: Would be a bit less toxic if they brought back original URF with 10 bans.
YES THIS! Random is either you streamroll (with an evelynn yi jayce maokai jax comp) or get steamrolled (with an all melee no mobility comp)
: Patch 7.16 notes
Can we please have a choice in our champions? ARURF basically boils down to: Enemies got really good picks--> get steamrolled Allied team gets really good picks---> steamroll enemy Neither is fun.
: Riot Returns to PAX
: {{item:3070}} swain is my boy the lazer bird is fun for me if he is meta or not. Poppy has a fun mini game with shield. And trundle has a terrain ability and heals for days. Support trundle is almost as fun as spider amumu. Kayle however. Im aweful with. Stupid kit, cool concept but needs a rework
Kayle was one of the first champions to be reworked. It was a fine change at the time. Now it's just...bleck. Her E is Kayle's main problem. If they make it stronger, she's broken. If they make it weaker, she's instantly shit. The problem is, what else is to her E besides pressing it and gaining a good damage steroid that scales horribly? IMO her E just needs to get tossed out and replaced with something not only more interesting, but something more fitting of a judge. Like say...get hit by Kayle enough and you get JUDGED=insert increased damage here.
: First of all, it's she. Second of all, you are ranting. Third all, she's not a juggernaut. Fourth of all, her mobility is far more broadcasted than an assassin's and is more like a fighter's. Fifth of all, almost no one knows how to fucking play against her. Sixth of all, her ultimate's range is EXTREMELY short. Seventh of all, if she ults and kills someone in a team, the rest of that team is stupid for not re-entering and helping said victim and then killing and/or forcing Camille out. Farm more click bait upvotes.
You are wrong that she is not a juggernaut You are wrong that she doesn't have assassin mobility (not only spammable mobility she also has high CC with a hard stun knock-back+her slow cone and an inescapable ult) You are wrong if you think Camille's ultimate is so easily countered by a team grouping You are also wrong if you think there is an easy way to save said victim of Camille's ult, a good Camille builds tenacity and tank, which makes her a fucking hardass in the face of cc
: It’s your turn to Ask Riot
Does Leblanc originate from the Shadow Isles?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Looking at their little ''skirmish'' in Shadow and Fortune, I feel like Thresh would kick his @ss But if Thresh is able to shoot soul-LAZORs with his hook, like he did in that animation, I'm sure he would murder Lucian with ease. Also, full AD Thresh would oneshot Lucian before Lucian could even touch Thresh :l {{champion:412}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} Come at me bro!
{{champion:223}}{{item:3083}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3047}}...come to me.
K54 (NA)
: Vayne is only champ. It's very possible for {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:12}} to tank a full health turret without a minion wave. Nexus turrets included (only took 1, then had to recall) with {{champion:33}} and {{champion:54}} . Both times I was against full AD teams. {{champion:33}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3025}} {{champion:54}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3027}} I've done it a countless amount of times as {{champion:23}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:29}} (Twitch doesn't have to tank it, just activate ult and destroy the turret safely from outside it's range) {{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} Late game it's possible for any tank to walk under the turret to take the blast while a teammate takes turret. Tank + adc = can destroy 3 turrets without a minion wave with a full build late game)
Tanks were MADE to tank damage, perhaps even SPECIFICALLY turrets. But when an adc tanks two nexus lasers and gets a kill while walking out with 30% life remaining while taking hits from their opponent I THINK there's a problem...
: I don't care how much armor the vayne has the turret will literally always win.
: > [{quoted}](name=Biff Manly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VPpl1bGE,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-12-30T03:12:23.702+0000) > > Summoners Rift has installed several ~~Turrets~~ Laser Pointers at critical choke points to deter enemy offensives. Well, at least you'll always be safe from {{champion:107}}
Safe from kitty? More like see your death coming
Changsty (NA)
: They technically aren't wrong. An ice cube actually takes a really long time to fully melt.
Turrets are just paper tigers in general, useless automatons meant to give enemies gold and deny you farm lmfao
: Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer
Replace Fiora's true damage with magic damage and she will be balanced.
: 7:44pm at 12/14/2015 Crank it up again boiz! {{champion:53}} ROOM IS MADE
: Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked
It's cool to see how much Rito does without us noticing. Thank you =)
7:44pm at 12/14/2015 Crank it up again boiz! {{champion:53}} ROOM IS MADE
: The real issue that people don't realize is the difference between _natural_ ping and _unnatural_ ping. A naturally high ping will work better than an unnaturally high ping of the same value. Say, if you get 100 ping consistently, it is certainly playable all the way up to diamond. However, if you get 30 ping that suddenly jumps up to 100 it is not possible to play at a diamond level. Why? Because, an unnaturally high ping is unstable. This instability can cause additional frame drops, extra lost packets, jumpy ping/frame-rate, and all sorts of other things. Also, unnaturally high ping is much harder to predict because, well, it's unnatural and something that is not supposed to happen. Take my knowledge for what it's worth, or don't.
I {{champion:32}} to your wisdom
: When the Jungler asked if you want blue buff
Welp, last guy rage-quit mid game xD I won't mention the name. 5:13pm signing off, until next time.
4:53 and another game down, still no victories xD thanks "Parrroberston" Remaking one final time for today 12/12/2015
4:29 and another game down, thanks "THEDKONG00" for it! Remaking
: Dominion is really hard to deal with when you're outnumbered. SR is pretty easy because bots generally stay in their lane for the early game, so you can farm up in mid, get snowball rolling, and then start killing everyone. In Dominion, you can't 1v1 anyone because you're gonna be fighting at least 2 at a time. When you're even, it's hard to get a lead. Not to mention that killing everyone isn't good enough for capturing points. You actually have to capture points too.
Indeed, which is why you must do both to win. Hard af
3:53 Another game, another torment!
Third Game, thanks to "WebPotato" for stopping by for helllll Remaking again at 3:50 12/12/2015
Second game, Thank you "Just Trust Yisus" for hanging
First game completed xD thanks "xFazer"
: Please, give Fizz the Nidalee treatment
Rioter Comments
Salron (NA)
: Right because Illaoi will just sit there and not punish you for doing that
Just position right and she literally can't lol 5 gold CHA CHING
Xyrían (EUW)
: So Illaoi is balanced isn't it ?
Illaoi is probably the most balanced champion in the damn game. Why? Because she has COUNTERPLAY unlike any other. Stay behind your minions and at a good distance, what can she do? Smack you with a slow tentacle? Please, walk sideways. Illaoi ults? GTFO and it doesn't exist anymore holy hell. The strength of her ult is the tentacles, pure and simple. No tentacles around you=no problems. Get your soul dragged out of you? Another good fix: ATTACK HER. She hits your soul, but it does reduced damage. It's literally like you get a damage reduction buff unless she attacks you, which removes the fact she ever used her soul rip in the first place? And even if you decide to retreat you get free +15 gold if you can sidestep in a safe place. Coupled with the fact you can lifesteal off the tentacles in each hit if you have it...lol Finally, the bulk of her damage is physical. No true damage unlike a lot of annoying juggernauts. Build early armor and watch her abandon her pitiful god xD
Lakega (NA)
: I never understood the "If you play ranked you should be able to play all roles as good as a challenger, or pro" mentality. There's a reason why even pro teams stick people into 1 role and 1 role only.
Have you bychance watched season 4 LCS? Many pro players got shoved into different roles like crazy. For example, VoyBoy went from a top to a mid in the middle of the tourney xD
: New champion select roundtable
: Ekko and Diana are stronger AP assassins atm. Fizz is just annoying. Not strong - before the nerfs his E+Q could take like 80 % of the hp of any target (including tanks). Now you need the shark to do any dmg. AD Fizz was also hillarious, but RITO gutted him.
Fizz has been going thunderlord can getting back that missing e damage
: Please let fizz turn into a cougar at level one Rito I beg of you
: Once a Fizz jungle thought he could gank me, a low HP top lane Irelia. He turret dived me. I walked away with the same amount of HP and +300 gold. But yeah, just gut him. GUT THE CANCER FISH.
I guess he didn't press e for your stun+turret shot and intstakill you with q+missing %hp poison.
: yes, but what compensation buffs is he going to get? This nerf your suggesting comes from no where, he isn't overpowered currently, and he isn't even that strong. You can't just nerf someone out of the blue for no reason at all, other then the fact that you don't like them.
This meta is shifting to be ADC reliant, when the last meta was Juggernauts. Who deals with an ADC better than a low counterplay assassin? And I'm being pretty kind when I say Fizz is "low" counterplay-wise. =P I'd say he wasn't overpowered in the previous meta, but in this meta he looks to be.
rmch99 (NA)
: Also I feel it needs to be mentioned that nidalee's w "no effect from cooldown reduction" change was reverted, because Riot didn't want it to be different than every other ability. (Fine almost every, there's Yasuo's q, but that's different)
Ah, I was not aware they changed pounce back.
Rioter Comments
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
So we were right. Poppy's ultimate was beyond broken and needed to get gone ahah xD
: @Riot, your turrets do not even exist mid-lategame.
I've been asking some Diamond players I come across in customs what they think about buildings, and they tend to agree so far. They are on the weak side.
Takito (NA)
: I know everyone can get aced. That's exactly my point. An ace is normally what ends a long game and it should stay this way. If you get aced late in the game, you deserves to lose a lot of building because you obviously did something wrong. I'm saying this, but it's only my opinion after all.
I agree you should lose a lot of buildings if you get aced. But not ALL of your buildings. Starting from your full health inner all the way to nexus.
: I like the point in many reviews that you lead the enemy team out of the based to let a large wave of minions do the work, and here in lies the problem. The turrets are balanced so that, unwatched, the minions can scoop a tower without you noticing and making it so you have to keep watch over them. If they balanced the turrets to the champions in mid to late, the minions would die before they could do any damage to the tower. That being said, I think the point of the turrets is more preventative of minions ROFLing your nexus, and hence why late game you protect them... so minions dont ROFL your base. The biggest point in the game is quite heavily the most overseen, that no champions need to be present for one side to win, that all minions are in fact winions. Early game turrets are so strong only because you are not much more powerful than a minion. Late game though, you can carve up minions like cattle to slaughter and same is true with towers. But the point is that while you are out skirmishing with the other team the minions dont take the base. Therefore calling into point that you defend the tower from the enemy team so that later on you can 5v5 them without worrying about the minions eating the base, otherwise you would be 4v5 cause you would have to leave someone back to keep the minions off it and it is hard to win 4v5's. So the point of the towers isn't to stop champions, its to stop minions, as minions can end a game should no towers exist and is why you protect them in late game. Hope i made this redundant enough to understand from all points of view, the towers arent there for you. But this brings up the 5.22 pushing advantage, that your towers will now be shredded by minions too should you be, not even losing but, down in towers compared to the enemy. Thats where you should be complaining.
I'm not saying that minions should become useless, but I do think there should be actions/reactions. If you kill a turret before your **nearby enemy** can even do anything about it, I'd say there's no reaction (no counterplay) and that is what I'm actually complaining about. Your point is well taken however.
Takito (NA)
: I got a really good way to prevent that... Don't get aced. That's pretty simple...And to be honest if turret get harder to kill, the game average would be higher and i don't think i want game to last 1 hour/average... The turret are good like this.Like someone else said,early game the turret will defend you, so be ready to return the favor later on ;)
Ah, Mr. "obvious truth" is here! You can get aced because you're just trying to have fun with your lead. It happens to everyone, even pro level/challenger players, so you can't give me that. Also, you'd rather keep the game-length than balance buildings?
: Intended. Early game towers protect you, late game you protect towers.
How can you protect something that dies instantly? Especially if you choose to teamfight over killing the splitpusher which earns the enemy an inhib then you kill him after but it ends up being POINTLESS since super minion pressure can earn enemy baron/stop baron and you lose a nexus turret???? And even if neither of these situations happen they can farm the respawning inhib for massive global gold and snowball off it. It's just not healthy for the game for your "defenses" to be paper-thin.
Mozhu (NA)
: On pbe as sona I could out heal a trrets damage with a.certain ketstone mastery
Damn... Not to mention how PBE Graves can literally 5shot turrets Sona for tank and Graves=no base? lol
: @Riot, your turrets do not even exist mid-lategame.
Rioter Comments
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
I live in Utah, and have gone from an 80 ping low to a 60 ping low, thanks Rito =)
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Server Move Complete
My ping has dropped from a consitent 80-ish ping to a 60-ish ping here in Utah =) thanks Rito
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