: My Personal Declaration
What if they're a support and they're o/4/20 or something? or even 0/4/6 for that matter?
: They must be specifically targeting you. What is that you know that the government don't want you to spread? You have to speak quickly before they silence you!
"I have information that will lead to Hillary Clinton's arrest."
: Biggest suspension conspiracy in the history of LoL.
In your previous clickbait forum post, you copy-pasted the email sent to you by Riot, saying: "Just received this message in my email: Greetings Stargazerone, Thanks for letting us know about your issue. I'll have to transfer you to our Player Behavior team, as they are the experts on this matter. This means there may be a short delay before you receive a response, but they will answer in this ticket so please bear with us while we transfer your issue! River Riot Games Player Support After 7 days and constant post on the boards this is SO PROOF how they are avoiding my ticket and don't have direct evidence of there being problems." (copy-pasted that so there is no question that is exactly what was said). You made that post 5 hours ago. It clearly says in the email " This means there may be a short delay before you receive a response, but they will answer in this ticket so please bear with us while we transfer your issue!". What about "there may be a short delay" do you not understand? With a company as large as Riot, with as many player support cases as they have, 5 hours is not a short delay. I would expect an answer within a few days.
: Time zones
Because that's 4 in the pacific time zone, where worlds are actually being hosted.
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterAK,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=Wf2GNO0m,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-17T23:01:43.070+0000) > > NOTE: I bought this account on ebay that was botted with illegal programs, that's why my champ mastery score is so low. Fixed
Our little secret {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Arkayed (NA)
: Scrub. Good players go 300-0.
You're right. I've won 281 in a row, 19 more should be no trouble.
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: Seasonal Maokai - 3250 RP
: I'm currently 1-0 in promos to bronze 2. Nothing tilts me more than people not just giving up, but intentionally feeding, to get the game over with faster because the rest of us think we can come back and refuse to surrender. It's not just when people give up and get tilted, it's when people outright refuse to do anything other than feed that I get unhappy. Another big thing that I didn't talk about was why you should avoid being toxic in games. If any of us were being toxic or said even one toxic thing when we did our little mini throw, that game was probably over. We simply said, "Alright, that was a mistake, we can't win teamfights without our tank, let's not do that again," and continued playing. We slammed our foot back onto that gas pedal and proceeded to win 6 minutes later.
I personally don't get tilted except when I am playing bad, if someone else is playing bad or being toxic it doesn't tilt me. Toxicity makes me lose faith in humanity though, like what's the point in getting mad at people on the internet that you're almost guaranteed to never meet again?
: how do i know which champion plays jungle,mid,top,support or bot?
Yes it matters. I would suggest just google the champion you want to play to know about it.
: No Game is Unwinnable
I can't stand when people die early (give first blood etc.) and then decide the game is over. I'm in bronze so all the people on my team (myself included) are terrible at this game and usually will give up way too early (not me on that one). One of my good friends is like this, my group of friends don't like to "abuse" the dynamic queue system so if we play together it's Ranked 5's or Normals, and we were in a normal game and my friend saw we picked an all AD team (honestly how does this happen when we're all in voice chat?) and he decided we lost the game there and decided we should ff at 20. I don't understand why people do things like this, as you said, almost no game is actually unwinnable.
: How to play against Master Yi?
Basically you have to hard cc (stun, silence, polymorph etc.) him when he's in his ult or counter jungle him hard early and shut him down before he scales up. As Ashe, if he ults, you can ult him to stun him and then you can focus him down.
: Welcome to the life of a jungler. Your laners are shit and you cant do anything about it.
Welcome to the life of a bronze support. Your adc's are shit and so are you so you can't do anything about it.
Teslyn (NA)
: Ability: Shedding
Sounds pretty op, there would need to be something in place to balance it. Maybe it could be a passive that works similar to Azir's?
: Ranked changes solve nothing
I personally don't mind the idea of dynamic queue. I like the concept of being able to play ranked with friends, actually. The thing is, the way Riot executed dynamic queue is terrible. I feel like this is a step in the right direction even though I think this is just gonna be like an even bigger badge of shame.
: The Classic Perma-ban rant. Again.
If you got permabanned you must've done a lot. There are multiple tiers of punishment leading up to a permaban, so Riot likely won't have any sympathy for your situation considering you had multiple punishments you could've reformed during and if you didn't reform with those punishments, why would you reform now? Also, I understand you probably had a good amount of champions and skins on your other account, but you can still get those same champions on a new account. Hell, you can buy them with IP and not spend a penny on RP if you really want.
: When to use flash?
When climbing through bronze on my main account, I noticed once you get to the higher tiers of bronze a lot of people use flash to secure kills and even to try and KS (_WHY??_ that always triggered me). There isn't really a moment where you can just say "oh if the jungler is within 500 units of you and your health is under 30% and they have more than 10% mana you flash away" it's all a judgement call. Generally if it's still in laning phase, it's better to try and hold on to your flash so you can have it in case you need to escape from a gank or anything else that could put you behind going into mid and late game.
: Post 20, Arams are slightly faster than Norms, simply duo to the fact the games are 15-20 minutes.
Thank you I will play ARAM then.
: Twisted Treeline is good for XP also cause the games are faster than Summoner's Rift
Yes I heard that but I think I'll just stick to ARAM thank you for the advice though.
Jaskko (EUW)
: If you want to get to lvl 30 you will need to sacrifice 3 things, 1. Money, 2. Time, 3. Life. Purchase per win XP boosts, 3-day xp boost(They stack?), Spend 10-16h of playing daily for the next 3 days. You'll find yourself lvl 30 + purchase ip boosts and you'll find yourself taking baths in IP.
Yes I bought boosts and have made it to level 20 in 3 days and I haven't had that much time to play in those 3 days, I'm sure I would be level 30 by know if I had more time.
: I have been told that after 20 to do normal because you lose a'lot of xp gain from bots when you hit 20.
I also heard that but since you are guaranteed to win the bots game wouldn't that still be more efficient?
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: why did i get banned for one game
It baffles me how everybody fails to see the STUPIDLY OBVIOUS SARCASM in this post and in op's replies to comments. They are completely dripping in sarcasm. I guess that's why /s is a thing. I assume this guy is actually fairly intelligent (he managed to trick everyone) and the "why did i get banned for one game" means something along the lines of "wow i only got banned for 1 game that's crazy" as opposed to "i can't believe i got banned" like most people seem to think it means. Honestly for someone so horrifyingly toxic, this post is actually quite clever and I believe it has accomplished its original goal to a T.
: I know what i did was equally as wrong as what they did. But this is literally the only game (except for like COD) that ive seen people quit because of how much people are just assholes to eachother in this. No-one can make a mistake, and if they do its your fault for feeding. It seems to me, riot should be banning flammers more than feeders. Edit: Yes flaming is in a ton of other games, but those games like TF2 and smite, have a system that makes flamers outted more than feeders or people who blow up because of flaming. In my opinion i think a system that gets rid of the flamers (or puts them in their own games like a special queue) would be a ton more effective than banning feeders, or people who get pissed at that sort of thing.
I agree that there definitely needs to be a better system to catch flamers in place, but as the saying goes: the second person is the one who gets caught.
: When am I eligible for hextech crafting again?
If you're the type of player who will intentionally feed because some people flame you, you need to learn it happens and either mute them all (you can still see pings) or stop playing online games, because while it may seem more prevalent here in League, flaming is a big deal in all other multiplayer team-based games as well. Also I'm not 100% sure, but I believe if you "show improvement towards being reformed" you will be able to earn hextech loot sooner than if you continue to intentionally feed/flame. And also, no matter what your team does to aggravate you, the chat logs only look at YOUR chat log, so "my teammates started it" is not a valid excuse.
: I'm pretty sure I hate this game.
Okay, I'm going to sound like an asshole I already know that, but I'll be careful with my word choice. Here goes: If you don't enjoy League anymore, leave. It's as simple as that. There is no point in posting a sob story (because that's what this is, even if you didn't make it with that intention) on the forums, because most people would reply to this with something along the lines of "OMG U NOOB JUST LEAVE LOSER U MAD CUZ U BRONZE". I'm trying to say this as politely as possible when I say, just leave. You are doing nobody, ESPECIALLY yourself, any good. I know it feels good to get it off your chest, and since you have, I suggest deleting this post before the highly toxic community you speak of shows up. Once again I apologize for sounding like an asshole and I wish you the best of luck in finding a new game to love and play the hell out of.
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: [Champion Idea/Concept] [No name yet] A simple swordsman/knight, Hero of Jandelle
> We've got so many god-like characters and characters with special weapons and training and all that jazz. I would like to see a character that's just a humble swordsman/guard/square hmmm you want a SQUARE champion?
: Why can teemo blind Lee Sin? It's because rito doesn't want you to see. All the evidence points to it. --- Nocturne ult... Graves smokescreen... blind characters... you can't buy 75g stealth wards anymore... clairvoyance removed... can't buy purple wards at full build... This is just the beginning. Sightstone builds will be nerfed into the ground. Tracker's sabre will only get 1 ward charge. {{summoner:2}} {{summoner:2}} {{summoner:2}} {{summoner:2}} {{summoner:2}} {{summoner:2}} {{summoner:2}} VIVA LA [insert spanish vision term or something here]
: Wot? Another piece of BS from MasterAK, but this one is not amusing cuz typical; picking at one phrase, "rant" and plucking a word out of context. When you will start your "you forgot to take your medicine" so i can politely reply "FU gtfo back to the Void"?
This is exactly what I mean. You reply to civilized attempts to state one's opinion with "Wot?" and "another piece of BS". As I stated in my own comment, I cannot tell if you are attempting to troll or not. At this point, I believe you are and thus, attempting to reason with you any further would be a waste of both my and your time. Besides, you could be playing Hero League and I could be playing Ranked right now instead of arguing like immature children on the forums.
: Why do people build cities instead of just moving to a better tree.
Why do you completely ignore people's point and try to twist it to your own? > Why do people build cities instead of just moving to a better tree. Although I will admit that was a pretty good question right there.
: "because I know the main intent is not debate but of adding to the already indistinct pathos of self security in liking a different game" Wot? I dont even know wot dat BS means, and i dont even want to. Want more maps? Me too. Free mobi boots are bad? Ofc, snailing around for minutes is better. Healers are a problem? Ofc they are, having to actually THINK and WORK to slaughter noobs instead of a 3-shot adc pew pew can be incredibly frustrating for a f*cktard full of sloth.
This commenter actually used words to explain his meaning and asked you to do the same. Instead you replied by saying you don't want to know what he means and continue your rant that "slaughtering noobs" is all you do in League.
: So here you admit that LoL is about solo carry, aka murdering noobs with a fed champ, while HotS is about winning with objectives. Thank you for further proving my point.
At this point I can't tell if you're legitimately trying to troll or not. Out of everything I said you got "LoL is about murdering noobs and HoTS is about winning with objective control". Never did I say that. I personally believe objectives are TOO important in HoTS because it doesn't matter what you do, you could be 0-18, but if you get an objective or 2 you can (and probably will) win. I believe League has a good balance between needing kills and needing objectives to win.
: Hey Riot maybe you should consider toning down ur arrogance and copy some stuff from HotS?
I started playing HoTS last April. I played until I hit level 30 and I played some Hero League in it too. I started playing League (consistently, I believe I made my account months before I actually played much) sometime around last September/October. I loved HoTS as it was my first MOBA, but the more I played League, the more I liked it and the less I enjoyed playing HoTS. I can, **without a doubt**, say that HoTS has simpler mechanics and is more "noob friendly" than League. No items and team XP (also team shared kills when I played but I see they don't do that anymore) make solo play much easier, but it also makes solo carrying much harder. As for tactics, the two games are completely different. HoTS has more interactive maps, objectives that can win/lose a game very easily, **MUCH** smaller maps and a completely different dynamic behind how you play. League has items, solo XP, and many other things that make solo play more difficult, but solo carrying easier. In conclusion, the 2 games are so outrageously different, especially for both being MOBAs, that comparing them is completely pointless and irrelevant.
: I have loved Aurelion Sol since release, but you nerfed him into the ground in 6.9 and it doesnt seem like you even know you did it because most of them were indirect. You nerfed his cc, I get that, the 2 second stun was ridiculous. His direct nerfs were well needed. HOWEVER, you nerfed homeguards and removed tier 3 boots in the same patch. I dont think Riot realizes that this destroyed Aurelion Sol's late game. The Q E combo down mid that the contaminators called "Super Difficult" during MSI is near impossible, and even more dangerous to even attempt, now. Now, you nerf him even more by increasing W's CD and decreasing his ult damage with no compensation. You are nerfing what makes him a unique champion. You created a zoning champion with a big obvious weakness: Champions with gap closures. There are a lot of them, and once they get on him there is almost no counterplay Aurelion Sol can do besides his ult, which has a 2 minute CD. While most gap closure skills are back 20 seconds at most. The bluntness of that weakness is the reason why his pick rate is so low but his win rate is so high. His design is counterplay through zoning: no gap closures = safe pick, gap closures = the most unsafe pick. Try to think of Sol as a newer version of Heimerdinger(Whom hasn't been nerfed in a long long time and doesn't really need to). If you pick the wrong champ against him you won't be able to so anything solo. But, because he is new you nerf so that he is punished for being picked against his "safe picks" and punished for being counterpicked. We barely have had a chance to find a way to use him, and once we have we now have to find harder ways to pull off this champion, if they are even still possible.
I agree completely with this. I loved Aurelion Sol when he was released, but because there were better picks and he was constantly getting nerfed, I stopped playing him. I was going to continue playing him recently but if they're going to continue nerfing him with 0 compensation, I don't really see the point.
: Well objectives are stronger, and junglers already had arguably the largest impact on games.
Well yes, I believe they did have the largest impact on games, but now it feels like they have little to no impact. I feel that once bloodrazer gets buffed and everything gets buffed/nerfed accordingly, everything will be fine again.
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: so how much would that participation fee be? :/
> [{quoted}](name=Ruin Lance,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=rV8opt7W,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-13T18:16:32.551+0000) > > so how much would that participation fee be? :/ 1 mystery skin per team, so if you want to enter a team, 1 player on your team must send a mystery skin, not everybody.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=JamFishJamFish,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=rV8opt7W,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-13T18:06:38.819+0000) > > cancer People might not know you're my friend and think you're serious
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Oreytron (NA)
: NA-Seeking friends for Norms!
If you're still looking for someone (although by the looks of it you have plenty of offers), I have a very similar story as to how I got into League (but I came from Heroes of the Storm) and my main friend I play with is level 30 (Silver 5) and has taught me pretty well too. I'm level 25 and am a Mid main but I've been basically only playing Jungle recently because I find it way more fun and it is becoming my main role. My friend gets angry all the time and it makes me play worse so playing with someone positive will probably be a nice change.
: You know that Aurelion's kit is 100% finalized at this point, right? They're not looking for input.
I know it was completed I just wanted to take a guess and put out there what I thought
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: (Champion Concept) Omen Kgal - The Core Dweller
Amazing idea except I feel like either his Q or W should scale with AP so building AD wouldn't be so good (like Rek'Sai's Q is AP or Wukong's W). His passive also seems like it would need a slight nerf and maybe some kit synergy, like said in a previous comment.
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Émiil (NA)
: Do not buy runes until tou are level 21. Lower tier runes are not worth the IP
Everyone else has told me level 20. What's the difference between 20 and 21?
: Try avoiding Red & Blue buff for the first bit because they are stronger than other camps. Clear as many of the small camps as you can, then back. Depending on if you finished all the camps either resume on the opposite side from where you started (if you did not clear all small camps) or on the same side (if you finished all of them). Then do a full clear. This will help reach level 6 as fast as possible.
Once I reach level 20 (or 21) as someone else said to do, and jungle again, I will definitely do that, but does scuttle count as a "small camp" that I should do early or wait until I do the full clear?
: It's probably because you're level 17. Jungling without Tier 3 Runes and full masterys makes jungling fairly difficult. I'd recommend waiting until level 20 to get better runes. If you're set on jungling right now, you should 9/10 always start bottom lane jungle, so start krugs, then red buff. This will give you a better leash because of the ADC and Support bot.
Yeah I always start bot side whether it's krugs or gromp and I will wait until level 20 before attempting to jungle again. Any suggestions on level 20 runes for Wukong?
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