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: Cursor work's pretty close to finished, both the new cursor and the legacy version for those who'd prefer to just stick with it. Likely it goes out in the next patch. Items - we'll keep gradually replacing some of the old ones. When we've done a number at once we've got really strong negative feedback that it makes it really frustrating to try and tell at a glance on the scoreboard who's bought what. Icon updates are something we try to do gradually as a result.
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=5RA7OEcm,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-07-06T15:52:11.807+0000) > > Cursor work's pretty close to finished, both the new cursor and the legacy version for those who'd prefer to just stick with it. Likely it goes out in the next patch. > > Items - we'll keep gradually replacing some of the old ones. When we've done a number at once we've got really strong negative feedback that it makes it really frustrating to try and tell at a glance on the scoreboard who's bought what. Icon updates are something we try to do gradually as a result. Hi Meddler. Since you are taking about the UI for a sec, do you have any info regarding how some abilities do not draw a circle around them when you are not using Line Missile Display? Things like Swain's range when you hold down Q, if you have LMD off it doesn't show it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
Hi Meddler! Is there any plans for reverting part or the entirety of {{champion:91}} Talon's kit? Like how it happened with Rengar/LB. I'm asking cause to some previous Talon main players (myself included) his new Q dash compared to his old E blink feels a lot more clunky, and his current R/W feel a lot slower as well. Overall the result made it so Talon's new kit feel very unsatisfying to some of us who enjoyed his previous, smooth style. So I'm asking cause I see LB and Rengar have been partially reverted as well. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I want to buy RP but Riot doesn't want me to!! :((
Someone from Riot please help! All I get from support is: its your bank's fault, not ours, check with them. The bank never receives anything on one account, but does on the other. This doesn't make sense!
: I want to buy RP but Riot doesn't want me to!! :((
anyone from Riot ? Hippalus no longer works at Rito right? :c
Farranor (NA)
: That's really weird. I would think that they'd be pretty motivated to help you resolve that kind of issue.
> [{quoted}](name=Farranor,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=3U00Qgq1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-04T04:10:52.795+0000) > > That's really weird. I would think that they'd be pretty motivated to help you resolve that kind of issue. Yeah I know :( basically the NA guys told me to talk to the bank (which I did like a hundred times) and would not go past there. I wish there was a Riot Store guy here so he can forward this to like a tech level or something, you know, look into the back end and figure out why MY LAN account wont let me buy RP but my NA one will.
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: We don't have plans to change her name back to Dauntless.
aww :( {{champion:103}}
: > [{quoted}](name=1000angrybees,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hv64q62O,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-30T19:55:09.718+0000) > > Mark/Dash gives a lot of champs the opportunity to not get crushed into submission by poke/harass based champs and team comps and giving them a fair shot. The damage numbers can be tweaked and its not a safe spell to use. There is risk and reward for using it, and no amount of you complaining that a fighter or tank or whoever can get in your face because they hit you with a slow moving snowball from across the lane is going to change that. > > Very whiny, especially for a mode that's supposed to be chaotic teamfighting. > > (Edit: like I also mentioned in another comment, I am not against the idea of changing the damage numbers or the cooldown, or even the range. I think that'd be fine and dandy; complaining that it lets champs who never had a chance- except if the other team screwed up or they _maybe_ managed to make it to late game and somehow turn it around- isn't very smart.) From what I've seen, the majority of people who are strong advocates of the current Mark/Dash are those who play ARAM primarily for a change of pace from Summoner's Rift. The majority of people who absolutely loathe Mark/Dash are those who play ARAM very frequently. There are outliers, of course. I've long since switched from Summoner's Rift to Howling Abyss as a primary game mode. ***I'm not an ARAM smurf.*** While I rarely play normals anymore, I don't have my champion list customized for ARAM exploitation. I don't own Ziggs (don't think I've ever played him, actually; I trade him every time free rotation gives him to me for the novelty of never using him), Jayce, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Ezreal, Kog'Maw, Zyra, Amumu, Karthus, Xerath, Nidalee, Corki, or several other "must have" ARAM champs. The cheese tier champs I do have were from my days of learning how to play on Summoner's Rift - Sona, Fiddlesticks, Ashe, Annie (I don't even like her, and end up with her too often), Katarina, Leona, Nami, Morgana, Teemo. It's probably a bit obvious that my favorite normal role is support. I don't own many champs that aren't considered viable supports. **Some of my favorite aspects of ARAM:** * Random selection of champions can heavily unbalance the matchup. In any discussion about ARAM "balance," I've always been a proponent of keeping it imbalanced, regardless of whether that benefits or hinders any individual game. The people who complain the hardest about "always" getting a bad comp typically just forget that they have also had overpowered comps. This is a similar phenomenon to what Lyte has addressed with people primarily remembering their bad games and forgetting that they have had just as many (or more) neutral or positive games. * If we've got an advantage, cool. Blow 'em up. If we still get torn up, kudos for the other team. * If we've got the melee comp vs. the Sona/Zyra/Heimerdinger/Teemo/Katarina team, cool. We'll probably get eaten, but I'm not going down without a fight. * If the teams have pretty fair comps, cool. Games ending with neither Nexus at full HP can be pretty exhilarating. * There was often enough time before the first fights started to fiddle with emotes at mid-bridge. I don't mean animation-canceling emote spam. I'm talking about that semi-spontaneous dance party or /joke exhibition that occurred in view of both teams. This didn't always happen, but it was pretty common. * You could usually take a breather to type if both teams had separated. Global ults were the exception to this. * Full builds happened more frequently than on Summoner's Rift. * Unlike Summoner's Rift, there's not really a laning phase in Howling Abyss. You either hop right into teamfights or hug the turret until 6 to launch an ult-reliant assault. You're still farming a little, but the limited minions aren't the primary source of gold due to map-specific gold generation and teamfights. Ganks aren't a thing. * Unlike Summoner's Rift, your actions in fights are visible to everyone without having to scan the map. Obviously, people still play the blame game, but it's a lot more obvious when someone's being falsely accused. **How Mark/Dash has changed things:** * There is no breathing room. * That mid-bridge goofing off? That doesn't happen anymore. Snowballs start flying as soon as you get past your outer turret. * There's too much shit in the air, constantly. * "Just dodge the snowball." Yeah, no. If 5 enemies throw their snowballs simultaneously, someone's getting hit. If they space out their snowballs, that's not 4 seconds of clear air. It's not like the snowballs are the *only* things flying. That's 5 *additional* enemy projectiles in the air. * I'm one of those people with a propensity to lose sight of objects on the screen. Where's my pointer? Where's my champ? If both teams are throwing snowballs, that's *10* additional objects obscuring my focus every 20 seconds. * If everyone dashes, that can be *more than 20 additional objects* flying across the screen every 20 seconds * Think it's safe to type a message because you're far behind your team? Nope. Don't stop to type. You'll get hit and possibly jumped as a followup. * Teams can snowball (seriously...) harder than before. The constant long range true damage barrage from 5 sources means a team with an early advantage can keep that advantage by not allowing the weaker team to recover. Both teams have snowballs? If one team is over 50% HP per player and the other is below 25%, guess who is more likely to land hits? It's the team that isn't being zoned. I was in a game where my team did this to the other team, resulting in an early tower because they couldn't get close enough to it to defend. * Howling Abyss now revolves more around a Summoner Spell than champion differences. I've seen people argue that people who don't like Mark/Dash should just not take it. That's not much of an option. Forgoing Mark/Dash means that I'm giving the other team a ranged true damage advantage over me. Most melee champs have some sort of gap closer. Leona is a strong tank whose gap closer is only 875 range. Amumu's range is 1100. Nobody's arguing that they need help in the gap closing department. Why is Mark's range 2500? The fact that Mark has a longer range than all non-ult abilities doesn't just make melee champs able to dive where they previously couldn't. It lets ranged champs apply true damage where *they* previously couldn't. What was previously a fun mode is now a stressful one. High stress modes *are* fun, but are best suited to temporary exposure (e.g., URF). I don't play ARAM for stress. **Hypothetical situation (I don't have the numbers to prove this, just offering this as something to consider)** Given the following player groups: * Group 1: Summoner's Rift mains who play ARAM 1-5 times a week * Group 2: ARAM mains who play ARAM 20+ times a week Would it be healthier for the game mode to keep a feature that Group 1 felt made the mode "incredibly fun" even though they still only played a few games weekly if the majority of Group 2 felt it ruined the mode for them?
Ykaa (EUW)
: Up this. Please don't leave us alone with that bug...
I guess it's coming in 5.8 .... I'm already used to the weirdness but still miss a spell or 2 every now n then <_<
FaiZhang (NA)
: Thank you Riot.
Hey there :) I'm glad LoL has given u such beautiful and constructive things! This is definitely a good opportunity to find people who to talk to and share games with. I want you to know that even though I don't know you, I wish only the best things for you and hope you have a blast making friends and having fun in the League. {{champion:103}}
: Master Yi (jungle or otherwise) will crush Nasus in a duel later in the game, so Nasus can't splitpush to apply pressure. Considering Master Yi can easily run Smite + Teleport, it makes it pretty easy to handle him outside of teamfights (in which Nasus can be kited). Lulu can make the lives of assassins (especially Akali) horrible. Trundle, Kog'maw, and Malzahar are great for killing tanks.
Brand's passive vs tanks helps too... it's just harder to hit cause of the unreliability of the skillshots (as opposed to W+E+ign+R).
: I've found Karma is a fairly effective Riven counter. Honestly Karma is my favorite champion, but I realize she's very lacking. Her scaling isn't high enough but her bases and cc don't make up for that. However, look at her kit. She is a full blown Riven counter. She can bully Riven with her auto attacks all day. If Riven goes in for an attack, Q for a slow and tether. Right before Riven can touch Karma, she is rooted and Karma easily escapes. You can do all of this without your shield but if you do screw up you can shield and still be successful.
sounds good! :) I have played both champs to some success... and this sounds like a good idea
: Zed vs Darius? That's a no go. I can see maybe Garen but Darius? no
hmm... why not? sure ud get poked and run into mana issues.... but once you get E and some resistances, you could do some nice dmg.. I am concerned about mobility issues tho :P ... missing E or not being able to R after his R-swap
Svddenly (NA)
: Thought that this was actually going to be a thread about Olaf...
: Why am I being downvoted for _trying to have a discussion?_ Lol.
: Having high ping issues on NA?Join us at LAN!
interesting.... my LAN account averages 55ms which is GREAT! but one of the reasons why I have a smurf in NA (this account) is so I can play w more people and on a higher level (I consider NA to be more competitive and finding games takes way less time the more you rank up). The downside is that I average 120-150ms on NA -.- .... this wasn't always the case Back in beta I used to get 80-110ms which was fine for me...
: Flash as an active effect on boots
Hmm... sounds overly complicated. Something like this was suggested a few years ago and I think I recall a Rioter answering why this wasn't the best idea to implement but I can't seem to remember who or when :P.
: Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators
BestFish (NA)
: Crazed Cat lady skin suggestion ( Jinx )
Hey there! I think the skin idea is fantastic! Lots of fun, and kinda crazy (fits Jinx). IMO the art looks nice and the ingame shots look ok .... for not being an artist i think you did a good job... most people fail to recognize the amount of work these things take.... and it's just to get an idea ...i think it looks pretty cool! :) Also hope Riot makes this skin... looks like a lot of fun... {{champion:222}}
: Champion Idea: Erron ~ The Force of the Void
Sounds like a combination of Vel'Koz, Cass and Bard's E+TF Ulti+Viktor's Ulti.... interesting....but.... sounds HELLA OP :P
: Wheres Revive?!
Revive is "still in the game", in the form of a trinket on Dominion, with 3 charges max. {{item:3345}} I know it's not the same, but they removed it for a reason. Also Surge was pretty bad IMO... very niche and would only work on like Twitch and Kayle.
: Mordekaiser is an any role champion ( Not ADC)
Interesting :) specially Jungle Morde. Might give it a try. {{champion:82}}
: I still feel helpless when I face malz as Viktor
Don't build {{item:3140}} on mages, ever. It's not worth it. You are getting MR + the active, but not only does it not build into anything useful unless you are trolling ({{item:3139}} isn't really ideal for mages, what are you gonna do with the AD? Run and AA?), it also doesn't give you any good stats besides some MR. If you really want MR, I'd actually recommend you get {{item:3102}} or {{item:3001}} (although don't get {{item:3001}} vs Malz), and only after your very needed core items. Like, get a CDR or dmg item 1st ({{item:3165}} , {{item:3089}} , {{item:3196}} ), and if you can survive longer get the other one you didn't get, and if you REALLY are having a bad time mid THEN get {{item:3102}}. That way he won't be able to easily EWQ+ignite+R you to death... it will at least buy you time so you can react. I also wouldn't recommend RUSHING a defensive item unless it's {{item:3157}} against {{champion:238}} .Why? Because you are delaying your damage WAAAYY too much. You have to play careful in the Early Game and just focus on farming and preventing Malz from pushing you all the way and poking you (call for jungler if needed). Once you have some damage, get 1 defensive item and try to position away from him, and if you suspect he will all-in you, then you can all-in him before it happens. Your "W" has a delayed stun, which you can lay on top of him before he ulties, and will stop him, and with luck you might even be able to R him so if he ulties you at least you also have your dmg up. If you REALLY need to play defensive, just take {{summoner:21}} . Don't max Q, max E. You will need that for waveclear. Also, bear in mind Malz has a similar if not farther range than you on most of his spells, and his Q can hit you from afar, like your E can hit him, but the position is diferent. If you really have a hard time dodging his Q and are constantly eating up his E, consider running MS quints or buy boots so you can move faster, and always be careful not to stand next to a dieing minion of your own if his E is on it, you don't want Malefic Visions pass over you for free damage. **Source:** been playing since beta, main mid, Diamond 2 Season 4 (on my main account) Hope this helps! {{champion:112}} {{champion:90}}
darkdill (NA)
: @Riot: You guys want too much out of Death Recap. We just want it to be functional.
Had to read this like 3 times... kept reading it as "Deathcap" haha... I think it should list all sources of dmg over a longer period of time.... sometimes your health gets chunked before you atually die, and when you do it will just be whatever damage your remaining hp and not reflect what actually happened.
: Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators
> [{quoted}](name=RickVanPrim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=itnujTYb,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-10T19:21:36.293+0000) > > -snip- > > **So here&rsquo;s what we&rsquo;re going to do.** > We are fixing the right mouse cancel bug and re-implementing the old quick cast with range indicator behavior. In other words, abilities will continue to fire on **button release**, rather than on **button press**. > > -snip- > > Thanks for your patience and feedback here! We&#039;ll be trying to get this in as soon as possible (it could potentially take as long as patch 5.8 due to the scope and stability of the changes, sorry!). > > -snip- Hey there James. Since you mentioned you'd be around to answer some questions or give more context on this... I have a few questions if you can spare 2 mins: - what do you think of the suggestion given above about enabling a 3rd cast option? so both the people that like this new cast type as well as the ones that are more used to the old casting can pick whichever fits their needs - since you mention this might take as long as 5.8, is a hotfix before that patch out of the question? I'm just asking cause recent patches have taken about 1-2 weeks at best, and since some of us play this daily I just want to know how long it might take and get the proper expectations... thanks for looking into this!{{champion:103}}
Hokusai (NA)
: This thread needs much more attention. I don't think riot realizes how much this affects play styles of many players. Personally, I wouldn't want to jeopardize my teams ability to win the game due to this bug changing my gameplay with something I'm not entirely use to or comfortable with. This change doesn't seem like it was on purpose, so I'm not really going to blame Riot. Respectfully, I think many summoners including myself would like this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.
I'm not playing Ranked until this is solved. This makes me screw up so badly. I think I won't even play ARAMs until this is solved =/...
: I am having the same problem and it is game-breaking for me. Glad it's not just me.
I heard ya man! This has happened to me since 5.7 and it throws me off!!! It's annoying!! I feel sooo clumsy.
: The problem here is that ppl aren't being clear enough. This bug isn't only with normalcast, it also happens with smartcast with range indicator. I'll write what you had to do in order to cancel a cast until now and what do you have to do now. Up until now if you were to cancel any ability with right click you would have to just press rightclick WITHOUT releasing it. For me, for example, if i were to cast ahri's q and i wanted to aim with smartcast with range indicator, i would keep pressing q in order to aim. If i wanted to cancel the cast i would just press right click without releasing it and i could just stop pressing q as the cast would be canceled. Right now if you want to cancel an ability that you have casted but not yet fired you have to use rightclick and RELEASE it in order to cancel. With the same example as before, if i wanted to aim with ahris q and then cancel it with smartcast with range indicator, i would have to keep pressing q in order to aim, and, if i wanted to cancel it, i would have to click and release right click before releasing the q key. TL;DR: Before you could cancel casts by rightclicking WITHOUT releasing rightclik, right now you have to click and RELEASE right click in order for it to work; otherwise you start walking in the direction you are pressing rightclick, but the skill is still being casted (as you still see the range indicator). Its pretty simple to play arround it, you only have to make sure to release the right click button if you want to cancel, but in the heat of the battle muscle memory just leads you in the way you have been playing for years. I hope i was clear enough and that this gets a hotfix instead of having to wait for a whole patch cicle, otherwise playing for ppl with normalcast or smartcast with range indicator would be a pain.
> [{quoted}](name=Wølƒgang,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=ztdTJiYj,comment-id=00010003,timestamp=2015-04-09T15:39:33.678+0000) > > The problem here is that ppl aren't being clear enough. This bug isn't only with normalcast, it also happens with smartcast with range indicator. I'll write what you had to do in order to cancel a cast until now and what do you have to do now. > > -snip- Rayven, what Wolfgang is saying is true, this also happens when using smartcast. I have already submitted a ticket to support, and have also posted in this thread in Reddit:
: how many shades will we get? could it be ... _**50**_
> [{quoted}](name=warpenguin555,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=qOEGLvUZ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-04-07T13:31:42.127+0000) > > how many shades will we get? could it be ... _**50**_ noouu DX haha I see purple :D (awesome art btw) {{champion:103}}
: Why isn't mid Irelia more of a thing?
Interesting... The funny part is that if you prepare correctly in mid (runes, etc), you MIGHT be able to pull one off by countertrading (get harassed, jump in, stun, true dmg AA).... the risk is that you can either be blown up if you are not careful (especially if u let minions hit u too much), or after you trade you get harassed on the way back. Still a funny lane to try... just needs more strategy I guess... {{champion:39}}
Kouga (NA)
: Balance Team, I appluad your conviction on 5.6 notes.
I believe the number of champs is around 132 now :P .... (too lazy to check the wiki)... but I agree w Kouga... been playing since beta and yes, they HAVE made tons of mistakes regarding balance (hello release Xin Zhao! hello TF's old gold card with 3 sec AoE stun!)... but like Kouga says, they have handled it pretty decently (at least better than the disaster w lore). They have been improving the game so much over these past few years, and have given us so much fresh content, that I whole-heartedly believe they will keep doing a very good job and bring us many more things in the future. Heck, I enjoy pretty much everything they've put out, from cool skins to fun champs, from action-packed LCS to amazing minimovies.... The only area they are lacking is Lore, but that's because they chose to be quiet about it, since so much stuff has happened and their dept has gone over diff staff a few times... so it's understandable. Btw this is not my beta account :P this is a smurf. {{champion:103}}
Kouga (NA)
: The Burden Of Balance - Skill Shots, Mobility, And You
I don't have much time in my hands, but this is really interesting! How the depth of a champion can affect how difficult it might be to balance. If there's a lot of player input needed, then it is more out of Riot's hands, or they have to change a mechanic to try and move that champ towards more healthy gameplay design. Btw I also play since beta (Sep 09 to be precise) and have been ever since, and I love Ahri :3 {{champion:103}}
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
bump @C3Sound @Riot Eno @Riot Eno @jaywatford @Riot Whist reds
: The silent foot steps
ON TOPIC: i think these footsteps/wings/etc is a great idea! Just need to be careful not to add to much noise* to the game (the irony) OFF TOPIC: Hey Riot Eno, this is totally unrelated to the topic, but since I havent received an answer in weeks, and I see you active around here, I thought I might go ahead and give it a try:
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
bump, any reds pls? {{item:3341}}
Sukishoo (NA)
: KR usually means Korean.
oh, that's pretty easy... just follow these steps to change ingame sounds to KR:
: I want to use KR voices/sounds.
> I want to use KR voices/sounds. what do you mean by KR ? I do know some people would love to use the old UT sounds, but I can see why those might feel out of context or just not appropriate for LoL's fantasy theme... but having a few more options would be pretty cool
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
can I please have a red comment about this? C3Sound ? Riot Eno ?
NeroUS (NA)
: Ap Jax
BotRK doesnt deal magic damage, it deals physical damage, from both his passive and active effects:
: A Rewind/Replay mode would help train us to be better players.
I use BaronReplays ... its decent although buggy at times.. but at least I can watch my past games. Not sure if it supports previous versions though, so this might be a nuisance.
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
: Any plans for more ANNOUNCER options?
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