: PSA: Please remember Juggernauts =/= Tanks
I never understood how people found juggernauts more difficult to kill than tanks. I assume it's because people mix up survivability with tanking. Yes, a {{champion:122}} will be able to live being dogpiled with {{item:3053}} easier than a {{champion:57}} but this doesn't mean that they are "harder to kill". It just means they survive being chunked which doesn't mean they can frontload damage over longer periods of time like a tank would.
Zardo (NA)
: I'm getting super tired of hearing people complain about "mages" being broken
Mages aren't too strong, MR items are just not versatile enough for the large class that mages are. Also, it's mostly outliers that make the class seem too strong ({{champion:8}} {{champion:13}} )
: Hashinshin: MR items are weak, Armor items are too strong
Doesn't this prove that MR items are weak though? When one of the premier MR items purchased is being picked up mainly for its ability to synchronize with healing instead of its actual MR, that spells a problem for MR items. I should be able to get {{item:3065}} for the fact that it's good against magic damage, not simply because it boosts my {{item:3812}} heal. A shift in power could fix this item. None of the other MR items are really purchased that much either, {{item:3001}} falling out of viability really hard for example.
: there is way to many disgusting champions to ban nowadays
Idk how you can describe Aatrox and Yuumi as "infinite mobility" If you want to make cases for these champions being too strong then do that but don't shove them together in a subset of champions they absolutely don't belong in. Those champs are not nearly as mobile as Irelia, akali or riven
: Dear Rito
U don't
Shayke (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2LLnJPfP,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-06T00:57:45.406+0000) > > Rework Gangplank he's bad design GP IS A BAD DESIGN ? LMAO
Gangplank players run klepto on him to harass in the laning phase when he's supposed to be a mid/late game champ but he isn't. This leads him to feel annoying and oppressive to fight against but also weak as a champion because he doesn't really have a strong point in the game.
: Her mains have a 57% winrate in high elo. She's good in the right hands.
A lot of mains of champs in high elo have a win ratio equal to or higher than that percentage tho
sVzMyron (EUW)
: I could definitely win enough games just to climb little by little, if I was a soulless robot. If I put up with people banning my champ, inters, if I begged 12yo kids throwing a tantrum, if I waited patientely 15 mins more that everybody completed their build instead of going baron when I called it... But that wouldn't be a game anymore.
You don't have to. You can close chat, trance yourself into your own gameplay. Mute everyone. Yes it won't feel good but eventually you'll become so refined that you being 3/0 vs the 8/0 enemy will mean nothing because you play the game so much better than a fed bronze player. You can win even if you're not as fed. Consider that not every game you'll have bad teammates.
sVzMyron (EUW)
: bronze IS elo hell
Try improving. You can't control your teammates but you can control your own gameplay and whether you like it or not if you're better than everyone you're playing against you'll climb
: They are not weak. Have you heard of tahm keach
The current tahm builds bruiser top
: Have a thumbs up. Tanks suck ass right now and the only reason people downvote posts about it is because they wanna cry “but tank meta :c” Even though the “tank meta” they claimed was more fun than this load of shit.
Tanks are weak, tank meta wasn't fun though and definitely wasn't better than what we have now. That's a huge stretch but yes tanks suck rn
: People prefer playing them in bot instead of mid because of {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}}
I'll prob get downvoted but a lot of the reasons why those champs feel oppressive is because people tend to build massive damage on mages without thinking of the tradeoffs of not building defensive into an assassin. If {{champion:238}} rushes {{item:3155}} I almost never see the same consideration done by my mage teammate and he will 99% of the time build every component of {{item:3285}} before even considering building a {{item:3191}} (which costs less than hexdrinker btw) No I don't think this is an all counter to assassin's but this definitely eases the matchup really well and isn't taken advantage of as often, which is all I'm saying.
: So when are tanks that can't 1 shot people going to be relevant again?
Mundo voli and singed aren't tanks. Otherwise, braum is in a good spot since he's support and ornn is as well. The only problem tank I see there is zac
: > [{quoted}](name=Mannny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lznBR5M9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-27T23:04:24.908+0000) > > It's a combination of players lack of understanding on how matchmaking works and a lack of consideration on Riot Games part to be more transparent with how matchmaking works. The number itself is hidden from everyone, and players still believe their visible rank plays part in who they get matched with. "players still believe their visible rank plays part in who they get matched with." Because what else would make sense?
MMR. You get matched with people based off of MMR. Your visible rank means nothing
: There's Legit 5 Posts about matchmaking per day
It's a combination of players lack of understanding on how matchmaking works and a lack of consideration on Riot Games part to be more transparent with how matchmaking works. The number itself is hidden from everyone, and players still believe their visible rank plays part in who they get matched with.
: For the love of god remove Riven's stun and knockup
> Gains more from CDR than mages/assassins That's impossible. CDR is something the player gets through runes and items. She can't just _get_ more CDR, she has to purchase it and apply runes that have it. I think what you're looking for is she abuses CDR better than most mages which is arguable itself.
: Matchmaking is completely broken still
It's not skill gap, idk why people think this It's simply the blatant fact that currently if you're behind you are entirely useless. Being strong is a lot less impactful in the game compared to being weak. It's become common practice to make your laner useless instead of making yourself strong, because a weak player is a lot more detrimental compared to a strong player carrying.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xU3ZWdE3,comment-id=00000004,timestamp=2019-05-24T16:36:35.482+0000) > > "hashinshin circlejerk" Dude literally looking at statistics, mages are performing the best. Here is the difference between you and Hashinshin Hashinshin doesn't believe mages are OP , he believes their items are You and the rest who decided to follow him ended up losing the way and started thinking that mages themselves are the op ones
Mage itemization is one of the strongest in the game though. They have tons of options to go to compared to other classes and roles, if they do want to change some items they need to balance it by nerfing things like {{item:3285}} and {{item:3157}} to make it more dynamic
: @Riot Meddler/Reav3s - Where is Mage Itemization/Rune Update Promises?
They have more dynamic build paths compared to other classes though. They don't need immediate changes compared to the itemization of classes like tanks. Imo that needs changes first
: yes. so she can start every fight with 20% hp if they did baron or something. nice
Not a lot of damage again just enough to where she has to play safe and consider which allies she wants to attach to
: yeah and if she tries to save a tank she would get 1 shot
It wouldn't be a lot of damage obviously, just enough so that she's not simply sticking onto her allies at full HP avoidant of all damage
Rioter Comments
: Hashinshin complaining that Bruisers do no damage to Tanks and that Tanks are weak against Mages
"huge amounts of magic pen" honestly I see most tanks get dealt heavy blows from mages with just a {{item:3165}} tanks in general don't really live up to their potential against bruisers or mages
: Better to gain nothing than to lose everything. And like I said, you need to be splitpushing. That way when you encounter them it's because they're coming to stop your split, not because it's a teamfight. So if they bring enough peel for you then they'll be at a disadvantage against the rest of your team.
But if I split I usually just attract the weak top laner. Even if for some reason he doesn't hug his turret to avoid dying to me and I actually kill him, my team will get forced on and die. Then I'm getting a turret while the entire enemy team is grouping and killing inhibitors and stuff faster than I ever could.
: Seems like everyone forgets the most important detail... Who are _you_ playing? It looks like you mostly play Jax, and the most important thing to remember for him is that he's a very strong counter against auto-attack focused champions... _but not if you only E for the stun._ Make sure to use it for the full duration while they're attacking you, so you actually dodge some autos. It seems like you're a fan of split pushers, so if you're fed just keep doing that unless you're absolutely needed elsewhere. And even if you're doing that, if you see that the enemy ADC is ahead you need to buy Randuin's or other armor. And it may seem like you'd be tanky enough by building Trinity + Sterak's + Titanic, but having a ton of health with no armor just means you're a prime target for BoRK. If they're crit, Randuin's helps a ton.
I do use it for the full duration but for example, I go in with me e and nami will either instantly bubble me or she will heal the adc and speed boost her outside of my e range. Then I'm lost and I have nothing else to use. Alternatively if I choose to e and run I'd have to q away and then I just gain nothing
: It depends on the team comps and who you are playing. Looking at my last game our adc was far behind while theirs was fed. I just built Darius so he couldn’t be kited or cc’d as easily and coordinated with our jg yi. Sometimes you gotta just blast through the front line and get on that adc. Other times it’s better and smarter to hold their front line so your carries can work from to back. It’s decision making at that point.
It often times comes down to which adc can output more damage at that point. Sure, I deal damage to the front line, but what does that mean for the 6/0 adc in the back with 3 complete items? They shred me faster than I can their front line because I'm not designed to shred like an adc
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Quepha (NA)
: It's a team game, that's how teams work, if you don't like that then you really should stop playing League.
Wouldn't it be a good game design plan that would improve the quality of games to make it so that people are required to have at least some experience on a champion they wish to play in ranked?
: Can Riot stop balancing every champion around a single keystone?
If they were to rework the rune it would simply cause more problems. More than one champion uses a keystone, and changing the entire keystone because one champion abuses it causes problems for the rest of the champions who used it.
Quepha (NA)
: Because ranked is meant to test skill and knowing what you're good at is a skill. If they pick a champion they don't know how to play then they have failed the first test and deserve to lose.
: My thoughts on Brand buffs on Pbe and the champion as a faulty designed champ
How is Zyra flawed? She's always been played support and she was meant to be since her release
: If their mains are banned. What would the game do?? Kick them out of champ select??
I'm not saying they HAVE to play their mains, I'm saying they should play a champ they have decent experience on. I'm even content with 5k mastery points at least
: If it bothers you that much then dodge?
I shouldn't have to dodge and lose LP because my team decided to play champs they have 0 experience on in ranked
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Yenn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HE3OpE8H,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-02T05:40:51.062+0000) > > Riven isn't actually overpowered, its just a western phenomenon. > She's barely below the threshold of what we consider too strong or unhealthy, so we're okay looking into some long-form changes but until we settle on something specific, we're not going to do much work on just changing her numbers. > > And of course, any nerfs will get compensation buffs to make her even stronger so we can continue selling her Pulsefire and Bunny skin to chinese kids. Uhh? Her win rate is 54-55% in KR, 57% in China, and 60% in Japan. Define 'western phenomenon'
I think he was being sarcastic lol
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BigFBear (EUW)
: To everyone who says there's no elo hell and matchmaking is fine:
You should consider taking a lot of resources for urself and being the overall carry for the entire game. I'm not discrediting the fact that matchmaking is faulty right now and needs work, but often times slowly grinding to high elo and smurfing to high elo are two different things, and smurfing is a skill you have to learn in its own right. Also you don't have as many games played, you should play a lot more and test out strategies and builds that put you as the primary carry.
caw (NA)
: I'm no longer enchanted by Ranked Solo/duo
Consistency is a vague term that doesn't really help in my experience. It gets you thinking "I need to play a certain way for multiple games to climb" and that's not how solo queue works. You won't climb unless your "consistent" play is constantly being improved upon. Midbeast consistent play is at a high elo level, he will always play every game on his smurf at a level far above the rest of the players which is why Smurfs climb. Being consistent for a low elo player doesn't work at all, you need to constantly improve and change your gameplay to better itself and your own knowledge, in no way shape or form does playing consistent ever helped me personally. Ive only ever gotten out of my ruts through playing every game with the idea that I need to change my gameplay in some way to improve.
Azeranth (NA)
: When will Conqueror Officially Be A Failure?
Wave control and denying resources is still important and more than it ever was because gaining leads in the top lane in any way shape or form translates to you winning the lane. The champions you claim to be not fun are actually easy to deal with, {{champion:122}} isn't difficult to fight against. I agree that conquerer is a failure but top lane macro and wave management hasn't gone anywhere. If you lose a matchup stop blaming the matchup and blame yourself, 90% of the time it's a mistake you made in lane.
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Dynikus (NA)
: {{summoner:14}} >Some may argue that sacrificing a stronger build to handle healing supports should stay that way, but that isn't the case for anything else. Yes it is. {{item:3157}} is a strong counter to a lot of champions, but isn't optimal for anyone that doesn't build AP. {{item:3140}} is a strong counter to cc, but isn't optimal for most champions. If you want the utility these items bring without sacrificing any part of your build, you have to sacrifice summoner spells and take something like {{summoner:1}} or {{summoner:21}} instead of what might be optimal if facing a different champion.
It doesn't matter if it's only viable AP champs if its one of the best items for AP champs. Even some ADCs can take this simply for the fact that they have sparse AP scaling on some of their abilities ex. {{champion:145}} {{champion:81}} Zhonya is even built against comps that lack AD entirely simply for the passive that it provides, its stats and item path is amazing idk who's sacrificing anything by going zhonya. QSS is only viable on ADCs but theres still better options for tanks and fighters like merc treds and most fighters have ways to avoid CC inside their kits
: {{item:3076}} ?{{summoner:14}} ?
I don't think any support is going to be auto attacking me if im the tank, it just doesn't happen
Rioter Comments
: Yeah, I just fail to see what makes her niche. She's one half tank shredder, but the other half duelist who has montage galore of 1v5'ing. You know whose niche? Kog'maw, Mr. Mobility-less Long Range Shredder. Ivern too. I think there's a question to be asked here however. What *Is* a niche champion, how do we define that? Is it a champion who you wouldn't pick blind into a team comp? Is it a champion with a identity that is really specific to certain situations? In the case of Vayne, is she niche because she kills tanks better than some ADCs? Almost every ADC can kill tanks, meanwhile Jinx and Twitch can melt entire teams while doing that. Varus and Ashe have massive team utility, and MF and Xayah can set up massive damage on the field. I highly doubt that Vayne's entire character is solely "I kill tanks well". My opinion, I don't see Vayne as a niche champion, because I think her duelist side overpowers her tank shredder side, and that's what people are arguably picking her up and playing her as. A duelist, not a tank killer. Like I saw someone say in the %True Damage thread, %percent health damage is target agnostic, you'll always do the same percent health no matter the target, which is the design for Fiora. An ideal damage type for a duelist, since it's equally effective against everyone.
Her duelist capabilities are only now being brought forth as the reason she's overtuned. She was not like this before. Not to say her being a duelist never existed, but it was a much smaller advantage to her kit that was in place so that she could reliably deal with fighters and tanks going in on her since her range was so small compared to the other ADCs. taking a look at how she is now compared to other ADCs who are much more team oriented, she has a much better laning phase and an item build that allows her to duel pretty much anyone.
: Is she really that niche though? She's always maintained a pretty high pickrate because she's one of those 'gotta get that montage' champions, and it's not like she's that visually/thematically unappealing like monster or Yorick champions. The lowest in pickrate she's ever dropped was 10%, and that's still more than most champions have. Yeah, she's a tank shredder, but she's also a duelist in general due to the nature of her kit.
Popularity and viability in a meta are two different things. Vayne isn't always viable in every meta and more often than not if she isnt overtuned shes typically most viably picked in situations where lots of tanks are involved rather than in general situations. Even though she may be popular, that doesn't mean that she isn't niche.
: Try temporarily disabling AMD external events, it should be listed in msconfig.exe > startup tab. It is a bit obscure, and appears to hook fullscreen executables in some way, could be the culprit, although it is unlikely..
I don't see msconfig.exe in the startup tab
: > AMD external events What GPU and monitor are you using, and is it freesync compatible?
Im using a laptop, my GPU is AMD Radeon (tm) r6 graphics
: You have far more than that. Programs are still running even if you cant see them on your main task bar. Besides a host of system processes, you have software related to your GPU, other OEM control software if it is a prebuilt, sound system controls, plus anything you have installed that starts automatically, is related to physical or virtual devices, or modifies any windows functionality.
Besides the system processes I had HD audio and Logitech which I disabled both and the game still continues to crash. It always crashes at around 30-35 minutes. I can show everything that's running but most of it is stuff that says AMD external events and Microsoft
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