: Morgana and Kayle's 975 RP Skins are not up to standard.
Yeah it's definitely a bit of a let down, not to mention Judgement Kayle being totally neglected. I was super excited for the redesign of Judgement Kayle, and I do like the skins model and overall design (new level 16 wings need to be darker). I just wish her particle effects got updated, how can Riot make a dark themed skin paired with golden light particles? It just looks like of off, I'm not saying it looks terrible it just does not fit the theme of the skin at all.
: So, Riot.....about that Silver Kayle...
What makes you think you're entitled to something given out out to players who were there from the very beginning, because it looks cool? Not how this type of exclusive works friend, sorry but that would be a huge dick move to the people who have Silver Kalye. I have Judgement Kayle and I wouldn't be so happy if they re-released a skin I got because I've been playing LoL for so long.


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