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: > ** Default Recall Animations** > > For anyone that missed it yesterday Ququroon made a post yesterday (link below) that talks about how we'll be making it so champions who don't have a recall animation use one of their other ones when recalling so they're not just standing there awkwardly. > Their other ones what? Other recalls?
: The bot lane in my match right now is Jhin Vs Varus
I mean you could play other ADCs, unless you're diamond or higher. It's popular because lots of high elo streamers are spamming it, but other ADCs are still pretty good.
Mogarl (NA)
: Why not change Lethality to only affect abilities? This doesn't necessarily address the problem of Assassins being too powerful, but it would address marksman being too powerful if they were still an issue after it get's nerfed. If lethality is for ad casters then I don't see a problem with it only affecting ad ability damage and empowered autos.
: Are all mages not press R to win champs?
Ahri, LB, Taliyah, Ryze, Azir... Only Syndra and Malz really feel like ultbots
: My only big complaint would be the very slow animations in some parts of the client such as mastery selection.
There are slow animations everywhere. The AFK check pop-up has a delay, the chat box. select/banning champions. It's not my computer, and I think the client feels sluggish in many places. The animation speeds are a little too slow and draw too much attention.
Darkwind (NA)
: Before, you needed over 1200 AP to heal for more than 100% of damage taken. Now, you need only 750. Lolz.
Only. Edit: 750 for more than 100%, jesus I don't want to face this.
borna761 (NA)
: The largest problem with the alpha client
I've had some problems involving a delay before the AFK check pops up. It makes the client feel sluggish.
Cognokill (EUW)
: That was 2 days ago though, yesterday I played with no problems...{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Oh crap, my client still says its unavailable. :(
Cognokill (EUW)
: Alpha Client Offline (EW West) There were some emergency issues which they took the Alpha down for an undetermined amount of time.
ItsRay (EUW)
: My Permanent Ban just got removed not even 24 hours after I created a Support Ticket.
Riot Support is actually pretty good. I've always gotten a response within a day.
: pls stop buffing lux
Lux has been nerfed most of season 6. The last 'buff' was a tweak that reduced her raw early damage in exchange for slightly increasing her proc damage. Besides, she's not that difficult to play against. EDIT: The PBE buff will probably help her early game, but 5% more slow shouldn't be too much. The level 5 increase seems a little much though. They'll probably end up reducing it anyway, like they did with the Ez buffs.
: I'll take the opportunity to say that: * also happens with Ekko ghost from his R, in addition to the previously mentioned Wold and DMP * it's particularly noticeable, and somewhat disturbing. Especially Ekko ghost, it's a very threatening indicator, and have it flash where it actually isn't is very annoying.
Is this the one where an Ekko that was mid lane, for example, before losing vision of him, appears bot lane but his shadow appears from where he left the mid lane?
: Im going straight forward this time, and if there will be no SOLO only queue, im out.
They had an idea for next season where you pick from the solo or dynamic ladder, and you get into different divisions depending on which you pick. While the queue/matchmaking is joined up until plat/diamond, diamond and up can only play solo.
: What makes champions like Vayne, Yasuo, Riven, Ezreal, Lucian, Lee Sin, etc. popular
: Why Am I Constantly Playing Against People In Plat/Diamond
Ye, I'm constantly playing diamonds in normals who keep playing their mains against me...
: I declare this plagiarism! after mah post-
Holy shit, lol. I feel like this is a troll post in response to yours, because Jhin is getting nerfed and LB is getting reworked.
Itankyou (NA)
: AP Ezreal Mid
AP Ez always does most damage. Mad poke and free ult damage.
: Solution To Everyone Taking Flash
There can't be a solution to something that's not a problem.
Fllesh (NA)
: here is my question, supposedly the majority of the player base is located in gold and below... why is the game play tested and balanced to plat+?
If the game is balanced to gold and below, it might not be balanced to LCS and higher levels of play where players take every advantage out of a champion's kit they can. Imo, reason could be that champions have a better identity in higher leagues. Counter picks and team comps are understood better, and simple champions like Yi are easy to play around with complex ones, perhaps allowing for better diversity. If complex champions are buffed for lower level players in order to counter simpler ones, they will be absolute monsters in pro play.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Jinx has only 5th highest winrate of all ADCs. While #1, #3 and #6 are getting nerfed, she obviously need a buff to surpass #2 and #4 who have 1/5 and 2/5 of Jinx' popularity respectively. /s No seriously, I do not understand why they would buff a top tier ladder champion. I understand nerfing a bottom tier one if they're still oppressive in LCS, but why does Jinx need to be played by the pros? With nerfs to the current popular LCS adcs, I think she will be more appealing anyways. WHY BUFF A 53% WINRATE CHAMPION??? My favourite ADCs are Ashe, Jinx and Kog'maw. I'm mastery 5 on Ashe and Jinx, they're the ones that I usually play when forced adc. I agree with the Ashe nerfs because she's just too popular right now but I strongly disagree with the Jinx buff. She's already quite popular and really strong. Don't put her next to Riven in the permaban list (which probably won't happen because most people don't give a fuck about OP marksmen.)
We might be setting up for a Vayne/Jinx worlds meta with these buffs. If that is the reason, I don't mind because those champions are hype in LCS.
: You know you have a problem when people who main a champion beg you not to buff it. Riot. Please.
I think a lot of us will agree that buffs to one thing lead to nerfs to better things. Malz being an example :'(.
: Lore update
So does Ezreal. RIto pls.
sdsdfdf (EUW)
: Honest opinion on the 6.17 Vayne buffs from a diamond Vayne main
Came here expecting long essay from dedicated main. Pleasantly surprised.
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: good adcs ?
{{champion:96}} {{champion:81}}
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MagÊ (EUW)
: Ezreal PBE buffs
I'm 100% sure they will reduce it. That will make his teamfight really, really good. And also his tower-taking and dueling power, basically everything. If not, this is setting him up for nerfs somewhere else so they change his playstyle to more aa/Trinity, and less Iceborn, which I am onboard with.
Rock MD (NA)
: What are your thoughts on the new Arcade skins?
I love the Ezreal skin, I don't care what people say. His ult animation is finally different and he has particle effects. However, his q needs to be a little bit wider, imo.
: I hit top 1000 players for a champion
: Need help getting out of gold 5
If you play RIven, you should be prepared for some very inconsistent game results. I think that champ can win almost any match up but requires a lot of practice, skill, and composure to win with. As for what you can do better, don't take this game like its your life. If you lose or your team does bad, focus on playing your best game and accept the loss. You can't ensure every game is a win, but you can make sure you win more than you lose by tipping the scales. Sounds cheesy but that's really it. One of my riven main friends also tilts really hard and starts feeding. However, when he's ahead, he assassinates literally everything and pulls his knockup-stun-burst combo and animation cancels perfectly during a teamfight so that he doesn't get cc'ed and bursts the enemy team down. If the other team focuses you and bursts you down in a teamfight, that means you didn't engage after their cc or otherwise had a bad engage. You could play more normals and get a better hang of carrying with the champ against a larger variety of team comps and once you're comfortable, you can return to ranked. TL;DR, Don't tilt. Do your best, stay level-headed during a game, and you won't make bad decisions.
Elfezen (NA)
: Arcade Ezreal as the final Arcade Skin
Atuko (NA)
: Is no one gonna talk about Arcade Ezreal?
Well people ARE talking about it. Half is hate about Ezreal getting a new skin and the other half, which I am happily a part of, can't get over it!
: Role Selection needs to be removed
Well I get my chosen role about 90% of the time and I always go Mid-Bot or the other way around. I think the system is really nice and the queue times aren't that bad. It's obviously not going to be as fast as blind pick but in my opinion, role selection hasn't been a failure.
: LF Gold+ ADC for serious Ranked 5s!!!
Teraaxe (NA)
: Recruiting active silvers for "Team High Cloud" (Silvers and Golds only)
IGN: MajesticWindbag Age: 17 Main Role: Mid Secondary: ADC LEAGUE: Gold 2-3 Availability: Weekdays after 8 PM EST (from 5 PM PDT), weekends free.
rescued (NA)
: How long will the summer split finals be?
I'd say 7:30-8 PM is a good estimate, but it really depends on who makes it and how well they are playing. CLG vs TSM last split went to 5 games so that's about 5 and a half hours.
: Yeah, that's all well and good, just so long as they aren't a jack of all trades kind of thing. They are assassins, that is what they do...kill people. That's it. Maybe steal objectives.
Assassins being focused around stealing objectives sounds SICK, thematically and gameplay-wise in my opinion. Maybe if they get bonus damage when ulting epic or so monsters, I think it could open up options like "Should I ult champion or baron". Kha and Rengo jumping out of stealth to steal baron/drag sounds hype. Then a snowballing assassin scares you off doing objectives rather than existing.
: FEK 1v1 Tournament - Sign Up Thread
: Alpha client patch .02 changelog
My alpha client is still on patch .01. How do I update it to test the new features?
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: Crafting the Client: The Play Loop
I kind of liked seeing my full skin portrait (landscape?) at the end game screen, here's to hoping you guys do something about it.
TheSlogs (NA)
: List of all champions I have jungled
Try AP Ez Jungle with Runeglaive. Basically stay dormant until you get most of Runeglaive, then begin deleting HP bars.
Ironhold (EUNE)
: {{champion:7}} Loblonc {{champion:245}} What the Hekko {{champion:75}} Farmville {{champion:44}} Outrageous {{champion:63}} Brand New {{champion:81}} Gay {{champion:74}} Fuck this guy {{champion:55}} Shitarina {{champion:23}} Noobamere {{champion:76}} Noobalee {{champion:11}} Master Piss {{champion:64}} Pee Singah- Lee Singer {{champion:42}} Porki {{champion:41}} Dankplank {{champion:105}} Motherfucker {{champion:4}} Twisted Nipples {{champion:83}} Who? {{champion:157}} YasuOP {{champion:115}} Jihadist {{champion:17}} Fuckmo {{champion:77}} Trick2g wannabe {{champion:5}} Piss Zhao {{champion:45}} Fire-and-forget {{champion:107}} Rengardo, the Nacho Stalker
: AP Ezreal: * Pre-Runeglaive = "Troll" * Release Runeglaive = "AP Ezreal OP! Nerf Him!" So many arguments with people trying to get them to realize that the damage on his W, E, and R were exactly the same. * Current Runeglaive = "Troll" At least Riot didn't nerf his AP Scaling *and* Runeglaive :)
They did nerf his ult AP scaling by 17% of original. He could no longer windshield wipe squishes ;_;
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Which skins are you waiting for in the future?
Any Ezreal skin that gives him new particles...
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Swizzle (NA)
: Consider using the chatroom "Chicago" or "Party IP" or "redditlfg" people are joining those looking for parties. From there you can join or make a party.
> [{quoted}](name=Swizzle,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=PbuMQHJN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-28T15:45:07.991+0000) > > Consider using the chatroom "Chicago" or "Party IP" or "redditlfg" people are joining those looking for parties. > > From there you can join or make a party. Thanks for the info!
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