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: More golden child treatment for Jhin. I'm not even shocked by it. Since Malzahar's Q and W are so "lackluster" compared to his E and R, can we give those huge buffs, too?
Jhin is weak to cc and bad at killing tanks. Just build some armor and lock him down and he’s useless
: The game mode is All Random All Mid, not Mostly Random All Mid. A ban feature implemented champions such as Ziggs and Veigar, as well as several others, would never see game play due to them being banned every match.. least from what I had seen while playing the bilgewater mode.
Thank god they were gone
: Bans are the worst thing to ever happen to aram. Sure go ahead and downvote me, I don't care, but at least hear me out first. In aram, bans have no strategic value. You can't ban counters to your team because you don't know what team you will have. Each side has an equal chance of getting "OP champs", that's the nature of the game. People just end up banning champs they don't like. For many aram players (myself included, with 1000+ aram games), getting an "OP champ" is one of the great parts of the game. Also, "OP champs" are different for different players. I would always RR fiddle or zilean anyways. I see that riot is putting many resources into balancing ARAM now, bans are just not the way to do it. Also here is a tip to not get a champ banned, just pretend to ban him with a hover, and then switch last second. 50% less chance of him being banned.
The only reason certain champions are op are because the lack of space removes their counterplay. The joy of never seeing fiddle or veigar means we could actually try different game plans instead of auto lose in champ select
: I think an issue with the bans are that it still favored the ARAM accounts instead of people who owned all of the champions. Even if you banned a few op champions in ARAM, the aram accounts had other champions to spare and then get those instead, but people who had all champions unlocked would have a higher chance of getting champions that generally perform poorly in ARAM. Honestly if Riot really wanted to solve the ARAM account issue, ALL champions should be unlocked for ARAM, and then there would be no point in having an ARAM account that only has a few champions because everyone would have an equal chance to play a champion. Yes people could reroll champions, but at least it would be more evenly distributed in chance of getting any champion.
: "This isn't some competitive league that needs its integrity to be upheld..." Then why does it matter that your team gets steamrolled by poke champs on occasion? It's part of the **random** element that's in the very name of the mode. I can tell you right now, I have a hell of a lot more fun playing Veigar and getting my ass beat because our team lacks a tank, than I do playing Tryndamere and contributing nothing toward our 30-minute victory but a Ctrl+4 spam. I once went on a 19-game ARAM losing streak, and I vividly remember why it happened. No, not because of the champion select, but because I had teammates building IE without a Zeal a few patches ago, and Veigars building Abyssal Mask, and Threshes building Statikk Shiv without a frontline. If that Lux is destroying you, grab a Hexdrinker/QSS/Banshee's. Itemization is the key to victory in ARAM. Nobody loves going defensive, but it's a necessary evil. At the end of the day... Just let people have their fun, short games where they wipe the floor with the enemy team in under 13 minutes. Because guess what, **you** will get to do _exactly that_ yourself soon enough.
Sadly your teammates were idiots
: Because it goes completely against the nature of the mode. If people would put their brain to work for a second, they'd realize that for any lobby that does **not** ban Fiddle, the odds of encountering him are increased. "How do we combat this mathematical dilemma?", you ask? Easy. Just ban him every single game, along with Lux, and Veigar, and Ziggs, and Vel'Koz, and Blitzcrank, and Pyke, and Xerath, until _all_ of the champions that people thoroughly enjoying playing are no longer on the table. Do you see the problem here? Or do you need to get stuck with Evelynn, Skarner, Rek'Sai, Ivern, and Udyr for a few more weeks to wrap your head around it?
Thoroughly enjoyed? Playing against fiddle and Veigat was like getting three root canals. You literally just sit under tower and get poked out until you basically auto lose. The fun champions you listed are only fun for you because they counter basically every team comp thanks to the fact you can’t properly flank or spread to counter them. Certain heavy poke comps made the mode basically unplayable. Last week we were agains like jayce modals Zoe or something awful and our only option was to hope we outscale before the game ended. It was no fun at all


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