: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
Pyrosan (NA)
: Couldn't Riot just release a skin with the old character model / VO if they're reworked?
Nasus needs one, preferably with the old icons for his abilities.
: Promos...
Or me trying for the 42nd time to get out of Bronze 5.
xAcidik (NA)
: Buff Towers
Restore inhib beams.
: I'm a jungle main and players like you make my day in a wierd way. We're never going to win them all but you don't know how many players just blame the jungler for their 0/10 stat line. Instead, you looked to improve and were nice to your jg. I hope the games you have 0/10 are much fewer and farm between but if you're ever on the NA server feel free to message me. I still think that one kill doesn't mean the lane is over, if you can out cs your enemy and learn how to trade from behind (but I'm a crappy laner so I know what to do but not really best at doing it). I wish you the best of luck. Players like you are players who are refreshing to play with, even with the occasional loss.
I almost never blame anybody for my loss save me. (Except the idiots who thought it was a good idea to make the towers out of wet bog-paper and shoot pool noodles) Then again, I play champs that are fun and not very stressful like {{champion:75}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:27}} and {{champion:83}}.
Ifneth (NA)
: Who’s The Kindest Champion In The Game?
Nasus. He's an ancient who's seen more death than he can bear, but he tries to bring hope. Sorta like The Doctor, especially the Eleventh.
: You want the games to always go to 40 mins?
Yes. {{champion:75}}
: "I can't climb because I get shitty teammates!"
Low kill participation because the asstards in bot lane almost always seem to have fed 6-7 kills each by 10:00, and our jungler's given them 4-5 as well. Meanwhile, I've got ~75 stacks and the enemy jungler's camping me so hard he's got a tent pitched on the ruins of my inner turret.
: They said that if they nerf adcs, they won't be played on competitive level.
And the problem with ADCs disappearing is ... the champion$ with the mo$t $kin$ would be di$appearing from LC$ Big Play$.
: Grasp Feels Too Exclusive to Top Lane
Perhaps have it proc the HP off of any damage to enemy champions. Say you're {{champion:75}}, and you're in the middle of the waves farming. Drop your p*ss stain on the enemy champ to gain HP and poke a bit. Or {{champion:31}} where most of your damage comes from your abilities. (E, Q, W a little, and that R)
: Or maybe just have the health stacking part working kinda like the old "Strength of the Ages" - ofcourse with some tweaking.
I loved that shit. By the Nine, I want Rito to resurrect that and Atma's. Ditch the cap on SOTA, though. Seriously.
: Frozen Mallet is probably one of the most unhealthy items in this game.
On {{champion:75}} and {{champion:83}}, the slow, health, and damage help with juggernaut stuff; with {{champion:11}}, this pairs nicely with {{item:3071}}. However, with marksmen, it just gives health and a tiny bit of damage. No armor, MR, movement, nothing solid except for a little more health and a minor slow.
: If someone fed 4 kills in 7 minutes, you have a bigger problem than Trist, lmao
Nah, the support probably died once, then their JG tried ganking and Trist got a Triple off of the gank.
: Maybe, depending on ur time zone, when its night irl the game changes night. And when its day the map changes to day! That sounds cool, and your edited pic looks professional.{{sticker:sg-lux}}
Or, instead of a static map, how about a dynamically changing colour scheme depending on the time. Say 7:30a-4:30p normal; 4:30p-7:30p more of a dusk scheme, kinda like Doom Bots; 7:30p-4:30a the night scheme; and 4:30a-7:30a a dawn scheme. During the transitions, make it smooth.
Asudurga (NA)
: The feeling you get when you still get the kill after dying.
feelsgoodman {{champion:35}}{{champion:14}}{{champion:202}}{{champion:17}}
: Nah, Fiora was said to have beaten a high number of noble houses all specialized in combat inside demacia. And having raised her skill to a top class combatant, at least one on one, so among mortals she is a peak level fighter. Shen isn't actually a peak level fighter, he got spanked by Zed due to his specialization being defensive oriented. Akali and zed are assassins, not the most adept at head on fights either, kennen is also one but might do well due to being magic oriented. Yasuo is basically unconfirmed, we only know that he beats second rate assassins from a government that is known for being corrupt and often stupid. Never been confirmed if he ever fought anything decently skilled or tough. Olaf would lose a actually fight, since a raging beast isn't something a trained fighter would struggle with. Kayn is also an assassin, not adept at head on business. Taric isn't really a fighter, his specialization is also defensive and his physique is mortal, if he gets stabbed enough he´ll die too. Garen is powerful and wears heavy armor, realistically i´d say he beats a fencer but in magic universe fiora might be quick enough to elude him. Darius is in the same spot at Garen. Yi, xin and jax are possible and confirmed equals in skill, they are fellows renowned for their great skill and technique. Game wise Fiora rapes all of them though, except Yi i think.
Gamewise: If Yi is fast enough about it. Say, ulting with fully-stacked {{item:3124}} and {{item:1419}}{{item:3380}}{{item:3153}}{{item:3022}}{{item:3006}}. Lorewise, she'd get messed up by {{champion:5}}, who set a record in Noxus's "Fleshing", a gladiatorial event.
Sujiren (EUW)
: Fiora's greatest rival yet.
Spiky boi? {{champion:33}} {{item:3075}}{{item:3373}}{{item:3110}}{{item:3143}}{{item:3800}}{{item:3512}} **OK.** *W*, *E*
: Barber : what do you want?
Rioter Comments
: If riot added ragdoll deaths instead of death animations...
And gibs. Seriously, {{champion:31}} and {{champion:105}}'s ults should, if they kill someone, dismember them and leave some bloody chunks. For Yordle-sized kills, just a puddle of blood with some gibs. For medium sized foes (e.g. {{champion:22}}, {{champion:245}}), the chomp should bite off half of them. For larger foes, maybe less.
: The overlooked success of Season 7
I love it. Now, I no longer need to burn {{summoner:4}} or a dash to drop into Dragon/Baron for a steal.
: She could seduce females as a woman as well, though.
: Well, it is raining, and the power is already blinking.
: assassins are there to tip the balance, kill squishy supports with cc, or weak adc, makig it 5vs4 or 5vs3. but what is more sad is being instakilled as mage assassin or adc by a tank 0.0
: Stop saying "ggez"
Sometimes it's okay, like when my team won despite our ADC disconnecting after she stepped off of the fountain.
: My Shop: Expectations vs. Reality
Hmm, I got a few good ones. Assassin {{champion:11}} -40% [234RP], BM {{champion:17}} (Cottontail) -40% [585RP], Arclight {{champion:67}} -70% [292 RP], and Prehistoric {{champion:31}} -60% [300RP]. And then a {{champion:5}} skin at -20% [1080RP].
: The fact that Ninja tabi is more often the not better than merc treads...
: Making turrets OP isn't a way of accomplishing "open nexus toe-to-toe". All it does is enforce a poke/siege/waveclear meta where games stall to 50 minutes every game because it's impossible to close out a lead. It's not "long, epic game". It's long, boring game. And don't g et me wrong - I am TOTALLY with you on preferring back and forth games... this just isn't how you accomplish it.
Long wars like that, my champion would be hella powerful. Imagine a 1000 stack {{champion:75}} darting in to chip away at the turret with a {{item:3078}}-empowered Q.
: the games would last forever
And the problem with long games is? The problem with epic battles to take a tower is? The problem with massive tanks and juggernauts being valuable is? You should be glad; in a late-game meta, carries are needed to bring down objectives like towers and epic monsters. I just don't like it when games fizzle out quickly with one side instantly dominating; I love those epic toe-to-toe wars where you can come back and win with your nexus open.
: I hate that feeling, so many characters have it when ahead. You just have zero options, everything you do is death so you might as well just alt-f4.
Yeah, I've had games where I'm accused of feeding, and I flat-out say, "The only thing I could do to not die is run around the back of our fountain until the game ends." And even if I could, the fed assassin would just dive the obelisk and leave without dying.
: 1000 damage for inhib and nexus turrets wtf
Defenses should get progressively stronger as you progress inwards. Okay, 250 for outer, 500 for inner, and 750 for inhib, but the last line of defense should feel fairly potent. Hell, give it splash damage, so it could whittle down the whole minion wave while mauling the super.
: Reworking Towers With True Damage
Make all towers do pure damage (Like the Fountain), but scaling up as you get closer to the Nexus. How about 500 for Outer, 750 for Inner, and 1000 for Inhib and Nexus?
: Turrets should just do 800 true damage per shot. Will make the snowballers think twice thinking they can just live under your turret. Normal damage to minions, and normal damage to players. But as soon as you damage a champ under their tower you start taking actual turret damage. Not mosquito bites.
> Turrets should just do 800 **pure** damage per shot FTFY (Pure damage will kill an ulting {{champion:23}})
Rioter Comments
: yorick doesnt stack at all so how is he nasus
Both of them are split-pushing raid bosses with a Q that hurts you and heals them. Nasus has a BS point&click slow/snare, an AOE armor shred, and an AOE max health%/second spell that also is an armor/MR steroid; Yorick has a BS army of minions, a ring of doom that will make them burn flash or die, an AOE slow that increases all allies movement towards the afflicted and targets them for a zerg rush, and an ult who can push a second lane. Hell, with coordination, you could push top and bottom while your team won the 4v3 mid.
meowwow7 (NA)
: mao aka teemo 2.0 now with more death traps, a ton cc, and tankyness
Like how Yorick is Nasus 2.0, and Darius is Garen 2.0
: AP itemization feels so lackluster compared to AD
When your team has Yorick, Donger, Ivern, & Mordekaiser, and the lot of you just took Herald, {{champion:1}} TIBBERS!
: I can officially say I dislike the new rift herald.
Eh, it's fun to release all of the critters from the zoo, with {{champion:83}}{{item:3512}}{{item:3060}}{{item:3513}}
: i thought gameplay was the meme board
Rebonack (NA)
: I feel like I should try building Stoneplate on Koggers at some point. Idea is pretty simple. Kog with Rageblade and one other attack speed item takes about four seconds to spool up and start melting face with eight Rageblade stacks. Usually Kog needs to pop his W to get that stacking done since waddling into his un-boosted attack range is suicide, giving him only four seconds of boosted W power. The damage nerf effect on Stoneplate lasts four seconds. So? Waddle up to the enemy Tank and right click them. Pop Stoneplate when three beefy dudes inevitably dog-pile Koggers. When Stoneplate's damage nerf effect wears off, pop BAB with full Rageblade stacks and go to town on whatever unfortunate asshole is in range. This gives Kog the whole 8 seconds of BAB's uptime effectively hitting for 12% max HP damage rather than four since Stoneplate will *always* allow Kog to stack up due to the massive durability boost it affords. Given the degree to which Kog is both a 'Go Button' Marksmen along with having windup time due to Rageblade, I suspect he's one of the few heavily offensive champs that synergize well with Stoneplate. The only other two that really come to mind are Cho and *maybe* Olaf due to the sheer amount of True Damage they deal. This would be considered an abuse case, wouldn't it? Am I a bad person?
No, you are an amazing servant of the Void. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Three Reasons 10 Bans is very important to me
Fuck Darius in the arse with a cactus; that said, if you take {{champion:83}} with {{item:3123}}, you're going to have a better time. Nail him with your E, and your minions will swarm him with Grievous Wounds. Oh, and his kit synergizes with the Rift Herald unbelievably well. On a good game, I can take inhib with RH well before 15:00.
Rioter Comments
Blu 1 (NA)
: Add a {{item:3512}} and {{item:3060}} plz
I will, the next time. I had enough gold to upgrade my {{item:3057}} & {{item:3044}} to {{item:3078}}, but not enough for either of those. If I had waited for a little longer, and murderized bot lane, maybe.
: {{champion:75}} {{item:3512}} https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/c/c3/Rift_HeraldSquare.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/36?cb=20170427150359 You thought you had a top lane...
Don't forget {{item:3060}}
Zennoth (NA)
: Just imagine having to deal with Yorick, Mord and a Heimer on the same team...with new Rift Herald.
Rioter Comments
: Ping muting testing soon
: That's great and all, but expect assassins building bruiser again and posts from adc mains complaining they are useless and die too quickly. Other than that yeah, I'm glad we have this meta now.
What's wrong with marksmen being useless?
mecharri (EUW)
: I played 2 games today and man, does the game feel much better. The teamfights where STRATEGIC, not just a competition of who misspositions for a milisecond and gets blown up. I had to play around their cooldowns, engage and disengage, give space or contest it to protect the carries, slowly chunk down their frontlane while defending the backline... The first teamfight, as Trundle, I was hitting a Sejuani while trying to bodyblock her in case she tried to q+ult our backline while trying not to get stuned by her E and using my pillars to zone out their backline and holy fuck, what is this... am I having... fun? In a teamfight? The new items feel FANTASTIC, some might need to be tuned down a bit, but all of them are extremely strong in the right situations and allow you to adapt much better to each game. The team compositions where actually important, and both teams where trying to figure out the best strategy instead of the usual clown fiesta where one player gets insanely fed and just blows shit up. In fact, an enemy Leblack did get fed, but it didn't matter that much because in both teams, the frontline tanks where going full ham on the enemy team, forcing everyone to focus them and tanking everything, the tank that managed to outresource the other would be the one to win.
And then there was the game I just won, where I got fed by {{champion:23}} as {{champion:83}} well before 6:30. At 10:30, I dropped my ult and the Herald in my lane and plowed my way through their inhib before anybody else had their first full item. And I had the handicap of having sunk 800G into {{item:3123}}.
Saewin (NA)
: {{champion:31}} + {{champion:19}} Chogath leaps to someone, leap distance scaling with health. upon landing, does over time physical damage scaling with AP and finishing with a burst of true damage scaling with health. if feast kills a unit, Chogath grows larger and gains max health.
If you get really fed, you might be able to one-shot them in Baron Pit from your fountain!
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