: You could also just attach a bar that you define how much percentage of its stat u want, something like: AS---><---AP (i hope it's clear what i mean with the above) That way player can define his playstyle which was one of the main aims of the new runes i believe.
I actually really want this. Even for just normal ad champs that use precision. For example, with the new split change for precision, Yasuo is forced to go inspiration since that full 18% as is needed to cap his q cd. Being able to choose to go the full 18% with a domination secondary is a lot better.
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Then dont let preteens in online team games. problem solved.
: Buff his W or Ult and take off the on hit part of his Q haha. There I did it. Hire me Riot
Rioter Comments
: good luck friend, riot doesn't unban for toxicity unless you're a streamer/lcs player. (IWD and tyler1 are 2 examples)
I got my account unbanned for toxicity. I don't remember what the reason was, but a Rioter named Jenny with some numbers at the end unbanned me.
: S.O.S. Help my account got hacked by a hacker or rioter
You arent going to get your account because buying accounts is against the rules.
: Indeed it does break the norm in aram. However, other language can convey the strategy without risking any harm. For example, "die 2 reset" or "suicide to tower" or even just "reset" since most players will know what you mean by those phrases.
Ive seen someone banned for telling someone to suicide after they pinged their gold. Im not sure if suicide is a buzz word that will get you banned immediately similarly to the n word or kys, but you gotta be careful when telling someone to suicide to tower in aram.
: Stop complaining about every little thing.
Stop complaining about us complaining then
Dat Kat (EUW)
: Guys it doesn't necessarily have to be the new project icon, you can equip ANY other icon from the previous project events like project ashe, kat, ekko, yi, lucian etc.. and It'll still count.
It is still forcing people to use a project icon. I want to be able to chose any icon whenever I feel like it and still do the missions (like pretty much everyone wants to do).
: It's because Riot wants you to feel a sense of pride and accomplishement when unlocking this skin.
ADC Bard (NA)
: why ? kys stands for Kiss your sister. It's a very heartwarming tag name. It's represent the love between siblings on a pure level. {{champion:432}}
> [{quoted}](name=I Play Rats Only,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=24HEEgB8,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-23T14:05:34.572+0000) > > why ? > > kys stands for Kiss your sister. It&#x27;s a very heartwarming tag name. It&#x27;s represent the love between siblings on a pure level. > > {{champion:432}} Wow, I can't believe I just got my 8th account perma banned because Riot doesn't realize im trying to spread the LOVE!!!11!1!!!!1
: two days ago. Before that...a month or 2? ish? When did you last see Ivern, Mundo, Fiddlesticks, Kindred, Malphite, Mordekaiser, Nautilus, Olaf, Pantheon, Poppy, Quinn and Valor, Singed, Skarner, Zyra. All champs I hardly see at alll. Or maybe once in the preseason when everybody is just running w / e.
I actually saw all of those in the last 3 days. _But thats totally not because I have no life and played 50+ games over Thanksgiving Break..._
: In that case the system would also have to instantly demote people when they reach 0LP, and I can't even imagine the amount of complaints that would generate. They can't just get rid of promos without also changing how ridiculously easy it is to not get demoted.
Not like it would matter because it only takes 1 win to get back to their previous rating. You don't have to sit through a promo series. It wouldnt even feel like a demotion if there are no promos.
: Or maybe put Nightstalker on a shared CD with blackout.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Wolf King,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6kzKz6iM,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2017-11-24T19:38:51.846+0000) > > You only get the stuff from minions if you kill them Honestly as long as it's not a cannon I don't mind giving my zoe one CS now and again for that summoner spell. It's too powerful not to do it.
> [{quoted}](name=RottedApples,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6kzKz6iM,comment-id=0003000100000001,timestamp=2017-11-24T23:10:04.133+0000) > > Honestly as long as it&#x27;s not a cannon I don&#x27;t mind giving my zoe one CS now and again for that summoner spell. It&#x27;s too powerful not to do it. Yeah I dont if anyone would be mad if they lost 18g for a free heal.
: ultimate bravery would make a great addition to the rotating game mode
I just started messing with it and it gave me Lulu with 2 of the upgraded Ornn items and a Titanic Hydra... People might call AP riven impossible but this is actually impossible lmao
: Yeah, you don't ban away teammates champions. Thats gonna produce negative atmosphere. You want them to feel your confidence in them.
but no one is truely confident on a champ that lets say came out yesterday.
: > [{quoted}](name=I Main Swain,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NdkI7pcJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-09T19:45:53.992+0000) > > what if phantom dancer was made to be melee only? the passive damage reduction imo is too good for adc&#x27;s anyways I run pd +runaans on ashe ... It's nice for when people get up in your face, and you're still squishy also for the attack speed. I think the offender is PD + deaths dance (Draven). I don't get how making it melee only would fix zeal items.
Draven building pd and dd is situational right now. Shiv, rfc, or both are usually too good to pass.
: Champ select upgrades incoming
I hope I can get a favorite ban menu. Either way im still banning Janna
EkyonKun (NA)
: Because NLR actually gives a decent amount of AP and you can comfortably sell a starting item for it. Amp tome and Ruby crystal, not so much.
It just feels bad to purchase large rod because you need to have 1250 to buy it and it has no components. I saw a while back that majority of the people liked this change, but I guess a few people on the boards disagree. It is a better item build based on the components raw stats, but the new one has a much easier path to build from.
: I've seen it go both ways. A good Darius I watched once abused her horrible level 1 in comparison to his, and had dominance from that point. He can easily zone her pre 6 too. If she goes for CS, he uses his spin move (q?), and if she shrouds that and goes for a trade, he can basically unload the rest of his kit onto her. Then he can rush {{item:3211}} to negate her Q poke. But I generally max E vs Darius, which is physical damage, but that means I have to shove and fight him up close. After 6 is whoever fucks up less, which is usually how most of Akali's matchups go.
If he misses his q, the only damage he has left is his autos and w. Akali should win the trade at this point. I do agree that it can go both ways if something happens to either of them. If any of them get ahead by a decent amount, they will destroy the other.
: Then theres BoxBox with the triple{{item:1006}} build
I personally hate this build. It completely gets rid of your early game damage because you dont have a good starting item. I also feel like D shield over all gives you more use. You get extra hp and extra minion damage. Rejuv is only hp regen which isnt great. Nothing against boxbox, but I feel that the build is just gimmicky when other things offer more. I dont really think that you can use this as a way to say that Kata has sustain either.
Quepha (NA)
: "To complete missions you have to equip this icon"
I honestly hate the new mission system. Right when they introduced this, they added these 10$ passes and made it so there are no more icons in the shop for 1500 ip. I really liked this style. After they made missions, you just have to use a shitty icon and if you want to actually have more than a couple missions you need to buy the pass (like ive been regrettably doing). The missions thing is just a cash grab. I also wish they made missions outside of the events, but that doesnt matter as much.
: > [{quoted}](name=SirTeemoMushroom,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApX0EFPR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-22T16:30:54.932+0000) > > 8. top lane shall be a place where you can show your true skills instead of going full tank and feel no damage . i very much enjoy squatting in lane and just eating minions until midgame actually
It depends on your champ pool. I personally like playing carry tops like Jax, Riven, Fiora, and Renekton. I hate it when a lane is a farm fest because it makes my champion pool basically useless. Considering you like this style of farming till midgame, you probably like playing tanks. If you like tanks, then this style of gameplay is good for you. For me however, it is plain boring.
Penns (EUW)
: Can Liandrys get split in 2 items plis?
I wish that AP assassins had their own itemization that isnt the same as AP mages. Im thinking of the fact that we have lethality for AD assassins, Crit for ADCs (and yasuo), and things like Cleaver, Gage, Hydra, or Triforce for bruisers. Having items that are good for actual mages and different ones for ap divers and assassins seems like a pretty good idea. Only main problem I see is that if an item is better for the opposite ap class than what it is meant for, things could get unbalanced quickly (like lethality being built on basically every ad champ for a while). If they could make this happen, it would be really cool and I would probably have a lot more fun with AP champs. As long as they dont fuck it up (which this is riot, so they probably would), this would be a great addition to league.
Theorex (NA)
: I want you to look at my match history in ranked over the last 8 days. Then tell me why this is a bad idea. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Theorex
: I'm not making anyone do anything, just respectfully asking. Whether I have it or not, joking about ptsd like this makes it harder to come out about it. People with ptsd worry about a lot already, let's not trivialize something that's ruining the lives of 3.5% of people.
I was on board until you said 3.5%. No disrespect, but that's too insignificant for people to change their word choice.
: Hum, pretty much all manaless champs have built-in sustain or some pseudo-sustain mechanic. The only ones without sustain I can think of off the top of my head are Riven and Katarina. Riven still has a spammable shield, though, which leaves Katarina as the only true exception. So, saying "manaless and sustain were never meant to be combined" is... sketchy, at best.
Its only spammable midgame when you have full cdr and max rank. Early on its got a decent cd so you cant just use it whenever. Katarina has no sustain because her base regen is nothing and she has nothing built in.
: Vlad is much worse than Akali imo. Because Akali is still a melee champ. You can abuse her by knowing her passive cooldown, or even zoning her off a wave....mid lane at least. As for top lane, I guess that's when you abuse ranged top laners, or just play a lane bully like Renekton or Darius. Irelia is basically a skill matchup. Buying {{item:3211}} basically negates her Q and Q proc damage unless you've already fed her, and a {{item:3155}} could also be a nice alternative.
Darius is really bad into her. She has so many ways to get into your q shaft range so you dont do a lot of damage. She can also disengage whenever she wants to because of shroud or ulting to a minion, so she can escape every easily. Only a bad akali should really get destroyed here.
darkdill (NA)
: My top 10 picks for Champion announcers: {{champion:240}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:222}}
darkdill (NA)
: I think Kayn's approval would be kinda like Illidan's. Sort of the "I could've done that better" jerkassery. But yes, Rhaast would straight up tell you "that play sucked".
: Do people even know what toxic means anymore?
Most people in league are just legit so stupid. If you tell them anything about what they should be doing, they get super defensive and then start flaming you because you tried to help. These type of people piss me off so much. If i'm trying to help you, why do you gotta be a dick about it? It's these types of players that truly piss me off since they think they know everything 100% of the time. You can't reason with a person who does this, but so far pretty much most of the league community is like this.
SanKakU (NA)
: You could just look at my match history to find out. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Well, you arent trolling me, you are trolling everyone in your games. Holy shit grasp and a retarded tank build on everyone...
EkyonKun (NA)
: You're joking right? The build path is horrible. 2/3 of the items in it that upgrade to nothing and are less valuable than a Doran's Ring.
Its easier to build... I dont see why people like building large rod, which is 1250 with no components, over a simple path
SanKakU (NA)
: It's great on Singed. But for most AP champions, I pick up Frozen Mallet or IBG instead.
: OLD: {{item:3116}} = {{item:1026}} +{{item:1052}} +{{item:1028}} + 915g (2600g total) +300 Health +75 AP UNIQUE: Damaging spells and abilities reduce enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 1 second. NEW: {{item:3116}} = {{item:1058}} + {{item:1011}} + 550g (2800g total) +400 Health +70 AP UNIQUE: Damaging spells and abilities reduce enemy Movement Speed by 20% for 2 seconds. This time is reduced to 1 second for area of effect spells and .5 seconds for damage over time effects UNIQUE: Slows from your champion are 50% stronger. This can not increase the slow amount beyond 99%
One of the only good things that came out of the nerfed Rylais was that it got an actually good build path. The one you are saying feels awful to build.
Eedat (NA)
: > Oh hey look! Yet person who has only been playing 2 years that has adopted the "my ass is covered so fuck everyone else" mentality. Oh hey look! ***Another one!***
Are you trying to say that him buying every rune instead of champions was a good idea? By the time he was even a quarter of the way done guides and meta existed. Its his fault he was being stupid. I dont get to decide what he spends his IP on, but I can damn sure tell him that his decision was fucking retarded.
: I don't know about you, but man do I miss old Galio
I mainly liked the anti mage part about him. He doesnt feel anti mage anymore. I remember that even when galio wasnt good, you always had to worry that if you had too much ap, galio could be picked and you were fucked. Now hes just a generic tank with a shit mobility spell and a situationally better shen ult.
Eedat (NA)
: Oh hey look! Yet person who has only been playing 2 years that has adopted the "my ass is covered so fuck everyone else" mentality. Tell me, why exactly do you get to decide what he spends his IP on? He bought runes because they were important to him. There was no indication until a few months ago that this was a temporary purchase. You arbitrarily butting in and deciding for him whether it was a good idea or not is abso-fucking-lutely meaningless
Buying every rune is not important to everyone. Its just retarded. If he really wanted every rune then why complain when his useless purchases arent refunded?
: No, he is. He bought *Every. Single. Rune.* when he barely had any champions. What in the world do you even need them for then? The only people that actually bought all the runes already had all champs and a bunch of IP with nothing to spend it on. That's like buying an expensive keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, headset, chair, all before having the computer to actually use them with! It's pointless, and his fault for doing that.
You only need 1/5th of the runes. Most of them are very specific or not used at all. Buying all and not champions is just retarded.
: Rune Refunds and why I quit
> sincerely - angry fan base Thats just plain wrong. You made a bad choice. You decided to get EVERY rune. Not the good ones. You decided it was a good idea to get the ones that are trash and no one uses. No one else is complaining because they either dont give a shit, or they made the right choice. You said that you only have the 40 cheapest champs and no 6300 ones? Thats no one's problem but yours. Having only been playing for around 1 1/2 years, I have over half of the champions and every rune that I need and actually use in games. If you took 5+ years to get the runes and only 40 champions, that just shows that youve made a terrible mistake. It isnt anyone's fault that you paid for IP boosts. You wanted your meaningless grind to go faster, so you spent money. GJ on that one. The changes that are coming are also way better than what we have. Actual diversity is what we are getting. Not just bonus stats. If you dont like some of the new runes, then that is understandable. But whining about the fact that you made bad decisions and saying the WHOLE PLAYERBASE feels this way is just not true lol. At least say "sincerely - an angry player. I dont see that many people complaining about this because its a good change. Believe me, if lots of people hated it all of the boards would be filled with hatred of the new system. But most like it. There might be some controversial runes (like the summoner spell one), but it is overall a good change.
: Why is it OK to be Assassinated by ADC but not Assassin?
I wish assassins could reliably oneshot. Im saying this as an adc main. They need to oneshot, not us.
: I remember riot saying something about One For All not being ready for the new client.
: When was the last time blood moon was available other than it's launch?
Before the Dark Star stuff, during the Yasuo/Riven event, and yesterday.
: After people hating ARURF for not being able to pick their own desired champion, I doubt Nemesis Draft is ever making a single return.
People hate ARURF because they took a game mode that people loved and made it so they cant pick their own champ. People like Nemesis Draft because that was the point of the game mode in the first place.
: Aatrox mains right now: _If players don't know Aatrox exists they can't ban my main._ http://imgur.com/a/wbrTZ
The only time I ever see Aatrox banned is when someone is fucking around or just bans the first thing on the list
GIJose65 (NA)
: He is a boring streamer that is still riding on his old "most toxic player" title imo
> [{quoted}](name=GIJose65,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=e0s7AbzZ,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-08-15T04:50:19.510+0000) > > He is a boring streamer that is still riding on his old &quot;most toxic player&quot; title imo He doesnt use that title lol. On everything its crossed out.
: Because it's an anti-semitic username, which is expressly forbidden. Somehow, though, it slipped past the automatic filter, and he just hasn't been reported for having an inappropriate username yet.
No one except some overly sensitive kid is gonna report that name.
: How the fuck is the name funny? Please explain your acceptance of intolerant bigots?
Because no one takes that stuff seriously.
: both are good, sheen items work nicely on him because of his low CD Q reset. same for Nasus but he's way better with iceborn, too
Isnt Triforce better on nasus? Only time I see IBG being better is vs a full ad comp or when youre getting shit on by an ad laner.
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