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: There's a balance that exist on both sides. League has become quite competitive and unfortunately with competition comes that kind of talk. While they are doling out more and more punishments; users also need to realize what they are stepping into. I'd dis-recommend people who are at a state where they are so imbalanced to play the game in the first place.
: If you're at the point where you're following through with whatever negative action purely because of what someone said online, you need help. The problem is more so you than it is with the vast majority of people who can handle it. If it were persistent, more malicious cyberbullying, then yeah, sure. This would be like punishing people in real life for saying anything that wasn't super positive. Kinda ignorant.
I posted this for awareness, not because anyone has brought me to that point. I am strong willed and can cast people comments to the side. The ignorant thing is not seeing a problem in telling people to end their lives regardless of how the information is delivered. This generation has lost all grips on reality and been so sheltered that they do not understand anything but the screen in front of them and care little of others. When you say "The problem is more so you than it is with the vast majority of people who can handle it." I dont think you fully understand what you are saying because if millions of people get sick but billions are immune and you say "oh well the problem is you are not immune but more people are so it is not our problem" that is a very utilitarian way of thinking, although very arguable to be a valid point it is innately wrong in and of itself.
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: Riot could just block out the string of phrases but then it gets weird because of context ie. 'kill yourself' blocked with a contextual setting such as 'kill yourself at enemy base to distract them while we baron.' granted the wording is a bit extreme but it conveys the premise clearly.
Something like this is a really good idea!!! If just the phrase "Kill yourself" alone and the acronym "kys" were a blocked string of phrases it would help
: Can they afford to ban everyone? for everything? https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/decency Cyber bullying is an international issue? Really since when, which country made the claim cyber bullying is an international issue? I'm curious. My point in bringing up the moon being flat, is you said "Imagine these words actually making someone go through with it?" I can imagine a moon being flat, just because I can doesn't make it true. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_nature I tend to align with humans are greedy by nature, so anything that isn't promoting their gains is something that is actually offensive to them. Its human nature to reproduce is that okay? You can't pick and choose which parts of our nature are valid. We're complex to our knowledge and changing one aspect changes it all Lets talk a moment about what cyber bullying is https://www.stopbullying.gov/laws/key-components/index.html Cyber bullying applies to schools for k-12 graders Perpetuating bullying or harassing conduct by spreading hurtful or demeaning material even if the material was created by another person (e.g., forwarding offensive e-mails or text messages). Sure this list is not an all inclusive list as far as the government sees it cyber bullying applies to Social MEDIA not to a game Now if a person goes from the game to say the boards, and constantly harasses you then its bullying or attempted bullying If a person harasses you once in a span of an hr and that occurs once and is non repeated it is not BULLYING back to the initial point that has been said a few times already if you are easily affected by others while online, you need to not be online and need to seek professional help
This has happened to me sure, I myself am able to deal with people's hate. However some people are not. I have friends who have taken their lives (for other reasons) and had a family member do it once. I simply posted this cause I wanted people to know that for some people it is a lot more than just words. I am not sure why you must sit here and argue something that is intrinsically wrong. I viewed a few of* your replies to other posts and you are obviously an internet troll who gets off on arguing. So i will not reply further with anything but, Take care. Have a good one.
: Million? Try billions kid. They dont care though, they arent interested in banning any more accounts than they have to. No reason to cut off access to paying customers.
Like I said bud. Doing this more to get through to others. Just trying to do something kind. It is better than hate. Take care, I respect your opinions.
: I'm going to be the bad guy here Who is going to pay for riot to monitor all the concurrent games? How would you feel to be told to end your life? I would 2 shits, I care little what an online person says. Or if you heard someone tell your loved ones or friends to do it? If someone in league tells someone who is related to me in my game to go die. I'd give 2 shits, why because I don't want to interfere with my families agency in their life. I would respect their choice Telling someone they are garbage because they can't land a Q? If you miss skillshots, you need practice. Imagine these words actually making someone go through with it? Woah, Imagine hang on a sec. Imagine, if the Moon was Flat, the earth was a sqaure WoW imagining is great. If you are mentally unstable, that a single typed word from some anonymous player in a video game that you interacted with for maybe around an hr Is enough to directly influence your life, there is a problem on your end. That exceeds what LEAGUE of LEGENDS can do. League is not a counseling service Sorry
Riot is a million dollar corporation. They could spare it. This post is more about getting through to people, also Obviously you give "2 shits" about what I have posted here to take the time and reply to it and in such length and to try and deny that things people say have no bearing on the world. Cyber bullying has been seen as a International issue. You bringing up the moon being flat is just ignorant and improbable. It is about human decency. People have no respect for one another and instead with the world rapidly progressing, instead of people growing with it they decide to try and put others down. I am not ignorant to people being mean, it's human nature for some, that doesn't mean it is okay.
: Agreed. I'm annoyed by the people who say "kys" then say it means something else, like "knot your shoes" or something.
100% agree. They don't understand ramifications.
: The government allows people to smoke, they condone cancer because they don't ban smokes Insert bad thing and the image is still the same
: And then there's always that one person like "if they're gonna kill themselves it's their fault for playing league"
That logic is flawed and ignorant though. It's like saying "well since you drive a car it is your fault for getting hit by a drunk driver"
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: To be honest while your point is understandable, if it could be done, Riot would had done it already. It's pretty clear majority of leagues player base are teenagers with emotional stress on their lifes that cuss In a videogame because they feel inferior in real life. Riot understands this and that is why they are not as strict as you want. They don't want their game becoming a ghost town.
Yes, I understand your point but it doesn't make it right. They condone it by allowing it
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