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: >nonbiased > {{champion:238}} - has to land every single q after ulting to kill you unless you have literally 300 hp and no summoners and are standing still Okay, so zed has to play it flawlessly after ulting, I don't agree, but what are your other examples? >{{champion:43}} press empowered q as a full ap champ ????????? >{{champion:114}} has to ulti you and then proc every vital How is this a one shot? She has to run you down...
I mean the Karma one is definitely doable since the total AP Ratio of the RQ is 150%. Still, it takes a lot of AP and tears to get to that point, and because it can usually be soaked up by a frontline, gaming for REs is usually bettter.
Wuks (NA)
: Happy 4th of July
Happy Treason Day, you ungrateful colonists.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 4
What? Are you in office? Why are you not at home?
: Would buy for 4800 BE.
Question: Why did you go to Ghostcrawler from Deathshrimp?
: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/main-stats It says something when people who main yasuo average silver V. Its like just stop. Go do 4000 normals if you gotta just stop playing ranked. I mean why hurt everyone else?
It actually used to be historically higher. Like around S2.
: Riot: "Hey guys, we couldn't bear the thought of losing money on Dark Star Cho..."
Dark Star Cho'Gath was a skin made through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. All proceeds go to various charities around the world during the time the skin is on sale.
Rioter Comments
: Yasuo: At 42% winrate. He was at least 2-3% below the second-weakest person in the game. Karma: 44-45% winrate. Not good by any means, but actually not the weakest either. She can last until the patch. Your statement would be accurate if they had the same winrate. But Yasuo was quite objectively the worst champion in the game. Currently, Tristana is slightly worse than Karma, however.
Rioter Comments
: When {{champion:157}} is weak: Gets hotfixed immediately. When {{champion:43}} is weak: Gets nerfed even more. I hate Riot's favoritism. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
I'm just going to interject as a Karma main and say that Karma is a lot more problematic in higher tier than Yasuo ever was. Yasuo was worthy of a hotfix because he was terrible and his issues were easy to fix. Karma? not so much.
: Karma gets fucked once again " I disrupted my meditation for this?!" {{champion:43}}
: But this {{champion:157}} was compensated on the spot. Let that sink in.
Hi, Karma main here. Yasuo when 8.11 hit live was unbelievably terrible, and the buffs were fully justifiable because unlike Karma, A. Yasuo is not problematic in pro play, and B. Yasuo's problems that caused his weaknesses were incredibly straight forward, since his issue was damage scaling due to IE being reworked. I would like compen buffs to tide us over, but that doesn't seem too likely at this point.
: > [{quoted}](name=meowwow7,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0dANcVoE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-10T22:48:36.631+0000) > > or how ahead was the yi He was 2/3/3 and i was a 4/4 lux
N63 (NA)
: Pantheon needs a rework.
Yeah he's a bit of a problematic champion, given the scope of his kit and how rather dated he is. He (and Morde) are the last champs with ridiculous feet.
: mf recommended item change is bad
Lethality is better vs squishy targets, 100 armour doesn't necessarily equate to squishy though.
: Why is Yasuo getting hotfix buffed after a single day?
The winrate in Plat+ is 44% for both, which is abysmal for any champion unless they were a new addition to the cast. Most champions in that range get a hotfix after a major patch hits.
Taylor D (NA)
: Why does Nimbus Cloak get auto swapped on Jayce?
He already gets bonus movement speed from his passive when he switches from Hammer to Cannon, or vice versa
: To be fair, Kalista has exactly two things that separate her from "generic clickbot v19". The ally mechanic, which is really neat and I'd actually like them to see play up at some point, but is currently played down. And her hops, which is the main skill mechanic and her identity that she's focused around, but is **raw unfiltered cancer** to play against when it's strong, so they had to nerf it to where it's basically not even there. I feel *bad* for Kalista players, but at the same time, her design is around the toxicity of pre-rework Poppy. I think if they just *removed* the hops (they're not integral to her lore, or her gameplay pattern, they're just 'there') they could focus her around the ally mechanic significantly more, but I don't know how *attached* people are to her hops.
Balancing around the ally mechanics are by far the worst thing that Riot has done to this champion, and making them the central part of her kit will just make Kalista even worse in Solo Q. Fate's Call, and Sentinel's passive are terrible design. Kalista will have 0 agency to use them in Solo Q when her support is bad/ non-cooperative, and it will just make her more oppressive in a duo lane with communication, Kalista is nigh impossible to lane against when her support is good. Buffing those aspects will just make it worse.
: After three hours, this post has not received a single upvote.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3l5LV40x,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-05-25T15:09:18.251+0000) > > You don't need to "completely nullify" a champion's healing to make them useless. > > You just need to nullify enough of that healing that they're gonna die if they fight you. > A 40% reduction is massive for champions like {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} who tend to get pretty damn low in fights but rely on their heals to not die immediately. And every single one of those champions is an absolute terror to deal with, and utterly unkillable, if you do not apply Grievous Wounds to them. They will stomp you into the ground without much room for retaliation because of the high HP and absurd damage they can do. So sure, it hurts them, but the alternative is to watch them steamroll all over you with no chance of fighting back.
They have significant weaknesses that can be attributed to the nature of their kits. Darius, Illaoi,and Volibear can be kited, Vladimir has very low lane priority, Aatrox has been a meme for a while. They aren't unkillable, and they have an alternative playstyle that is harder to counter because it's not a common norm.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
Progress on Karma seems to be pretty slow, especially since the discussions that were promised for the beginning of the year last year has been pushed back to an indefinite period of time. Until then, can we have a little buff to tide us over? Especially with the removal of Ultimate Hat, and the nerf to Banner? Thanks.
Bultz (NA)
: ***
Sorry, hate to break it to you. You're now a meme in r/karmamains. > [{quoted}](name=Bultz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lwOWfjhb,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-22T22:27:40.008+0000) > > Cause league is about who is the worst on your team, not the best. And you just admitted that you are bad at the game.
: I got a Jhin tattoo for my 20th birthday.
Bultz (NA)
: ***
I have no chill btw xd
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Masala Chai,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZkbtTrjK,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-21T20:15:24.694+0000) > > Karma is an easy champion with a respectable skill ceiling, she has an extremely hard time succeeding without dreadful Silver Yasuo mains who are seen as a complete doofus by those within the Yasuo community running it down into her Qs and fighting her in full creep waves. Lmaooo says the Karma main who only climbed elo from abusing a broken champion. Cause shielding yourself, stunning a laner who can’t outrun you because of the ms buff, then nuking them with 1 spirit fire is at all skilled.
I hit Plat off of Kalista and Elise last season. They're both dumpster fires of champions, and Karma is too. Guess you should say that Lulu and Janna are complete ape shit because Lulu legit can have permashield and Janna has 3 disengage tools. Talk to the real men who can actually play Yasuo instead of the kids mindlessly facerolling till their brain starts rotting. All honesty, you're the only one laughing at me, everyone else is laughing at you.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tuition Fee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZkbtTrjK,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-05-21T20:00:37.112+0000) > > Broken is a busted champion who is unbalanced. > By my definition, champions who are easy to play and very strong such as Yi are broken. > A low winrate means not everyone is a god with her, and that there is counterplay potential. lol not at all. Just because a lot of people are bad with a champion doesn't mean it is balanced lmao
Karma is an easy champion with a respectable skill ceiling, she has an extremely hard time succeeding without dreadful Silver Yasuo mains who are seen as a complete doofus by those within the Yasuo community running it down into her Qs and fighting her in full creep waves.
: I can't believe you so willingly posted a video of you getting outplayed for days, and not knowing when to back off. It's a team game, son. Stop 1v1'ing.
That's not him though This is him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=salmxEtnhJk
ErZinga (EUW)
: Will be Championship Zed aviable?
Championship skins are available in the time leading up to Worlds, and the Worlds mainstage. Expect it to drop back in the shop in October!
: Can someone explain to me how "smurfing" is actually fun?
1. Diamond meta is super stale, x champs get banned every game, then x gets picked every game. There isn't really much diffrence with the exception of y mains and z one tricks, but you get the idea. In Silver, you can pick whatever you want and climb. 2. Top of the ladder games have more structure and are less enjoyable as a result. 3. We can play new champs in ranked and still win because of game knowledge.
: Now that Yasuo has reached pick or ban status in pro play...
Not really pick or ban, he has the same pick status as champions like Taliyah. But he isn't at 100% P/B like Rakan or Ornn. But does he need a nerf? Evaluate his solo Q standings, because he isn't ruining pro play quality in the same vein as Kalista or Azir did. Just because a champion is good in pro play doesn't mean it needs a warrant to get nerfed. If it is ruining pro play because it results in low interactivity lanes like Taliyah, then it has a warrant to get nerfed. Yasuo is more interactive that other laners, even if the interaction can feel like bullshit sometimes. But he isn't overtly oppressive in solo Q either.
: Why is toxicity not punished in Korea?
It's more or less to do with culture and language utilisation and systems. It's harder to punish for toxicity for verbal harassment because a lot of expressions in Korean have a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning, whereas in America things like the n****r and g**k have one singular meaning or b***h have two meanings but both are mildly offensive. "코쟁이" (which is the expression they used for Cow), has two meanings, it's literally nose-person, or more literally "Yankee" or someone of European heritage. It's mildly offensive, which is why I don't advise you to use that expression, but in a server which already has a world of toxicity due to the nature of the country, it's pretty mild. You can get punished for stuff like "쪽발이" (literally people with cloven feet, used for Japanese people), 때놈 (dirty creature, used primarily for Chinese people) and " 왜놈" (small Japanese creature) because they have very direct and offensive meanings. Korea is also really racist and less welcoming to foreigners than Americans are (coming from personal experience as a full Korean-American), I have been awed by how welcoming most Europeans and Americans have been to people from foreign countries, and I have been shocked how a society like yours can have made such a drastic 180 from nearly 150 years agoon the perspective of people from elsewhere. Korea has the really unfortunate geographical position of being essentially sandwiched between 3 regional powers who all want political hegemony. (Russia, China and Japan) we're less trusting of foreigners since we've been the victim of both hard power and soft power to them over the past millennia, and people still bring up Japanese pirates in the 18th century or Chinese vassal state from 200 years ago. Japanese and American occupation is still in living memory, and it's hard to disassociate these from each other. Thirdly, only three accounts can be registered per KSSN. Once you get permabanned 3 times, you're done and Tyler1 forever. You can no longer create any new League of Legends accounts unless you're US military personnel or you ask an old ajumma for either her phone number or her KSSN (which is mildly illegal). Fourthly, the main structure of Korean server population consists of students and young adults, they're already hella tilted from real life, and Riot is more lenient because of their current societal standing.
: New announcer is terribad
NA got the short end of the stick, CloudTemplar and Quickshot's are arguably much better.
: Anyone else very satisfied with autofill?
This is so much dramatically better than the previous system where you had people who would go "mid or feed" in champ select. It was really disheartening and an extremely negative experience.
: Most champs that need reworks have needed them for years so I don't think several patches makes any real difference on this issue. You're thinking really short term. Are you going to look back in a year and be like "Man I can't believe they delayed Irelia's rework for 2 patches when it was ready" Other than that, well you're simply not seeing eye to eye with Riot. They have said they wanted the game to be more stable. You are saying you want things fixed faster which means the meta would change more frequently. Every time there's a nerf it changes the meta. So we can't have both. Are you saying balance adjustments are more important than meta stability?
Big patches already substantially change metas as a structure. The issue is that these big patches often create problems which are not addressed in the following patch, which hence creates another shift in the metagame. A return to medium sized patches would probably allow every patch to be assembled to whether or not Riot wants to ensure stability or try more groundbreaking work. We've had nearly the same meta for nearly a year in the bounds of solo Q. The metagame is stale, bland, and some champion picks just don't go away because of how versatile and generalist they are. ie Janna Lulu etc.
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: I'm confused at why people are maining him if they don't find his kit satisfying.
Because of the other core thematics that make up the champion. I can tell you straight out of my mouth that Kalista and Karma mains don't find their kits particularly exciting (AP Karma players esp) or smooth (Kalista players). You can enjoy the core base thematic of being a spiritual guide or a spirit of vengeance without liking the kit perse or the state of the champion, but as long as that thematic remains, that champion will almost always have a dedicated playerbase.
: Wow a nice juicy pretentious wall of text from somebody who has literally never played Malphite (in ranked or normals) according to op.gg. He slows attack speed and deals damage. He's excellent against physical attackers even without his ult.
Here's the thing though, he doesn't feel very impactful outside of his ulti, and that's what a significant part of Malphite Mains have said on their subreddit. I'm talking about kit satisfaction, does he feel satisfying or match his game fantasy when he's just slapping people? Yeah he does slow attack speed, but his damage isn't very relevant without the base damage from his ult, and he may eventually turn into a stat stick. Speaking of which, a significant number of Malphite mains generally prefer to play him in a role that is outside of his intended playstyle as a tank, and more into the role of an AP diver.
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: his win rate is a bit below 50% with that high pick rate only because he is a safe champion and with that new double tear build you usually build gauntlet for even more mana so you are even safer. Ezreal had always good winrate to pick rate ratio due to his safe play pattern. but his pick rate increased just by 2% this patch and winrate actually has gone down due to people trying to use the new build but apperantly they fail because the build isnt as freelo as everyone are trying to make it look like.
Are you even reading my comment? How is champion balance relevant to why Ezreal is ruining every item that I loved?
: Of all broken champs that run rampart you choose to complain about ezreal that found a way to be a bit closer to meta. He is still sht compared to any crit based ADC.
No, I'm mad that Runeglaive and Spirit of the Elder Lizard don't exist anymore.
: Atleast he doesn't abuse tank items. ...Right?
Rioter Comments
Azadethe (NA)
: It really isn't. 80 AD item, with 20% going True damage is not way lower.
the 20% true damage only applies to crits, you will need a zeal item to do true damage.
: He is talking about the time in early season 7 when Jhin would almost never auto attack. He would build almost full lethality and pretty much only use W and ult in 80% of teamfights. This is the same time when Ziggs bot lane was meta. He was actually good in pro-play until the BorK changes (which let every ADC build bork efficiently - and killed Ziggs bot because he couldn't poke them down effectively anymore) Currently Jhin builds crit and is more auto-based (because a lot of his base damages etc got nerfed since). There are also reasons typical mages cannot function as a bot lane carry. Mage has a lot of reliance on levels AND gold. They rely much more heavily on base damages on their abilities, and items kind of grow their strength - but are only half of it. Whereas an ADC can be underleveled, but as long he has the gold for his items - he will be pretty much be just as effective as if he was a lot higher leveled. Riot would probably have to create a new mage champion _specifically_ for bot lane. They would need shit base damages, but really good AP scaling.
This is also the time that Lethality Varus was still a thing, and it was a thing in botlane too.
: Hi friends, this feature is being gradually enabled across regions, which is why it’s not available everywhere yet. I don’t have the specific rollout plan to share, but please be patient as the team makes it available. Sorry I don’t have more details, but didn’t want people worried it was bugged and not being addressed.
I really don't understand this. I patched to 8.9 yesterday at 3 PM PST utilizing the Korean client, and I was able to change my splash then on the NA server. Today, I can no longer change that since it appears the functionality was disabled. The splash legitimately works as is, but I can no longer change it, but it's not bugged otherwise.
: **NO**
Agreed, but this is a discussion post. I've covered some of the justifications as to why he is not, but if you want to add some more info other than no, please do.
: Not even close to it. Not unless you're playing Bronze/Silver. No metric out there supports the notion that he's OP, his win rate is sub 50%, his pick rate in competitive is non existent pretty much, high elo players consider him junk status compared to other mid/top laners and he's all around, way to skill reliant to ever be outright OP. Yassuo right now (one of the better Yasuo players), also considers him pretty shit right now.
Please read the ENTIRE body of my post, and CHECK THE TIMINGS OF YOUR SOURCES (were they made before Yasuo was **actually** pretty bad before the release of Conqueror?) before bringing discussion prompts in relation to what I have said.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: > The Question of the Ages: Is Yasuo OP? No, yasuo hasn't been overpowered since his nerf on the q stack duration and E damage
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