: They don't really. They see an indicator of the direction but they don't really get to see you. Plus, it is only very briefly. It's just about having at least some kind of warning instead of dying instantly from stealth. Same reason why Rengar got an indicator
If I see a hot pink heart come above my head as it slowly fills up into full color, I think I'd either flash, or just straight up run.
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: The worst part of the game. It happens to everyone at least once.
: Tsss. I'd _love_ to be able to ban Twitch. Or even just ban someone that simply counters me. Unfortunately, {{champion:31}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:8}} and {{champion:5}} are all far more cancerous, and have higher ban priority. Twitch, you can just collapse on and blow up. He has a lot of range and damage, but he has no escape or CC, and he's squishy. All of these fuckers? Good luck. All except two have hard CC. Most have higher damage than Twitch. All are more durable. If you're banning Twitch while any of these 16 are possibly viable, you're making a pretty big mistake. They're all arguably more cancerous, and at _least_ one of them (Cho'gath) is _objectively broken_, and will remain so until Stoneplate reduces _all_ outgoing damage. (Xin Zhao's also _really_ strong right now).
Why the hell are you banning {{champion:74}} ? In what godforsaken world is {{champion:74}} more oppressive then {{champion:29}} ?
: Out of curiosity, why do you feel like he is in need of any nerfs?
Out of curiosity, why do you think Cho does **not** need nerfs?
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: kog and tristana are very telegraphed. Twitch has a stealth so I count him as an assassin, but kog has 0 burst and both kog and tristana are pretty obvious.
They still can out-damage and shred through teams by sheer dps alone.
: A single ADC is broken=all ADCs are assassins. k
{{champion:29}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:18}} all fit this criteria . It isn't just one champion.
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: "This Season is the worst yet"
> There are only 2 or 3 champions in each role that are truly bad, such as Shaco in the Jungle or Dr. Mundo in the Top lane. Even if tanks are strong, carry Top Laners like Riven are still playable and ganking Junglers like Lee Sin can still impact the game. No one showcases this better than Longzhu, who will give J4 to Khan despite what the meta dictates. Outliers do not represent the whole meta of League. Sure 1 game out of the many where J4 is highly contested, did they give it over to them in a very niche fashion. That does not mean that I'll be able to do that in my ranked games effectively. The meta is strong for a reason.
: > [{quoted}](name=MannyStormGod,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Z4GHeeHr,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-12T04:07:09.562+0000) Not a chance. 450 rp is just too much especially for some cartoony ping that means literally nothing in terms of gameplay. > As opposed to the skin you bought - which also means literally nothing in terms of gameplay as well?
If you're seriously comparing the quality of skins to the quality of emotes you should really reconsider what you're looking at here.
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: why are there 4 different ADC crit core items with movement speed on them?
Mobile campions like {{champion:236}} hardly build crit, so it's what it is intended to do. Aid those champions that need to scale up and lack proper mobility. Of course, currently it doesn't follow the niche it was given.
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: I'm sorry that your League experience hasn't been as enjoyable this year as past ones. I sympathize with some of the points you bring up and I just wanted to give some of my perspective as an individual who works on the Live Gameplay team. First, I think there's a tendency for some players to think that our balance approach is directed at creating a game state that generates the most LC$$$. This is simply false. As a person who's worked on changes for the game over the past ~2 years, I've never once been asked to consider eSports revenue as a factor in my design decision making. If this was truly our goal, I'm sure you'd be hearing a lot more "ha-sa-ki" in the pro games you are watching. As a designer, I value the pro-game as an expression of what optimized behavior looks like. Having an eSports scene illuminates what is powerful and what is weak to every player and helps designers understand what systems need to be re-balanced in order to achieve more variety in League's gameplay. This is both good and bad because even though it helps live players discover new strategies, it also accelerates the solving of the meta-game when something is over-tuned or lacks counter-play. Ideally, being informed by pro-play allows us to make changes that improve the holistic experience for all players over time. But balancing our timing with what's healthy for pro play has historically been very challenging. This year we tried to be more accommodating to the pro players with the degree and timing of our changes nearing Worlds. I personally feel like this was a correct decision, but it also meant we took on different risks than previous years which have manifested different costs. I also want to highlight that some opinions about the game aren't uniform at Riot. Designers argue and discuss about what the game needs every day but efforts to make change need to be balanced with features that the design team is already aligned on delivering. For example, I personally think League's pacing should be re-examined and that Duskblade should probably be re-shaped, but it's unlikely that I could work on those changes properly without seeing what the game looks like after Runes Reforged shakes things up. To close, I realize this post isn't very specific about particular solutions we might have in mind with the pain points you brought up, but we are most definitely examining the game with similar lenses. I'm sure all of the devs on League are striving to do better in this new season as well and I hope we can earn back your trust with the efforts you'll see in the coming months and new year.
Why don't you just shift the gameplay to what's most optimal and best for Solo-q, and the pro players have to adjust to that? I know it seems weird, but things that excel at Solo-Q will inherently be bad in Pro play as theres more communication involved then just 1v5 carrying. Even if the gameplay shifts to Solo-Q oriented, the competitive scene will still have it's own picks and such that are more optimal for high-coordinated team play.
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: I think the issue is that they take down everything, not tanks. I wouldn't mind it as much if it took them just a little bit less time to kill squishier targets rather than tanks, but as it stands that's not the case. Or, hell, the opposite: they became squishy hunters but tanks would prove too difficult to take down. (For clarification, let's just say hypothetically, it takes a marksmen 10 seconds to kill a tank. They would be able to kill a squishy champion in, say, 8 seconds instead. In the second case, they could take down the squishies in let's say, 3 seconds. But tanks? They would be loading them full of auto attacks, and unless the tank didn't build any defense towards them, would take seemingly no damage.)
I'd like to make a statement that they have the ability to take down things like assassins because of {{item:3504}} not the ADC itself.
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: Nasus just proved that you need to completly break immobile bruisers to make them work
ya if ur a bruiser and u dont have any options to directly get to your enemies ur doomed. Sure he has his W but it's just a very predictable slow unlike {{champion:122}} who has a slow and a pull to ensure his enemies dont run..
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: > [{quoted}](name=MannyStormGod,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YKEfLE4x,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-10T06:46:21.993+0000) > > An ADC dealing true damage who can peel for herself, assassinate her opposing ADC **and** deal massive damage to tanks when used properly is just too much. listing the strengths of a champion, while ignoring weaknesses, it's not like i didn't see that before on board and by the way vayne cannot assassinate her opposing adc anymore, Q can't crit on pbe right now and W damage has been reduced on squishies
I'm sorry, I didn't know {{item:3087}} stopped working. As long as that is still present in her kit, along with her passive and ultimate she will **always** be good at assassinating her targets. Btw I am aware of her weaknesses like her being squishy and relatively low range, but a good Vayne, like I said, can completely negate these flaws.
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: As other players have mentioned on here, Akali does fit a role, and that was never really her problem. On top of this, I'm personally really not a fan of cutting down on a champion's signature traits purely to make them fit in a neat little box, as classification is meant to allow for points of design reference and thereby enable diversity, not hinder it. Really, the issue here isn't so much that Akali's a sustain assassin (that's a great unique quality to have in an environment where assassins are often too similar to each other), but that Akali's kit as it is currently implemented fails to be as enjoyable and as interactive as it could be, because Riot hasn't yet worked out how to make her outplayable. Her rework did give her some additional means of dodging certain skillshots with her W blink, but preserved a base set of abilities that doesn't really allow her opponents to escape her or mitigate her damage in any way, causing her to be overbearing when ahead, and forcing her to be balanced in such a manner that she has a significant chance of falling behind, which feels terrible for Akali's player as well. Effectively, if/when Akali receives a rework, one of its main goals should likely be to add more nuance to her kit, allowing her to apply more direct force than other assassins, while still giving her enough agility so that she can outplay her opponents at close ranges, and let them outplay her in turn.
Her niche would be fine if it wasn't causing her so much trouble in multiple roles. Her sustain makes her a very good option top lane, but at the same time she never has enough tankiness to match up with the other bruisers. In the mid lane theres a whole assortment of issues that keep her from being good.
: The current Matckmaking hurts the competitive aspect and the quality of ranked games .
How will this impact people who feel efficient in every role? I'm not really bad at anything, and I have no real issues playing support. It usually falls down to someone else on my team who doesn't know what they are doing.
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: sterak's is still pretty underwhelming tbh
Better options out there. It just needs a quick buff, perhaps to it's HP and increase the time of decay.
: "They need reworks" Get mini reworks "No not like that!"
: Who's your favorite assassin?
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xWaters (NA)
: I still do not know why Ghost was nerfed...
{{summoner:4}} will forever be a necessity. Idk if that is good or bad to be honest.
LL Deku (NA)
: gnar is broken lol . they build frozen mallet and black cleaver then full tank, not only can anyone kill him . but hes tanky and does damage. and everyone has counters lol , every champ has a counter. and if draven is a big deal , try playing champs like katarina or any mid laner tbh
Really dude? 1 escape and a situational tank and you say nobody can kill him? It is very easy to mess up on Gnar because if you chase too much in mini or jump in too early in mega, chances are you won't be able to get back out. And {{item:3022}} {{item:3071}} is nothing compared to the drain tank combination {{item:3812}} {{item:3047}}
: What's a good solution? Does he need more agency over his transformation (thinking like Shyvana perhaps) or does he need to feel that the move between them is a little more natural? Also-- are ranged tanks a good thing? Do we want those?
Shyvana is a perfect example in my eyes. She does not have complete control, but she can still use both forms with some freedom and she can chose when she wishes to go in. > Also-- are ranged tanks a good thing? Do we want those? In the case of Gnar, yes. The thing with Gnar is that unlike most of the accidental ranged tanks we have currently, Gnar lacks sufficient burst damage. A couple years ago he did, which caused him to get nerfs. Also, Gnar was designed to be one. He does not have a normal marksmans range and his range is mostly used to kite and poke from a safe distance.
LL Deku (NA)
: Gnar is so broken. just no one plays him . And Draven is like 1 of the hardest adc's out there. Draven isnt tanky lol adcs in 2017 lul
I hope you are being sarcastic. Otherwise Gnar being under powered is a **fact**. He is rocking a 47% winrate, and this is the mains playing him mostly, remember that. If more people played him his winrate would only drop more. He also tends to lose against some of the most common top laners like {{champion:114}} (45.5% wr), {{champion:92}} (46.08% wr) and {{champion:157}} (41.6% wr). He is most certainly not broken. And btw, an ADC being hard does not give them a free shield from being OP.
: Gnar is literally getting a buff in this upcoming patch
Buff isn't what I am looking for. I guarantee it will either do nothing or make him OP. He needs a rework.
Rioter Comments
korg023 (EUNE)
: No they are not, {{champion:119}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:51}} are strong, everyone else are fine or weak. Before you make title like that just think twice :)
{{champion:21}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:498}} pose problems too... Just not as big of a problem as those 3.
: >I can handle tops being strong... I can handle supports being strong... Hell, I can even handle mid laners being strong in a patch or two but one role I can not accept as being strong is an ADC. This role is the most obnoxious role to ever be strong in one patch. This is bias, you said directly that you are ok with other roles being in the same position but due to your dislike of ADC it is not ok for it to be strong.
What??? First off I said I can handle the other roles being strong because they won't ruin the game like the ADC class is now. I never said I disliked it. In fact I play the role fairly often for LP.
Rebonack (NA)
: The three Marksmen mentioned in the OP are the only ones that are particularly over-tuned right now. All except four Marksmen ({{champion:51}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:29}} ) presently have a win-rate of 50% or below. This isn't *anywhere* near as bad as it was right after the Marksmen update. Having a few examples that are way too strong warps a role, no questions asked. But blaming the whole role because of two champs is kind of silly.
Nah the same situation would occur if it was {{champion:81}} vs {{champion:15}} bot lane. Whichever one wins lane will dominate teamfights and the opposing ADC will literally have no way to get back into the game without stalling.
: ***
You literally started an argument and jumped out of it a response later. Just because they are meant to be squishy high damage dealing champions does not mean they have a shield from being OP.
: ***
Why are you complaining about an issue that is reasonably backed up? The reason the topic has not shifted to something else is because Riot is not fixing it.
: I like how ekko is so interactive in lane.
He really isn't that hard to deal with personally, I just sidestep his Q and avoid his passive. The rest is common sense.
: I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not. If you are, then you must be an adc main responding to all the hate they've been getting on the boards lately. If you are not being sarcastic, then you should know it's hardly been only 1 patch where they are "strong". Literally every other role has gotten their items made cheaper but at the cost of being less effective late game. Meanwhile adc's get items made cheaper or no change to cost but don't lose any effectiveness of the item regardless of if price was lowered or not. Furthermore, they get tons of new items designed specifically to make them deal more damage, heal/lifesteal more, attack faster, and survive more burst and sustained damage pumped out by the enemy team - both through items they buy (pd, dd, etc.) and through their supports (any heal/shield item, locket, knight's vow, probably missing something). It is utter stupidity - and on top of all this, many have gotten buffs. The clearly overtuned ones get the most minor of nerfs - if any other role were equally overtuned, the nerfs would be at least 3x as harsh.
I am not being sarcastic. I did make a mistake in saying that they have been strong only one patch, but that is because I only now started experiencing their strength and it has only not started to impact my games.
: You showed clear bias in the first few sentences and yet you want to be taken seriously.
I play ADC and I play against ADC. I am definitely not biased.
: when does a "bad game" turn into intentional feeding, when does constructive criticism turn into...
It's a bad game because they are tilted and their decision making is off. That is what a bad game means.
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