: Let's settle this once and for all! Is the support item change a buff or a nerf? - An Analysis -
I would prefer they completely remove mages' ability to support along with assassins and marksmans like senna. As for tanks and enchanters, I think they both deserve a buff if anything. NOT THEIR DAMAGE THOUGH DONT BUFF THEIR DAMAGE THAT ISNT THEIR ROLE.
Anhydrax (NA)
: Top lane is terrible in Preseason 10
I mean they completely destroyed rift herald. Even if you could get 3 of the new ones it wouldn't make the reworked herald better than a single old one. Moreover, whoever wins the deathball game wins the game now because of how the new drakes work.
Tolinar (NA)
: I think that even after my Support item is upgraded, I still can't farm. No gold for me. Ever. Enforced poverty is a garbage mechanic. I can't even play a transition champ. Gold dependent supports are toast. Taric will never be viable again.
I prefer metas where champions like taric or alistar are viable because that's basically the most healthy state for botlane. I don't care so much about diversity, I just don't want toxic champions and combos to become the norm.
: anyone else getting massive fps drops
I can run witcher 3 on ultra all settings but this client and game smashes my computer like a delicate eggshell.
: Patch 9.23 notes
When is the ranked reset? I've been looking all over and I can't see a date lol.
MickuPgBz (EUW)
: Please don't keep support items this way.
I think that riot is onto something with these items. While ADCs are complaining about getting bursted 100-0 after getting hit by a single skillshot, what they really meant was they wanted a bruiser or assassin to come into their lane and do it instead. Only this time without the skillshots. Honestly if botlane stays like this I'm just going to have to quit adc, I've played adc for like 6 seasons and stuck through season 7 but this is just ridiculous.
: riot wants everyone to be around 50% winrate is why.... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Riot doesn't really care about your winrate in and of itself. But if the average player could climb to their desired rank easily through dedication and then stop playing because they reached their goal, it would hurt their profit margins. Of course, Riot will never admit to fixing the algorithm in such a manner, because if they have no qualms with fixing tons of low level matches who's to say they won't do the same in Worlds to maintain customer engagement? If they admitted to fixing the algorithm I couldn't imagine their customer base would ever trust anything they do again.


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