FineB8M8 (NA)
: Every ranked V tier is garbage elo and full of trolls
I agree with it. I may be a silver scrub but I had at least 6 good troll games when I last played ranked.
Minarde (NA)
: If I remember correctly, Riot's official reason, from making modes temporary to making modes less frequent and even to removing Dominion, is that additional game modes cost more in upkeep than they provide in enjoyment. With development, balancing, server space, and bugfixes, maintaining extra modes drains resources that could be better spent on "the core League experience." Thus, the joke-y answer is "Riot's a small indie company."
Well dang that kinda seems a bit odd doesn't it? I mean I'm not saying your answer is wrong (honestly it makes a ton of sense really) but at this point isn't riot big enough to open up one server for an extra game mode? Especially when they have money for big budget hand drawn cinematics like the Gun Goddess Miss Fortune skin anime ova and what not. Thanks for your response. I appreciate hearing some feedback.
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: People told us not to worry about pre-season being broken because it would be fixed
Ever since this new rune system and preseason update I've played so little lol, its actually depressing. League of Legends has always been pretty broken, (season 7 in my opinion was a bit of a nightmare compared to late season 5 when i started.) but this honestly takes the cake in the amount of cheesy things ive seen this preseason. Get a small lead and its GG. Who ever outputs the most burst will win and counterplay seems kinda far and inbetween. Now im only a silver player so maybe its my own lack of game skill, but truthfully this game feels a lot less fun with all these new broken changes. Told a friend ill probably only be playing league casually if this all keeps up for novelty reasons. Until this gets sorted out, its time for me to grind in For Honor.
DWT12345 (NA)
: People are saying that Garen has anti-magic armor, so therefore he wins. However, his armor is a Sunsteel-Petricite alloy, not pure Petricite like what Galio is made out of. Anyways, the only magic Yasuo actually uses that Garen's armor could negate would be his tornado thing. He mostly just used magic to make himself faster and more powerful. He still attacks mostly with his sword, which or course it purely physical. Garen may be better armored, but his head is still exposed. With how fast Yasuo is, I would bet that he would be able to quickly go for Garen's head before he knew what hit him. I do like this thread though. It'd be neat if we had weekly or bi-weekly lore fight threads. Would be fun.
Thanks for the response and quite honestly i was considering doing this, as I do have alot of match ups I'd love to discuss with you all. Assuming everyone wouldnt mind it.
GenoXx (NA)
: I'd wager it's actually him cutting wind it's self. Would be pretty silly seeing a Samurai use magic. I'm kinda 100% sure it's Yasuo cutting wind out himself. Hence, it's not magic. So I wouldn't think Garen would be prepared for that.
Yeah i kinda assumed it was like a big vortex. And while gameplay isnt a viable source, I kinda see Yasuo's wind slash being physical as it does deal physical damage. (Again the disclaimer being gameplay isnt always reliable.
: That’s the one I’m talking about. The man exposes his body and telegraphs his attacks with every single strike. He swings the blade behind his head, repeatedly. He continuously starts his attacks without being in a safe guard. I mean it looks cool. But if my instructor saw Garen try to fight like that he’d probably yell at Garen for being an idiot.
Hmm now I dont have much experience with European swords(practiced a bit of Kendo back in martial arts class) but now that I think about it, he never does have a very good sword form. Not really sure Garen ever took a stance.
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorTugh,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2QL3T1fu,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-26T21:57:24.604+0000) > > Hmm I definitely see your point. Though if Katarinas knives can pierce garens armor, like in the Twist of Fate trailer, is it really that sturdy? I' m leaning towards garen in this match up but with wouldnt Yasuo be able to cut through Garens armor?(Albeit with difficulty) Actually, it didn't seem to have pierced. Just stuck outside lightly, maybe a prick wound because garen wasn't too bothered about them.
What about when Katarina sliced across his chest before he brought down some Demacian Justice? He looked a bit hurt. Then again, like you said it probably was just a slight cut. Good point.
: Samurai actually wore armor during wartime.
If we count Yasuo's Blood Moon skins hes fully clad. But, I dont think thats counts since if we are counting skins, Garens Steel Legion skin makes him a futuristic space marine. So I guess unless its a lore based skin (in offcial continuity) we can only go off of default armor and equips.
: Maybe true, but the promo doesn't exactly show Garen as particularly skilled either. Dudes one of the worst buffels I've seen. Constantly with his sword out of position, not in a guard, not in a good measure.
If The Twist of Fate Trailer Counts Garen shows some pretty advanced skill when facing off against Katarina (defeating her) and going on to face Tryndamere and mortally wound him (If not for his undying rage). So I think Its safe to say Garen isnt a goofball swordsman. Well atleast Lorewise. Gameplay the dudes silly as ever.
: First of all, I'd definitely give Garen the edge based on equipment. One advantage that I feel Yasuo would have is that he usually fight's in one on one duels while Garen seems to fight more in larger scale battles outside of training as well as Garen not being likely to have fought someone who fight similar to Yasuo while Yasuo has fought against a wider array of enemies in the form of all the bounty hunters he's had to deal with. Not sure if that would overcome the armor advantage that Garen has but just something to think about. Edit: Forgot about petracite, depending on how Yasuo's wind technique works that could be a pretty big advantage for Garen
Not to mention Yasuo has fought against the Noxian invasion, and assuming Noxians also are clad in full armor (similar to darius) He may be able to target weak points within armored opponents. While that may still put him at a disadvantage, he stil may be able to fight or hold off garen. Though based of yhe information.that Yasuos wind skills are magic based, The Unforgiven may be in for a world lf hurt.
: Sure. Only in the game Garen thinks spinning around like a top is an appropriate maneuver. Not as a warding attempt. But an actually effective way to kill someone. That’s stupid. That’s really stupid. So the question becomes “Are all demacians idiots and think this is good swordsmanship, or is the game just being silly?”
Well if Fiora is anything to go by, shes an insanely skilled duelist if not the finest in Demacia, bar maybe the League of Legends. I think the spinning is just a game mechanic.
: It depends. Does Garen in lore fight like he does in game. Or does he actually know how to use a sword?
Garen has been training since the age of twelve in the Demacian military, and was skilled enough to train along side the likes of Jarvan IV and join the duantless guard, So I'd Say hes plenty of skilled with a blade. Granted Yasuo went to a sword school and was regailed as one of the greatest in the academy. So I think training wise they both are the epitome of their respective craft.
: > [{quoted}](name=PTZekrom69,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2QL3T1fu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-26T20:14:49.281+0000) > > Garen wins both rounds. He has armor, Yasuo don't. Katanas are good for cutting flesh, not armor. > This is samurais vs. knights all over again Do you feel that the forested environment would hinder his sword swinging abilities much? I'm not sure why, but I imagine that a densely forested area might cause Garen more problems than Yasuo, but I honestly don't know if it'd be enough to tip the scales.
I proabably shoudve been more specefic, but im sure you have seen Dark Root basin in the Dark Souls series. I'd imagine the location being like that with there being enough room for some one like Garen to swing a great sword BUT, plenty of obstacles and hazards that Yasuo can play off of to his advantage. I'll be sure to put that in the description now, but I'm Assuming your leaning toward the Might of Demacia I presume?
Siachi (NA)
: You'd think after 6+ Months after Galio's Relaunch...
I can see what you mean. I mean the new galios personalitu confused me to be honest. Ironically people say this is the most original rework, when in actuality New galio is basically a new champion. Kinda reminds me of the new evelynn rework. I know alot of people disagree but i kinda miss the old evelynn personality wise. New evelynn is just a masochistic sadist. Shes beautiful yes, but old evelynn feels like she had more substance to her other than being naked.
: I don't think sun steel(demcian steel) has an effect on magic though. I'm pretty sure it's the pretricide or the fossilized wood that makes the magic go poof.
Petricide is the same stone Galio is made out of if I recall correctly. Did a bit of digging and i believe it was mentioned that Garens armor was anti magic. So i think its a mix of both.
: Is there room for the introduction of new regions, realms and factions lorewise?
Truthfully I dont think we need more factions, rather we need more elaborationnon the current world that exist. Runterra is bathed in mythicism, from Eastern land of Ionalian, to the icy landscape of Frejlord. New factiond COULD be introduced but, i think that aould create more loose ends rather than growth, well atleast currently.
: Garen has anti-magic armor. Yasuo’s best move is magic. That leaves the sword skills and equipment of both to be the deciding factor. And unless other information comes up, always bet on the guy in armor. Armor is amazing. That’s why people wore it.
Do you think this would be a match or a complete curbstomp? Granted since this does come down to fighting capability.
: Garen wins both rounds. He has armor, Yasuo don't. Katanas are good for cutting flesh, not armor. This is samurais vs. knights all over again
Hmm I definitely see your point. Though if Katarinas knives can pierce garens armor, like in the Twist of Fate trailer, is it really that sturdy? I' m leaning towards garen in this match up but with wouldnt Yasuo be able to cut through Garens armor?(Albeit with difficulty)
: Definitely magic Man. No physical prowess, knowledge or skill could achieve that alone.
Hmm in that case would you say yasuo would lose this one?
: We know that is similar to Riven's Wind Slash which is a magic skill from the runes engraved in her sword. I think that Yasuo (as Taliyah, he taught to her) can shape the magic of the element around him by tecnique and a sort of sixth sense.
Aah ok seems legit then. For a second i thought it was kinda similar to Air bending from avatar which relies on chi and chakra sorta which is physical, but when you guys explain it like that I see what you mean. So in that case, it would boil down to a battle of swordsman ship and brute strength, which im assuming garen takes a bigger edge in.
: Dunk Master Illaoi skin confirmed?
I'd like a dunkmaster Garen or Mordekaiser.
: champ lore tidbits
Well she is the head of the Laurent household, So i guess to an extent all members of the house are her servants, even siblings. Kinda like in medieval times where the sons of Noblemen would tend their fathers armor and weapons like stuarts, its the same thing here. If her brother had taken the throne (had fiora not rebelled against the forced marriage) the roles may have been reversed.
: Demacian steel has a magic nullification effect. Wind skills won't have much effect on Garen.
But is Yasuo's wind technique innately magic or is it more stamina/physically channeled technique? Since Chi and magic tend to have different properties.
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: I don't really pay attention to skin events as I'm strictly f2p. They do happen though where they 'open up the legacy vault', often with discounts on top of things.
Aah i see, still thanks for the info
: Yep likely around christmas
Sounds Good to me, would love to get my hands on some of the older skins
: I managed to get a crap ton of Shen skins from mystery chests... Matter of fact I have all Shen skins except the TPA and Bloodmoon versions. I literally only bought one skin which was the Warlord version all other skins I got from chests, lol. And I don't even play Shen that much. Not a huge fan of him but like him in a pench.
Mystery chest eh? Sounds like a bit of a gamble, but your luck came through full force. I like shen as my secondary for ranked ( I main garen and Darius but Darius is always banned at my elo lmao) so having some new slick looks for him would be cool. Plus I love mortal kombat and scorpion is awesome lol.
: I'm pretty sure it's legacy rather than limited, and hence it'll probably be back in the store during special promotions, and can otherwise be obtained through hextech crafting and mystery gifts.
Ahh i see, is there normally a special type of event for these sort of skins? Like Christmas or something along those lines? Its a cool looking skin and i have frozen Shen (from hex tech crafting) so getting yellow jacket would be awesome.
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Rikuri (NA)
: no, it takes very long for a division 5 to demote to a lower tier.
Hmm so i have a buffer for losing then?
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Mordius (NA)
: Can we get proper interactions between Tryn and Ashe?
> [{quoted}](name=Mordius,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UcAZqtbR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-22T08:15:39.883+0000) > > You know, the OG couple before Xayah and Rakan came along? > > OG couple is DariusxBlack cleaver
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorTugh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OKXmYWxM,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-01T21:24:34.041+0000) > > A video hosting website? Im sorry this is all a bit new to me. Are you familiar with any ones i could use? Youtube
Mind sending me a friend request? I dont see you in list anymore
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorTugh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OKXmYWxM,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-01T21:24:34.041+0000) > > A video hosting website? Im sorry this is all a bit new to me. Are you familiar with any ones i could use? Youtube
Mind readding me. I dont see you on my friends list.
My babe riven rocks lethality that hard? Imma look into this lol
: Play full lethality champs my guy... Nobody in bronze knows what to do, shit is so funny LOL {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Lol i think the only lethality champ i own is zed and i need a bit of work with the master if the shadows haha.
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorTugh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OKXmYWxM,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-01T21:20:23.577+0000) > > Ok well is there a particular way i can send you my footage? Upload it to a video hosting website and post the link.
A video hosting website? Im sorry this is all a bit new to me. Are you familiar with any ones i could use?
: > [{quoted}](name=MajorTugh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OKXmYWxM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-01T21:18:27.182+0000) > > Hmm how would i record footage and post it here? I have a match in particular I'd like to share and have someone dissect. I would love to take a look. I probably won't look at much past the laning phase, though.
Ok well is there a particular way i can send you my footage?
: Record your videos and whenever you make a mistake, evaluate what you could have done to avoid that mistake. Also, posting recordings of your games is the only way for people here to help you.
Hmm how would i record footage and post it here? I have a match in particular I'd like to share and have someone dissect.
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: Just wanted to say that I really appreciated your post. It was a good read. And you're probably right.
I'm glad my post was of interest to you. I commented since I felt the other posts seemed a bit mean or only addressed a specific aspect of reasons for Xayah and Rakan's development. Especially considering the amount of dislikes you were given for posting this. Riot is a strange company, but we will have to see what they offer us in the future. Take care friend, hopefully I'll meet you on the Fields of Justice.
: Am I the only one who really hates Xayah and Rakan, and is worried about future champions?
Been an active League player, and never have once commented on the forum. This thread seems like too good an oppurtunity to pass up. Im posting this via mobile so my formatting may suck. In regards to Xayah and Rakan, both champs dont come across as all too appealing too me, and I agree with alot of your points. That being said, I'll address a few of my own gripes and even likes of the romantic duo to balance this out 1. Design wise while they are far from out right horrible, in comparison to previous released champs( Cammile impressing me quite a bit) in my opinion they fall short. Animal human hybrids have become a staple to the fantasy genre as a whole, so I see why riot believed creating these two that way would prove appealing (especially when compared to the fan favorite fox enchantress Ahri). Xayah and Rakan have vivid colors but aside from the bird motif thats all I personally remember them for. Whether or not this was intentional I can't say but, in a roster as vast as LOL they come across as forgettable. Again my opinion 2. The lover motif can be interpretated depending on the viewer. What I mean by this as that, if your interests revolve around fighting in an action packed fantasy setting in brutal gruesome battles, playing as two love birds (no pun intended haha) probably wont be appealing to you. Heck I play solo top lane where every fight is reminscent of a classic 1v1 duel where two warriors pit each other in a battle of attrition. It is due this champions like Darius, Garen, yasuo, and riven etc. are my favorite type of playstyle. I have a persobal bias to said champions and thier lore is reflective of their gameplay. That being said since bot laining is about synergizing with your comrade and in a healthy romantic relationship a couple works better than anybody else. I know you can proabably see where I am going with this. I probably won't have a reason to buy Xayah and Rakan, but many of the couples playing league probably will. 3. Kit wise I think while they are way too over powered (as with every newly released champ) they have interesting move lists. I have yet to personally try either of the lovers, but in the future i may give them a go for experimentation if nothing else. 4. Yes Xayah and Rakan both are edgy and have cringe worthy dialogue, I myself personally did not like Xayah's quote that she feels she can bring demacia too its knees. Then again, I'm a garen main so I'm biased. Rakan on the other hand is very funny, which counters Xayah's dark brooding. Opposites attract I suppose? 5. In a sense, granted how big the shipping community is in League, I feel Xayah and Rakan are attempting to appeal to thst niche. So often do I see fan arts of strange pairings like RivenXZac, DianaXLeona, DariusXLux etc which to my knowledge are works of fanfiction. Riot hasnt made many canon relationships (Not counting Ashe's marriage to Tryndamere and now Ahri's love interest now gone) so finally having two lovers appeases this part of the fandom. I personally can careless about shipping as I'm more interested in the champions lore abd fighting capacitt but, not everyone holds my sentiment I suppose and now those community members have thier niche fulfilled. 6. All in All As for future Riot champs, I dont know what to expect anymore. Riot will continue to attempt to fullfill niches wherever they see fit and, we can only hope our personal preferences are fulfilled. I like battle hardened soldiers and duelists who overwhelm the enemy through skill or Brute force, rage and unstoppable will power. Darius, Garen, Riven, Yasuo, Tryndamere and many of the other heavy hitters are the champs for me. So I want the next champ riot releases to fit that niche. I also like glass cannons that have extreme amounts of burst and damage, Syndra, miss fortune, Caitlyn and the other apcs/adcs. Will i get my wish? Only time will tell. So OP I hope this post meant something to you or anyone else reading it. Tried considering all the angles while, factoring in my personal standpoint. Best of luck getting the champ you desire. Keep those fingers crossed.


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