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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
Any thoughts on the state of Marksmen? I've been noticing more of my friends and the people I watch saying they don't feel like they have the same impact on the game that other roles do, especially with generally short games.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 2
While we're on the topic of Varus, are there any thoughts on Varus's current state since the W changes?
: Quinn Changes Coming Soon - Strike from the Sky!
I feel like some of these changes look very much like almost straight buffs, but I'm not actually sure Quinn needs major strength increases right now. According to, Quinn's winrate top lane is one of the highest right now at ~53%. Will you be watching her performance on 8.4 and evaluating how much strength she needs for this change? I will say that the quality of life improvements are much welcomed.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 20
Are juggernauts like Darius going to keep on getting attention? I feel like it's too punishing right now to play more aggressive juggernauts because they don't have strong enough lane matchups to justify their lack of safety and their relatively poor teamfighting compared to tanks.
: I think between the change to Ardent Censer in 7.19 and the upcoming Ancient Coin / Spellthief's changes in 7.20, this should begin to feel less true. Needless to say, we'll be watching it and reacting accordingly for 7.21/7.22. We've been discussing putting up a post that details the decisions we made around Ardent Censer and the bot lane meta as the season draws to a close, so hopefully if/when that is posted, we can all have a good conversation around which decisions were and weren't correct.
Will there be any kind of address for the state of top lane? The state of bot lane being the end-all carry means that top lane is delegated to the tank role that ultimately has relatively little effect on the outcome of the game. Will top lane carry potential be reevaluated for the next season? It's getting really tiresome feeling as though being strong as a top laner doesn't matter when bot lane loses and vice versa.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 6
Any thoughts on Juggernauts for this upcoming competitive season? I'm concerned that it's been a year since they were remade but they never hit competitive unless they were considered extremely overpowered. Is there anything to look forward to for the purpose of making Juggernauts and Fighter/Melee Carry style top laners more impactful or popular?
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 29
Hi, thanks for the thread. I was wondering if there were any plans to make juggernauts more competitively viable in the next season? It seems like when they were first remade a few of them were overpowered, but this year I don't think many if any of them have been picked. The class as a whole seems to be risky because it provides less reliable damage in this meta than an ADC and less CC than a tank while being designed to be immobile. I'm scared that now that the remake is over they will not get much attention to make them competitive - mostly I think it's weird that they don't get play even when they should be doing well into things like tanks top lane. Does that mean their matchups in lane are also relatively bad compared to the tanks and fighters that do get play? What are your thoughts on the current state of juggernauts at very high elo and competitive metas?
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 26
Hey, arrived a bit late to this one. I was wondering if there are any plans to work on Juggernauts soon. They were reworked last year to be competitive , but since then they have disappeared off the radar. I'm concerned that they're not very useful in an ADC-dominated meta; it's almost always better on a competitive level to take a tank who can provide CC and reliably survive to cover the ADC to do damage and push while a Juggernaut doesn't do that nearly as well and so isn't worth the extra damage they might bring. It's also concerning that Juggernauts are weak in a tank meta; shouldn't Juggernauts be good against tanks? Specifically, I mean that Garen, Yorick, Illaoi, Mordekaiser, and Darius are suffering from being outclassed and lacking purpose in this meta even though they were reworked relatively recently. I think Juggernauts have a very unclear role in the game and so I was hoping there might be an update on them to make them more useful a team and more worthwhile to take risks on.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
I feel like we're missing a realist/pragmatist character - something like a mercenary who doesn't belong to any real side because he's aware that they are all imperfect. One of the thing about LoL characters right now is that everyone is very up in their own agenda and they lack self-awareness about their flaws. The idea with my suggested character would be a sort of self-awareness about how both sides have flaws and are less perfect than they make themselves out to be - he'd take himself and others less seriously than the rest of the cast and demonstrate that by having a sense of gallows humor aimed at pointing out people's and their home countries' hypocrisies. He'd treat being on Summoner's Rift as just another job rather than a battle of ideals and wouldn't be afraid to fight dirty. I guess I'm looking for the joking bitter cynic, whose job it is in the narrative to be the realist that points out the problems in the ideology of the rest of the cast.
: Things that we are currently working on: -Ryze (duh) -Ashe (small scope) -Gangplank -Poppy -Taric -Urgot -Fiora -Shen -Yorick (just started, so a ways off) This doesn't mean 100% expect to see these in the next year, sometimes things get modified or put on hold. Not every one of these projects is like Sion in size and scope as well, the update is meant to fit the needs of the champ. Also, don't have a lot of details to share on the specifics of these, but info will come in time. Hope that answers your question.
So the Darius rework DID get axed?
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: We're still effectively planning to make that change to Darius' ult. We decided today it would be better to have the ult refund 0/50/100% of its cost though, rather than having its cost drop (still allows ult chaining, but also means an OOM Darius can't ult which is something we'd like to preserve). Since we're right at the lock point for gameplay changes for the next patch we'll need to shift these changes a patch later to make that modification. TLDR: Still coming, probably in two patches time.
I guess this means that the actual Darius rework is still really far off? It'd be a waste of effort testing buffs unless you were planning on keeping him in this sad state for another couple of years. Honestly, these changes, even the hypothetical mana buffs, don't change anything for Darius. You don't spend enough time at level 16 for the changes to matter and none of the changes make up for the fact that you picked Darius over an initiator or a champion that can actually move around and have an effect in teamfights. Hell, even if you gave him back his full reset, he would be complete crap in this meta; people only complain because they don't want to put in the extra effort to ask to 2v1 him instead of forcing 1v1 situations. I wish Riot would just own the fact that Darius should have a full reset rather than keeping him in the dumpster for 3(+) years.
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