Fawksea (EUW)
: Riot just give everyone a 10% reduced damage debuff for like, a week.
I 100% support this because it would be a ridiculous buff to enchanters.
Sohleks (NA)
: Also I like how it's a bugfix but it warrants a large spot in the champion patch section.
It's too good of a meme to not let it in. Both .25 seconds *and* right through the counter strike? That deserves an in game notification.
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k28VGjbs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-21T03:08:25.371+0000) > > Nah, I remember people saying it was 51.5% somehow. > > You're right tho, the majority of people said it was 35%. I just remember the 51% more because it was more outlandish. Perhaps you were remembering a discussion regarding Graves? Skirmisher Saber, Death's Dance and Phantom Dancer was a regular build for him and it got pretty close.
Yeah yeah, that's right. Thanks for filling that gap in my knowledge.
: Noone ever said that. the number used was 35% IIRC. And effectively it is when Lifesteal is as strong as it is. It not as if people pulled shit out of thin air they supported that argument with Math
Nah, I remember people saying it was 51.5% somehow. You're right tho, the majority of people said it was 35%. I just remember the 51% more because it was more outlandish.
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AmazoX (EUW)
: Remember when {{champion:240}} was shown the first time? The Boards went nuts.
Davaken (EUW)
: I think people are overreacting to Zoe's release. Yeah, sure she was overpowered, but there have been way more op releases througout leagues history, and all the unfun that comes with it. Just kinda sad that Riot were so slow at toning her down.
It's not that she's OP, it's that she is completely un-fun to play against. you can dodge 10 paddle stars, but the 11th will result in your death. She can chunk (or straight up one shot you, there are some good LCS clips of this) from literally screens away.
: *memory restored* I remember the good ol' days of harassing Art Team members to fix the servers.
>I remember the good ol' days of harassing Art Team members to fix the servers. people still do this lmao.
: Rioters don’t tend to comment on those things because people will literally knit pick words and use it against them.
E.G. "We are looking into an anti shield item for season 8"-Meddler, some time around patch 8.1 IIRC. *patch 8.2 rolls around* "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SHIELD ITEM YOU PROMISED MEDDLER? BALANCE TEAM NEEDS TO BE FIRED."
: I think for the most part surrendering at 15 is crazy. I rarely believe that a game is over before 15 minutes, and the few times I do think it's over are either because of a D/C or troll/inter (the real ones not just my top laner dying and the teleporting and dying). I feel that as seasons have progressed, so has player skill. The only thing seeming to be lagging behind is mentality. So many players tilt after dying once or seeing an ally die- they forget it is apart of the game. Additionally, I see a lot of people play scaling champs and then say "omg noob jung plz report 9x didn't gank" when the jungler is level three and top side, and they lost their own 2v2. I really do think that most if not all games are worth playing out. Especially in lower elos (bronze-plat) players make mistakes and throw their leads. Play out the game, fix your attitude, and climb the ladder!
I totally agree. In low elo (plat and lower) games are very rarely over at 15 min. Anyone who says "GG" when the score is 6-0 and the enemy god first blood tower is just kidding themselves. I cannot speak for diamond+
: People have been asking for 15 minute surrenders since like season 2 and 3. I agree games can be over super fast nowadays, but you're using the wrong reasoning.
It's just more circlejerking about low game times. Nothing to see here.
: To be honest, this trick applies to every lane. As a matter of facts, people in higher elo even fake their movement, pretending to go for the cs and then moving another direction to predict the attack.
Yeah, I didn't mean to say that this was bot lane only, but it just really effected how I play soraka bot. I went from landing maybe 25% of Qs to about 60% of Qs in the laning phase, depending on who I face.
: Getting notifications makes me happy
> [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=v7VRFjEc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-02-20T20:16:03.765+0000) > > Getting notifications makes me happy I enjoy getting notifications most of the time because it usually means that I'm getting into a good conversation with someone. When I get 10+ notifications, it usually means I fucked up. Especially if I made a post late at night while I was tilted. I made a rant post about Fiora being great gameplay design sometime during season 6 and woke up to like 30 people telling me that I was retarded. (slight exaggeration). I've had a mild fear of notifications ever since.
: The problem with this season and comparison to the previous ones is that it is more punishing for bad players.If your team plays poorly(or you play poorly) in a single or couple players early game its a death sentence. In previous season if you died a couple times you could buy a few defensive items and play passive till you could get into the game. This season if the enemy gets a few kills they start snowballing out of control. Your Opinion is unpopular for a reason. It's because it fails to address the difference between this season and every other season. As far as the "adapt to the new season" nonsense. Games would need to last long enough to learn anything really. Theres so much that goes wrong with a game so quickly now its hard to break down what you could of done, if you could of done anything to begin with. I mean its not just scrubs in low elo saying this stuff, it goes all the way to challenger tier.
>As far as the "adapt to the new season" nonsense. Games would need to last long enough to learn anything really. I am currently learning tons about the game right now in my ranked games. Games don't need to last 40 minutes for you to realize where you fucked up at the 5 min mark. There is still no excuse for you not to climb other than that you are poor at playing the game. Millions of other people are doing a fine job at adapting and climbing through rank, *why can't you?*
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: > [It's a defeatist attitude that has started permeating the league community, which is a self fulfilling prophecy. Everyone has extremely snowbally games now and then, especially during preseason. So then people start thinking that all games are going like that, and that they can't win if they get behind early. So if they get behind in a game, they stop trying as much, stop putting in the effort that might actually win them the game. In turn, all this does is make all the complaints about snowball and "game is lost at 3 minutes" true, as everyone just gives up.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/bfYGERxR-where-has-the-ambition-gone?comment=0001)
I totally agree. I think that most games are winnable and that "The Boards" just tries to exaggerate things constantly to draw blame away from themselves. A first blood does not mean you lost game. A first blood tower does not mean you lost game. A Herald does not mean you lost game. An infernal does not mean you lost game. Your Nexus being destroyed means you lost the game. For the love of god, don't call GG at 4 min when your bot lane dies. It's gonna be fuckin fine as long as you play it safe and smart.
: What Made You Stop Playing a Game You Loved?
Oblivion: Makes me motion sick, don't know why. Skyrim: It's been two months since my last character, so another is on it's way, but I've played so much of this game that I basically know everything that happens. League: I quit for a while when I realized it was making me too angry. The Long Dark: I got really tired of the gameplay loop and the campaign mode is just a bunch of fetch quests. Trove: It's literally just a huge skinner box system. There's always something better to get and always someone better than you. There is *very* little real gameplay tho. Cube World: Wollay stopped updating it :( Minecraft: I'm not creative enough to have fun playing the game. Every once and a while I'll sit down and try and build some stuff, but that's pretty rare. Blitzcrank's poro roundup: Beat the game, pretty fun, 10/10 would reccomend. Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap: The controls suck ass and the last boss is just a huge fuck you. Don't Starve: I don't really like how you are forced to spend the first 10 days walking if you want to survive in the game and having a giant come and just fuck up everything isn't fun, but to each their own. Kingdom's of Amalur: Reckoning: Fights are super repetitive. There is very little variance in quests, weapons, and skills. Once you hit level 20 it starts to feel like you've basically seen everything the game has to offer and everything else is just a re-skin. Factorio: My silly human brain can't keep up with the level of automation required. Starbound: It gets really repetitive after a while. Terraria: I've beaten the Moon Lord and seen most of what the game has to offer, but I still sit down and play a bit every once and a while. Stardew Valley: Super fun, relaxing game, but I finished the community center and did most of the in game stuff so I didn't really see a point in playing. I had the same kind of issue with Minecraft, I'm not creative enough to keep it going. Overwatch: I suck ass at FPS games and I don't like the meta in that game. Everything feels like you die in .2 seconds from a headshot. It's just not fun IMO. Starcraft 2: Trying to micro everything makes my head hurt, a lot. Clash of Clans: After T.H. 9 it stopped being fun because I didn't feel like I was progressing any more. Clash Royale: Fucking legendaries. Kids can buy cards and totally stomp you because they have way better cards. Even if their strategies are shit they can still win EZ because they dropped $60 and you didn't. Hearthstone: Basically the same as Clash Royale. Portal Knights: It's just...boring. Crackdown 2: Beat the game. Pokemon Black, Platinum, and Soul Silver: Beat the games. All super fun, I love a good pokemon challenge. Pokemon Moon: Extremely easy. I didn't even have to try to grind for levels or anything. It's so easy it's boring. Pony Island: Beat the game. 10/10 would reccomend. It's a weird ass 2 hours of puzzle solving, but fuck it's fun.
: Dark Souls: nobody plays it anymore Dark Souls 2: nobody plays it anymore World of Warcraft: the last good/fun expansion was cata robocraft: had call of duty-like progression, but then they decided to make it a pay to win lootbox shit fest and threw all real progression out the window
> [{quoted}](name=Unrefõrmed,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8T0cXc1Z,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-02-19T09:35:19.799+0000) > > Dark Souls: nobody plays it anymore > > Dark Souls 2: nobody plays it anymore > > World of Warcraft: the last good/fun expansion was cata > > robocraft: had call of duty-like progression, but then they decided to make it a pay to win lootbox shit fest and threw all real progression out the window Oof, the robocraft one is too real. It's so pay to win now that it's not even remotely fun.
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GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fhV5L1PB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-20T01:03:29.423+0000) > > That would make it totally busted lmao. So having it as a freely purchaseable item makes it not busted?
> [{quoted}](name=GigglesO,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fhV5L1PB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-20T02:10:39.711+0000) > > So having it as a freely purchaseable item makes it not busted? The problem comes in this: _stopwatch has only 1 use_. A summoner spell with a stasis effect would either have to have a *massive* cooldown, E.G. 5+ minutes, or run the risk of completely invalidating spells like barrier or heal. It would add a second "zhonyas" against assassins which would hurt them a lot. Trying to catch out ADCs in the mid-late game would be far harder because instead of a 1 use item that would probably be used by the time 25+ minutes roll around, they have a multiple time use summoner spell that is far better at negating burst then heal is.
: Which is annoying because ADCs are still _very_ scared of mages even in the mid/late-game when they're on equal ground, as a mage usually outranges them and can pop them with a single rotation. The only exceptions to this are people like {{champion:29}} , {{champion:67}} , or {{champion:81}} along with maybe a few others who can generally dodge the combo-starter from most mages or simply outrange most mid-range mages like {{champion:61}} and {{champion:163}} . Even with supports to protect them a mage can still deal tremendous amounts of damage and unless you have a {{champion:40}} or {{champion:117}} blowing everything on you prematurely you might still die. But I guess I can't argue against the ADC hate-train :/ edit: also it's nice to see you
nice to see you too <3
GigglesO (NA)
: Change stopwatch to a Summoner Spell
That would make it totally busted lmao.
: Unless they're lategame Vayne they still are, without their team
People on the boards like to circlejerk about how weak mages are because they're bad at playing them. Nothing unusual here.
: Unpopular Opinion: "Unpopular Opinion" threads just express an opinion shared by the majority
I occasionally make truly "unpopular opinion" threads that tend to get totally shit on because well, they're unpopular. I've strayed away from making them though because I don't like getting called a retard for 5h straight.
: I mean he isn't actually quitting it.
He's literally saying "I might be back next week." It's not like the sky is falling.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dead flag blues,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0w2fjF7o,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-02-19T23:05:25.058+0000) > > The way to get it is way too cheap {{item:3123}} is only 800 golds, {{item:3076}} is only 1000 golds and the Morello rework is going to give the same to AP champions. If at least it was harder to apply it... Champions like {{champion:16}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:266}} become most of the time irrelevant once the item is bought, since they're supposed to sustain during fights. Meanwhile, marksmen with {{item:3072}} + The rune that gives life-steal aren't remotely affected by it...
: The fed top isn't useless because of the enemy ADC, it's useless because of the enemy support. Put a fed top lane main against a fed ADC and you have a dead ADC.
Zullar (NA)
: Hah. Yeah it has been too long since his last re-work (don't they schedule Ryze re-works every 4 months or so)? It's strange. Ryze is ~43% win rate, but used in competitive. Unsure why the lowest win rate top/mid champ sees pro play?! Wait till the AP item re-work in 8.4. If that goes live Ryze will be crazy.
>Unsure why the lowest win rate top/mid champ sees pro play?! his ult is huge in pro play because of the higher levels of coordination. Also managing his E is super difficult, only the best of the best can pull it off effectively.
Doozku (NA)
: That old ryze was super fun to play even tho he was busted as hell. I loved when no one expected my damage then i would oneshot the enemy mid at level 3.
I legit 1v5 penta'd with him. He was beyond stupid.
Poske (EUNE)
: Understandble As consistently one of the top le blancs world Trust me she is strong its mainly because of double revolver/Sheen/lichbane on hit proc but boards are stuck with rushing gunblade and complaining about her and her gunblade build. and yes season 5 was prob the best season
tbh i only liked s5 because that was when ryze was busted as hell.
: Its pretty much a free kill if you ward it, and that jungler will of lost all that time he could of been clearing and ganking. If you catch them and kill them you basically won the entire early game as a jungler
Oh definitely. The main problem is that I'm a support player, so leaving lane can be risky sometimes. As long as I play it right tho it is a free kill/time wasted.
Poske (EUNE)
: It gutted lb? Rework gutted lb? XD she needed 6 nerfs afterwards and she is still at 49-50% winrate while being highskillcap champ
the only knowledge I have of LB is from LB mains bitching on the boards, so I just assumed she was gutted because everyone says she was.
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: Yeah, its like asking for a replay is wrong... When someone says something egregious I usually ask for a replay or any proof \>I got matched with silver 2 when I'm Gold 1?? \>\>Link to match? \>Look at this game Imaqtpie got matched with a D2 player, this proves it! \>\>Yeah but it only happens in challenger because not enough players.. \>\>\>It happens all the time to me and im gold! \> Link to match? Cycle continues.. Or \>0/6 Kayn 1-shot me wtf?!? \>\>Replay? \>\>\>It happens all the time idiot downvoted In the end its always the same: no proof for anything.
I know the kayn game that you were talking about and somehow the dude ended like 21/16, so clearly he wasn't doing that terribly. I never ended up getting a replay for it either. I think people just really dislike dissenting opinions or people who don't instantly side with them so they just downvote automatically.
: I was watching EU LCS, and they were talking about winning stats on teams who got first tower. It seems teams that get first tower lose more, same as teams who got first blood. it was like 40% win rate for first tower. 44% win rate for first blood, and 36% win rate if you got first tower and first blood.
Possibly because people get overconfident and throw their lead
: Can you use Champ shards for Mastery 6 and 7?
Yes you can use a champ shard of kled to craft a mastery 7 with no additional BE cost.
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: It really is sad how easily posts get to the front page for the wrong reasons
I get spam downvoted and drowned out for just saying that, barring a few exceptions, I like the current state of the game. People don't want discussion, they just want to circlejerk about how OP damage is right now, how busted tanks are, how busted adcs are, and complain about things that happened in their games with 0 context. If you ask for cs/items/a replay on a post where someone is complaining about getting blown up by an enemy, you'll get downvoted and rarely get a reply. It's really sad honestly.
: Riot, I think your support page's error 404 page needs updating
That's actually super funny. Thanks for pointing this out to me.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Thresh is too strong
Nah you just keep facing good thresh players.
kaironen (NA)
: Don't you need a reddit account for it? If you do I currently don't have an account but I could try to get 1 later on. I honestly never used or at least barely used reddit before.
you do need a reddit account, but it takes like 1 minute to set one up. r/summonerschool is completely devoted to teaching others how to play the game. It's worth it just for that sub.
: I remember that one time where if your bot lane was ass you could still win
I too remember the days when riven or renekton got 2-3 kills in lane, you were totally fucked. God those days were terrible.
kaironen (NA)
: When do you buy Ancient Coin on Supports?
Try posting this question to r/summonerschool on reddit. They have a lot of very helpful players over there
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: Please elaborate, why do you prefer current League over Season 5, as you mentioned?
Because I like Herald, I like the current Drake system, and I love plants. The only thing I didn't like about the MYMU was Malzahar, and the assassin update just kinda sucked all around (the only thing I liked was that it gutted LB). EDIT: I also like the tower first blood system.
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: Some reasons why the old League might have been better
Subdue (NA)
: I Like the Current State of the Game
I agree. Barring Zoe and the upcoming Baron changes, I like the way the game is headed right now. I've been having loads of fun.
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