: Okay. I said this before, and I'll say it again. If you are Bronze fighting a gold, that means the system thinks you are just as good as them, or they're just as bad as you. If you want that shiny Platinum border, BEAT THE GUYS ASS FOR IT. The ranking system is made like that. Ranks are shiny medals, that they themselves probably didn't get. They probably bought it. Just keep fighting and dont worry about ranks. Good luck out on the battlefield.
No, that's not it lmfao. The 5v5 queue at the moment has everybody as the same mmr, therefore putting higher players with lower players for their new 5v5 ranking.
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: Faker can't have an {{champion:61}} skin because Toyz from the Taipei Assassins already has one.
there's no rule saying you can't have multiple team skins for champs
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