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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
Does anyone else agree that the champs would look better in TFT if they were in mini form like the icons?{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Teamfight Tactics
This looks so awesome!!!!
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: Is there merit to hating the game, or is it just boards circlejerk?
Overall I think the game is in a good state but their are a few issues like balancing pyke, riven and high output of damage but I think league is an ever changing and evolving game so eventually it all will shift
: Riot's New Logo - I actually like it
I like it! Simple clean professional. The old logo was gross and lame
: Late but some else kind of expressed my own feelings on the matter. This makes me nervous. I don't really have or see any items I would like removed and in fact, I often feel limited in my selection of items. I would rather not have more items taken *from* me just to clean "clutter." The only item I can see riot viably removing and it not possibly disrupting a swath of champions is StormRazor. This item never worked and currently feels out of place with current ADC itemization. Its just flatly inferior to Infinity Edge in every way and doesn't really provide a niche as a separate but just as good option for Crit ADCs. Had the 8.11 crit changes remained with IE providing double crit and you reworked StormRazor into something that scaled, sure. But I vastly prefer where we landed on crit items. Please don't do a patch like 8.11 again. It was possibly one of the most hamfisted, terrible, and poorly done patches I've seen in a *very* long time. That said, I do wish you'd look at Zeal items. Right now, unless your Jinx, Kog'maw, or Twitch, the right answer is always static shiv and either PD or RFC. This makes builds feel really stagnate and boring. Its better than it was since you reworked PD; before the right answer was always shiv+RFC. Is there anyway you could make Runaan's move appealing to champions who aren't named Jinx/Kog'maw/Twitch?
Storm razor is a crucial part of kaisa kit especially since she has the ability to build on hit instead of crit
Ökami (EUNE)
: Add Prestige Kai'sa and Akali with the prestige tokens please!
Oh God I would be so pissed if they added prestige kaisa to the store! I grinded and spent so much money thinking she would be a super rare skin and this would just cheapen it
: Can we talk about how the level of fun has dropped dramatically and the level of toxicity has risen
: Hi, I'm a mid Pyke main since his release hovering between d3 and d5 on EUW (aka not the best, but I think I have some insight on the matter) who'd like to comment on Riot's goal for Pyke. First of all, Pyke's kit naturally fits that of a mid lane or jungle roaming assassin, but was impaired through gimmicks by Riot to force him into their desired role, being support. To all the people who still don't believe or are too blind to see that, view it as follows: Someone told you there'd be a new champion with aoe damage + slow or delayed hook on charge up on q, stealth + ms on w, dash + delayed aoe damage + stun on e and an aoe delayed execute with temporary reset + blink on r with hp regen as a passive, what role and lane does come to mind first? The gimmicks are as follows: 1) Mostly top: Can't build hp. Mostly restricts him from being played top lane, but could also impact mid and jungle. 2) Mostly Mid: Reduced aoe on q for minions and monsters. Only the closest minion/monster recieves full damage, the rest only half of it. Out of all the gimmicks, this is probably the most prominent as it serves no purpose other than to limit is wave clear to confine him to the only role that doesn't need it. It's worse for jungle than mid pyke, but still terrible, forcing you to build tiamat, and on top of that, unintuitive. 3) Mostly Mid: Absurdly high cds. Level 1: Q - 16 W - 12 E - 15. While Q and W scale down properly, E cd doesn't scale. Noteworthy: His e is one of the best waveclearing tools in the early game because you can hit all 6 minions and it does about 100 damage level 1. However, it leaves you exposed with no escape, especially after W base ms nerf. 4) Jungle only: Passive regen doesn't apply to monsters in any way. That leaves him with 0 sustain in the jungle and is the final nail in the coffin for pyke jungle. Otherwise, the passive is the reason pyke can be played into ranged match ups at all. 5) Mostly Mid: The new lethality changes. Since being unable to build hp apparently wasn't enough to convince people to go full glass cannon on a champ forced into a role with only half an income stream (who would have thought?), they basically removed all of his non-damage level scaling and replaced it by lethality scaling, which not only just breaks even after your standard Youmuous Drakhtar, which in of itself is a limiting itembuild that most assassins cannot deviate from, but also forces him without consideration of any other items other than tiamat to go buy exactly those two just to stay relevant in the game. Friendly reminder: An assassin needs to be AHEAD of his opponent to be good, now imagine one being behind the enemy by half their income by default. 6) Putting "support" in the kit: Gold share on ult just so an execute based character can be played support to gain gold on the one hand and not steal it from its team on the other hand. Maybe give darius/urgot/cho gold share on their ult and they might end up support too xd. For him to work mid despite those gimmicks, rushing tiamat is pretty much a necessity, which wasn't much a of a problem before the lethality changes. But now the delay of those items is fairly painful. Also, before DH was changed and electrocute was your only option, it was great to combo tiamat with q and aa to proc it. That being said, is kit is centered around taking favourable trades through his passive + d shield and second wind, chunking them low to then hit e (which often requires flash since many meta champions are mobile) and full combo with q auto taimat ult. As a few final words on the title of this post, Riot is planning to nerf him because he appears to be getting popular in solo lanes: Just accept that not every vision of yours, especially if it requires so many gimmicks, is fitting. Let people play Pyke as the assassin mid, of which we haven't got a new one since fucking 2012 with Zed btw (no, ekko is not an assassin, but a burst mage), that he should be, and if he is also a viable support, wonderful! TL;DR: Pyke is impaired by 5 gimmicks just to confine him into a role he does not naturally belong to. And in the spirit of "What's meta?" acknowledge that he belongs and deserves to be played mid, top and hopefully at some time jungle. If he is still viable as a support, even better, but that should be secondary. Edit: Just to clarify for the people who apparenty can't read the post. The fact that he cannot be played jungle is sad and I'd wish for it to change, but not the main point of this post. I just don't want Riot to nerf mid pyke which for now is already viable in solo queue, if you know how to play it properly.
I’d much rather see Pyke in any lane than as a support! I agree riot should stop forcing their idea and let players choose
Rexxiee (NA)
: Meddler for the love of god, do something for adcs/marksman. The role is completely garbage right now, its a chore to play and has no impact on the game. I just want to be able to play one of my favorite champs {{champion:222}} without feeling like im gimping my team by picking a trash crit adc, their itemization needs help BADLY, right now theres almost no reason to play an adc when you can pick a mage bot instead. Buff their items, base stats, anything but do something please, unless you want your adc playerbase to start quitting the game.
For real in the 4+ years of playing league and being an adc player it has never felt so bad playing adc
: Game crashed
Ughh I got afk penalty cuz it’s been happening so much:(
: Client Wont Stop Freezing... I DON'T WANT TO GO TO LEAGUE JAIL! :( #plshlp
: Game is Freezing often, I have to tab out and go to task manager to force quit and re launch!
Lylos (NA)
: Game Crashing
I’ve been getting them so much this patch it’s annoying!!!
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saltran (EUW)
: New K-POP Evelynn, Kai'Sa and Akali skins (and Ahri?)
I’m living for these skins!! Ahri iconic, kaisa is amazing with the top buns, akali badass and Evelyn is killing it with the bangs!
: I agree that there should be more diversity shown in league! I think Kai'sa has a lighter complexion because Kassadin is her father, the have the same skin color.
I don’t recall kassadin being light skin, isn’t he purple skin cuz he was infected by the void? I think all of the champs from shurima should be given a darker complexion I mean doesn’t have a drastic change but it would really help with inclusion.
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: Help us make 3 minigames in 48 hours! (Team Jam Packed - Thunderdome XI)
: A blood moon is rising.
I love the hunt of the blood moon game mode riot!!! it comes so close to being my favorite game mode please keep this one around


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