: Can Mordekaiser retain the option to go Mid post rework, similar to Galio?
I've always wanted to ask, but what do you think about Morde still having the health costs attached to his abilities? I feel like it's just so awful to have to damage yourself in order to do anything in the game without having strong sustain. Don't get me wrong sustain on a hybrid juggernaut is fine but I feel like the health costs just make for an awkward balance lever where Morde needs his sustain to be potentially overtuned and therefore make the chance for snowball with it to be too strong, or for Morde to require high enough amounts of damage to burst through his sustain that only carries can actually face him.
Ralanr (NA)
: Maokai's new ult is too slow to work as an engage ult.
He's not meant to be a Vanguard despite being in the update. The ultimate is much better for disruption or forcing enemies into a certain path, as well as fighting excellently in the jungle. It's also going to make a beautiful disengage tool. Imagine trying to dive onto a team and suddenly Mao's ult is sent out, it'd be best to completely avoid it and therefore back off of his team.
: You also recognize that a higher play rate also causes a natural drop in champion win rate, as a result of the average player having more experience playing against the champion, than the lee sin player has playing as the champion.
And this means players are understanding the counterplay to the champion and bringing him to his well-deserved win rate.
: Win rate isn't the only stat you should be looking at. Lee is currently at about a 42% play rate(champion.gg) and there's bound to be some shitty lee players.
You realize a higher playrate makes a larger sample size so his win rate will be far more accurate than champions with lower playrates.
: So basically team coordination in solo queue normals?
: I just had a horrendous match against a {{champion:8}}, Recommendations?
: {{champion:105}} tank version. Best I found was play AP shaco support and spam boxes everywhere so the fuqer gets feared when he tries to engage.
This one is a little more difficult, but best I can say is the moment you see him enter, hope that your allies can dodge his Ult and if the do, start to kite back to single him out and save any crowd control for after his E. Bombard him with damage first to bait out his E, then use CC. If holds onto his E to wait for cc, then he's still taking a lot of free damage while losing a damaging ability.
: {{champion:79}}
If you're playing a tank or support, save any displacement for when he goes to E into your team (fairly obvious when he wants to). As well as valuing resistances more than HP vs. Gragas since his W is low cooldown and does % max health damage.
Lazy cat (NA)
: Alright, I did enough contributing to others, riddle me this: {{champion:61}}
High mobility to avoid her ult and Q's as well as burst assassins can do decently well vs. Orianna from what I've seen. I'm not a mid laner though so don't take my word for it.
: This type of response is cancer. "Just CC her" Anyone who says this about any champion has a way to deal with her should be banned from the boards lmao
Did I say "just cc her" though? I said force her into teamfights then use CC in order to burst her, because she is inherently squishy and is easy to CC.
: {{champion:80}} top lane I enjoy losing farm hugging tower and getting poked by Q until lee eventually dives me.
Someone tanky early or with high sustain (Renekton, Darius, Nautilus, Maokai) can survive well against him, and surviving early is about all you can hope to do. As long as he doesn't snowball then you win, because Pantheon falls off like a cliff. Also, invest in early items such as Corrupting potion, Doran's shield, and early armor.
: {{champion:114}} Fiora
Early bruisers such as Renekton or Pantheon can shut her down early on, but for late game the best way to deal with her is force her into teamfights and CC her, she's squishy and susceptible to burst making her weak in teamfights.
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Azureee7 (EUW)
: Yeah, hope they make adcs have counterplay other than build armor because that was the counterplay to old LB and Malz (Build MR). I don't think building armor is a good solution against ADC as an AP mage/assassin as the only thing I could build is Zhonyas and the rest makes my damage output much less. I think that attack speed should be nerfed to give adcs counterplay but this won't happen since the reworks are all dictated by adc mains, especially the new Maokai one, they want "counterplay" to everything that isn't an ADC.
I doubt reworks are done by ADC mains, but I do agree that adding skill expression to ADCs in general would be great. I think Xayah and Jhin are good examples of ADCs with skill expression and counterplay, would love to see changes to other adcs along those lines.
: alright, then lets rework zed/yasuo/akali/annie to be skill shots too! i mean while were at it, because its about time we inject some skill into everyone.
There's ways to give skill expression into kits aside from skillshots. NOTE: All examples of skill expression mentioned in the OP are not skillshots.
: Well, I remember you from the boards, my name used to be Fenris321 before I name changed :P
Ahhh that makes sense, fellow sons of Loki always remember one another :D
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: Something cool I only just noticed
Each champion's ultimate also has a different method of impact Ashe: Damage and AoE slow is instantaneous. Sejuani: Damage and AoE slow is delayed. Lissandra: Damage and AoE slow is long lasting in a space.
: When you see a Familiar Face on a Stream :^) https://clips.twitch.tv/CrispyCheerfulClipsmomSwiftRage
Oh wow, I remember that game! Felt really bad for the guy because he would have easily won if it wasn't 4v5 :( He completely destroyed my top laner haha Edit: Wait, am I actually a familiar face? O.o
Im Lefty (NA)
: thought plural to moose was moosen
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: I got the best news of my life
Congratulations Captain Ginyu! Hopefully things will stay that way and you can have a fairly heatlhy life :D And people in the comments who feel the need to *still* complain about a certain champion in the game despite this wonderful news for OP, shame on you :/
: his root doesnt have that high of a range though, it's shorter than his e i think idk
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ryze Both are 615 range, farther than most basic attacks
: I'd rather have that point and click around for LeBlancs, though. :P
I'm a support main...LeBlanc is so much easier to peel than Ryze since she also doesn't get bonus movement speed and a large shield just for facerolling on her keyboard.
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: Gnar is great into Darius
Not if the Darius takes ghost and runs Swifties, then it's good luck kiting him.
: No, there isn't. There's just a 98% chance it's not going to work lol.
Then proceed to step 2. Play a champ you're comfortable with that has utility. You're more likely to win that way.
: That works because you're requesting support. Most people don't want to play support. So it's hard to trade for another role.
Yeah but there's still no harm in simply trying and asking, is there?
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: I see your point and it might very well work, but might just take a lot more work then fixing the support income problem, either could fix it and a special uility stat can be implemented after anyway and be worked on more slowly through new champs and reworks My only issue with a utility stat is that it could still cause balance problems when supports are played outside of the support position Lulu is a great example of that, and personally ive played champions like Braum, Taric and Alistar in top and jungle as well . How would you see that work out, supports would gain their gold much quicker in such positions and with greater gold efficiency they could maybe snowball through utility or something I had a game recently where an Ivern did this by building Redemption, Locket and Athenes, while the rest of us had 2 items at best and most of the carries only had one and a half item every time the Ivern ganked it was tower diving for days with the shields and heals and all the cc and slows He had a lot of defensive stats and sustain for the gold spent and utility out the ass buffing everyone up and there was little our enemies could do to stop this So that is something to consider, i am not at all against a utility stat, but i think it is an unlikely idea considering the need to do so much work on so many champions and then redoing and inventing new items, testing them and balancing them, that is preseason material ^^ However fixing support income is something which might be achievable before then after which it is much easier to fine tune the utility they have around stats they would already buy, and slow and steadily implement a new utility stat through reworks etc However besides all this there is one other problem, build diversity for some of those supports could suffer. Also Riot has been exploring ''utility'' stats, like % healing and shielding increase for example already exist So this is something we will probably see more of in the future alongside new forms of utility Which is something i would really like to see
I feel like an overall stat would be better than the current % healing and shield increase mentioned, just because that also effects items (see Redemption & Locket having scaling potential). In terms of a support going to other lanes and over-saturating on the new stat, that option is already an issue with AP. The thing is, since AP increases both Damage and Utility, they lower the ratios for the utility end so it isn't too high. But with a new stat, it would be a decision between Damage OR Utility. They could choose to be really strong in one or the other, or in the middle of both with a mixed build Does that sound better?
: utility scaling with a stat, any stat is fine however as far as supports are concerned there is a problem with utility scaling with stats in general and that is, stats cost gold, and supports don't have any, this is why utility champions have always been played as support, because said utility did not scale other then with ability ranks for the most part, but mostly in the cooldown department and cdr has always been plenty available in sup itemization for this reason they were not reliant on gold and only mildy reliant on xp, and therefore the perfect ''class'' to put botlane with another class whos mostly reliant on gold only making utility scale with stats for which gold is required brings all kinds of problems for example supports wont have enough utility untill they get their items, if one side snowballs one sup has utility while the other sup lacks not only will life be more difficult for them in general but once they fall behind they fall behind twice as fast so before we do a utility scaling with stats implementation of any kind we need to address support resource income
The thing is, if a new stat is made specifically for utility, it can be given a very high gold efficiency since it would be hard to abuse by damage dealers with excess gold, and could be tailored for support gold-income specifically.
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Verdade (EUNE)
: Are you serious? Any decent main breaks 60% win rate on their main champion...
I'm saying based on OP's argument. He had a construct of "Why nerf X champion, when Y champion should be nerfed because of their stats! They're the same!" His argument just says both should be nerfed.
: "darius needs a nerf, his mains have a 58% winrate"
Going by direct numbers, then that would suggest **BOTH** Darius and Ahri need nerfs. Not one or the other, but both.
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: I feel like Warwick is overly complex to be a starter champ. CertainlyT crammed a lot of duality in the kit, and the Q is awkward with the quick tap vs hold to lunge mechanic. Every skill but R has 2 different effects and R is just so awkwardly worded that it would take an algebra super genius to calculate his numbers on the fly. "Leaps 2.5 seconds worth of movement speed in a direction.." Come the hell on. That's just the most convoluted wording on ability that I've ever seen.
To calculate leap distance you do your movement speed x 2.5... that's it Example: 400 ms = 1000 units
: utility scaling is unhealthy when a champion also has good damage scaling. sorta like lulu was in solo and support.
That's why I said to make a separate stat, so it won't increase both at the same time
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: No I mean in NORMALS
Yeah still because of an added ranked queue, you realize most people played normals because they were with friends. And now, Flex queue offers a ranked version of that which doesn't change solo rating. Normals are now the prime area for practicing roles and champs now without care.
: When a diamond player gets tired of carrying their bronze friend
Reminds me of our fun adventures with Support Elise where I said screw it and would solo kill the enemy top :P
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: Never have I ever, league edition!
Never have I ever failed an over-the-wall flash.
: We need PANTS!
But don't you know? Pants are Dragon, so we have 7 different pants in the game :o
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: I May Of Quit, but Thank You.
Name checks out, he probably is the Best Steed EU for his wife ;)
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: This would be cool because for like, a mundo, raka, nami and voli, or even a fed adc with bloodthirster, you could still just build mortal reminder to counter the healing, and domenicks to counter more hp stacking, but then you have an option to destroy tanks by combining this to get (i assume, so it doesnt become stupid op) 50% bonus armor pen, which is 10% more than you can get by items now, to still destroy tanks at the cost of more investment required and less ad overall to remain a questionable buy for dealing with squishies.
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