: So.. Can we get our support items back?
The idea is that you get your 3 ward item and 4 ward item upgrades for free. Which means that the new items help supports early and mid game. Especially when they are winning lane and have the fully upgraded item at 15 minutes. To put it into perspective the old Remnant of the Watchers cost 1800g to fully upgrade and gave: 35AP, 200HP, 10%CDR, 2 gold per 10 seconds and 50% base mana regen. The Shard of True Ice costs 400g and gives: 60AP, 3 gold per 10 seconds and 150HP when fully upgraded. Its passive helps you generate 1000g, so you end up making 600g as well. While the new support items are weaker, you make 600G by the time they are fully upgraded. To fully upgrade the old support items AND make gold you would need to generate over 1800g from the passive. In a 20-30 minute game it is unlikely you would make gold off the old items if you fully upgraded them. Now in long games the old items are way better than the new ones. I think the changes are designed to give supports more vision control early. It makes sense with all the Drake changes to be honest. Not saying I love the changes or anything. I just get why Riot made them.
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: My account was hacked, summoner name was changed, and within minutes, was stolen by another user.
Someone hacked my main account earlier this year. They changed the name to something dumb like "ouchmybumandweiner" and proceeded to run it down ranked games until my account was eventually banned. At the time I wasn't really playing, so the account was banned for a few months before I noticed. Luckily, I submitted a ticket and everything was taken care of. Sadly, the only thing that wasn't fixed was my MMR. I had not played a game in season 9 and the person/bot using my account posted a 14% winrate over almost 100 ranked games. Dropped my main account to Bronze 4 0 LP.
Lextragon (EUNE)
: How to gank with Fiddlesticks jungle?
Fiddle is a team reliant Jungler. You need people to be clearing vision at all times. You need a sweeper and pink wards on you at all times. You need your team to bait fights where you can initiate with your ult over walls or from brush. You need a team that is willing to collapse and rotate in your jungle because many champions will be able to just walk in and kill you or bully you off camps. There is a reason he isn't really popular in solo queue; you can't always expect a team that works together. To answer your question you should level W > E > Q (levels 1, 2, 3) and then max Q for the fear duration if you plan to gank lanes. As Fiddle you don't really want to take kills; you are more about locking down an opponent with fear and silence while your laner kills them. Pre level 6 you need to know lane match ups and be tracking summoner spells. You want to avoid lanes with strong early game champs or assassins as they will just kill you. Especially if they have ignite. Post level 6 you want to gank lanes where your ult lands you on an enemy champion without having to use flash. Make sure you aren't in vision, ult in, fear the target, then silence them as fear wears off (and they aren't dead). As for Jungle invading, I would suggest never doing it on Fiddle unless you know you have lane help. An exception would be if the enemy jungle has no hard CC to break your W health siphon. I would also recommend invading when you have sweeper up, pink wards, and blue buff and/or full mana.
rekosuo (NA)
: Why are some champs weren't even playing enough
The game has been balanced around whatever is more entertaining in pro-play for years. The only time you see really obscure champs in the meta is during preseaon and the start of new seasons when there are not pro games that matter. By the time the summer split rolls around, it's the same boring champs every year.
xD174 (EUW)
: Balance in low Elo ranked games
To answer your question, account level and mastery points on a champion have nothing to do with a player's rank. Rank is based on a player's MMR. When you win you gain ELO, when you don't you lose ELO. As you gain ELO you get promoted; in your case it would be to Silver 1 then Gold 5 (Gold 4, Gold 3 etc.). People who are like the ones you mentioned are players who have been active for years and never been good enough to climb to higher ranks in the ladder.
: "Better jungler wins" its usually "least stupid laners wins"
Jungle has been the most over-tuned role for the last 2 seasons. I get your examples are frustrating situations. However, if the enemy Jungle is camping a specific lane, especially Top, that leaves you to get Bot ahead and secure Drakes. If you are doing nothing on the map while the enemy Jungle keeps snowballing a specific lane, the game is also on you. If you find yourself in a game where every lane is losing (especially without their Jungler's help) mute all, preserve your mental, do what you can until it ends, and get on to the next game. Even the best players in the world lose games they can do literally nothing in.
NexonKim (NA)
I have queued fill for years. Up until S9 I got support ~85% of the time. This season I would say I get jungle 50% of the time followed by top, mid, bot then support. The truth is the current meta is absolutely terrible for junglers unless you play assassins like Rengar/Khazix/Eve. It is pretty much who ever 1 shots first wins the fight/lane which means lanes are even more of a coinflip than usual. A small lead turns into 10 kills quick on champs like Fizz/Zed/Akali/etc. People seem to be avoiding the role as much as possible in my games.
: Can someone please tell me why they find this meta fun?
This season is pretty terrible tbh. I don't like a game balanced around LCS when 99.999% of the people playing it are knuckle dragging monkeys compared to pros (myself included). Champs that one shot are broken because people refuse to play with their brain in solo queue. You get obnoxiously fed assassins because people don't play safe (like they do in LCS games) and the game snowballs out of control.
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Rock MD (NA)
: If you mean {{item:3040}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3026}} it's actually an absurdly broken build. It's just that for some reason NA players can't play Ezreal to save their lives. If you'd like, we can play some time and I can show you how stupid it is.
> [{quoted}](name=Rock MD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=g5Qp2yK1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-16T05:14:50.744+0000) > > If you mean {{item:3040}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3026}} it's actually an absurdly broken build. > > It's just that for some reason NA players can't play Ezreal to save their lives. > > If you'd like, we can play some time and I can show you how stupid it is. IMO its simply hard to carry a game when you are EZ, you have an ape team, the enemy has a scaling AD like Jinx/Trist/Twitch/Vayne/etc. and a massive front line you can't poke through.
: games are one sided legit its a joke
Don't sweat it man. Season 9 is trash. You can try to defend the current game, but for every plus I can point out 5 minuses. As an example; I was playing ADC and bot lane was 0-0-0 on both sides and the enemy team had 23 kills at 15 minutes a few games ago. Throw in autofilled supports who don't care if they win or lose (usually by playing something 100% useless) and most of my games are plain garbage. I'd guess maybe 15% of the time I have a good team and a support main and the game is enjoyable whether I win or lose. The other 85% of the time 1 or more people on my team are going to hard int and the game is not enjoyable even if I win.
: This Ranked Season is rough.
The issue with ranked is that Riot does nothing to remove the players who don't want to win from the community and the current meta is super teamwork rewarding. 1 person can easily cause your team to lose, but 1 person has a hard(er) time carrying a team. Which means it takes one person with a poor mentality who refuses to play safe and stop dying or refuses to make the correct macro plays and you pretty much lose. If its two people you're looking at a next to guaranteed loss. I have two examples. 1) I was 15-0-15 on Xerath earlier today and lost. My jungle went AP Zac and got picked all game. My mid (Talon) refused to group and kept dying while split pushing. My top (Lissandra) was 1-15-7 a kept running it down mid. We lost a game where we had a 14K gold lead at one point simply because people refused to make smart plays and win. 2) I was Renekton top vs Rengar. I miss-played level 2 because I thought I took ignite and died. I tped back to lane and their jungler had sat in the bushes for ~30 seconds and they killed me again. I was 0-2 3 minutes into the game. I could have tilted. Instead I decided to not die again. I played safe and gave up CS near brush. I warded every where. I pinged when the Rengar got bored and shoved to roam. I forced him top by spliting so he couldn't roam without losing turrets. I tped to objectives. I grouped. We won a game I had an absolutely terrible start in. Most of my loses this season come in games where solo lanes die and then feed because they refuse to miss CS (which is dumb since you miss all the CS when you are dead anyhow). Then our hapless jungle tries to help and the solo laner griefs and gets them both killed. Next thing you know a 10 kill Zed and a tank jungle are diving our bot turret with their bot lane and the game snowballs out of control.
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: Problem with ADC right now
IMO {{champion:236}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:145}} then {{champion:21}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:133}} right now. {{champion:81}} is definitely still viable, but he doesn't carry games the way he did a few patches ago.
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: Swapping skins between accounts?
IMO Riot should let you link all the accounts (and share champions/skins) you are verified to own **IF** you want to. If one account was about to be banned, you wouldn't be able to link accounts without them all being banned. I own every champ on my main account. I own skins on 3 other accounts I'd rather have on my main as I don't even play them. I feel like I should be able to use any skin I bought with RP on any account I own. I could understand free skins from crafting be locked though.
: Gen 3 has the best pokemon starters, change my mind.
Gen I = Gen II > Gen IV > Gen III. At the time all physical damage grass moves sucked, Flare Blitz didn't exist, and Mudkip's base attack stats were too low (which rules out all 3 Gen III starters).
T3rminus (NA)
: How to spend 210 orbs on an account that doesn't own many champions?
I am leveling a smurf and I ran into the same issue. Luckily, I picked Darius and snagged 1000 free BE. I bought a Wolf Orb and got DJ Sona. I bought Sona with BE and found out Ultimate Skins come unlocked as soon as you own the champion...which was nice since I thought I'd have to save OE. TL;DR buy Wolf Orbs
Daoist (NA)
: Thoughts on Patch 8.13 - the Single Patch that disappoints me about this game
I have played this game 6 years and I just saw someone die 20 times in a ranked game (that wasn't like 70 minutes long) for the first time when 8.11 went live. I have had someone die more than 20 times in **7** games in the last 2 months. I was in a game yesterday where we were up 15-0 at 8:45. I was in a game last week where my bot lane was 1-22-2 when we /FF 15. The quality of games this season has been so low that winning doesn't even feel good.
Riyotous (NA)
: Doublelifts opinion on constantly evolving the game.
"If its not broke, don't fix it" Ever since season 5 Riot has pushed changes "just cause" that don't benefit the majority of people playing the game. Need I mention season 6 Flex Queue. Its like they feel like they don't have a good product and they need to keep things constantly changing to keep people interested. I still have Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, and their expansions installed on my PC. Despite the fact they are over 15 years old I can still enjoy them today. People who are invested League players (I played the beta) don't need massive changes to keep wanting to play the game. Especially ones that do absolutely nothing to improve the quality of gameplay. We can all be honest and admit the last 2 months or so of season 8 have been absolutely trash.
: Dear Supports/ADCs
Meanwhile their jungle does two camps, comes bot lvl 2 and gets a free double kill because you pushed too hard early.
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: I wish Riot would show ARAM some love
I played two ARAM today where the enemy team won without my team being able to do damage to their outer turret. Zed, Darius, Karthus, Taric and Illoai the first game. Caitlyn, Vayne, Soraka, Braum, Kennen the second game. Two literally impossible to beat comps without insane re-roll luck (which never happens). The games were not fun in any way. I honestly wanted to leave as soon as I saw the loading screen. If anything you should be able to re-roll once the game starts (at the penalty of not being able to change your load out). It would still be random and maybe some of the garbage, waste of time, people going afk games would be eliminated.
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: ornn has a champion is good but other champs just dominate him in top so hes basically a troll pick there and once people figure out ornn support counterplay hes gonna be weak there
> [{quoted}](name=UnboundHades,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WUaaT3Bk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-27T03:00:19.458+0000) > > ornn has a champion is good but other champs just dominate him in top so hes basically a troll pick there and once people figure out ornn support counterplay hes gonna be weak there There will be champions strong against him, sure. But every support has match ups they are bad against. Arguing people will learn his counterplay is like saying people will learn any other supports counterplay. People get hit by Blitz grabs/Thresh hooks/Morg bindings/etc all the time.
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yıff (NA)
: easiest role to play on wifi and with low fps
Personally, I'd play something like Karma over Janna. Pure supports require you to have faith in your AD to be able to carry your lane.
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: Anyone else wonder how half the stuff that gets to live made it through the pbe?
Lowering the cost of core items for carries makes no sense. All it does is make a slight lead snowball into a shit stomp quicker.
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: Can the new Galio jungle?
Galio is a solid jungle in the right situation. His biggest weakness is that he is more of a mid-late game team fighting champ than a farmer, counter jungler or lane ganker. As long as your team doesn't fall really far behind by 20 or so minutes you have a solid chance of coming back and winning.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Seriously, bruiser fizz and bruiser shaco need to be removed from the game.
The issue with Fizz is that his kit is dumb as fuck. When he was a pure AP assassin all people did was complain about getting one shot by him with no counter play. When Riot reworked him it became easier to play him as a bruiser. A cycle of buffs and nerfs have brought said build in and out of the meta ever since.
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: What is Orianna's weakness supposed to be?
Her weakness has always been that she is designed to play with a team. Try playing her if your team has no hard engage. Or play her if your team doesn't communicate and picks terrible fights. She is incredibly strong in LCS type games, but she can be very unreliable in solo queue.
triax21 (NA)
: need help in bronze elo.
Make a new account. Get to 30. Play ~250 games with your best champion(s) in your best role(s). Do your placement games with your best champion(s) in your best role(s). Place in high Silver or low Gold. Never look back. You will come to hate this game if you try to climb out of bronze. The quality of games just sucks the last few seasons.
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