: Mid Year Mage Updates - Zyra Direction
> [{quoted}](name=20thCenturyFaux,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=xVQr7ihf,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-18T01:01:18.351+0000) > > Howdy! It’s Zyra! Zyra the plant mage! > > The biggest thing Zyra players have asked for is more play around plants, and we completely agree. Her enemies feel the plant theme strongly, especially when they’re limping away from her burst combo under a hail of thorns. Zyra herself currently experiences plants as a way to invest more in a spellcast through W; we’d like to take this further. Her broader role as a counter-initiating zone controller is awesome so we’ll be looking to heighten it where we can. > > The next thing on the wishlist is the passive. Player discussion as well as our own internal investigations have shown it’s the weakest part of her kit, and we think we can do better for her passive. Rise of the Thorns provides some cool moments at a time when nothing else is going on since you’re dead, so we expect players will notice the absence at first, but we feel this ability holds Zyra back more than it helps her. The spell’s slow missile speed and long windup were required for it to be fair, but in the course of becoming fair it lost a lot of fun. > > On the upside, Zyra has a bouquet of good stuff. Her E is cool, satisfying, and very planty. Her squishy, defensive zone controller thing fits “plant mage” really well. We’re balancing her for the support role, but we do want to ensure that midlane stays fertile ground. Lastly, the gameplay of spawning seeds during spellcast may not be the flashiest thing around, but it *is* uniquely Zyra and provides some subtle play -- do I put my seed on their feet or where I think they’re going to go? Do I get two ranged plants, two melee, or one of each? They’re unique and they deserve to be preserved. > > Here’s where we think she’s at: > > Stuff that’s good > > * Strong identity as a counter-initiate mage. > * Preserve her ability to catch and burst people who enter her domain. > * You feel the plant theme strongly playing against her. > * She dies quick if you catch her. > * Her ult is powerful, distinctive, and satisfying. > > Stuff that’s less good > > * She doesn’t have enough ways to play around plants. > * Her passive isn’t as fun as a passive should be. > * Plant behavior often feels inconsistent / buggy > > Here’s what we’re trying to get out of the Zyra changes > > * Zyra’s playstyle has more opportunities to play around plants. > * Players who attack an entrenched Zyra should be very afraid. > * Zyra’s strategic nature as a counter-initiator is even stronger. > > That’s all the thoughts for the initial post. I’m happy to answer questions and join in the discussion, I’ll be following the thread as it develops! > > Good hunting, > 20thCenturyFaux {{champion:143}} Hi! I have adored Zyra since the day she came out for personal reasons and also her play style. She's one of the few champions I closely connect with in terms of her play style. I agree with most of what the commentators and you about Zyra. My tendencies for playing Zyra are usually default mid and more counter as support. **Zyra support and Zyra Mid** Playing Zyra as mid is really safe and fun but playing her support is really exciting. When i play zyra mid, her range usually out ranges other mid laners and her plants give her the ability to farm champions being very far. She becomes aggressive when other champions ignore her plants or they get close enough to root successfully but for the most part its waiting on them being out of position. If the enemy champion has range or take initiative of killing zyra's plants, it becomes a farming game more. Playing Zyra bot/support its a lot easier to catch champions out of position by utilizing the bush or fog of war. Her seeds are pretty good temporary wards and her damage can exceed the other supports. Unfortunately, I don't think shes much of a support for the ADC. When I play Zyra bot it seems like I tend to out damage the adc since her plants decimate the adc AND support together. When I reach lvl 6, one root would be enough to combo the adc to death. Shes great assisted damage but if the adc dies or doesn't try to last hit the enemy champs, Zyra will always get the kill. IN A SENSE, I play Zyra bot when I wanna open the opportunity of getting kills faster. If i played Zyra will a full support build and somehow manage to not get the kills, she becomes the weakest link. Shes already a fragile flower so if she doesn't have the damage to make up for it than she becomes a vegetable buffet. Her CC alone isn't good enough to make up for her lack of damage and easy death. **Zyra Play Style ** I think my favorite thing about her (play-style) is that she can really keep her range and seemingly not be in the fight. Most players are shocked by Zyra's damage when her plants attack. I hardly ever attack if a seed isn't up. I love hatching a plant and sneaking an auto attack on the champion to direct the plant's damage. Her plants are the source of her true damage similar to {{champion:74}} Heimerdinger's turrets or {{champion:420}} Illaoi's tentacles. I think the only problem with her plants/seeds is that they are so much of a set up and not enough of them. I believe that there needs to be some kind of punishment for the opposing player if they ignore killing her plants. (Kinda like if you let one weed grow in the garden without killing it, it spreads and potentially ruins everything). We see these types of punishments in {{champion:74}} Heimerdinger's turrets or even Caitlyn's traps. If you let them just sit their they can really mine up the field and become a real obstacle. Zyra's plants should have a similar feel, right now her plants seem like {{champion:268}} Azir's soldiers, theres typically only two of them that you rely on. The huge difference is that her plants die too fast to be that reliable. THAT BEING SAID, timing for plants and positioning are super important to get the desired poke in so it makes it more enjoyable. **ZYRA'S PASSIVE** Her passive is kind of middle finger to the apposing player. I love the idea of Zyra dying, becoming one with the earth and using her last bit of strength to give a potential devastating blow. It becomes really extra and less competitive with other DD's Passives. The only true punishment to her passive is in team fights when they are grouped up and forget Zyra's passive. I've noticed that extra burst of damage can really turn the tables a bit in assisting damage, so I do see good things happening in her passive. I think the idea of Zyra's death passive is great, its just not enough. I think 2 really cool directions that her death passive can go is more damage or revival. In terms of her plant theme, revival/rejuvenation could be a good source for inspiration in her passive. For example, similar to {{champion:154}} Zac or {{champion:34}} Anivia, waht if when Zyra dies her corpse turns into a seed and during her death time, another ally champion has the opportunity of reviving her (Kinda like Call of duty when you die and your friend has X amount of time to come and revive you). In order to expand on her damage aspect of her passive, i think it would be cool if when she dies and turns into a new plant who does constant damage like Karthus. For example, If she dies, she comes back as a stationary big plant with 2 smaller plants and able to auto attack with X amount of damage and stays alive for a decent amount of time unless enemy champions kill her new form. (Kinda like {{champion:14}} Sion who comes back a zombie and needs to put to death or just dies in time) Anyways, sorry for the long post, I'm a big fan of Zyra and love to add input!
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: Wait... i bought this ticket a few weeks ago and had to pay $150 and now its $30????
> [{quoted}](name=MarkidyMark,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Q2VlQdzy,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-11-03T23:18:33.367+0000) > > Wait... i bought this ticket a few weeks ago and had to pay $150 and now its $30???? Can i talk to a head about this???
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Wait... i bought this ticket a few weeks ago and had to pay $150 and now its $30????


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