: Well I definitely think their banning system is flawed, draconian, and often illogical, but you seem like the type of person who deserves to be banned.
I simply could give a shit at this point i got a 14 day suspention for saying damn, a single curse word in a game wear I was flamed consistently with f bombs the entire game. Riot employees can suck one.
: LOOOOOOOOOOLLL why you taking out anger on boards. dkm lmfao
I'm correct tho. join a game and lag out for 3 minutes come back and have to wait 5 minutes between games. happens again in the next couple days and your waiting 30 minutes between games
Send riot a message saying go fuck yourself. Because thats what they need to do. stupidest fucking time wasting punishments I have ever seen. Literally must be the biggest group of fucking morons to ever make game rules.
: When the Boards Moderaters have started threatening your account for misplaced posts
Riot is a bunch of braindead fuckheads. Have retarded punishments for the smallest toxicness, yet somehow the other 90% of very toxic flaming douche bags contiue to play their accounts and flame consistently.
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