: I didnt ask you
What Eedat said. If you pulled your head out of your ass you'd see that 20% playrate 54% winrate is enough to warrant a nerf.
: *Ahri has the same stats 5 months ago* Boards: *silent* *Ahri's stats are suddenly observed* Boards: AAAAAAAAAAAAH FAVORITISM!
People point it out constantly but every time someone does it's usually buried underneath people with 0 arguments but a lot of downvotes. That's how things work around here. >Ignore real issues and complain about trivial shit
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Zarvanis (NA)
: When your teammates are arguing before the minions even spawn
TFW the adc goes to solo invade and feeds first blood
Eedat (NA)
: Midlaners that counter Ahri
Finally people are realizing that Ahri is overpowered and has been for some time.
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: We’re updating our policy so unusual play styles don't get 14 day bans
I think that this isn't a great call. A toxic player is a toxic player whether he is swearing incessantly in chat or is forcing his botlaner to 2v1. A toxic player is a toxic player if he has a winrate of 30% or 53%. The community needs to stop whining.
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: So whats up with Ahri's Winrate
Never. She's too generalist and she'll always be good. I think it's ridiculous and I hate how she's allowed a free pass in midlane 24/7
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: Ivern has a high winrate because he can cheese
Im pretty sure people don't fall for this shit in diamond where he still has a 54% winrate.
: Stats don't matter if you survive till late game
that nidalee build is quite the sight to see
All i know is that a few times i played with int feeders playing the most ridiculous roles screaming "ultimate bravery" in all chat. I don't think anyone wants to play that X10
ursachio (EUNE)
: When I know if I mastered ryze?
You'd gotten pretty close to mastering ryze when you get to challenger with him
: This Is Why You Don't Let Spells Crit
welp i know who i'm banning next
: Sorry it's hard coded into our software that any Lulu players on Marshbouy's team will feed
Oh darn. I'm pretty sure the real reason is just chance and/or people seeing lulu is strong right now and playing her without understanding her kit.
CatabdCreed (EUNE)
: No words huh?
want some words? You were 116 cs off from 250 cs, had 6 less assists than you claimed, and placed a pitiful 5 wards.
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CatabdCreed (EUNE)
: Just look at my history and u will see
i looked at your history and it's not there. link me to the match
CatabdCreed (EUNE)
: My s rank..
>23/1/8 game and 250 farm 23 mins that's bullshit.
: I'm just wondering if you think any Supports are needing any changes.
pls change it so that the lulus on my team stop feeding. :T
: @Riot SMH!!! Misleading information AND a nerf
It actually is badly worded. I didn't realize that this morning when i first read it. Assuming that they would give her back her old ult completely out of the blue is a little silly though.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.6, Galio rework
Did you see any real difference in power between pre and post buff lux? I strongly doubt that there will be any real shift in her winrate because her damage was not affected, she still has her glaring weaknesses, and her ult is still only going to be used once per teamfight.
: spaghetti code ftw
Not spaghetti code. Just riot focusing on releasing the champion rework before fixing his bot AI.
: Cool now can Ahri and Orianna have weaknesses like every other midlaner?
: Every think damage dealt is what make them good LMAO
In one of my recent games I played tryndamere and my team was being a load of clowns. They played ARAM mid past 20 minutes for the whole game while I was splitpushing. The most ridiculous part was that they were flaming and ping spamming me while i attacked towers. Needless to say they stopped flaming and ping spamming me when i got our first inhib.
Jbels (NA)
: To be perfectly honest, I would say anywhere from 8 to 13 minutes shorter. I remember when games used to stretch into the 40 minute mark consistently when both teams had good players (Which was WAY more often back then). Fuck, I remember an old LCS game that shattered the record for Longest final game time with like 80 minutes. Like, holy shit. I miss the old days, but I keep playing in the hopes that the game will stabilize at some point. I love this game, and I don't want to stop playing it
>I remember an old LCS game that shattered the record for Longest final game time with like 80 minutes There are 5 S6 or S7 games LCS longer than 73 minutes. One in season 6 hit 88 minutes. The top 10 longest games have 5 games from just S6 and S7. don't believe me? http://lol.esportspedia.com/wiki/List_of_Longest_Games EDIT: I'm only using this as a part of a post im going to write later. ignore this comment because i realized i sound like im trying really hard to attack you.
: Honest or not, you are not going to get answers with any amount of accuracy from a strawpoll. People are going to answer what they think the difference is, not what the difference was. You are going to have to search out the actual data if you want the answer for this one.
: Honestly I think FF20s being so prevalent and open mids at 10 minutes are dragging the current average game down to much lower than it actually is
: > I understand you need to make money, Riot, but nobody is going to give a flying fuck about gems if they're stupidly hard to get. You greatly underestimate the power of whales.
^ you'd think people would be smart enough not to spend thousands of dollars on a free game but you would be wrong.
Nostormo (EUNE)
: ,,Not cunning enough, you little f*cks." - Godly Lee Sin 2k17
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: Wait you can get gemstones with regular chests? I've never even heard of gemstones...
got a free chest got a gemstone (chest+key conversion) opened another chest got another gemstone (chest +key conversion) opened another chest got elementalist lux.
: Can we address the horrible RNG involved in getting gemstones?
They are supposed to be ridiculously rare for a reason. every skin in the game, barring a few of the legacy skins from early in the game, every goddamn skins is just "oh cool you spent $5-30". When I see a soulstealer vayne or hextech annie, i am legitimately impressed.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: "X Champion is getting a buff they don't deserve!!!"
This is literally every goddamn post on the boards right now.
: Lux gets a buff? So should Viktor
Yes because lux has had so much recent LCS play.
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: With how snowbally the game has gotten there has been 1 interesting aspect about it
I could have sworn dark seal singed was a thing the moment dark seal was added to the game. It's just too efficient of an item on him, especially with {{item:2033}}
: We'd be talking about a different kind of shaft and tip at parties ;)
: liking, disliking or even talking about Ascension gets you downvotes, you know better Marshbouy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v2VGckUv,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-20T23:55:27.763+0000) > > wait what Kindreds passive. If you mark champions and then participate in killing them or you kill a somewhat randomly mark jg camp you get a stack of the hunt. with each stack you q does more damage and your AA do % hp damage.If this has a limit i dont know about it.
I got mixed up and thought you were still talking about graves
Saïx (OCE)
: problem there is that "ahead" for graves is equal to "I got a kill"
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: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wfAvkJIp,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-20T23:21:14.118+0000) > > http://cooperscorner.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/72.jpg > EDIT: Oh god what the fuck is your FEK profile picture its lulu
I'm pretty sure that it is an abomination from the depths of hell.
: >Why should I even play Kindred when Graves exists Because you love the champion's kit and consider yourself a dedicated main
Yeah OP is basically asking "why play any one champion when i could just main FOTM"
: Potential infinite AD scaling and a fight changing ult
>Potential infinite AD scaling wait what
: Because if he falls behind early due to invades, bad ganks, or counterganks then he becomes a waste of a teamate who just eats all the cs in every lane in a desperate attempt to stay relevant while the real carries starve, the wonders why the game was lost when he has 400 cs but his team is only at 4 items and the enemy 4 item tank jungler won every teamfight by pressing r.
Basically this. Since graves needs to be in close range to deal damage and his inherent tankiness takes time to build, he needs to be ahead to do well.
: Kalista =/= Senna. Kalista was a general from the Ruined King's kingdom, not Demacia.
: "i should alter my pick because you want to play X" no thanks
: 🤔I haven't been able to get into a match for over an hour.🤔
http://cooperscorner.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/72.jpg EDIT: Oh god what the fuck is your FEK profile picture
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