Meddler (NA)
: Preseason Q&A
Has there been an increase to the amount of surrendering since the preseason has taken place?
: Packet Loss Issues
IMO its been a result of the server transfer. We all have to go through multiple routes now and it increases the chances of finding a bad connection. Your best bet is Support ticket, but so far i have had no luck in the matter and pretty much stopped playing at this point.
Vantooth (NA)
: Complete surveys? what the fuck is that an add company? I'm serious, I want to now what kind of surveys/questions. Doesn't seems legit to me when you say "personality surveys". Here you go.
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forist (NA)
: Because counter-picking a champ is not considered a viable form of counterplay. There needs to be some level of counterplay for other lane opponents, like mages. With veigar there is so little. His stun can be used instantly if positioned correctly, his ult is point and click, and his q can pass through a minion for good harass or just hit 2 champs.
There is. Its range. Ziggs, Syndra, Ori all do well in this regard.
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: MS(Ping) - Constantly Spiking In Game(Unplayable)
Its the sever change. Don't count on any help or support here.
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: Well there's the usual stalking someone's lolking to devalue their opinion. There's also just calling someone an idiot for making a joke. Then there's stalking someone on the boards to downvote and harass every comment or thread they make, like Twiggles has been doing.
>accessing public information about a game >stalking wut
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorPain9,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=AqWPApxW,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-09-11T19:45:48.273+0000) > > Nerf, you mean. How do you even come to that conclusion in any way possible.
Because not being able to immediately charge your q, means they have more opportunities to escape its radius?
: I had assumed that was designed, but that would be quite the bugfix buff to him if that's the case.
: Sion cannot cast Q for a duration after colliding with R.
I thought it was just me. Glad to see confirmation. Need a red reply on this. His combo is really the only reason to pick him.
: Location: San Diego, CA ISP: At&t U-Verse (will be changing to Cox soon, hopefully that will be different) Old ping: 60-12k (mostly in the 100s to thousands) New ping: 80-100-300/1k Still unplayable when it was in California and with the move.
San diego here to. I know you might be restricted to your region what cable company you can go with but I have confirmed both cox and att will throttle LOL for no apparent reason. I have confirmed this with a red who helped me out a while back. I have time warner and I am hovering around 60 at low hours to 100 -180 peak.
Catillus (NA)
: Yep I totally agree. I'm in Idaho and was way closer to the Cali server than I was to the Chicago one. I feel like the Northwest states were totally disregarded. I went from 69-70 for my lowest ping to a constant 125 in game now. So fun. I'm really disappointed. I understand it's a numbers game and there's more players in the east but it's super disheartening for us to be disregarded to an extent like we have - especially Alaska and Hawaii. I wish there could have been a solution that didn't hurt some players.
San Diego is feeling it to. I feel ya my friend. Its a crappy situation to be in.
: Well said, I'm from San Diego and I literally cannot play this game anymore. Maybe this is what I finally needed to stop investing so much money/time on this game. It's sad considering I've logged countless hours and spent a great deal of money, but with the transfer to Chicago I think it's just finally time to let go. Riot has one less customer, I hope the west coast's sacrifice actually makes a moderate difference for east coast players.
San Diegan here with the same problem. Can't play with the 170 + Ping. Pretty much at a loss for any hope on this being restored unfortunately.
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ZergReap (NA)
: Stop assuming you are bad if you are low rank
I disagree. I climbed up out of that area because I finally excepted I WAS bad at this game. Mind you gold isn't going to be getting any streams, but because I was able to take a deep breath and realize that I was making a lot of mistakes was when I started seeing improvements. It's OK to be bad at this game. Hell I have some noob moments still to this day. Realizing you are bad can give you a gift of peace. You suddenly don't care as much if your team berates you for a bad mistake. Being good isn't what helps you climb elo. It's being bad and fixing why you are playing that way.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lynxonyx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5yRgRUAo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-11T07:03:42.765+0000) > > Can we get refunds for Morde? I don't play bot lane. They really should allow refunds for any and all MAJOR reworks/revamps. Be it skins or champs. I am so hesitant to put any more money into this game due to the fact that even the visuals of stuff already released go down the crapper.
They used to. But after the failure of the first skarner rework, to many people took advantage of it.
: > CertainlyT, on the other hand, tell people that if you're getting kited as Morde, you should find a teammate to keep you from getting kited, instead of giving Morde a way to counter kiting. I think it's possible that the direction of the tone in Morde's PBE thread toward angry or spiteful has started to make it seem like any decision CertainlyT makes on the character doesn't make sense, which is just not the case. Mordekaiser is a _very_ difficult champion to work on without just changing the entire kit, and that wasn't an option for the character at the time. He has a lot of glaring weaknesses in his kit, including being easily kited. As a player or fan of Morde, it might seem exciting that an update to the champion might attempt to heavily mitigate those weaknesses. However, the design on Morde is an approach of actually embracing those weaknesses _and heavily rewarding the player_ if they manage to overcome them via teamwork and/or clever play. For that to work, it's incredibly important that the reward be there. That said, I can understand it being difficult to see that payoff when it looks like the character is changing so much, and doubts are natural in this case. Morde is being pushed toward a duo lane/jungle experience because it's fitting for a character with his strength/weakness profile to team up with someone and take on the world together, _not_ for novelty's sake. I've seen the games where Mordekaiser and duo partner are smashing bot lanes and taking dragons, and Morde's third Q hit is chunking people for half their health bar. Though I think there's a lot of shock value to all the changes he's undergoing, the end result should be a pretty fun (albeit different) play experience. *Edit I'd like to take the time to respond to some of this stuff, but I'll be unavailable for most of the day. Hopefully tonight.
> However, the design on Morde is an approach of actually embracing those weaknesses and heavily rewarding the player if they manage to overcome them via teamwork and/or clever play. Hold on a fricken second. Just stop. Skarner was orignally REWORKED because of this exact issue. He was a Feast or Famine champion easily kited, but if he some how managed to get to you good luck ever getting away. Riot said this was bad for gameplay and immediately destroyed his identity even though the skarner fanbase had to fight tooth and nail against the original rework. Why is feast or famine an ok thing now? And if it is, can we get the original Skarner back instead of these rocks?
SweatyAF (NA)
: Always crashing in loading screen... Patch 5.15
I can second this issue as well. Been talking to a few players in games having similar issues to.
Meep Man (NA)
:*DrHvowcYeWmyO5TCJuNerNvPu3KiPiw5UIqAt5oJ4leDrR0cO-dIApGPQ3vqCOdbfOBTVgIIjSrXxU5/rrrick.gif In all seriousness, these are PBE changes. Grain of salt guys...
We were told the same thing with his last rework.
joyguy (NA)
: Worry not friends, I just returned from the land of testing. Skarner is actually a bit better imo, the shrines are located in very nice spots on both jungle sides. Not only does it make it easier to get from camp to camp due to the big move speed buff it gives, it makes for faster clearing. While in the area of your shrines your q deals bonus damage. But also his crystalizing sting got buffed, no longer is it his passive, but it's a passive on his e and activates on first hit after dealing damage with e, you dont have to stack it anymore.
He never had a problem clearing....
Shénzhì (EUW)
: I like the new Skarner. People underestimate the use of vision. A dominant offence of Skarner's team will secure late game victory. If they can't leave their base, they're fucked. They'll be hunted immediately in jungle. I think it's also consistent with some untold story/lore about Runeterra Gems. Possibly a Taric hint? :D
They only grant vision for 10 seconds dude.
: So Skarner gets a rock...
Scruffy wanted another chance to ruin Skarner. Why the fuck would you nerf him even more?
Tomatosx (NA)
: Bitch is used for male and female. A guy is called a bitch and so is a female. Nixxer is offensive to us black people. Nigga isnt offensive. Your logic is horrible. I clearly said using faggot in a negative way is ignorant and is homophobic.
BITCH is used for a female dog. Faggot is not homophobic. Kindly piss off with your bigotry.
SoMNia (NA)
: Regarding point number 2, that is blatantly not the case. That's the reason that every time the medical community adopts new terms for these things (largely in order to avoid the appearance of insulting people, themselves, or for the sake of accuracy), people start using those new terms as insults, too. People DO disparage those with mental disabilities, and that is the entire reason the terms referring to them are used as insults.
You do realize there is more than one definition of retarded? Including an insult in itself. Many of these remarks had a definition before the medical community adopted them as well.
SoMNia (NA)
: "Nothing but words" is still a lot. Words have power. They are a medium of culture. They spread ideas and attitudes, and those can cause great harm. Freedom of speech is often sorely misunderstood, and taken to come without responsibility for what is said. You have it backwards. People shouldn't have to isolate themselves to be protected from verbal violence any more than they should have to do so to be protected from physical violence. An online competitive videogame environment contains people with mental disabilities, because they are *(gasp)* people. In fact, a lot of people use video games to help them cope with stress and problems of various kinds, including those brought on by mental illness or disability. There's not one place for them, and every place else for "normal" people. They should not be expected to shut themselves away because society is not safe for them. Such a society as requires that is a failure.
"People shouldn't have to isolate themselves to be protected from verbal violence any more than they should have to do so to be protected from physical violence." But should others censor themselves because of someone elses feelings? The medical community can't even use the proper definition for Retard now because someone will get POC on there ass.
Tomatosx (NA)
: Its homophobic, no ifs and or buts, and also don't twist my words if you are using faggot is a BAD way in which sky did not do, then you are ignorant and very uneducated. And there is nothing wrong with dressing flamboyant, And because you decided to multiple space each sentence to where you can act like that took time, I will just say this. Nixxer and nigga are two different words. If a white person calls a none black person a nixxer is he not seen as racist? You are homophobic by doing that. No ifs ands or buts. There are plenty of words ex. Bitch, Ass, etc. But atleast they aren't necessarily talking about a group of people.
You do realize they made a south park show about this exact issue? That definitions change? You are stickphobic for implying faggot refers to homosexuals and not bundles of sticks. You see how retarded that logic is?
Tomatosx (NA)
: Saying faggot is homophobic. No ifs and of buts. It was used to a whole gay community to offend and thus resulted in suicide and being in the closet. You are homohpobic and an ass if you actually really said that in which I am not surprised.
I use faggot all the time and not with the definition you are implying. I am not homophobic.
: Yeah but there's other ways to insult people than calling them retarded or autistic. And the fact they you use those words to as an insult means that you view autistic people as lesser than yourself. If you didn't then how could it be an insult? There are so many other words and things you could say instead of those. They arent telling you to stop talking shit, they just dont want you to use those words.
> you didn't then how could it be an insult? Oh I don't know, maybe because retard has more than one definition? I am going to use those words. Regardless if they are going to be offended.
: PSA: It is NEVER okay to joke about autism, special needs, etc. in game
I generally use it to insult my own friends in chat. If we are playing aram they are more than likely talking to me on mic and I am talking to them in game. I'm not implying any of my context about your familiy or son. I am implying that my friends are window lickers in chat. Sorry it offends you but I am going to have fun with my friends, and insulting each other is one of the best ways to do it.
: One on the left is old version. Right is new. Left is visibly thinner face. Your complaint is.... what?
: What's wrong? You don't like Fiora Sarkeesian?
I will be providing an in depth video series on how much this has upset me. Just go to my patreon account to donate. It will be released 8 years from now.
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Noctius28 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorPain9,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=h3Gqmeeq,comment-id=002100000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-24T11:10:00.065+0000) > > How is changing someones purchase with out offering a chance to refund not personal? Because they don't care or know you personally They aren't doing it only to you, they are doing it globally If you dislike them so much then send them a ticket explaining but don't act like they did this to spite you specifically Because I am certain they couldn't give 2 shits about you in particular
They do know me personally. I give them my name. I give them my age. I give them my credit card info. I already have. But you want to play this little ball game where you can erase me and other players issues on the subject with some makeshift technicality that makes our opinions not matter. Here is the kicker. It does. Wether you deem it or not it most certainly does. Money talks. Shitposting like you doesn't. They can rely on you, to give blindly. They can't rely on us.
Noctius28 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorPain9,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=h3Gqmeeq,comment-id=0021000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-24T10:37:34.855+0000) > > Yet they are. This is my money I invested, no one elses. Yes they found your profile and were like "let's screw this guy up, let's just ruin his game cuz of lulz"
How is changing someones purchase with out offering a chance to refund not personal?
Noctius28 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gaston du Coteau,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=h3Gqmeeq,comment-id=00210000,timestamp=2015-07-24T09:11:53.450+0000) > > I guess you don't read or look for yourself. The "new" "fixed" ones after the feedback are still fucking disgusting garbage and IronStylus clearly said they're keeping the ugly Disney villain look no matter what anyone says. 1- you have to admit they look alot better, not perfect no, but it's something, in my opinion just bring back the red and the smile and I personally would be satisfied 2- Where exactly does he say that? because all I read was him explaining the new art direction for the company, the reasoning for the changes and that they are changing it to be smoother, removing the chiseled chin and such (less Disney villain) accordingly to our wishes and feedback You guys need to take a breather and not assume they are trying to screw you specifically
> You guys need to take a breather and not assume they are trying to screw you specifically Yet they are. This is my money I invested, no one elses.
: I like the right one more. *Shrugs* I think your blowing a gasket over absolutely nothing, it's not like you can even tell while playing the game.
If riot wants to change there champions thats fine. But at least give people who spent money to support something they liked a chance to redeem there value spent. I don't want this skin anymore.
: Wait, how do you even know the "Worked on" versions are final. Mind you that Fiora was only just recently put on the PBE and that means there still is plenty of time for them to work on it properly and change it. I think you're being way too impatient and same with a lot of the community about this. By all means should you post your opinions about anything they do, though basically demanding that they fix the Fiora splash art IMMEDIATELY way before they even work on her gameplay or larger projects on the PBE, is really immature and inconsiderate.
Because they haven't rushed shit out before? Now is more than enough time for a community to voice there opinions. Look at the old Skarner rework. Rushed and shoved out, then they had to go back and Actually make changes to there shitty design to make him more than a 1% pick rate.
: IronStylus Says: Deal With It. - I Say: Give us our money back or never get any more from us.
If I refund my purchase of this champion will I get my mystery skin RP refunded? Seriously headmistress fiora has been one of my top rolls mystery skin wise, and now...its just looking god awful. I don't want to play a SJW.
: I think instead of calling Riot out you should be a lot more kind and organized with your post, Rioters won't comment on discussions/posts just flat out insulting them. Also I'm pretty sure Riot is continuing to tweak Fiora, they want to give her a more sophisticated look while also trying to balance out her previous look. Personally I dislike the new splash art on how large the difference is between her core facial features, but at least they're trying to keep the game new and fresh.
This isn't even close to being a negative thread. This is criticism. What is the point of even having a forum for feedback if you can't criticize poor choices?
: She looks like a tumblr landwhale. There. I fucking said it. Ironstylus made so many GOOD designs for female champs. Yet Fiora is the one he butchers. Fiora goes from one of the most attractive females in League, to a frigging butterface who looks like a Tumblr SJW's "ideal woman" (ie: Fat and ugly) Goddamn it all
: IronStylus Says: Deal With It. - I Say: Give us our money back or never get any more from us.
Holy crap. She went from sexy libraian to typical hipster anita sarkesessian bullshit. I enjoyed this skin, and would rather not play a tumblerina.
: > If Riot implements team builder for ranked, then they actually have to address the issue of almost no one wanting to support ever. Interesting question for you: Do you think that there's a possibility that when presented with the option of a faster queue time, it would encourage more players to explore the support role in ranked? As a support/jungle main myself, I'm honestly curious as it's something that initially influenced my role selection when Team Builder first came out. As a result, I'm finding an extraordinary amount of pleasure in supporting the hell out of my team :).
I doubt it. My best role is support, but I don't go into Que expecting it (even though more often than not I am going to get it). I try to work with my team and use the champions I am good with to counter the others. I still see these players from time to time, and just ignore them and let them have there spot filling as needed. Or take the lane that they called if I am confident i can counter it. Then proceeded to get trolled by picking against the enemy team and taking "there pick"
Totalis (NA)
: Has anyone else noticed the boards cycle?
The Hot page, kicking off the previous popular posts seems to have more to do with it. The third rounds seem to have MUCH fewer upvotes and seem almost forced up there (looking at you memes) because there is no controversy left in the open.
Nebuul (NA)
: List of issues with mobile boards beta
I would like to add another issue I personally have. Scrolling is tedious on mobile and much easier to lose your place when you have to swipe everything. An option for pages would be very much appreciated.
Rioter Comments
: Can I ask why you need to swap to full every page? I understand it doesn't persist and that's something we are looking into, but for the most part the mobile experience is about readability and accessibility, and the functionality to go to the "Full" site is there when you want to post. I'd just like to understand your needs here :) Also, can you take a moment to check out our announcement post?
Wait we won't be able to post isn't being designed for mobile!? You are essentially creating a look but do not touch. Why would we even want this version if any interaction is still plagued by the MANY bugs associated with mobiles on the full site? You guys really got me excited today, and this just left a pit in my stomach...
: Mobile version why
Because a large majority of the boards is completely bugged, horribly designed, and absolutely flawed for a mobile device. I have tried it on many, and trust me one phone has just as many as the others. This is new, and will need some tweaking, but at least they finally got one out to the public. They will of course be adding in the same function of logging in and upvoting i'm sure (although an option to leave as is with out the upvotes would be welcomed with open arms), until then we wait some more.
: Correct...because it's read-only on mobile. No login or notifications etc. Browsing only. This way, we can get a version of it out and get feedback EARLY, before developing the whole thing and releasing it wholesale.
That would definitely explain it then. It looks good so far, but an option to switch to page view rather than scrolling with a "see more" option would be much more appreciated. It's rather difficult to navigate where your location is on a mobile with the scrolling option and I find it much easier to be lost in my spot.
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