynamic team builder and they are working on fixing it but yes it will come back for sure.
simpthea (NA)
: Why did I get banned??????????????????????????????
If you yourself can realize you was being toxic then you already have your answer.. another thing is you had already been punish two weeks wish means you have gone true a few bans already the 2 week ban is the last chance after that one comes permanent ban. If you got to that point you yourself should understand that the way you are playing and communicating with your team is not right Riot give you many chances for you to take care of yourself being toxic yet you get back and the very 1st game you play you team reports you for being toxic once again = instant ban. It is your very own fault. Now i do understand we all have some bad game i myself sometimes get a bit moody but thats no reason to rage and start being toxic as that really doesn't help you win it just makes the situation worse... a tip when ever you feel like being toxic go ahead and swallow it try to be positive and work with you team you will have better outcomes..
: > [{quoted}](name=MVP x Legend,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EO4HbvWE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-21T04:10:47.053+0000) > > Dont feel bad bro i read about someone with a 10/10 win and went str8 to bronze... You can bet your life im not doing my 10 games anytime soon lol Yeah I won 9/10 and I don't know if KD or anything matters or score but most I won I ended up demolishing and the game I lost I went even. I got put in bronze one also. I'm new to ranked besides a little last season. Does it always undervalue your skill to see if it wasn't just luck or something you winning? Cause I play golds and plats all the time in other game modes.
No it didnt use to be like this last season you had to do very bad to end up in bronze practically lose all 10 right now alot of people are saying that it depends on the mmr you had b4 the season but i dont believe thats right
: That means your MMR b4 was Bronze level. If you honestly find it outrageoud then you should find ease climbing ot at least averaging a decent kda.
I dont believe this but who knows you may be right but i do believe that the way the guys playing ranked are all being send to bronze is very wrong if what you are saying is true and he was send to bronze due to his mmr then why make the guys do the 10 games in the 1st place why not look at their mmr and boom send them str8 to where they belong why make the players do all 10 games and trying very hard to win as much as they can to just be judge on their mmr and not their wins. just my opinion
Zariah (NA)
: But heres the thing, if all i play is ranked solo who does it when ever i check my mmr tell me that duo queueing is making it low ..................I DONT DUO ;_: WHY AM I GETTING PENALIZED FOR SOMETHING IM NOT DOING
Yeah im pretty sure thats a very unfair placement they are giving does doing ranked at the moment is not just you i seen a very long list of post about this. last season with only 3 games won out of the 10 i went to silver. If is a mistake with the new season im sure it will eventually be fixed.
: Much needed, overdue, suggestion!
You can see your teams Ultimate cd time or if they are available for use
: Winning is like losing! ~Sion
Ill be playing normal's the whole year after seeing this i won 3 games lost the rest last season went to silver lol
Zariah (NA)
: Ranked Placement Question....
MMR is what determines who you get team up with.. now i do believe there is something not right about the ranking system at the moment i seen post about wining 10 out of 10 and still getting a Bronze rank... thank god i havent play any of my games yet.
: placements won 7 lost 3 Gold 5 to Bronze1 OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont feel bad bro i read about someone with a 10/10 win and went str8 to bronze... You can bet your life im not doing my 10 games anytime soon lol
Scoroct (NA)
: How does one deal with lategame master yi if your team doesnt have a lockdown tank?
Thornmail doesnt really work i mean it helps but he actually does true dmg so regardless you are dead... i main malz i can kill him if i see him ahead of time and im ready for him but usually it takes me locking him down with my ult and a team mate taking him out.. now if he is too far ahead it will pretty much take almost the whole team to take him out and thats like you said if you have a nice tank on your side... To me that champion shouldnt exist 1 it takes no skills to play him ult+q and let the autos do all the work i say delete him lol
I sure as hell hope i dont ever get team up with you in a match i would hate it... and i hope they do bring it back i prefer playing with a team i enjoy and not having to deal with people with this attitude.
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Cosnirak (NA)
: You Can Use Free Week Champions In Ranked.
Yeah but free week champs shouldnt be for use in ranked yes maybe you are good with some of them but the fact that you dont own does free champs means you are really not good at them and for that you shouldnt be allowed to use them why would i want someone using Gnar just bcus he is op yet they have no clue how to use him thats = good game.
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: Gotta lose a TON, and it will warn you first.
I see i hope i dont get to that point but man with the teams im getting lol
: Demotion
Great Bronze life here i come {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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Zielmann (NA)
: It sucks that the game crashed and you didn't have a chance to report it. Chances are good that if he was as problematic as you make it sound, a teammate probably reported him anyhow, and that's good enough. There's not really any extra attention given by the system to games with multiple reports (helps minimize the effects of 4-mans reporting their 5th). Even if not, if the swain is like that a lot, you can rest assured that he's going to get punished soon, regardless. You missing out on reporting for this one game might result in him getting to play another few games before the system catches up with him, but he'll get what he has coming.
Yeah i would hope so and yes im sure our other team mates made their report guess ill let it go and hope he gets his punishment.
: why? because he typed word? a word that you are actually giving more power by even remotely caring or getting offended by it.........
No i dont think thats why as you can see obviously that guy is very toxic just by how he is spamming, another thing is you dont knwo how that guy was in the in game match so yeah go on and make a nice beautiful report about him guys like that should get banned.
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