: reported ads for other games with out premission
Worth. Overwatch is actually a lot more fun than I expected.
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Crys3s (NA)
: Taric selection portrait out of frame?
You can't contain this much man in one frame {{champion:44}}
Jxg (EUW)
: RIP Soraka; you've been Cinderhulk'd
Didn't a few of those nerfs end up accidentally being buffs in the end?
Fovere (NA)
: If this is unique for today its probably due to the patch. Just had my "bot" lane duo try to force me to play with an AD Malz. He found himself quite alone
This is why I dodge games. Sure, some off-meta picks work, but I'm not going to force myself through a game that I am not prepared for or proficient in. That's what Normals are for.
: Jinx Rockets AOE and Mortal Reminder
I wouldn't go frozen really, but.... I dunno.... Jinx with IE, Runaan's and a frozen mallet in Fishbones configuration for the carpet bombing... hmmm... I feel like it shouldn't work somehow...
: Carries: Which champion do you favor the most as a Support Mage?
Why didn't you add Morgana? Or Zyra? Zyra is especially potent now with her new passive everywhere. Morgana has been a beastly support pick for ages. I've carried games as her many a time even as a support. I build FQC, Sightstone, Zhonya's and either a zz'rot or rylei's fourth item and the other fifth. I can drop a portal in one lane, leave, go teamfight while that lane is frozen or pushes and then assess from there. Oh those listed, I prefer lulu myself.
: My first impression of the jg changes
I was thinking of going jungler instead of support for a while as kindred, graves and maybe shaco or yi. I've been debating if now is a good time to get into the jungle since I am very vision oriented as a support already. Interesting. Kinda thinking tracker's and a sweeper might keep me in the loop as to how to play around their jungle. My warding has always been super aggressive.
: Bloodrazor graves?
I would put it on kindred first. Stuck between that and warrior.
: Ulting as Sion for the first time
: Who's Adrian? What buffs are you referring to? The increased slow on Q? (which they removed) The increased cost (health and mana) for her W (and the number nerfs to it as well) When was she buffed?
Adrian is the star (ha) support for Immortals who nearly clean swept the NA LCS this past spring split. Soraka has often been a straight up pick or ban in a lot of comps. She's just too much of an issue and a LOT of the new mage items synergize with her remarkably well. Any nerfs inbound from the reversion or Grievous Wounds back to it's old self will be balanced by her soon new ability to regen large chunks of mana or health due to the new mage itemization. People always roid-rage over changes before bothering to try them out or try to think their way through them. Sorry this game requires you think more and expand playstyles :/
: How to not get demoted in patch 6.9
So what you're really saying is I should play a tank mage with protobelt and get the 20 minute rift herald buff so I can oneshot people. Gotcha. Seeya in diamond.
: Make the Rift Herald Buff drop on the floor if the holder dies
: We finally got a use for champion shards.
I'd utilize this. I don't hate it. It DOES feel like they are pushing the boxes a tad more, but it won't affect gameplay aside from in a cosmetic way. I'm alright with this.
: > or she needs some type of flashing ability How about you buy yourself a nice http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/6.9.1/img/item/3152.png
I was just thinking that. It'd be like an episode of Mighty Max.
: Soraka.....
Poor Adrian. To be fair, the last time I cared to check on Soraka changes they "nerfs" turne dout to be buffs sooo... I'm not too bothered. IF they ever buff her E then I'll care a bit.
Nikola (NA)
: RIP YI and Hello Kindred and Jax
Holy shit I can't take anything seriously when it looks like it was typed by a twelve year old using their toes.
yeulx (NA)
: basically all of the above and she might be a good support ima try her out ;) because that Q passive is so sexy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Her displacement skills that throws enemies in a particular direction seems great for support. She has the mobility to get back into lane and roam mid, she's a decent control mage and dragon pit fights with someone who can ult a wall to keep the enemy out makes me kinda excited. First time a new champ came out that I wanna buy off the bat. I feel like she'll jungle pretty well too.
: haha funny not
I know someone who won 9 out of 10 placement matches. He got Bronze 4.
darkdill (NA)
: When is it wasteful to use a Sweeper? When should you simply not try to clear enemy wards?
"schmuck bait" I like this term. I never thought of it like that.
: Your wake up in bed with your last played champion
{{champion:25}} I think. Bind me, baby. Or maybe she can show me how to do the binding myself. Oh the possibilities.
: Jinx Crazy sex? Or go along with her plan to blow up lots of things. Gulp.
The things she'd blow up are you. And not in the innuendo sense. You'd literally explode into giblets.
: Sightstone vs Greater Stealth Totem late game.
I'm kinda confused about this. Do the greaters last longer than the sightstone ones because that's why I get sightstone for the longer duration. With mobi or agi boots with alacrity I can ward, drop back, refresh wards and then head back out. The wait on those trinkets drive me nuts. It feels like forever and I only get 2 of them at max. It just feels like it's not enough for a support. I sometimes keep it over sweeper when I know my adc or team will keep me in the field long. I also preferred sighstone so I could grab a sweeper. AS a jungler I can see if I'm going to be spotted coming into lane for a gank and as a support I can try and clear vision for my jungler to gank for us. I imagine that's all preference though.
Zerolera (NA)
: Isn't that what the "Eye" items are meant for? Giving support a stat boosting item that also provides wards?
They're not gold efficient, they are slot efficient. Big difference. They are replacements to active ability items like FotM and Frost Queen's. The extra ward offered by the eye items are not as strong as the active effects. Ask anyone who supports and researched these. They aren't worth the gold in comparison to getting the usual support item with active effects. Eyestones were a replacement for the Ruby Sightstone option that no one was getting ever because the games don't last long enough to be worth sinking an extra 1k gold for some health on your sightstone. And item slot efficiency isn't worthwhile until late game full builds matter which is less and less common now for supports who are already generally underleveled in a meta that is sub 40 minutes.
: It doesn't matter what you play in Bronze. If you can't carry as support you wont be able to carry from the jungle rofl.
Better wording: It's far less satisfying having to carry from the support role. It gets too dull and too reliant on your adc early on.
: When the your Cho says "im going speed build"
This whole thread is platinum quality joy
: The problem is, no matter how good you indivdually do, it's very very hard to win if your team isn't at least competant
I've had a d5 smurf jungler come into a game, run 25/3/4 out of a total of only 33 kills for the whole team say in chat, "You're making this impossibly to win" directly after telling me anyone can carry a bronze game and inviting me to duo with his smurf. He was rather agitated after that.
: Dude, _stop crying and find some friends xDDD_ Who doesn't enjoy this fantastic system?
If I wanted to play with my friends I'd go actually see them. I see them enough in the real world. I don't need them when I game too. I game to get away from them and the rest of the world.
: Hope you feel bad for playing her in ranked.
I wouldn't. I'm looking to switch to jungler from support because I'm tired of not being able to carry hard aka deadlift as a support. Kindred, Graves and Yi are all on my list.
: And then the carry proceeds to step on two shrooms and die because he didn't bother to sweep the area on the go.
: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Face_of_the_Mountain > The execute health threshold is affected by the bonus damage from critical strikes and other autoattack modifiers (like Gangplank's Parrrley), but not from Sheen. ------------------------- Also, I almost instinctively downvoted this before opening it due to assuming it was yet another "Thresh Cannot Proc Execute" thread. I think I may have an issue.
Rozair (NA)
: If you adc main you should try mid
I see you play support as well, OP. I too feel your pain of seeing ward charges on all your comrades. It gets worse when they learn to buy farsight wards too, but never use them to gain vision when pushing lanes. God be with you.
x CTF x (NA)
: Creating a team for a GOLD AND UNDER LCS style tournement. LF Supp, Top, Jungle, ADC
It'd depend on tournament times. Most people work those days. I know I'd never be free on a workday until at best 7p. Any more details would be appreciated. I'm a support main for now.
: Explain why ranked queues are down right now.
Because Riot disabled them since people were getting absurdly low lp gains when they won. They saw that the lp losses were way too much for the win gains and disabled ranked until they fixed it. Probably an MMR problem and probably stemming from DynaQ premades. TL;DR Ranked is disabled for maintenance reasons so pretentious twats like you don't get fucked with ridiculously low lp gains and huge lp losses that keep you in the bronze you probably deserve.
: Remember when Riot apologized?
Welcome to selling out to the Chinese by Rito Games
I got in after about 6. Chill. Isn't Paragon, Battleborn and Overwatch happening soon?
: Riot, MAN THE **** UP
If you take 20 minutes to log in on the average then you need a new PC or internet provider altogether
: > [{quoted}](name=Magnum Mack,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=coO2UKax,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-01T17:21:48.507+0000) > > LOL Nice icon lol
: gold is becoming the new part of bronze/silver
The problem is that DyanmicQ undermines individual skill in favor of someone's friends or smurf friends basically handing them LP. I know of a silver support Leona main who ROUTINELY goes 0/6/2 before 20 minutes without any enemy ganks. BUT, since he plays with friends who can deadlift his ass along he can still rise. DynamicQ is allowing the sewage to seep up when it shouldn't. For a support main, it's great. The lowest impact player with the least carry potential in most elo's gets some help rising out, but for any other laner or a jungler it's a detriment. You end up in a team with 3 premades, one feeds like he's the embodiment of salvation army and the rest of the team proceeds to defend him as they drag him along like he isn't the issue. Riot COULD say they are all about team play and working together, but then they take HOW LONG AGAIN to ban someone like Tyler1 who made thousands off his stream and HOW MANY ACCOUNTS AGAIN getting banned? Doesn't sound like any kind of commitment to promoting a positive teamplay-oriented environment to me. Teambuilder was a better set up. Even Ranked Teambuilder would have been better. DynamicQ doesn't let you EFFECTIVELY pick who's going to be on your team. If you see someone who q's up as a vel koz adc for your ranked, you can just toss them back and get a new adc. Less trolling possible before ban phase starts AND you can effectively build a comp you want rather than randomly being tossed into a q with people who will just lock in adc galio last pick to troll the room. DynamicQ is flashy, but it just doesn't support a healthy gaming environment as far as ranked play is concerned. It doesn't create a better sense fo team composition, it doesn't do any good at preventing trolling, the only thing it did was help make getting your intended role easier, which teambuilder already did a fine job of in the first place. DynamicQ feels unfinished and the whole ranked experience suffers for it. Even a ranked teambuilder feature with no premades would have been a less jarring way of addressing role selection than this. Premade teams just demeans the competitive ranking of League. I enjoy playing with my friends as much as the next person, but that's why we have normals OR DID WE FORGET THAT STILL EXISTS TO HAVE FUN PLAYING WITH FRIENDS?
: The Man that Riot Forgot
: You're really complaining about jhin of all things? I just pick Alistair, Leona or Taric and get in his face. He's super squishy and isn't great at all-ins against him. Set the pace against him and he has little to do early game. Late game he's still susceptible to any cc, especially to break his ult. And of all the times I EVER played against jhin, his traps have damaged me twice. Ever. The mark can be annoying with the root, but since I never let Jhin get a foothold it's never a major concern. I took to playing tanky supports against him so I just eat the root for my adc the same way I'd eat a Cait ult.
Also, juking the jhin ult shots is the easiest way to bring out the salt from a jhin player. I love it.
Hòpe (NA)
: So My broken Champion Tier List. Would love feedback
You're really complaining about jhin of all things? I just pick Alistair, Leona or Taric and get in his face. He's super squishy and isn't great at all-ins against him. Set the pace against him and he has little to do early game. Late game he's still susceptible to any cc, especially to break his ult. And of all the times I EVER played against jhin, his traps have damaged me twice. Ever. The mark can be annoying with the root, but since I never let Jhin get a foothold it's never a major concern. I took to playing tanky supports against him so I just eat the root for my adc the same way I'd eat a Cait ult.
Frius (EUNE)
: taric aura in hexakill
I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. Frozen Heart's aura is lowering atk speed when hit. Taric's Bastion skill applies to only on person at a time whom he can choose who to share that percent of total armor with. Windspeaker's Blessing keystone mastery gives a temp armor and mr boost to people he heals or shields just like Alistair. I'm just not sure where this is coming from exactly. This sounds more like some salt thrown at the new rework champ simply because people don't understand how he works. That's fine. Cry more while I spam Taric in every game.
: The execute damage only procs on melee attacks, and Thresh is considered Ranged. You can still proc the gold/heal share by last hitting normally.
Yeah, Thresh has always been weird about the last hit thing. I feel like there should be a better item than Relic shield for him. I considered going the ruby to build into an earlier sightstone. I didn't go support to brush up on learning last hitting mechanics. That being said, I go ancient coin most times on him lately. Not too bad.
: looking for bonze players that want to have a ranked team
I'm a support main that's empathetic to the plight. You'd be amazed how much it hurts being a support of all roles trying to carry.
Illiad (NA)
: Malzahar ult and Yasuo Windwall
As much as I feel it's the wrong answer on that poll, "Let Yasuo vomit void for like" really makes me chuckle. Void, the new all natural synthetic drug. All the cool kids are doing it! Just look at Yasuo!
: Taliyah and Future Relations with Other Champions
I would love to see some actual Riot-endorsed videos going into the lore. Not into the League per se or at all, just the characters in their world and they interactions. I want to see Jinx in a real movie fending off Cait and Vi while Ekko tries to catch up. I want to see Azir and Shurima be a thing. I want to see Bilgewater during the Harrowing. I want to see these things actually played out. There's so much material just sitting waiting to be utilized.
3l3ments (NA)
: ELO help
Might depend on your role. I'm a support main and as good as I know Janna, Soraka and Nami can be, I feel almost forced to go Morg, Taric and Blitzcrank/Alistair to force plays on my team. "Here, let me CC/Heal/literally hand you a pick to delete so we can MAKE something happen rather than just puckering our assholes and pretending Tyler1 is a role model to aspire to."
Glîtchy (NA)
: So they plan on nerfing Kindred cause of tank killing potential but...
Kindred can stack indefinitely so they scale into late game well, they have utility with a decent ult, they have mobility with a WQ and they have great sustain. Vayne is easy to abuse early and mid game, is poor when behind, but much like Fiora a Vayne is just a ticking time bomb as long as they now not to be in the frontline all the time. BoRK, Runaan's and Deaths' Dance or Bloodthirster makes a late game Vayne a monster as long as they can position well. Late game Kindreds can also shred tanks but can also run tanky. So where Vayne can be deleted the moment she is out of place and/or cc'd, Kindred can shred tanks, take more damage, play riskier for the same rewards AND has a "you can't kill me needle needle nee" ult in case of emergency for whoever stands in it all while having innate life steal on her own.
: Taric Dazzle and stealth
Oh goddammit I wish I'd though of this. I've just been bastioning Yi and Malphite for the initiates and securing kill picks. Stealth Dazzle just sounds so good!
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