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: They stack. Yasuo still gets 100% with IE + Zeal item
But he no longer gets the increased Crit dmg from ie, which i think will make a huge impact on his burst, seeing as his passive also reduces crit dmg, same thing with jhin
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: @Riot Meddler I get that the PBE cycle isn't done but we are getting Vayne and twitch nerfs right?
I think twitch already took a big hit with the loss of attack speed on yomuus, that was a core item on him.
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: If Windwall Blocks it, Unbreakable should block it
I'll have you know that the Braum's e does block the brand ulti as long as the angle is facing brand when its cast. I play lot of brand, and believe me i am not happy when I see a braum on the other team.
: the very definition of anti fun
I would be more concerned if you guys had all been silver or bronze. Usually in your placements you will get matched up against good players because it helps Riot to know where you should be placed. For example, lets say you win against a team of all high silver and low gold players. The system then matches you up against even better players to check where between those two skill levels you belong. Hope this helps.
: Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue
Nothing that riot does is going to make everyone happy. At the very least we know that they are attempting to find ways to make solo players happier with the state of the game. I would imaging that we will receive small changes here and there until the vast majority is satisfied with the state of the ranked queue. However I would really appreciate it if they would make use of their client and make a poll to all players so that we can see how many people actually like dynamic queue and how many dislike it.
Nyanza (NA)
: Ranked 5v5 and 3v3 need to come back.
Ranked 3v3 does still exist, it is currently the only way to play ranked as a team instead of individually as far as I know.
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: Zed is just unfun to play against as almost any champion
I am not really a zed player, but being a big fan of Ahri and TF, I know that there are ways to counterplay against him. The most basic and simple way to fight against zed is to take exhaust or barrier in the mid lane. Second when he ults you, he will always end up behind you, this is your chance to fire cc at him. The only other option you have is to buy zhonyas or qss to nullify the damage from his ultimate. Also on twisted fate the animation for his Q "Wilds Cards" has a very similar animation to throwing the Gold card. You can use this to bait out his ultimate while still having your stun up. Also if you want to fight him use the brush to you advantage. Zed cant dodge your cc with his ulti if he can not see it coming. There are ways to play against zed all you have to do is learn what you can do on each champion to be able to take him on.
: "We’re currently exploring ways for players with every champ to use the shards they earn but we haven’t settled on the final form of the plan yet. As Hextech Crafting and loot continue to evolve throughout the season, we’ll keep you posted on any new features we add." Guess yah just have to wait until they decide on a course of action for it.
Alright cool, its good to hear that its being looked into. Thank you.
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: I think your giving to much credit to a flying character. I don't think someone can fly a mile in less than a few seconds (because it's not syndra's main ability) when a mile wide hunk of rock jumping after you plus reach of malphite's arms. Syndra's is probably more vulnerable in the air than on ground.
Keep in mind we are basing all of this off of lore and not their in game abilities. If it is not included in the lore then he can not doing. For Example, malphites ult is not in the lore.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=lZtLiacg,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-02-24T18:19:40.863+0000) > > Well mostly because volume, size, speed, physics and magic essentially add up to make Malphite the most likely champion to hold the title of "most physically strong thing we know about on Runeterra." The sheer size and weight of him coupled with how fast he can move makes him essentially indomitable in a physical sense. You kinda just die if you fight him. Braum has punched apart mountains bigger than Malphite. Hell, Poppy in her comic kicked the shit out of a monster about as big as Malphite. Malphite is the size of a hill, not a mountain. He's about the size of Vel'koz, maybe a bit bigger, and doesn't have the ability to deconstruct matter with a look like he has.
If you look at his splash art malphite is literally the size of a mountain, there is a human at the bottom of the picture that is stabbing malphtes pinky finger, and that human is 1/3 the size of his pinky... Malph is a friggin mountai.
: Who is the strongest champion in the game (ENTIRELY BASED ON LORE)
{{champion:31}} Is supposed to be the one who will eat the planet {{champion:429}} undying spirit of vengeance {{champion:75}} is immortal and can literally control time of everything (he can make someone age to death in an instant by willing it) {{champion:101}} being made of pure magical energy {{champion:17}} satan
: Sion ults to get an additional movement speed boost, aoe cc, and damage. You want to essentially allow him to use this active to increase his speed down lane, effectively making his ult more difficult to dodge. Additionally, it is going to give his allies a HUGE movement speed boost. Are you kidding? You have never been able to use actives while using a non-disruptable ult. This goes for any champ.
He is saying that he should be able to activate righteous glory as he is running past his teamates, not to make his ult go faster but so that his teammates can keep up with his engage.
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: Dont think i ever actually said "Op" at any point. I said unbalanced, yes, but never "OP." Here, Im about to tell you what you're currently doing. What you've done, is you've taken a piece of your work, you've posted it very publicly online and you've asked for opinions. You've received opinions, but the issue is, every time you receive a negative opinion, you retaliate. I truly hope you never aspire to do anything with writing such as journalism or story writing. Actually, don't even consider acting, filming, directing, script writing, journalism, interior design, construction work, teaching, architecture, video game designer, web designer, therapist, doctor, nurse, or, really anything. You will receive criticism in almost every field, every day. Whether you are the one doing the job, or you are a student. Your work will receive criticism. Some very rude, some very constructive, some in the middle, but some nonetheless. If you receive criticism and lash out, no one will take you seriously and no one will want to work with you because they won't want to _deal_ with someone who can't accept an opinion. You will be humiliated, you will not get your way, you will be walked all over because you're putting yourself and you're working into the hands of the public expecting all around amazing reviews, when thats not realistic whatsoever. Eventually, people will praise your work to get you out of their face. I almost considered it a few times throughout our little "discussion", but I didn't want you to feel as if you'd proven anything. Learn to be realistic. Learn to take feedback. Learn from your mistakes. If you receive feedback you don't like, you think is untrue or you think is even ignorant, ignore it. Stop fighting with people over _**their opinions,**_ because you will not win.
The problem with your post was not your opinion, it was the fact that you included insults to the creatir inside of it. Also.I think this is a great champion design and it looks like a lot of fun to play as and against.
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