: I believe you are blind my good sir and not very literate :? i got what he meant instantly, no one appreciates your nitpicking XD
you MUST be cause it's pretty clear to me too that he said they just shouldn't exist. If he wanted to say "no skin should be named Prestige if it is obtained ONLY by purchase. " then he could have said that first, but he's clearly trying to change what he said by saying this second.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Actually, it is. Ao Shin is a prime example of why they don't release concepts on projects till after everything is set in stone. With the recent release of skin events like K/DA, you can find several of the concepts on Artstation now but you wouldn't have seen that befiore they were actually public. By Ezreal teaser, I'm guessing you mean the Animated commercials? which were very subtle hints at his appearance (which wasn't much change, more so showing the gauntlet change). So Janna, as well as other things he has on his Twitter or Artstation like Lux, Caitlyn and various concepts aren't official Riot work unless it says otherwise on it.
Yeah, Ao shin was a concept they showed off to the community that was in early stages but went horribly wrong on their end (I believe it was cause of the tech at the time) so they had to shelve it. They returned to it later, with A. Sol, as they had promised a dragon type champion for some time. But they said they would hold off showing the community concepts like that again.
Terozu (NA)
: No the fade effect is just because it's concept art for her upcoming VU.
That's not a concept of an upcoming VU. It's just concept style art (fan art) that Riot Hylia made.
: I actually have 12 accounts. So i play on all of them. Happend that i didnt play in season 7 left it in silver then started and got diamond.
: How manny honors do i need for a checkpoint?
>How manny honors do i need for a checkpoint? I'd say more than you can get. This account looks 100% boosted. Ends silver 1 season 5, 6, and 7... then suddenly Diamond 5 season 8 good luck with that one.
Rexxiee (NA)
: How in the world did akali rework even went live?
oh look it's rexxie again. always complains about stuff and never posts from their "real" account.
darkdill (NA)
: There's still no Champion who uses an actual whip as a weapon. Thresh doesn't count.
>It could just be the Castlevania enthusiast in me Sounds more like that inner BDSM enthusiast.
: I haven't seen posts of how people love the new Galio, or seen people talk fondly of him, besides the ones on my thread. So yeah, I'm going to safely assume the lot that play him, don't really love him. My argument is not petty. I am passionate about what I love, that's why I made this thread. And I hate Riot for ruining him.
Sounds pretty petty to assume that. He's been said to be one of the most successful reworks to date. Just cause you have a problem with it doesn't mean a majority does.


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