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: All I want is for tanks to be able to clear the jungle without getting crushed by Lee/Graves
: This. So much this. Another point to make: if you're wanting ganks, be able to help your jungler do it. If they're shoving, let them shove. Give us some room to work with before they get under tower and it turns into a dive situation. Sure, burning enemy summoner spells is fine, but ultimately you want that and a kill, and probably a tower or other objective on the back side. The PSA version: 1) As the JG, I will ping that I am coming to your lane to gank. Check the minimap and see where I am, particularly where I am relative to where you are. If they've warded my path and you know it, tell me. I can find another path to take, particularly to midlane. I often bring control wards to counter their lane wards so I can still get in with little or no warning. If you have CC you would use but it's on CD, that's a good time to say something, especially a good time to ping it so the CD is known. If you've not enough mana to do your combos, this is the time to say something. 2) Just because I pinged does not mean go ham immediately before I even get there, then flame because you died. You went in too early. Stop that. 3) If I have to provide all the cc myself because you are playing a champion without it (Katarina comes to mind as an example) and they get away, hopefully we got their flash. If I miss my cc (it can happen unless I'm ulting as Vi), I'm letting them go because I just announced my position and invited a counter gank. 4) If the gank works and we're going for that tower, that wave is getting shoved. Period. Five or six CS is not going to break your balls over the course of the game. Tower damage or better yet first tower blood is good for you. 5) If a tower is not the play (example, bot gets ganked but we have few minions) and the move is going, DO NOT BACK. For the love of all that's holy, go help. I've lost count over how many ganks where dragon was the prearranged objective after the gank works. The laners back, so either I have to back or I have to solo it. More often than not, the enemy will react and get that objective before we get back. Even if you're low, just kill the scuttler or grab the honey fruit. Chances are one or both are available. Some other bits: A) If you fed your opponent, sorry, your lane is a damn desert. I'm not ganking the fed Draven/Yasuo/Darius/Fiora/Lucian/Talon/etc just to give him more kills because you're already a full IE down from him. I might help you defend your tower from a dive if i'm nearby. Otherwise, that lane was lost by you. Either you were pushed so hard that the enemy jg had to wipe the drool off his lips or you just got gobsmacked in lane repeatedly. Pick one. B) Control wards. Buy them. Use them. Love them. The life you save will be your own. Particularly for mid laners: Those little river bushes? Great spots for them. They give you more warning. C) If you just killed your opponent and you only have around 200 hp or so? Back. Yes yes shoving the wave can be good, but otherwise you're a dive waiting to happen. If you're beyond your tower range, you just posted a neon sign stating "Free 300 gold McKillburger for enemy jg/roaming laner here. If you're fast enough, your laner can get assist fries with that." Ok, done typing for now.
Dude, this is awesome. I would consider putting this up as a post all by itself.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Your top lane Riven shit on that Darius. You lost because of that Annie. Bot lane barely lost too
In any case, it's not always the jg. And I think we will all agree when I say this. **People are stupid.**
: If every lane is losing the jungle just simply isn't doing their job and the other jungler is. Simple as that
I went 13/6 shaco last game. Every lane still lost. My score by 10 minutes was 4/0
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Prynce (NA)
: Definitely, I use this to keep a tabs of players I run into when I grind. Sadly, we aren't able to do this in Champ Select, but if you [click on Add Friends]( (top of your friends list), a window will pop up showing "Sent Friend Requests" and "Recently Played With", which I believe is what you're looking for.
So I found a little bug with this system currently. I went to look at the people I just played with, a Fizz in particular. Nowhere to be seen. In fact, the entire game wasn't listed.
: Feeders, AFKers? You've never experienced such a thing?
What I want to know is how you lost in 15 minutes?
: Updated Client Switchover: Out with the Old, In with the New
Where is the "Recently Played" Tab, both in and out of champ select? Please don't say that it's unnecessary because many players rely on this kind of information so they know if they have played with someone they like or even who to avoid.
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: Please get rid of auto fill
Gee, i play Veigar supp, my friend plays Darius supp, another plays Malphite, and another plays LB. Just pick a champ that can either poke or stun and you should be fine. Don't play a support champ if you know you will be uncomfortable. All you need to do is help, not get the kill. But if you can kill without anyone getting mad, go for it.
resumed (NA)
: well rip ancient coin i guess
Well this sucks. I main Singed, and my starting items are Ancient Coin and Refillable Pot. I use it instead of actual laning items because singed isn't the best person to farm with until later in the game. I'm also that person who thinks proxy farming early is too risky. Granted I'm a tank, but do I really want to go into the line of fire just so I can get some gold **or** mana?
: When you say "ggez", you're are legitimately being an A-hole.
I think everyone is well aware of this concept. And I do it anyway because I am that guy. Well, only if a flame war between teams start up. Normally I say nothing at all.
: *shits on Yasuo in lane* *20-30m mark comes, Yasuo starts melting entire teams*
One of the easiest things to do that would make him less of a insta win late game champ is to either take away one of his two shields. Or a personal favorite of mine, make his passive shield share with his windwall. You could use one of them but not both. Making it so he would have to think.
: You should have at least 2 pocket supports for when you're autofilled
My pics for when I'm autofilled. Veigar, Bard, and Gragas. I make it a point to learn 3 different champs in every position at least. So this is a good bit of homework for those of you who get autofilled into any position.
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: It was Ranked and he lost LP for everyone on his team because "WAAAA I GOT AUTOFILLED" If you dont want to play the role DODGE. He didnt ask if someone else would do it or anything. He was Selfish and childish and should not be allowed to play ranked games.
What do you think most high elo players are. Selfish and Childish. If anyone starts to lose things start happening. This is why I haven't play ranked... in years. But i'm not going to lie. I have had the same happen to me. The guy for the most part disregards anything anyone said, takes cs from the bot, ks the kills, but he was an asset. He took towers. That was it and it worked. The only time I will ever say report to it is when he legit feeds and contributes absolutely nothing. I'm not trying to start some sort of flame war. That was my opinion. Please respect it and just leave it be. Have fun and good luck all.
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: Singed needs some love!
I'm also a singed main too. I build him for speed starting him as a more defensive positioning champ with {{item:3301}} and a pot. Rush {{item:3070}} and depending on how the game is going the starting item for {{item:3285}} or {{item:3512}} then {{item:3009}}. Finish off that item, grab the next, then {{item:3742}} or {{item:3116}}. Then sell coin for that last item then finish tear. The goal for the way I play Singed is to dive in and get someone. Damage doesn't mean much to me. Splitting and proxy is my means of victory while team fighting and getting my team fed is the way to go. #1 don't chase singed, #2 you can't shut singed down. And if I don't build that its {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}}
: Muting teammate pings and enemy team emotes
Muting pings is something I kinda have to disagree on. I have muted plenty of people because of the toxic air. However, during those games, I have received very good pings to help me either get away or get someone. Emotes are something that is toxic that Riot intentionally put in. It's easier just to mute the audio in game linked to the character voices. However that also means you won't be able to hear your character ever. So pick your battles bud. Either mute everything or put up with it.
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: Skarner's current state and his future as a champion
To be perfectly honest, please don't judge. A rework on him that would have fit his playstyle would have been great. Get rid of the spires go back to his old passive. Or maybe a Point Runner passive type thing. Q hitting them with a ranged ability then hitting them aplies the 3 hit stun. W should totally have been a shield that acts like Karma's. It would scale off ap and allow for him to not really need to be a tank, he could walk in with shield and increased MS grab the back line with r, call it good. E empowered autos that also increase AS. R more or less stays the same. That is more or less just just the bare minimum. It'd make his kit more useable and seemless instead of clunky and having not much work together.
duckarp (EUNE)
: One reason why should get Twitch a new skin and not Jhin? He has just a single skin and even that sucks.
I'm not saying that he shouldn't get a skin, I'd love to see more skins for him, he's new and all new champs are in this period for a while.
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