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: I have an idea for a vayne W change...
I like the idea but it may do the exact opposite of what you want. She may end up becoming a generalist champion who can deal with anything accordingly
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: Is Not Broken
If you gave more insight on your team comp compared to theirs like if you were a rather squishy team while his had multiple knock-ups, I can see him getting two pentakills easy. this doesn't justify the insane powerspike of IE, but it would explain why he got 2 pentas so easily
: idk wtf ur on gangplank is shit right now, the "why is he allowed to have oppressive early game and still a strong late game" is hilarious coming from a gnar main though.
I never claimed Gnar wasn't oppressive though, that's a shitty claim you made lol.
GodCarry (NA)
: Interesting you were premade with your mid laner, and then you continued to queue with him after that game, so your premade either trolled you and you don't really care that much, or YOU chose to /ff and it backfired on you. I'm curious, which is it?
My mid laner did that and I got really mad and he promised me he wouldnt do that again so I queued up with him again.
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: This game isn't fun anymore.
Yea yea, I'm sure me as a lot of other people have heard this same thing. Changes are being made to make the game less stompy like the recent baron change and such, be patient or leave.
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: The State of Lux
53% is overtuned lol
: Can you tell me how to get out of silver?
Improve and get good. As much as people will like to blame their rating on the matchmaking system, this is my second time making it to Gold. I’ve done it in half as many games as I did last season. If you’re good, you will climb.
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: New Dev Team vs Old Dev Team
It's almost as if people completely forget old Rengar, old Kassadin with silence, old Xin Zhao, old Jax. Yes, the games current state is bad, but don't make it out like the old dev team was a shining example of what should be of the current one, as if they haven't made a single mistake.
: Another nerf on shaco
Mans was at a 56% winrate and you wonder why your main got nerfed. Lol.
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: Kha’zix doesn’t need his isolation damage anymore
We've already went over this. Don't mold a whole champion around one item, because if that item changes the champion will too. It leads to a single champion completely owning a single item and that's proven to be bad already in cases today.
: Reminder that gnar is such a disgusting design Irelia has been one of the few champs seen as able to decently contend with him. Got to love the main bias this game has.
I never claimed gnar wasn't a disgusting champion? Seems as if it's you who's being biased as I've targeted your main.
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Temloss (NA)
: Found the yasuo main
I don't main yasuo.
: Please, tell me how this isnt a smart idea. He already has a windwall and infinite dashes. Why does he need a shield that resets 2/3 times per fight on top of all of that survivability i dont understand. GIve it to him 1 time so he can avoid getting poked out in lane so hard. other than that...... fuck that shield he gets away with less than 5 hp way too much because of it its complete bullshit.
His shield is a necessity for him in lane. He was originally designed as a mid-lane assassin. It comes in handy and is paramount when it comes to him surviving early poke damage and winning trades overall. If it wasn't in his kit, he would probably have to start W and try to salvage farm under turret until he's strong enough to face the enemy laner. He isn't like zed where he can Q farm and utilize his W.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mannny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qwUE3WNT,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-04T08:54:05.615+0000) > > If that's the case then why do so many people flock to play URF when it does come out? It happens whenever it's up and running. If people got bored, they wouldn't want to play URF when it does come out. Because it's a game mode that comes out rarely? URF is like what McDonald's was to the kids and teenagers in Asian countries back in the 70s or something, where they only go to eat as a treat of sort and thus held by them to an almost sacred status because of it. However it still doesn't mean McDonald's sells remotely good food. Same stuff. People run to URF when it's opened because of scarcity. However URF is actually not fun if you play it for long periods of time, like when it was introduced for the very first time ever where it stayed up longer than it does nowadays, and people realised how frustrating of an experience it actually is (I mean, what do you expect, the premise of the mode is that the game becomes so extreme nothing has any counterplay at all, and everything is just death-balling to the max), and Riot knows that which is why Riot intentionally makes its opening a scarcity in the first place. URF is the junk food of LoL, but don't mistake people's appetite for junk food as a sign that URF is objectively good. It really isn't. And subsequently, it is also not a good idea to use it as a base for League.
Yet the other game modes that come out rarely don't draw in nearly as much players as URF.
: Watch out dude, Yasuo mains treat him like a husbando. If you look at Yasuo wrong they'll flame you.
If you brought forth actual smart ideas to the table instead of complaining about a champ you clearly have no knowledge on maybe people would listen to you.
ZJD123 (NA)
: I Know Exactly the Reason why "One bad player can solo lose the game but one player cannot solo win"
Honestly EXP doesn't have much to do to contribute to the "5-0, 0-5" difference because the gold value of the minions remains the same. Level can only do so much before the 5,000 gold deficit starts to hit. Catch-up EXP is mainly for AFK players who just came back to give teams a chance at winning when such a situation comes up.
: Riot refuses to make URF permanent in the rotating gamemode because they know for a fact players get bored of it incredibly quickly, and so to remain the mode permanently fresh they intentionally make it a very rare occurrence. URF only proves that the game becomes unbalanceable in such a "quick" environment, to the point Riot has to disable champs for the players that removes them from the mode entirely, while other champs who scale with faster speeds on everything will do incredibly while and those who are more slow paced suffer extremely bad. If anything, it only shows that League can not head that way.
If that's the case then why do so many people flock to play URF when it does come out? It happens whenever it's up and running. If people got bored, they wouldn't want to play URF when it does come out.
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: Zoe's other trinkets in the splash are one of Bard's Chimes and a Moon Stone (you know that thing Nami is searching for?) just to give you an idea of Zoe's general level of power in the lore. To her they are just shiny doodads that are fun to fiddle with.
I'd like to know how she doesn't trip over all of that hair, especially being a child...
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: Gnar mains also have a fucking 58% winrate, so GTFO
Every champion played by their main has a high winrate.
: Another worlds goes by where Gnar is picked/banned constantly
Hi, Gnar main here. Gnars winrate in solo-queue play is horrid. At a 47.31% winrate top, he isn't viable. However in worlds he dominates, why is this? Gnar by design favors esports and team play heavily. In a solo-queue setting where a team cant coordinate properly around his rage passive and take full advantage of it, he just sucks. As a gnar main, he just feels really annoying to play as, because he cant do anything unless your team plays around **you**, which isn't optimal in ranked at all. He just needs a rework because his design by nature is just bad.
xelaker (NA)
: Stop saying league has no cheerful, happy, or silly champs
>This isn't even mentioning all the smexy champs running around with their bazongas flopping all about {{champion:44}} UHM...
: I am not missing the point, you and I disagree that's all. My assertion about Witcher graphics was to highlight that Riot made a choice to keep the graphics were they are to allow people to play them on a broader range of machines. I never once said that the people opposed to this character model ​wanted Witcher graphics. And since they made this decision, what all this boils down to is style choice; most of the people complaining about the model are complaining about a difference of opinion regarding style. And it's fine to disagree on those grounds. The assertions I reject are as follows: 1. It's unprofessional. 2. It's disgusting. Lastly, the champ isn't even released to the game yet. it's quite possible that this was just a video and not how the champ ill look. or maybe it will be.
How do they expect to get people hyped about her when she looks like a Goomba?
Takazaki (NA)
: So wait tanks are doing their job effectively for once and are not completely over shadowed by bruisers for once? ( outside of the past 2 tank meta that junglers starts because cinderhulk was a fun interactive item )
If you consider {{champion:31}} and {{champion:57}} to be fair, well, they aren't.
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: The "Problem" with Cho'gath and potential solutions to fix an uninteractive mess. (TL;DR INCLUDED)
I feel riot attempted to overbuff him to the disgusting state he is currently in now when what he needs is a rework.
: Serious Talk: People need to chill out about the Balance Team
: gripes of a bronze top
I can see you climbing high in the future.
: They don't really. They see an indicator of the direction but they don't really get to see you. Plus, it is only very briefly. It's just about having at least some kind of warning instead of dying instantly from stealth. Same reason why Rengar got an indicator
If I see a hot pink heart come above my head as it slowly fills up into full color, I think I'd either flash, or just straight up run.
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: The worst part of the game. It happens to everyone at least once.
: Tsss. I'd _love_ to be able to ban Twitch. Or even just ban someone that simply counters me. Unfortunately, {{champion:31}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:8}} and {{champion:5}} are all far more cancerous, and have higher ban priority. Twitch, you can just collapse on and blow up. He has a lot of range and damage, but he has no escape or CC, and he's squishy. All of these fuckers? Good luck. All except two have hard CC. Most have higher damage than Twitch. All are more durable. If you're banning Twitch while any of these 16 are possibly viable, you're making a pretty big mistake. They're all arguably more cancerous, and at _least_ one of them (Cho'gath) is _objectively broken_, and will remain so until Stoneplate reduces _all_ outgoing damage. (Xin Zhao's also _really_ strong right now).
Why the hell are you banning {{champion:74}} ? In what godforsaken world is {{champion:74}} more oppressive then {{champion:29}} ?
: Out of curiosity, why do you feel like he is in need of any nerfs?
Out of curiosity, why do you think Cho does **not** need nerfs?
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