Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
What if EoN stayed as a channel, but granted movement speed if it blocked a ability? Or instead of movement speed, extra damage on the next auto (or spell)? (To reward the player for using it properly) Also instead of health have it give cooldown reduction? Edge of night usually comes after duskblade and yommuus, but it would be cooler if it came earlier and even made players replace one of the items. Giving more though into options they want to build.
: The new E should also have a higher tick rate, and lower damage to compensate, so people who are in the center would take the boosted damage a bit before being able to walk out.
Maybe so! It'll be annoying as most people will leave the epicenter of the circle, so giving it more tick rate to make Nasus feel better when they are on it could be nice.
: It just seems like a big nerf considering how many champions have mobility these days.
wolvius had a great suggestion about this!
wolvius (EUW)
: What about withered (w) enemies are grounded on spirit fired ground, make him useful against the dash-heavy state the game now is. That means that W's strength could be reduced when not on it and it isn't a teamwide aoe effect like singed and cassios.
You know that's not a bad idea at all! If his W grounded enemies when they are on spirit fire, then it would fix the balance problem of balancing him against immobile champions and ones with dashes (as other users have noted) you'd probably have to take some power away from the kit to balance that slightly, but I think that's a effective way to keep Nasus in the game with all these higher mobility champions. Honestly think that idea is better than all of mine combined.
: hmmm idk I feel if the slow is much less he would kinda suck thats really the only thing that allows him to kill people and what if they just buy {{item:3009}} since it slows for much less the slow resist we be even better and he will never be able to catch anybody.
> [{quoted}](name=BrightWîngs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EBwYAXsF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-09T16:53:04.939+0000) > > hmmm idk I feel if the slow is much less he would kinda suck thats really the only thing that allows him to kill people and what if they just buy {{item:3009}} since it slows for much less the slow resist we be even better and he will never be able to catch anybody. True so you could only slightly nerf the slow, remember it's compensated and will be greater than live if they are standing on spirit fire.
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Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
make it so e is camouflage is the active, but the passive of e is that if he stands still for a while he turns invisible. it would also let you combo by doing, stand still > e > move. or e > stand still > opponent passes you.
: Visual Effect Updates: Kennen, Olaf, Wukong and Riven
If your intentions are visual clarity, going to say cho gath R has a terrible indicator (it's even harder to notice now) Please just make it so that the enemies health bar changes like it does with pyke when they gain chogaths indicator.
: Her W restealth time is already 1s early, scales with GAME TIME to 0.65 at 30 mins, so it doesn't matter if she's ahead or behind, the restealth time is the same, and 1s is already stupidly high. Imagine Fizz or Vlad taking 1s to go untargetable with their spells. Also, it was added in 8.24b that autos and point and click spells already casted when she's visible will no longer be interrupted.
Yea it would force Akali players to have to be smarter about exiting shrine huh?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
I'm fine with Akali being able to dive under turret, you can keep that, but instead just very slightly (by some frames) increase the time it takes to get back to shroud, and then DOUBLE the time it takes to get back to shroud if Akali is turret diving. Most frustrating thing is not being able to get a AA in when she comes in and out of shrine. (Can't always attack move because I might attack a minion etc, and some champions still don't get enough time due to their attack animation speed! maybe just make it so that auto attacks can't be cancelled if Akali enters shrine? That way you don't have to lengthen the time it takes for her to get back in it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
How about this, nerf jungle camps at the start of the game so they are easier to kill but make it so you don't hit level 2 off of the first camp. Then make it so the 2nd time camps spawn they give lots of xp so junglers catch up and eventually keep up with mid or top xp (or even get ahead)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Playing Sylas on the pbe and wanted to ask, is his passive supposed to work like sheen? Transformed into nidalee and it isn't applying on her Q until after you use the empowered aa. The wording on his passive is exactly like sheen so I don't know if this is intended or not. It would certainty make nidalee ultimate feel better to use as the combo would be better, so I hope you guys fix this!
: Showdown 1v1/2v2 mode in Customs
I know this is going to sound stupid, but I really want a permanent way to queue up for showdown not in a custom, and always be matched against a player who chose the same champion as you. On top of that keep a score for each champion you play in showdown and keep it on displayed under a tab in profile, and then you could click on a champion to see where your score matches up on a leaderboard with everyone else who plays that champion.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 4
PLEASE. NEW CURSOR = TOGGLE OPTION TO REVERT. or you'll lost a lot of players (including me)
Bârd (NA)
: While we're on the subject, if you see a TK sitting next to you with his mouth open... **get in**.
As long as you see where he is going, same thing with Ryze portals. Use your head, and look before you portal.
: >False reports don't count against you -- they can say whatever they want about you, and you can get 9 reports, but if you didn't actually do the thing in question it doesn't matter at all. I have a question in regards to this, how does the automated system reliably look at false reports? Lets say he was reported for a reason that wasn't saying the N word as an example, how does the system tell if he was intentionally feeding or if he was just having a bad day's/week worth of matches? Not trying to help him, just curious about how often actual people look at reports instead of letting the questionable robot do all the work. I'm not a fan of any form of automated system when it comes to punishments in gaming, those should always be looked at by real people as they can determine with higher accuracy if a report against someone is valid or false because of variables between similar cases that are still different and could result in different punishment if any.
These kind of comments will never get responses. Which when you think about it, makes sense. As a player base we shouldn't have any details on how the report system works, people are smart and will find ways to abuse the system if they had clues on how things operated. Personally I've never had a problem with the pseudo-automated system (I say pseudo because I'm pretty positive the muddier the situation gets, it probably becomes flagged for human review).
: The PBE isn't a great place for balance reads. There's larger MMR disparity in PBE games compared to playtest internal games, and playtest's internal games already have a bigger skill spread than most live server ranked games (we have people from ~d5 - challenger on our team)
What does it take for the game to ONLY to be balanced around diamond+ and esports? I really don't think it's the right direction to worry about lower elo's (I felt this way when I was bronze, and I still feel this way even though I'm only gold.) So what if us seeing master yi be playable in esports means he has to have a 70%+ winrate in bronze? Who cares, let whatever happens in lower elos, just happen. If anything what would really happen is lower elo players would just try to abuse those champions, and when they find they don't get the same results as higher tier players, they will watch and learn what those higher tier players DO on those champions. It's a win-win situation. If you ask me winrates/the state of any tier below diamond should NEVER be discussed on the live design team. It's been a problem for me ever since I joined league, and it still is. It's just bad game design. You shouldn't balance the game around people who don't even play the same game properly.
: [Skin idea] Queen Bee Syndra
: Welcome to the Rift, a place where lovers come together and try to find a match! Today, we have {{champion:22}} , {{champion:37}} , {{champion:61}} , {{champion:110}} , {{champion:1}} (wait arent you too young for this?), {{champion:236}} , {{champion:498}} and {{champion:497}} ! ({{champion:133}} will be flying in soon!) Find out next time to see who wins!
Lucian with Quinn, Xayah with Rakan, Ashe is too cold hearted, Sona is mute so she can't confess, Ori is a robot so she doesn't understand emotions, and Annie is too young. Varus already has love inside him so he doesn't need to pair with anyone.
: It's an interesting changelist but not necessarily the changelist that'll ship. We're planning on doing further exploration on Yi changes.
I just want to put a suggestion if you guys are currently messing around with Master Yi to see what can work, Keep him as he is live; but revert the Highlander nerfs and make his W unstoppable. It potentially make him too strong, but I feel like it would be fine and make him viable for higher tiers.
Kaìju (NA)
: She isn't even useless late game. You can just prep headshot and crit it to nuke people. If you think Caits late game sucks over that then you must think Ashe is a troll pick because her steroid is on a timer to activate.
With Ashe I feel like a shred people, I don't know how you're playing her; but usually you just have to auto attack a wave a few times while the fight is starting, it's same thing when your using a markman with guinsoos. As for caitlyn, by late game she's basically ANY ranged champion that has built crit with a strong auto every 6 attacks. I don't know about you but that sounds pretty underclassed late game.
Kaìju (NA)
: Caitlyn was an early to mid game focused carry before her rework, but with her shift to a hyper carry she can't be allowed to be overbearing which Runaans made her. Her traps do fuck tons of damage, she just has a higher skill floor now since you need to be able to use traps effectively and not waste them.
She should be allowed to have it, she's a marksman. Her traps are gimmicky, nerf the traps and bring back ruannans to get her back to 50%. Picking a adc only to be useless late game isn't fun. She doesn't need to be great late game, just not awful.
: No she doesnt Just because the others are currently stronger dont forget how oppressive cait is when she is the meta
She was completely fine with the ruanaans though. That was never the problem; what makes her oppressive is her range and traps. Which is Riot decided to focus on buffing instead, which has lead to her unhealthy state right now. She's supposed to be a adc, so it doesn't make sense that she's early game only.
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: Patch 8.1 notes
Hey I really like the new Varus splash, it look amazing! "Blight Crystal Varus" was also made around the same time and looks just as outdated - will the splash team be focusing on updating it any time soon? (I had just got the skin recently, but now I feel like there is no reason in using it over the classic skin lol)
: The population on PBE isn't actually high enough to do this. Especially given that most players will still gravitate towards the modes that they like more; The more modes we have up, the less players in queue for each mode individually. This is why we often enable them specifically, before we want to release; to ensure we get a high volume of testers.
True no one would pick Poro King... wait maybe we just get rid of it xD
Aeon123 (NA)
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Modes
Omg thank youuuu! There's no other gamemode I like as much as that one, so I appreciate that you guys change your focus to it! You really do listen! <3 Have a good day
: What's Ironic about AD squishy vs AP Squishy
BT is defensive technically. Same thing with GA and Maw or QSS which they can also build. Quite often now marksman pick up tabi too. It really doesn't seem any different.
Vad Nova (NA)
: Game has gone downhill hard (rant warning)
It's all your opinions yeah... but it seems you don't like ANYTHING about the game at my moment. Hard to believe you've played it for such a long time.
Meddler (NA)
: No, after Klepto one of the Runes we'll be working on is Unsealed Spellbook. One of the goals there would be to make it less about Summoner CDR on spells you already have and more about using a wider range of spells.
Hey I was reading through the Rioter Rundown and when stumbling upon this; I got a amazing idea that could really shake things up for this rune, and could give you guys lots of inspiration too! I don't need a reply; but this idea is too good not to share; so make sure to tell some of the rune devs about this! Here it is: remove the 25% spell cdr entirely; and keep the swapping summoner shard mechanic the same HOWEVER - when you swap a summoner, half of the remaining cooldown gets removed! This would make the rune a lot less stale and could create more decisions from the player. (For example: with the current design if you use your flash, you won't swap it out. With the new design, you would have to decide if it was worth waiting for flash to come up, or instead waiting half the time for a different summoner (like ghost).) It IS called summoner specialist right? This would make it so that instead of seeing someone swap a spell out once or twice, they're doing it constantly throughout the game! (The only side thing I would like to add is the ability to swap D and F whenever without the needs of shards, just in case you ended up with flash on the wrong key mid-game and it would mess with your muscle memory.)
: Assassin Nerfs? Why?
It's sad how much better Reddit is than boards. No wonder Rioters hate discussion here, they isn't any thing meaningful said to spark conversation. People just come to boards only to complain and beg Riot for they're personal wants.
: Kayn splash art vs in game
The splash art version could be a little bit earlier in Kayn's transformation where the darkin hasn't extended as far. No one has said that the splash art has to match exactly in the same time as the model you're using. It's like a picture - it's in the past. Also hence why the might've fixed Taric, his was a matter of clothes.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 20
Cool idea for a buff to master yi... don't give him ANY stat changes at all. Just make a single change that would put him in a great spot... here it is: Make his W Unstoppable during the duration. I don't play master yi, but it's sounds cool as hell for him to have on his kit, and would also increase his skill cap.
: > *Runs into Tryndamere on the Elevator* *realises it's him.* Me:"AAAAAAAHHHHh!" Tryndamere:"RAAAAAAAAGGHHHH!!!!" Anyways.. Feature/Suggestion Name: New Cursor Pointer Opportunity/Problem Statement: It looks pretty old compared to how League has evolved. It's like something out of Warcraft III. Brief Description: Make it easy on the eyes and preferrably give us multiple choices in-case the new Default would not fit for everyone. Leave the one we have right now as a Legacy option. Target Audience: Every player.
As long as there is a option to revert it, I'm okay with this. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Feature/Suggestion Name: Death Recap Rework Opportunity/Problem Statement: Currently, Death Recap is not correctly indicating damage taken upon death. (I.E. Sneaky of C9 killed by Infernal Drake with Stattik Shiv) Brief Description: It would be great if there was a pie chart indicating enemy champion's damage to you. Clicking on each "slice of pie" would further detail what spells/auto attacks did AD/AP/True damage and how much damage was dealt. Target Audience: Anyone who dies in LoL.
I agree but it should be hovering over the slices of pies; not clicking on them.
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion Name: Vision for 3v3 Updated Opportunity/Problem Statement: A lot of players don't enjoy playing twisted tree line because of the lack of vision. The tool that is given to us, already puts you in a dangerous position to use it; making it sometimes pointless. While the map does need a VU, and it needs a new layout; I have another idea that could make the game mode more fun. Brief Description: Remove the old warding tool, and instead replace that slot with a single ward that lasts for 500 seconds (fairly long) and takes 4 aa's to kill (It doesn't become invisible either). The vision tool does NOT give you a charge every so often, however you do get another ward per takedown; holding up to a max of 2 at a time. The vision radius of these wards would also be smaller than that of SR wards. This would also allow TTL games keep the same pacing, while updated the map to a layout that makes more sense. Target Audience: People that just can't get themselves to play TTL anymore because of the lack of vision tools. It's like bloodmoon; it's just a clown fiesta with no order. (I know I for one would get back into 3v3s and ranked 3v3s if this was a option. Please Riot don't let TTL become Dominion; update it!)
: League Client Strike Team: An Update!
Zerocontext just do whatever you think would be best :D
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 1
Can you talk to the people who made the Galaxy Annie splash art (which was done amazingly), to also see if they ever want to update Annie's classic splash. I'm not saying that this old splash style is good, but it fits the theme of her so much better to me (and it's cuter): The current splash art REALLY doesn't look good at all. I'm not saying a modern look can't work; (the team that made the galaxy annie splash proved to me that it could) but the modern look was executed poorly on the current splash art.
: What about a slot purely for pink wards? It feels awful if you're in late late late game with no way to put down pink wards without selling an item like a mongoloid
I don't think that would ever happen, and for a pretty good reason too. As a game goes on; (40min+) it needs to start getting closer to ending. Meaning small mistakes become MUCH bigger. However if you are in a game where both teams are playing inches, it needs to be easier to capitalize on mistakes. When more players are at full build, it's harder to completely ward up the entire map, making fights more likely to happen. I'm not disagreeing or agreeing with you. I'm just explaining why the mechanic exists as it does.
Meddler (NA)
: I'll dig out a few more for a future post.
CrabDust (NA)
: We want to.
If you do, please add a revert to 'classic' cursor option. Thanks :)
: Please... this thing: When?
If they change it, then please add a option to revert to 'classic' cursor. :)
lojician (NA)
: ADC Design Process
Kalista is actually in a decent spot right now, the only reason she has 100% ban rate at worlds at the moment is because of the meta. She counters hyper carry adc's pretty hard, and that's all everyone wants to play with ardent. So she just always gets banned by one team.
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: Hey King Odin, this is something we are looking add in the future but couldn't get to it in time for launch
> [{quoted}](name=Tim Teemo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=riyGR5Zm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-11T16:52:53.183+0000) > > Hey King Odin, this is something we are looking add in the future but couldn&#x27;t get to it in time for launch Can you make gifting chroma's a thing while you're at it too? :)
WizZarD (EUNE)
: Players That Flame in Champion Select Will Now be Banned Instantly
: Remove Teemo From the Game!
I think he has a cool kit, and actually needs a little buff. I think he's W should give bonus attack speed for the duration.
Porocles (NA)
: I don't believe chromas are currently giftabe. Your best bet would be to gift RP instead and have the recipient obtain it themselves. I hope that helps!
Hey just want to say it's been 10 months and still no update on this. Are you guys planning to add a option to gift choma's yet?
: Showdown 1v1/2v2 mode in Customs
Can we get the bilgewater map with gankplank for this custom mode? pleeease
Eetheart (NA)
: I really like you, Rito. You've made some amazing improvements to a game that teaches us patience and life strengthening qualities. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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