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: Pretty sure anyone, including Riot, would expect you to be upset. Thats kinda why the rules exist dude. Because flaming upsets players and ruins the experience. Anyways, hope you enjoy the disabled chat. Ive heard many people say it changed the game in the most positive ways for them. I hope you like it as much as they do!
ill tell you just how i like it... i like it so much that i made it a permanent thing that no one is capable of talking to me and on occasions even ping me
: Chat Restriction creates players who won't communicate.
Game 1 In-Game Major Mute: be aware akali i report smurfs for grief, elo dumbing, and boosting Major Mute: blitz me Major Mute: booster Major Mute: told u this game hates me Major Mute: reported mid and jungle Major Mute: plz 15 minute ff Major Mute: cool jungler is stealing my farm Major Mute: yes there is to gtfo (there is text from other players between this line and the previous line) Major Mute: wow Major Mute: WOW Major Mute: WOW Major Mute: WOW Major Mute: WOW Major Mute: WOW Major Mute: piss off Major Mute: ff next time Major Mute: im defending my turret Major Mute: why should i help u no one helped me Major Mute: while i got camped for half of the first 10 minutes of the game Major Mute: then carry im 0-4 useless trash champion at this point Major Mute: gj carrying great team fight presence Major Mute: maybe u should of done this thing called roaming Major Mute: split pushing Major Mute: split pushing
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: Can't play two games in a row with out dc
: Can't play two games in a row with out dc
seriously this is a thing every attempt to enter a second champ select lobby dc's me
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