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: I leave the lobby immediately if I see a Master Yi (or Vayne, depending on the day) on the team, but otherwise I'll wait and see what the full comp is most of the time. I've got no problem with waiting for people to connect though, and I fully agree with you on that point.
Is it because you feel those champions have a "toxic" player behind them? Or is it that you feel they dont round comps very well?
: Idk i play team builder a lot and as a mid laner whenever i get a team i stay there >_>
I wish more were like you, all of these players feel like they can't "waste their time" queueing up for a 20-60 minute game.
: *Fights another Vayne and Thresh bot lane*
Try and get them banned in a draft queue. I know its annoying, but it should subside when Thresh is taken off of free week.
: If someone doesn't like the team comp or certain champs being played certain roles they have every right to leave, thats why the option is there lol
You dont get the point of my post, its the people who join, then leave the very second they see a support, jungler, etc absent. Also, everything has to be a meta pick for these people, which makes trying new and fun things quite impossible.
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Ranoe (NA)
: Defensive champions
There is one, but he is so aids, I don't want to share it.
dr bard (NA)
: Surprise Party Yorick! *New skin Idea*
No, no one wants anything to do with this cancerous mess of a champion.
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: Easy to destroy her pre 6. If she is underfarmed, she can't really do anything until lategame.
With her waveclear, unless you are playing either artillery (Xerath, Vel'Koz) or pre-6 all in assasins, (Katarina, Zed (Kinda)) You arent going to be able to stop her from farming, the Q scales too heavily to play agianst.
: We should be able to ban at least 1 item per game
Or you could ban the champions that use those items. Tbh I could ban the machete and fuck over the jungle completely, then the game is automatically no fun, this would be a broken system no matter what.
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: Can whe revert the gragas nerf?
: they are changing vaynes W so it takes 4 shots for the true damage but they are buffing ezreal's E to have ad ratio
: I don't know... If it doesn't become viable, Titanic Hydra might **sink** into obscurity.
It will end up like the Raptors Cloak, a Jurass-tic failure.
: Heya So the 730 should be at around 75% effiecency of the 840. I still dont see why that would make it drop from 60fps best to 30 lowest, considering how less LoL needs. Regards Rkoturdo
It doesn't need too much graphical power, but the GT 730 is not built to play games, even though CyberPower would have you believe so. The CPU also is very weak on the single-threaded side, which is also very destructive to Leauge when it comes to performance. Since the engine is from 2007-2008, it relies heavily on single threaded strength.
: Heya Dnag, didnt saw that it took the 730m. And does the Clock really make that much of a differenz between 60 fps higest settings and 20-30 medium/low settings? Regards Rkoturdo
Yes, the frequency makes a huge difference when it comes to performance. If you have 200 cores clocked at 500Mhz, and 200 cores clocked at 1Ghz, the gpu clocked at 1Ghz will render the frames twice as fast. This really matters when you are running any kind of video game.
: Can I please get a Legit Reason as to Why Division Promos Exist?
: Lag / High ping
Im guessing you are on East Coast, what is your ISP?
: Heya The card seems good enough for me. I have the 840m wich is similar in what it can and i get 60fps highes settings. BUt im no hardware expert. Regards Rkoturdo
It's the core clock that makes the difference. The 730 is clocked at 3/4 of a Gigahert, this deminishes performance signifigantly. the 840m is clocked at 1Ghz and runs signifigantly faster. Also, the card you used in your comparison is a mobile card, and not the desktop card, which is what he is using.
: I don't know if this is a good desktop for LoL
The graphics card is quite terrible and will only be able to run Leauge at Low - Medium sub 30 Frames Per Second. If I may ask, what is your budget? I can find a much better pre-built, or if you are up to learning, you could build a PC much more powerful for that price.
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: So who spiked the punch at Riots Live Balance team meetings?
Yeah I know, I have been QQ for days about this... It was broken when it hit PBE.
SpotPie (NA)
: will the pool party icon be on the shop? because i didn't get a point
I don't beileve so, you are more than likely left out of the icon reaping.
Neechie (NA)
: Arams ;D
Loyalty Element
: Looking for 3 people to party up with tonight, will be on until 10ish
Kilplix (NA)
: Teambuilder: Chroma Skin Selection (CLIENT?)
No, unfortunatley chromas aren't available in Team Builder yet.
: your options are either build early armor, dodge skill shots, and try to not feed him, you match him in cs and you can come out ahead of him with a better late game champion, or a team fighter. the other option is to play a more agressive champion like xerath or ziggs and harass the stuffing out of him. your final option is to pick someone who has kill potential like leblanc or ahri, and you can reliably 1v1 him. or play some obscure mid laner who just walks all over zed like kayle/rumble/lissandra
Kayle really does walk up and down his ass. The trouble I have with ziggs is when Zed gets up close, I have a very hard time fighting him. I probably just need to practice more, but thank you.
: Cho gath is also really strong pick against him. Your combo will do more damage than his, and you have sustain in lane with the passive.
Im sure Cho' Gath's CC would destroy Zed's burst. But I am still a bit worried about Cho's early game, would he out damage Zed at that point too?
: how to beat zed pick {{champion:59}} {{champion:114}} mid they absolutely destroy him, and jarvan offers more utility than Zed will later in the game too anyway Zed is pretty much a permaban in yolo queue
Thanks for the reply. I never considered some of the more, unconventional mid picks that are out there, Thank you for the idea, I might try this out sometime.
: Why is it so hard to climb from silver 2 ? Huge curve
Silver is a VERY hard devision to get out of, or even climb. During the preseason I kept losing games because of a number of things. What I would recommend is playing a role thats less carry oriented. Support is a good one for division climbing.
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: Champion and skin sale: 10.21. - 10.24.
These are some {{champion:150}}ly champions for sale.


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