: Taliyah seems a little weak on release
She has one of the biggest level 3 bursts in the game if you land everything, capable of nearly 100-0'ing squishies with TLD + Ignite if they even have the slightest amount of health lost. Just give people time to learn her. Her kit and early game both take time to get used to, a few days isn't enough time to decide she's too weak or too strong.
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: I thought you maxed W first on Illaoi to get the CD to drop and for the sheen procs.....
Q is too good to pass up because it's all your damage mid-game. Yeah, you get sheen procs, but that's only if you build IBG first(Which is good in a few matches, but the majority, Illaoi always wants to get BC first if she can.) W is just your auto + some measely damage, and makes your tents hit down. Not that much damage. Q increases your damage everywhere: Poke with Q, tents on E, tents on W, tents on ult. Not maxing it nerfs all your damage besides W, which requires to first have sheen, then also be in range to W Don't get me wrong, you can get away perfectly with maxing W and rushing IBG on Illaoi, but don't try and say it's the best all-around. It's good in a few match-ups.
: I think he meant Shaco feels like the perfect ideal assassin in terms of balancing. Ideally how Shaco's health and condition is at this point in the game is how assassin's SHOULD be played. > Fragile > Strong, but difficult to master > Little to no utility (cough cough) > Tricky to play against but easily shut down > Relies on skirmishing > Shut down by tanks/bruisers > Shuts down squishies Fragile, strong/easy to play but relatively difficult to master, it is only tricky and toxic to play against because they are a good shaco player. But even still, you can EASILY shut down Shaco by having pink ward and a tank in your team building Warden's mail/FH or randuin's. Shaco has minimal utility that is very hard to land in the middle of a skirmish.
That's counter-building, not counter-play. And having to rely on a tank teammate isn't counter-play either, that's counter-picking. All are viable factors in balancing and health, mind you, but in the 'counter-play' department, Shaco has absolute zero. All the tools are in his hands to play with, not his victims.
: Not to mention they're nerfing Illaoi in PBE
Meddler already said they're pulling the Healing changes, since it was an experiment. The W buffs however are likely to come through, which is nice, as it opens up E max 2nd.
: Just did a test. One tentacle- 90 damage. two- 135 damage. five- 225 damage. It's much worse than what OP suggests
Each additional tentacle will deal 50% of the damage of the one 'before' it. So basically 1 Tent = 100% damage, 2 tents = 150% damage, 3 tents = 175% damage, capping at 25% additional damage per tent, so 200% damage at 4 tents, 225% at 5 tents. This is my understanding of it when I math'd it in-game.
: > [{quoted}](name=MadDoughnutz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UpuloqzX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-05-09T20:57:21.614+0000) > > She's useful as a splitpusher. Can easily put pressure on the map just like Darius can if he's ahead, but we'll see how it turns out. Honestly I'd rather them address Tents only doing 50% damage for each tent striking one target simultaneously. Either intentional or a bug, but I'd like it addressed because her kit says that nowhere. Well I mean, she's complete trash and has been an unbalanced mess ever since release. Seems to me like losing the unkillable 1v5 draintank thing in exchange for more practical and healthy power would probably be a good thing for Illaoi players. I realise it might be weird to basically see your champion gradually reworked in front of your eyes but she desperately needs it. Dunno what's going on with the tentacle damage reduction, hopefully it'll be fixed if it's a bug.
She's by no means my champ, but I do love playing her. Still, it'd be much easier to see her clarity/bug issues sorted out before they attempt further changes at 'Balancing' her, because otherwise she'd become the next Azir.
: Moobeat hadn't fully documented the change. It's limited to once every 20/16/12/8/4 seconds, based on rank in the ability. And it's clearly happening so that they can balance her to be useful outside of her 1v5 pentakill scenarios.
She's useful as a splitpusher. Can easily put pressure on the map just like Darius can if he's ahead, but we'll see how it turns out. Honestly I'd rather them address Tents only doing 50% damage for each tent striking one target simultaneously. Either intentional or a bug, but I'd like it addressed because her kit says that nowhere.
agbudar (NA)
: because her teamfight sustain was insane?
I mean, contrary to popular belief she's really easy to burst early-mid because her favorite items don't grant that much tank stats for how much she spends on them(Black Cleaver, IBG). This change will hit her teamfighting, hard, and make her more a splitpusher.
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: I hope the Swain update dramatically improves his waveclear and farming
Hey, played him on the PBE. He has a lot more wave clear then his current form does due to two changes. The first being his Q, the raven tether, now latches on to a new target in-range whenever the current target dies or moves away, and it's damage is **_doubled_** against non-champs. 2-3 points in it and it can clear the back line of caster creeps rather easily. The second being that his Ult now sends out 5 ravens instead of 3, all of it dealing full damage to minions, although he heals even less off them then currently(Only 15% heal per creep). Hope this satisifies you Swain mains!
Ralanr (NA)
: Then you get one of those rare threads/posts where the opinion is backed up by solid evidence/logic. Or ones that counteract all the finger pointing. But those are rare.
I wish they were more common. Or not drowned in downvotes.
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Bdoom (NA)
: Name one thing riot has done this season which made you happy
: If these AP changes go live...
Bye, then. AP Main as well. Will wait to voice my opinion until the PBE patch hits, but am very excited to at least **_TRY_** the changes before carefully thinking over what could be changed for the better. And not, you know, go on a tirade about how it's so trash, garbage and Riot is stupid and can't balance their game and it makes me rage quit before even playing with the new items. Because that's a logical and non-biased thing to do. But hey, let's litter Boards with threads of the exact same rage and salt from people who haven't even given them a chance because they're sooooooo good and experienced at prediction and game balance that 'They only have to look at it to know it.' Didn't know the majority of Boards players were Diamond+.
: The overwhelming majority of the post are useless and honestly no one should be considering them relevant. If you weed out all of the circlejerk post and rage post there is barely any actual good content on this board. Due to how the upvote sytstem works the good post get drowned out. So much of it is just silver and bronze players with no actual game knowledge upvote spamming their own ignorance. Worse people are acting like they have played with the new items which they haven't. The boards is wrong on so many proposed changes it's hilarious that people still think that most calls on balance changes are right. Worse riot does actually listen to the bad players and when they do we get the juggernaut patch where they buffed a bunch of champions based on bad player input and then they were all broken because of that.
So true, +1. I'm willing to say that even though I've been playing pre-s1, I -still- don't have that good a grasp on how balancing properly works or how strong things will be _just by looking at them._ I need to play them, feel them, then watch as the meta evolves around it before I can even think of saying what will kill/super-buff something, but the main issue is I don't think even 90% of the people on these boards are willing to say the same and instead condemn things just by looking at them, with no experience, no adeptness and no sense of the possibility of just being flat wrong about things in terms of design, balance and healthy gameplay. I get that people will form their opinions and stick to them, but lately it really seems as if they spout it as _fact_ and that Riot is completely garbage at anything they try to do. I mean, ffs, one of the top rated threads right now is saying Riot has killed mages with these items, and the poster is _bronze 4._ I'm not here to shame bronze, but if you're that low of a rank, and you act like you know game health, design, balance and meta enough to spout out what you say as fact, then either you're deluded or you have some handicap at playing the game, and I'm much more inclined to believe the first notion. Do people not realize that _how well you perform ties directly to knowing the status of the game health and balance?_ I mean, I've played for the most part all seasons, when I did do ranked, I got to Gold 5 after 30 games of having never done ranked before in season 4, then at the very end of season 5 I did my placements and placed Gold 3. I jumped two divisions just by doing placements. By logic, I am a much better player them him, and have played longer, and yet his thoughts and opinions are held to being 'Fact'(Upvoted past 100) while those who voice anything otherwise, _even while showing greater skill and game knowledge_ are shut down and downvoted. These boards are insane with negative mindsets and biases, and with bad players voicing their bad opinions and thoughts on the matter. I'm all for people having an equal voice in things no matter what ranking, and I'm not here to condemn people for being bad at the game, but when those who are clearly inexperienced or flat out bad at the game drown out those who have higher rankings, better game knowledge, skill and understanding of how balance works in-game, there's an issue. People at Bronze and Silver, and hell even some Gold and Plat players need to realize that their understanding of the game isn't even close to being good and back off on spouting their opinions at every opportunity they get to bash Riot's decisions.
ThatH1N1 (NA)
: I get that were not getting solo que, but, can riot remove 4's?
I think this is really just a terrible stereotype and negative fear being spread against 4-mans. For background, I've been on both ends of a 4-man. I've been with them, and I've been paired with them, multiple times for both. Not once have I -ever- been subjected to toxicity, verbal abuse, or gameplay abuse when I've been paired with a 4-man. Sure, it's quiet, and sure, they do things I don't have inside knowledge on, but I play to my best and so do they, and my pings do get heard, and I am not ignored as an 'Odd man out' in any of the multiple times I've been with a 4-man. Do my suggestions get ignored? Am I not listened to? Sometimes, yeah, _but that's no different from solo-q games without 4-mans._ It's entirely based on the type of people you play with, not with the numbers they're grouped on. On the other hand, when I've been with my 4-man(we don't have a 5th, or other times when we all want to play together and rope in a 4th) we've never verbally abused or centered the guy as the odd-man out. Sure, I'd be lying if I said we didn't analyze and judge what the fellow does, but none of that ever gets in-game, through text or gameplay action. I still communicate with him/her through text specifically because they are not part of the 4-man teamspeak, and we need him to work with us and us to work with him to win the game and enjoy it. I hear a lot of the excuse 'Just get a 5th' for removing the problem of not being able to que with 4-people, but isn't that just screwing that one 4th person from playing with their friends if they don't have a 5th? How is that fair to them? I get that there is a bias against 4-mans because of the single player getting potentially shafted, but in the end isn't that transferring the problem elsewhere, to the 4th man, and not fixing it? So, from personal experience, I have no idea where this idea that being a solo in a 4-man automatically relegates you to being abused, punished and pushed around. Many of the 4-mans I've been apart of have been nice and talkative with each other and me, and I've been able to function perfectly with them. I'm sorry for the others that get worse experiences, but I just had to stand up to the bias that is really rather apparent.
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: Players like you are why we cant have nice things.
And players like you who shut down others opinion simply because they contrast to your own aren't? He's explained his point and why he wants to keep Twin Fangs and why he enjoys it, wtf is wrong with that? Cass isn't yours alone to decide on what she is, or even the majorities. Everybody she get an equal say.
: Make Teemo shrooms last 10 minutes again
Personally, I'd rather have his attack range buffed because at this point it's more of a liability then a benefit. Many top laners just close the gap on him so easily and eat him for breakfast it's not even funny, or just flat outrange him. But onto the point. I'm fine with it, only if it's to 6-7 minutes, not back to 10. I love Teemo, but even I wouldn't want to worry about every shroom he puts down in lane or around baron for the next ten minutes. Sure, there's sweepers, but those have a CD and you give up wards for it, and the pink wards take up a slot in your inventory and only reveal one area. Let's not go back to the times where an entire side of the map could have his shrooms all over it from their sheer duration..
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: If Pantheon were up for a rework soon, what should the balance team looking to preserve about him?
Definitely keep his man-drop and his passive(Especially from towers!). Very fun to use and see used. Q and E should probably go because of their point and click 'This happens now' nature, but the crit passive on his E I think should be kept. W is up on the wall. On one end it's a point and click gap closing stun, on the other end it's a LOT of his power. Maybe Riot will come up with something clever for it, but whatever it is keep it tied to his passive.
: Except it's a hard nerf for them unless they stack HP, the shield won't protect from burst nearly as effective anymore to bother grabbing it. > Sterak's Gage wasn't intended for ADC's to find desirable enough to build, yet it is right now. So what? It doesn't make much sense for a juggernaut either, it's an item more fitting for someone like Vi or maybe assassins who have to get focused and can be taken down quicker then a full on tank or juggernaut. The key isn't to just cut marksmen out, and yes your nerf will cut them out, it's to give them a better incentive on an item more balanced around marksmen, or to just give it a flat nerf. Overall with my experiences on it, tank, juggernaut, bruiser or marksmen, the item is pretty powerful, and your nerf will not address that.
> [{quoted}](name=Silents429,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=crExF5L5,comment-id=000e00000000,timestamp=2016-02-15T21:58:08.252+0000) > So what? It doesn't make much sense for a juggernaut either, it's an item more fitting for someone like Vi or maybe assassins who have to get focused and can be taken down quicker then a full on tank or juggernaut. I can't really find anyway to believe this. Sterak's was released with the Juggernaut update FOR Juggernauts to use. It is literally their two primary stats in one item, HP and AD. There's also multiple reasons the AD it provides is % base AD, the first being that it compliments the Juggernauts naturally high base AD, and also fits with their total AD scalings. Vi's and most assassins scalings are _bonus_ AD, which means most of their abilities don't get any damage boost from Sterak's or it's passive proc. In fact, Vi in particular only has 1 total AD scaling, and that's her E. Besides that one ability, Vi does not gain any damage from this besides her auto attacks. All she gets is health and a 30% max Hp shield from the passive. In fact, an assassin like Zed or Talon have NO total AD scaling besides their auto attacks and Zed's ult, which is just 100% of his AD. If they grab Sterak's, they are pretty much buying a wad of health and a shield that procs only after they lose half or more of their HP(Taking into account the damage required for Sterak's to even proc, and the lack of health items assassins tend to buy). For 2700 gold. Secondly, I don't know what teams you have been facing when a juggernaut is not a target to be focused. They can deal high damage and if they get in range, kiting or focusing them down are the only options to stop them, since their high health makes them less vulnerable to being CC'd then say assassin like Zed or an initiator like Vi. Sterak's compliments that perfectly by making it so that even just focusing them with damage gives them a huge shield on top of even more base damage from the proc. > The key isn't to just cut marksmen out, and yes your nerf will cut them out, it's to give them a better incentive on an item more balanced around marksmen, or to just give it a flat nerf. You say that like you know it is fact, when there's literally no evidence of this change to support what you say as happening. You also say that the key is to give Marksmen a better incentive to not build Sterak's? Then why are you arguing over this change? This is exactly the point of this change, to make it less appealing to them as an item while keeping it near its original strength for Juggernauts and others to use. As I pointed out above, the item still gives a flat 500 health. It still gives % base AD, which is fine and useful for Marksman right now because they are auto reliant for damage, not skill reliant like assassins or Vi. The only thing that get's changed is the shield, which is the main reason Marksman buy it, to negate burst, when they already have supports with multiple items to keep that from happening, as well as Damage reduction items of their own, and this fantastic thing right here {{item:3139}} . Marskmen preferring Sterak's over such items is bad for their balance as a class, and indicates a change needs to be made to make it less appealing. If you think this change destroys it, that's fine. That's your opinion. But don't go saying things that really don't make sense like Sterak's not making sense on a juggernaut, or being more fitting on an assassin or Vi.
: > Marksmen are much less inclined to get it, because they don't get a full 30% shield unless they invest in more HP from other items, a less then stellar stat for them. > A Way to Balance Sterak's Gage for Juggernauts, Bruisers and **Marksmen** How the hell does this balance it for marksmen? You are just taking them out of the equation with a change like that.
Because it doesn't really take them out? It's still a 15% max health shield, and 500 flat health on top of some base damage for a good price. The only thing getting changed here is the shield, which mitigates burst, which ADC's already have plenty of itemization for to avoid/mitigate. Sterak's Gage wasn't intended for ADC's to find desirable enough to build, yet it is right now.
Mandang0 (NA)
: "Melee-only" is such a lazy fix people vomit up these days... I mean, why would a marksman of all classes want a defensive item like sterak's? The simplest answer is that the item was just too good.
When it comes to balancing, it's never always that simple, unlike what a lot of people think and say. Sterak's Gage is picked up by Marksman because it's cheaper and easier to use effectively then the items that fulfill the same purpose for them, namely {{item:3139}} and a multitude of support items designed to keep someone(The adc) alive through burst, like {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3222}}
: What if instead the shield scales off bonus health and had a tad higher scaling. Say 40% bonus health. Adcs won't have the health to make that relevant as that starts to hurt their builds once you dedicate two items to survivability over damage.
That'd be a very heavy handed nerf, mainly because scaling off of 40% bonus health is easily worse then 30% maximum health. Darius at level 18 has 2282 base health. Throw in Deadmans, Titanic Hydra and Sterak's Gage, and you get 1450 Bonus health on top of that, which leads to 3732 maximum HP for the big guy. Since your suggestion will only include bonus health in the scaling, compared to the base, we have: 40% of 1450: 580 HP Shield. 30% of 3732: 1120 HP shield. A net loss of 540 HP in terms of the shield, which is a massive nerf to the Juggernauts who want to use the item.
: Kayle can get a Hydra and a Ruunan's. When she has her E active, she applies Ruunan's. When she doesn't, she applies Hydra.
Yes, but that's Hydra's and Runaan's, and those two are auto-attack modifiers, which is a very easy mechanic to apply changes to. When she's ranged, Hydra stops working. When she's melee, Runaan's stops working. Pretty crystal clear. Sterak's isn't that simple, as it's a stat buff with a charging system based on damage taken, which is on a timer even. You'd have to figure out the questions I posted earlier before even thinking of applying 'Melee only' to Sterak's, and even then, would that fix the problem or just cut off an item from half the champ roster because a seventh(and not even that much) of the roster abuses it?
: I don't think hard wiring the item to Juggernauts is the answer. considering it would limit build options for tankier ranged champions, or hybrid champions. (Gnar, maybe Urgot) As much as the HP reduction is Objectively speaking, a complete nerf. I would Argue that it further stat binds the item to Tanky Juggernauts. The size of the shield scales with Max health. while the item gives you 500 health. So the item scales with itself. All alone, the item would give a 500*.3= 150 hp shield. where the reduction of 400 would give them only a 120HP shield, on top of having 100 less HP. Most notable, it becomes less effective stand alone, while only marginally touching the power a high health Juggernaut may have. It becomes less effective, unless you buy more health. This in mind, if Juggernaut are too far harmed by this change, they could adjust the %HP ratios to compensate. (Like say to 35% of max health)
I wouldn't say this proposed change would hard-wire it to only Juggernauts: It'd still be effective for non-juggernauts who like to stack HP, but with enough levers in place so that the numbers could easily be adjusted to make sure those like Gnar or Urgot could get efficient scaling with the HP items they build outside of Sterak's while keeping it in check for those who buy the item alone in terms of how much bonus HP they have while not rendering it's effects useless for the gold they spent on it. Basically, I'm saying the numbers on the proposition aren't final, their purpose was to demonstrate the proposed change and how adjustable it could be. That being said, I am not that aware of how stat binding works to the finer details of things and how much math comes into it, but your post on it makes a lot of sense as to how a simple -100 HP nerf would make it more of a Tanky Juggernaut item and less appealing to ranged squishies, so thank you for this enlightening post on that matter. You are right that it is a flat nerf through and through, but that begs the question do Juggernauts need one of their main items nerfed for the sake of ADC's using it? Either way, you've made me a lot more confident that if the nerf does come through, it isn't as short sighted(or harmful) as I initially thought it was. +1
: Lategame maybe. Id be a little worried about those who get Steraks first or second though, because you wont have the +1500 bonus HP required. Even including the 500 you get from Steraks, youd need at least 3 items to get the live value. If youre a bruiser that goes Black Cleaver + Titanic Hydra, youd need 4 health items to get to 1500.
That's very likely true, but at the same time the numbers could be adjusted to make it so it'd require less health then 1500 to reach 30%, or make it so you keep it at 1500 but allow scaling beyond that to >30%. Basically, the reason I support this change is because it's full of levers that can be pulled and numbers that can be adjusted to ensure the item is very easily balanced for both intended users and non-intended users. Edit: I'm blind, what Spoofghoul said before me is pretty accurate.
: mega gnar would still get it right? or does that not carry over
It'd more likely be an issue on how it interacts with his transformation. What happens if he gets bursted in Mini and then changes to Mega Gnar? Does he even gain stacks in Mini? Does he lose the passive shield and AD when he returns to Mini from Mega? Those are a lot of questions that have to be answered before such a change could come through, as well as putting a pretty confusing interaction with any transformation champ for the item.
: I hope Riot considers people's (including yours) ideas about changing Sterak's. Making it scale is a pretty good idea, but I saw another thread saying Sterak's passive can only be used whenever you have 3k HP. I hope they don't nerf it's HP.
I can't say I necessarily agree with the 3K HP 'fix', as that locks out any reason for buying it before you have 2500 HP, and being gated from using its passive simply because you can't afford other items is a bad design. Warmogs is different because it's a passive regen and not combat related and is situational at best. Sterak's passive gives actual combat stats and is picked up as a core item by a lot of champions. I also don't agree with the 'make it melee only fix', because that brings up issues with transformation champs that would possibly use it(Gnar, Jayce, Bruiser Nid if anybody still plays that) and locks it out entirely from ANY ranged person, which is just a sloppy and lazy 'fix' imo. The 'Melee Only' Hydras exist as melee only because their niche is already fulfilled by another item for ranged champions(Runaans) and also because cleave doesn't work for ranged auto attacks, same as Runaan's bolts simply don't work for melee. Trying to make Sterak's Gage melee only is like trying to make RFC ranged only: Neither are comparable to the 'Why' melee only and ranged only items exist, and you end up doing more harm to balance then good with such a change. Riot will look, I bet. They just don't have to say anything.
Foucz (EUNE)
: Sterak's Gage is the only anti-burst iteam that actually works thats the problem
If that's the issue, then Sterak's isn't the problem, the other anti-burst items are. Sterak's was designed for juggernauts and bruisers and it's working fine there. ADC's are the ones using it even though it wasn't intended for them, and that's an issue with adc itemization(Although I doubt it's truly an 'issue', as there are many ways to protect an adc from being bursted via support itemization and qss, it's just sterak's is 10x easier and cheaper for the same effect.)
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: Right now people are given 30 seconds I think during their ban phase, between 6 people thats 3 minutes of banning, I think it would be better if everyone banned at the same times and get 1 minute to ban. The reason I made this post actually is because of all the post that are asking for more bans and the people saying champ select would take too long with more bans, so I thought of this and even if we don't get more bans it still seems like a good idea to me to speed things up.
If we get a higher number of bans per team, chances are Riot will follow in Dota2's footsteps and have it so you have some bans between champion picks rather then have all bans at the start, then champion picks. If that happens, it'll likely be that the secondary set of banning won't be as long as the first set of bans, as they will be more reactionary to counter the enemy's team comp.
: > [{quoted}](name=MadDoughnutz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q9WLuNL7,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-05T20:50:23.525+0000) > > What I am NOT fine with however is that she builds those same juggernaut items and still gets near the same amount of true damage she would get with a much more 'Carry'-styled build that she was intended to use This doesn't happen. A full damage Fiora does much more true damage than juggernaut Fiora.
I am aware, but the point is she gets enough from juggernaut items alone to deal with tanks rather easily and still have slots to spend on tank items like Spirit Visage or Deadmans plate.
: this is the wrong place to publish your books, please visit your nearest libary to publish this massive book that no one wants to read waste time, ty. you theif.
I put in a tl;dr for a reason. That's probably still too long for you to read through though, considering your troll comment.
: @Riot Question About The New Champ Select
Because it gives more time for people think over what to ban. In higher levels of team play banning is usually a coordinated effort to try and target ban what the enemy players are good with and give yourself a higher chance of winning. Making it so everyone bans at the same time would reduce that timer and limit decision making.
Lycra (NA)
: Why can't I play Yasuo or Riven?
Like other people are suggesting, start with easier melee champs first before moving to Yasuo and Riven. Learn the basics of what it's like being melee vs Ranged with people like Garen, Darius, Panth and Illaoi before moving to more mechanically demanding champs like Riven and Yas. Start learning with small steps.
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Wygol (EUW)
: @Riot, The Current State of Fiora is not ok.
Need to make it so if she builds X amount of bonus HP her true damage is cut in half. She wants her true damage? She can have it, as long as she builds like an actual melee carry.
Krizalid (EUW)
: Some thoughts on Vladimir rework
When Riot touches Vlad, it's going to be a full-blown rework. Riot has said they regret Vlad as a champion because of the way he plays(Free, low CD, ranged and damaging sustain that is also point and click.) He's also the sole reason Spell-vamp hasn't been made a strong option for mages because he'd abuse it to hell and back. He has 0 interaction and fun decision making besides his W(Which is also... More non-interaction) with the enemy. What you suggest seems pretty fun as it adds more interaction to his kit. Vlad's an amazing concept, and I hope Riot gives the time and dedication to make him a better champ like they did Poppy/Sion.
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: League never has been or will be better than the Cinderhulk meta
I'm loving how everybody who even attempts to say 'Cinderhulk/tank meta wasn't the best meta' is getting downvoted to hell while anybody spewing support for it is getting upvoted to heaven. Boards circlejerk is real. Assassins = BAD. Tanks = GOOD. Immobile Mages = GOOD. Anything that requires higher mechanical skill then others(Riven, Zed, Yasuo, LB) = BAD. And by the way, I'm one of those people who prefer getting instagibbed excitedly from an assassin(That I can outplay if I'm good enough, or build items to counter with active effects.) then getting slobberdonked to death by a tank with no damage items over five seconds where I can't do anything besides getting a LDR's and hoping I can kill them before they kill me. Because tanks don't really care about dodging stuff or not taking damage as much as an assassin does, do they? #skill {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: When they say that Dota 2 is more balanced than League of Legends
[RrrreeRRAAAAAAAUUUUGH!!!](http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dota2.gamepedia.com/5/52/Sven_ability_godstrength_01.mp3) (Fun fact Cleave does pure(true) damage in Dota2)
: Honestly, new kog maw is the worst adc ever in the history of LoL
Don't know about you, but the times I've played new Kog, everything starts to melt in a few seconds after Guinsoo's and Botrk, and nothing survives a full W when you have RFC and SS on top of that. Hell, even with just a Guinsoo's Kog hurts a lot. Kog's supposed to suck early and his late game damage isn't beaten by anyone in terms of safe damage output. This is just a minor nerf to his late game and a buff to his early game to help him out more. All in all, I'm for it.
Chinaway (NA)
: My original post on her update page is below and it is how i currently feel today. I have mained poppy for 3 seasons reaching as high as platinum 1. I know not great but decent: As a poppy main for three seasons and a dedicated player who believed the challenge of playing poppy rewarded those that played her, and for all of the players that learned how to master her early game woes poppy was a privilege to play. I believe all the criticism concerning her old kit was from the corpses a real good poppy player left on the battle field not from actual Poppy players. Why does ever champ need to be easy to play? Not everyone desires to smash buttons and snowball like a Riven. I've been dreading this day for the past year. I will wait to see how the changes play out in game, but overall on first impression I have mixed emotions. On appearance it looks like they removed her identity as an assassin and changed her into a utility tank. This was the change most of us were afraid of. I understand people’s frustration with her old ult and I am optimistic of her new R even though it is hindered by being channeled. The changes to her W appear to be useful and I'm glad they kept her E. Visually she looks stunning. The Q is my biggest concern. Smash the ground? and have it rebound back? I'm sorry but her old Q and the identity of it was much better. It allowed her to creatively build her kit as an ad, hybrid, or ap assassin and the %health damage allowed our little slugger to take down the fiercest of foes. Plus it hammered people in the face... I think her new Q is lacking... Her passive seems like an odd mix of gnar and draven I really don't get why she would want to throw her shield to begin with. I just wanted to voice to the masses of new poppy players, that I'm sure will follow, the frustrations of her old guard. Who have been looking on this day with hopefulness yet sorrow. Not with the jubilant excitement many of you feel. ***PS every poppy main is pissed cus they gutted her hybrid/assassin kit and turned her into a utility tank. Why make updates that punish the players that actually play her to make her more popular with players that do not? Why not just make a new champ? My two cents.
Because she is(soon to be was) toxic. Riot can make her early game near-impossible to survive, make her late game do no damage, anything they want with numbers and adjustments. That isn't what matters. Her playstyle, as much as old Poppy mains loved it, was very terrible to play against. There was no interaction for other players to enjoy when playing against her, she either was farmed enough to smash your face in with Q and kill you, or she wasn't. Numerous parts of her kit(In fact, all of them except E) were either invisible power(Passive, W) that were just stats heaped onto to make her tankier without any decision making or accurate estimation of how tanky she was for enemies to judge, Q was a point and click stat boost on one auto attack that did magic damage when she built AD and did % max Hp so there was literally no way to build against it, health, armor, or magic resist, and there was no decision making on when to use it for Poppy. Her ult was the biggest offender by far, literally removing 4 players on the enemy for you to care or worry about while you did whatever you wished with no interaction or ability for those 4 players to do or stop you. Poppy may have been fun for you and other Poppy mains to play, but she feels absolutely terrible to play against because she has very little in terms of what people can do against her once she farms enough other then not positioning to be E'd into a wall. That is why Riot is reworking her and removing the old Poppy. Because it wasn't fun to play against and didn't allow nearly any decision or skill for those playing against it. You can call it 'Punishing' for all the players that played her, but in reality you were just players playing a champion with a broken, toxic playstyle in the first place.
: If you designed Irelia today based only on her character/lore...
Irelia is going to get a total overhaul, model, gameplay, Sion-level as a Rioter said. She won't retain much of anything of her current kit, as gameplay wise it's near entirely toxic. Her kit is very non-interactive if you're playing against her. There's nothing to maneuver around, nothing to dodge or react quickly to when playing against her. Her basic damage pattern is the same every time, Q to enemy, use E when it fits best for either stun or slow, and then auto to death while spamming ult. There's no important mechanical decision making to be done with her kit other then gameplay decisions and judgments that applies to playing any champion. No matter what people say or think, she is the definition of a ball of stats character, Riot has said so themselves. Personally, if they do to Irelia the same amount of work they did with Fiora, I'd be utterly amazed. Fiora may be a bit overtuned, but her kit is incredibly interactive for both her and her opponents compared to her old one.
: source? you're the first person I have ever heard someone say it was an intentional joke.
It was years ago before boards even existed and I wouldn't be able to find the thread even if I tried. Sorry if it sounds like a cop out, but it's the truth :( Basically, somebody brought this topic up before and a Rioter stepped into say that it was intentional because it fit Mundo's wacky personality.
: Mundo Machism and Sadism wrong names?
It's an intentional joke to fit his theme. His spell names are backwards because he's crazy and his speech pattern fits with mismatched names.
: Kog'Maw isn't weak because he's undertuned
He's having trouble winning right now because not only is he still Kog'maw(Very vulnerable, requires a teamcomp around him), but nobody really knows the best item path for him and are still experimenting with it, to various results. So far, Guinsoo's into Botrk on a personal experience have worked out tremendously. Triforce, a common item on old Kog, now sucks on new Kog.
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