: Implement /CallMod to freeze the game and remove a player from the game
Riot would love to spend all that money on countless employees to babysit games. I'm sure of it.
: Yeah, that's right. Just keep using Vayne top/Alistar top...
Vayne top is situational, at best. You lose a tank/heavy cc. Idk I love Vayne, but I've found it best to not abuse her toplane unless its a Nasus.
: > [{quoted}](name=Main Was Nerfed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tshdna4q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-01-24T07:13:38.789+0000) > > Sounds to me you needed more CC to balance the scales. > > Building Warmogs + Thornmail would be plenty to combat the issue of them nuking you. If everyone on your team build armor, they would seem far less scary. > > But I'm gonna guess you all continually fought their high damage anyway, without having a CC comp or building the right items to counter them. > > I will admit, if you didn't, that comp would fking hurt lol. tell me how I magically get CC when the blind pick game has already picked your champs for u lol we did build armor and hp it didn't do anything azir vayne and yi could still nuke you and dravens lifesteal didn't really care about thornmail either
> [{quoted}](name=AnOstrichWithPMS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tshdna4q,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-01-24T07:14:49.285+0000) > > tell me how I magically get CC when the blind pick game has already picked your champs for u lol > we did build armor and hp it didn't do anything azir vayne and yi could still nuke you and dravens lifesteal didn't really care about thornmail either WELL, guess YOU'RE RIGHT. WE ARE WRONG. Idk man. I can't argue with you on this. I'm just telling you, a full AD comp won't do shit to a competent team with any CC. Unless, of course, you feed them to hell early.. Idk. Don't even feel like arguing about it.
: League is unbalanced garbage
Sounds to me you needed more CC to balance the scales. Building Warmogs + Thornmail would be plenty to combat the issue of them nuking you. If everyone on your team built armor, they would seem far less scary. But I'm gonna guess you all continually fought their high damage anyway, without having a CC comp or building the right items to counter them. I will admit, if you didn't, that comp would fking hurt lol.
Too Ton (NA)
: Even if I was wrong the problem is still the same. You can a. kill the minions and enemy team kills you b. kill the portal and the enemy team kills you c. kill the enemy (if you even can?) and your turrets and inhibs are destroyed d. do nothing and lose
> [{quoted}](name=Too Ton,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pNTPBJ5H,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-01-24T06:56:03.068+0000) > > Even if I was wrong the problem is still the same. You can > a. kill the minions and enemy team kills you > b. kill the portal and the enemy team kills you > c. kill the enemy (if you even can?) and your turrets and inhibs are destroyed > d. do nothing and lose exaggerated.... a bit? lol...
Too Ton (NA)
: zzrot portal is op
Thought the minions didn't attack champions lol.
SanKakU (NA)
: I get Cleanse, Flash, Smite, Heal, Teleport, Ghost, Barrier, Exhaust, and Revive. Clairvoyance(suggestion below) and Ignite are the only ones that I just don't like. Clarity is okay on ARAM, and maybe sometimes in bottom lane for a mana-hungry support I guess. Ignite feels like it offers so little value since you can secure kills with it early game and that's about all it is good for. Then again, a lot of people hate on Revive and it's kind of the opposite of Ignite, being that it's only really useful at late game. Clairvoyance straight up needs some buffs, IMHO. Maybe tweak it so you can buy things to make it better, like what's going on with Smite. Cleanse should be tweaked to actually free your champion from ALL disables(Warwick's suppression is a common example of a spell it doesn't free the champion from), then it'll be fine. Barrier should probably be tweaked to add a shield to nearby units equal to like ten percent of your champion's shield or something. Right now it's like an awkward combination of Heal and Cleanse that has virtually no team fight significance, it is designed for champions that need to get their damage in before they are killed, but I think like Smite, it could be made better with some items you can buy, I don't know what direction they would take with this, but boosting the damage blocked and/or duration somehow would be desirable. Exhaust is really good for any skirmish where multiple heroes are focusing on one, so it's pretty good actually. Ghost is pretty good and sometimes does a much better job at saving you than Flash would. I also think it's a much, much better way of finishing off opponents than Flash. Still, Flash does things no other Spell can do. Honestly, I think if you tweaked Clairvoyance so that you can upgrade it through some items and/or trinkets, you'd be headed in the right direction for optimizing the spells. Like I never get the sightstones, but what if buying a sightstone upgraded Clairvoyance? Then I might buy it. If I'm playing Dominion, I'm definitely getting Garrison, most of the time at least. Of course, don't expect your bot allies to do the same.
Ignite is better for the grievous wounds than the actual damage.
DropFill (NA)
: Thornmail now applies Grievous wounds on hit
No. Thornmail is already a dumb item against auto attack champions. It serves its purpose. But something that infinitely scales should not have even more control over a game. Its 100 armor and is cheaper than almost any alternative. Bump up its price, by a lot, if you want to add this. Its fking stupid and anyone that downvotes this has no clue what they are talking about.
: Making Runes/runepages cost is anti-fun
: Does Anyone Else Fed Champs Annoying?
You don't like fed champs? What about being fed? Are you missing the entire point of League? GET BIG, KILL ENEMY, TAKE OBJECTIVES.. KILL NEXUS... None of which is possible if we're playing My Little Pony champs and rainbow them after we get a lead.
: just was nice not getting stupid teams or afks. was hoping to get outts S5.......grrrrr just annyoing me that couple hours of playing lost in a 20 min loss.
I assure you my friend, getting out of S5 is as easy as you make it. Stupid teams can be carried by someone that belongs in a higher elo. Especially in S5, you can play pubstomp champs like Master Yi or Vayne and carry yourself higher in no time. Playing champs that are good at ganking (Vi, J4... Fid.. Rek.. Xin) will also carry you out pretty quickly if you concentrate on getting your lanes fed. Buying wards is sooo much more important than you realize. A simple pink ward in the river will stop the other team from getting 300+ gold and exp for killing you. GL on getting out though, I know its hard at first, but when you start doing little things right you'll find that wins start stacking up fast for you.
: Bans should NOT exist in Solo Que
You have an argument. Its flawed, but its an argument. The bans aren't making anyone worse... It is strategy. Just like picking a team comp. Being a bad player and not knowing how to handle a matchup is no excuse. I'm not trying to be negative towards your post, but bans are a necessary mechanic to battle FoTM overbearing champs that haven't been hit by Rito's nerf hammer. Idk about you, but I sure as hell don't want to play against the same overbearing champs every game.
: sigh...
MMR.. if you do 3 more games and lose another, it will be different. It sucks, but it goes both ways. You could be gaining 25+ and losing 12.
: Best thing an angry teammate has said to you.
The dumbest thing I've heard in gold+ was "I'm AP, I can't attack nexus, it gives it HP back for how much AP I have"... HOW DID YOU GET TO GOLD?? Wasn't an angry thing, but I got angry pretty quickly lol
: Ashe Oppression or Juggernaut
They are almost never the same thing... Your 3% max HP and their 3% damage aren't equal(rare occurrences, obviously they will be). There is a break even point, somewhere though.. I don't feel like doing the math.
: FOTM Trist mid?
She also has terrible waveclear... and can only burst one person down unless incredibly fed. Leblanc is a better AP Trist.... but a fed AP Trist is a lot more annoying
Jwoyal (NA)
: Katarina or Azir?
Azir is pretty strong right now. Kat is banned a lot and very counterable. Both are good picks, and both offer a lot to your team if played correctly. I'd rather have a good Azir on my team come late game though!
: Godyr
Udyr is only as good as you let him be... Ward objectives and your jungle and he will be worthless. Just pick an early jungle champ and focus on ganking lanes while he is afk farming. As long as your mid/top can come help if he invades... and as long as you have wards on Drag... He isn't a threat besides split pushing.
: Why we should not play fantasy LCS for balance purposes.
Falcyde (NA)
: Always losing and getting more deaths than kills
The better you get at last hitting minions, the more gold you'll have for items, and the stronger you'll be. Getting kills isn't nearly as important as people make it out to be. Its actually more important to just not die. You need to soak up exp and CS as much as you can.. True, killing people will cause them to miss CS and not get EXP for a wave... but Simply harassing them and being less risky will get you a lot further against better opponents that know how to kill you also. Just play safer, and ward every chance you can. Instead of going in for that risky kill, wait for your jungler to come help. There's tons of tricks to not dying, but the most important one is to make sure you build resistances if you're already down a little, because every time you die to them, you're only making the gap even bigger and harder the next time you come to lane or encounter a team fight.
: Whats with Urgot
He is actually pretty strong early, but he's an AD caster and has a weird kit to make him sort of tanky and do pretty crappy damage late game.... His kit is just weird and clunky. If they buff anything, he becomes a powerhouse... but as of right now he's just a very strong early ADC that has a poorly designed ult and a bad case of not knowing where he belongs. He's a better top lane than ADC :)
: Vladimir
Vlad is a strong pick against Zed and many other champs. He has a place, and I for one don't want to see him any stronger. His late game AoE damage is insane. Someone mentioned a QoL buff that might break him or make him played more.... For his troll pool to go through places you could dash through with other champions. I didn't agree with it, but maybe a step in the same direction of a small buff that would increase his pick rate and perceived viability.
Knalxz (NA)
: "I don't gank lanes that are behind."
Depends on the matchup. Sometimes its smart to stay away, especially with current jungle exp being so bad. Giving that top a double kill isn't going to help you win. If the player can stay around his/her tower, then yeah, by all means try to fight for a second and back off to tower if it goes bad... but when people continually push and go for out of range CS when they are really behind to a Riven, it just doesn't make sense to help them. Go to another lane and snowball them so you have a chance to win.
: I disagree with Fiora and Malzahar. Fiora is weird, she either is 10/10 OP or 0/10 useless to your team, personally i think that while her ult doesnt allow you to hurt her doesnt mean there is no counterplay to it. Going invisible makes her stop dealing damage, flashing under your turret, she is still effected by ignite and AoE spells so ignite her before she ults so she gets minimal lifestea off of it, build a ton of armor. Also casters do well against her since her W cant parry abilities, so people like Darius do well against her. The only time she gets ahead is if you let her by not playing safe and calling for ganks. Malzahar... there is actually a lot of counterplay to him, if you have any form of long range or instant gap closer CC other then a root or slow you can cancel his ult even if he casts his first. Played against a Cass who never used her ult until she saw me ulting, there is a decent windup so anyone who knows what to look for can easily counter it. It also seems that QSS, Olaf, and Gangplank (i think Vi can too) can remove the ult completely, even the damage, Shyvana can still dragon form while being ulted which will still move her the full distance. Let him push with his E then call for gank, he has no mobility and can only ult one person. He has high mana costs so if you make him use his abilities a lot he will either be forced to push the wave or go back. Another trick is, if you have a good amount of MR, let his E bounce to you instead of minions then just run back until its over, he gets no mana back and when maxed his E costs like 120 mana. Watch out for his W (the pool), his ult only deals decent damage so if he wants to kill you (specially if you are a tank) he will throw down his W, make sure you get the hell out of there as quick as you can. He is difficult to fight against if you have no clue how to fight him, once you know what to look for and what to do he is very easy to beat. QSS removes both his ult and his E so its a great counter item if you are AD. Also i think Rek'Sai should be a 10/10, even with the nerfs to her damage, she still deals insane damage very quickly with no counterplay. Should an engage not go her way he can just burrow under a wall forcing you to flash or give up, which makes her ganks and escape 90% effective. You can ward the river if you want but she will just come from behind you from you turret through the wall and there isnt much you can do because she just knocked you up spun 3 times then bit you for half your life in True Damage. Oh you by some miracle + skill you are winning? OH! nvm she escaped healed and came back now you are dead.
Honestly, 10/10 isn't in the meta right now IMO... In the past 4 seasons, yeah, there have been cases where champs were 10's, but right now, not even Rek'Sai is there IMO. Malz has defined strengths and weaknesses, and knowing how to fight him is definitely most of the battle.. I regret putting him on the list at all, because I knew I would receive comments calling me crazy... I just think he's a very very strong underrated pick that if he were played more, he would probably be nerfed.
Orders (NA)
: What about Gnar?
Gnar is predictable. If more people just backed off as his rage bar fills up, he wouldn't be a problem. He has many of the qualities that would normally make a champ "OP", but because you can predict when he is going to change, you can avoid most of the headache. He is definitely an honorable mention though, he can really pack a whollop if he catches you off guard or gets a full rotation in a team fight.
Sooko (EUW)
: {{champion:25}} am I the only one who hasn't forgotten her and her BS hitboxes and her trigintillion year long shield?
Her hitbox isn't fun, but its all she has. Without hitting her Q, she does no damage. If it were smaller hitbox people would complain that she was shooting in between minions. :^) I ban Morg a lot. Not always, but a lot. I think she is always going to be a strong pick because of what you mentioned. I think Thresh is a better pick than she is in most team comps though.
: Wtf Zed 7/10 & Malz 8/10. You have loose screws my friend.
Zed is played more. A lot more. If Malz were FOTM, you'd hate him more than 90% of the champs I mentioned. Zed is flashy. But I assure you, Malz can take down a carry just as fast. What malz lacks in mobility, he gains with AoE % health and a spammable silence that does far more for your team than you notice. But again, my opinion is just that... my opinion. They are two different champs with attributes that landed them on the list.
Saianna (EUNE)
: Yeah, noticed what you've wrote about Yasio after creating this post. I do not agree though. lemme qute small part of your thread on reason how you've picked champions: "We'll define OP as the **ability to outplay with little counterplay.** This can be accomplished through ** having mobility, invulnerability**, **waveclear**, high scalings, point and click damage, or point and click hard CC." She has outstanding mobility with her passive. Totally countering melee champions without dashes Her ultimate allows you to save any champion from shitty situation Her ultimate allows any champion to be like invisible Malphite. Bonus 1: AD nidalee spear. Bonus 2: 10% max hp passive Bonus 3: stacking passive on her target which can be used as finisher. Not sure if her scallings are high, didn't play her after patch. If that's not enough then sorry dude, your whole rating is pointless, biased and dumb.
Sorry I replied to another person saying something about Kalista. > [{quoted}](name=Main Was Nerfed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=b1dy2g5a,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2015-01-16T11:15:57.289+0000) > > Kalista is a strong pick against heavy skillshot reliant teams, but I'm not convinced she's going to be meta anytime soon. > > The fact that she is reliant on her support for ult and a large chunk of initial damage is a big downfall IMO. Also, she's reliant on hitting things to become mobile. She can kite very well, but lacks AS steroid/only has 2 skills when not next to her support. These may not be indicators of being OP or UP, but she just isn't in my top list of ADC's right now. I think she has potential to make big plays and do a lot of damage, but as you can see with her winrate, she just isn't made for yolo q. EDIT: And she lacks waveclear until mid game, and even then, its not impressive. She also doesn't become invulnerable, her support does (Which is pretty cool, and very strong), but not like Fizz, Fiora, or Yi where they become untargetable. If Kalista were to have Kayle's ult, she would be pick or ban and definitely OP :) but she can't use it on herself(or without her support around).
: Fizz I completely agree with. I actually agree with most of this list, aside from Kat/Yi. You should've put on Kalista. That AS with her spears pulling out and going back in in almost an instant is devastating to everyone. She wrecks all other ADCs in the way of her main objective: . . . Getting pentas. EDIT: I really think she's underestimated. She's very terrifying mid-end game. People really don't think much of Kalista, though she's scary.
Kalista is a strong pick against heavy skillshot reliant teams, but I'm not convinced she's going to be meta anytime soon. The fact that she is reliant on her support for ult and a large chunk of initial damage is a big downfall IMO.
: THANK YOU for admitting that Yi is OP. Been saying so since Season 1. Totally unbearable. Anti-fun indeed.
Haha he was much worse long ago. RIP AP Yi.
Kuroi86 (NA)
: I hate and loathe the term op, it really gets thrown around too much imo. But that said, many of the champs you listed are problematic. Many assassins, while having counterplay, do not have enough counterplay, or simply have too reliable of engage and disengage. Zed, while stated as being the best example of a healthy assassin, does have the problem of doing too may things too well and likely will see some touches on that. The mages you mentioned are I think examples of strong mages which some of the others should learn a lesson from, just imo though. Rek'Sai just got some nerfs put through, so we need to see where she sits right now. Also note she is still new and people are still learning how to fight her.
I hate the term OP as well, kind of why I defined it early.. It sounds childish and ignorant, but it does convey the message in a way many can understand.
: Malz is indeed much stronger than people give him credit for. His damage potential is nothing short of absurd, he pushes hard, he has a 2.5 seconds long ranged suppress and he has a high damage AoE silence. I do think you scored him too high though. He's a squishy mage with no escapes. Even his one hard CC, as powerful as it might be, is useless as an escape tool.
Yeah, in tight situations Malz is free meat, but the silence is stronger than you'd think as an escape/GTFO spell. Still doesn't count... I guess the above average damage and AoE % health coupled with the absurd suppression just makes up for it in my mind.
Saianna (EUNE)
: Yasuo, Kallista where? I guess they must be above your ranking. Rek > Zed > Lee? That ranking is biased.
All rankings are biased, but Kalista OP? Maybe in higher level ranked teams. Already covered why Yasuo wasn't on the list with one of my comments.
: ***
When played correctly, Vayne has no counters(cait harass is negligible if you can farm around turret and survive until 6). She has, and always will be a top tier ADC. She is the definition of a hypercarry. If you can farm early under turret and wait until mid-game, you will outscale everyone. Fiora ult was nerfed for team fights but received a small buff for laning. :)
: Would like to see Rekky nerfed out of viability. Like and agree with almost everything.
Thanks. We'll see how the freelo mole does after her minor nerfs. Not convinced my opinion will change.
: i dont think {{champion:84}} is borken, she is pretty easy to CC imo and dies pretty fast, she also has a much less safe play style than {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}} is debateble, i've honestly never seen a huge problem with him, and {{champion:11}} ... i'll never forget that one game, on my lvl14 smurf where i went 35-10 and pretty much one shotted people, i had to outduel a super fed aatrox who i had to kill 3 times at one point with no life steal.... idk i mean if you know how to kill yi then its ez, but i'll never forget that game.... edit: {{champion:114}} from the many times playing against fiora as {{champion:92}} and a litlle as {{champion:75}} , if you make one mistake you die and lose lane instantly, keep in mind i've always manage to kill fiora as riven at least 3 times before 6, but she never falls behind, i can't leave lane becaue then she free farms, and once she gets a {{item:3074}} i can't fight her. Hydra is more effective on fiora than it is on riven, becaue fiora's scaling is just broken. Remeber one time went like 5-0 in lane, get tower, roam mid, late game she's like 0-9 with my same farm while i have lots of kills, and i cant fight her.
Akali is manageable, but what makes her unique is the ability to roam and get kills due to her mobility and post-6 damage. Fiora has no CC or she'd be pick or ban every game.
: Shh don't tell everyone about Malz. I don't want him to join the buff/nerf train.
Sorry I'll leave the space aids alone :(
Cloud273 (NA)
: Of the champs you listed, I agree with about half of them. Lee Sin, Vayne, Lissandra, Syndra, Vi, and Master Yi are NOT OP. All of these champs have either weak early game or mana issues which can easily be exploited. Of the champions you listed, I despise Fiddle, Fiora, and Fizz the most (all the 'F' champs LOL). Their mechanics have very little counterplay and the counterplay that does exist is very expensive. There isn't much counterplay to untarget and fear mechanics.
We all have our opinions. I'm glad we do agree that Lee isn't what people make him out to be though. Mana problems are fixed on the first back, and the items have pretty good AP + CDR tied with them as well. (Both of which you'll need anyway)
: I agree with all of the champs you put up but you forgot the biggest offender. Yasou. Mobility, wind wall and passive means no poke damage, untargetability, can double his damage output with one item cuz of his passive. he needs another rework man.
After Yasuo's nerf I found him to be easy food early. Unless a team is picked around him, he isn't the top tier pick he once was. He is very fun to play, and very satisfying to defeat. His windwall is BS, and his double crit + armor pen is absurd... but I have to respectfully disagree on him being OP. Don't take this as me being negative to your post though, I see both sides, I just haven't had a lot of trouble with Yasuo in a while.
: {{champion:161}} Counters all the female champions
Eye disagree :P Vel'Koz is in a bad spot. Very satisfying to play when you're doing well, but the lack of mobility against most meta Mid laners/mobile junglers will cause a lot of problems. His ult is amazing and his soft CC does wonders in team fights. He just isn't worth the buy or the pick in my opinion.
: Looks like you havnt been playing against him much lately. One Q-AA early game deals 30% damage if you bring tons of ap runes
Since his bug fixes? I have. He hurts. But he's item dependent. His harass is annoying, but doesn't nuke you. Most champs can still farm against him and pre-6 if he is pushing and harassing you, your jungler will eat him. With that said, I still concede that he is very strong and very well deserves a spot on the list.
: I protest to the {{champion:64}} comment, he doesn't require any special skill, he just looks like he does to the untrained eye. (which is why Rito wont stop putting him in "plays of the week" and the like.) Personally I think the largest problem with this season is going to be the imbalance of junglers clear speeds, so certain jungle champs are going to start standing out more than laners IMO. {{champion:33}} may even pop up with voidspawn item, though I haven't had the pleasure of trying that item yet.
There's definitely a debate to be had over Lee sin requiring a higher level of skill. He has so much mobility to get himself out of bad situations, but he also has to use that mobility to get close to make a contribution to the team. The difference between a good Lee Sin, and a bad Lee Sin seems to be much higher than most champs. I agree with the jungle imbalance, my guess is that there will be a lot of changes in the coming months that dictate the small diversity we see now.
: With the fall of assassins I would say the "anti assassins" are on the rise since most of them have something in their kit that can completely stop an assassin with extreme mobility and burst, making them top tier: {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:103}} (R away then charm. R back in if you win trade then R back out wtf) {{champion:268}} (R the assassin into your turret when he dives you)
Ahri is in a weird spot. I think she definitely has superb mobility and damage, but she is skillshot dependent. Azir would be on my list, but I find that he is easy food early. He snowballs super hard and becomes a late game monster. His turrets offer pushing defense and his soldiers can create amazing chokepoints for objective control. I would definitely give him 6.5/10... Maybe even 7+ in higher tier play.
: I agree with a lot of your list. I would include a few more and exclude a couple of yours but, its pretty spot on!
: Skill is entirely irrelevant in terms.of discussing how strong a champion.is, you assume.excellent play. Lee sin dominates and dictates the meta. Reksai has 1 gap closer to lee sin's 2. 1 cc to lee sin's 2. She has one tool fot.mobility and once it is used that is it. Meanwhile, lee sin can go in, kick you to his team then leave seriously it is hard.to take you seriously when you rate all in champs such as reksai and vi higher than lee sin who does.so much more with so.much les risk
No, you're right. I just think the overhype of Lee makes me underrate him. Its just my personal opinion that he isn't as strong a people make him seem. He does have entirely too much packed into his kit though.
: I find it hilarious you believe rek sai, vi, jarvan, yi, and fidde are.more problematic than lee son. Let alone claimong reksai is am issue when she is.nothing compared.to lee.sin and jarvan.
To each their own, but as stated, I think its because I've seen him in so many games I've adapted to playing against him at a higher level than other champions. This isn't to say he isn't strong. I think we all know he's strong. I did include him on the list. Nobody will admit it, but lee does take more skill to play than a lot of other champions. He is easy to play, but very hard to master.
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: Do I really have to play strictly Mordekaiser from now on because of one champion?
: Ahri skin concept please riot throws wallet at the screen
Gunshy82 (NA)
: Ultra Rapid Fire 2014?
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