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Arabed (NA)
: Ever since I started banning zed, I've been so much happier...
I started banning Zed and I got great results! I lost my main, but the enemy team was alot less toxic and preformed much better causing me to lose quite a few games! This generosity showed me that I was the one getting outplayed, not them! I am now working as a travelling nun in 3rd world countries and have found true happiness! Thank you OP!
: So basically all {{champion:238}} users?
That would be me. Let the psychological warfare begin :^)
: ty.....but its not showing me anyway....when i go to sorting and click most recently does it just me or is this a bug?
Its bugged if it does absolutely nothing. Highest Mastery will show you, in order, the champs you have played the most to least (roughly). Recently played shows you... well, which champs you RECENTLY played.
: How it feels getting a dragon ghost as Mordekaiser
Strabane (NA)
: People say League will never die *looks at Everquest and Runescape*.
League has record-breaking monthly users, a large income, and a massive Esports following. Those games were revolutionary for their time, but the genre (MMORPGs) is dying from lack of interest (look at WoW) and they were never even close to as successful as League is, and that's accounting for inflation. Will League die? Eventually. But another Moba will be the one to take its place. Will Mobas die? Only if another type of game with both casual/hardcore friendliness rises up to take its place. PS, on the subjects of MMOs. BTW if you're looking for an actually good MMO experience, I recommend either EVE Online, for a hardcore space simulator that's extremely realistic (In the sense that this game tries to capture what society would be like in a sci-fi universe), and still fun to play with a great community. Or Guild Wars 2, a dynamic fantasy setting with organized PvP, fun PvE, and overall a game that throws away alot of MMO trends, or revamps them.
: Everyone is tired of YI
I am a child who likes free wins with minimal effort. Not going to lie, i'm using him to help me climb out of bronze when I go jg which is my weaker role. Also not going to lie, got a Pentakill yesterday with Tank Yi, which ended the game. It was a 2v5. God damnit riot nerf devourer ASAP and get rid of this toxic AA tank meta.
: What prevents a toxic player from harassing you at all? Do they really need excuses?
Both good points, although i'll argue that 50000....'s is stronger. A toxic player is going to roast you regardless, this would be for self improvement alone.
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Knoyle (NA)
: Honestly I think it hits {{champion:98}} harder than anyone because as a tank he is usually NEEDED to stay in the fight. If {{champion:238}} deletes just one champ he's done his job.
Yeah shen's got higher numbers because he has more utility, while Zed is just raw damage on one target.
: {{champion:238}} is that you?
he said no cooldowns and no resources
: Whenever I see a Yasuo I pick Singed, no matter the lane or time of the day.
My friend picks singed into everything. He honestly just goes where he pleases. The whole game he wanders, taking farm and dancing. He gets fed and I CAN NEVER FIGURE OUT HOW.
: Most Rewarding Game I've Played in Over 1,000 Games
Something like this happened to us. We have someone in our group who elo boosts every year, we watch the elo booster stream on his account, we've reported him. nothing was working. So we plotted revenge :^) We got one of my high elo friends (Diamond) to play with him in ranked, acting like they are all buddy buddy, and after carrying his sad self for 30 minutes, did the same thing. Surrendered. No one else cared because they were actually good but the boosted guy was pranked so hard that he didn't talk to us for weeks. Now he's back to playing rainbow six on steam, while his victory riven games pile up. at the same time
: Replay previous games? Actually, this website should show you your replay. I did research for you, I was able to see my past replays without even signing up before hand. It saves replays for 7 days before deleting them if you are not a member, and 30 days maximum if you are.
: When the guy who fed like hell tries to tell you how to play
Hey Rammus, Whaats happening... Say, we have a bit of a prrrooooblem here. Rammus: ?? Well you see, I haven't gotten any ganks in say... -checks watch- 3 minutes. so if you could go ahead and gank, that would be great. thanks rammus. -proceeds to steal blue.-
: Please make a skin for this champion: Definetly not Ao Shin.
: Replay previous games?
Only with 3rd party systems like LoLReplay
: How is full AP Annie support still a thing?
Low cooldown high basedamage point and click CC with a anti-autoattack shield and a free tank minion? Yep. Trollpick.
: In Bronze 5, Need some help getting better
Basic Improvement Tips: 1. Get a champion pool of three champions, with alot of experience with them, in two different lanes. That means master 6 champions. 1A. These champs should preferably be snowbally, and versatile. EX. {{champion:131}} ; Super snowball champ, can go top and jungle and mid. 2. Focus on CSing and Map awareness. You can do this in two efficient methods. 2A. Every time you last hit, quickly check your map. 2B. Find a program that will make a 'tick' noise every three seconds, it will cause negative reinforcement to constantly look at your map at every tick, but wont be noticed during teamfights. 3. Learn to either mute/encourage your team. No negativity. 4. Find a duo partner who is consistent. If one of you fail, the other should succeed. This leads to a more stable winrate. 5. Remember that if you are good, you should, statistically, be winning 50% of your games, and that is enough to climb. Never blame your team for constant losses as it blinds you to how you can improve. Watch the pros/Streamers, see what they do that you don't. Constantly watch for things you can improve on. EDIT: Small harassment guide in lane. Do this once you have gotten the mechanics above learned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play every champion in your primary role at least once in a normal, so you understand their kit. Study their kits, learn their approx. cooldowns and their kit synergy, ranges etc. Once you learn that, play around their kits by knowing how aggressive your champ is, if they are countered by this champ, if you counter their champ. React to how they play, if they farm with abilities then harass them and wait for JG since they will be pushed, and you will have taken their health down. If they harass you, then harass back ;^) Learning to balance harassment, and farming, and wave management, and learning how to gank correctly, is one of the most IMPORTANT things in the game. Teamfighting/Objective securing is something you can learn second, if your laning phase is super solid and you win lane 90% of the time at your elo, and snowball off other lanes, you will carry anyway.
: is Aurelion Sol a full dragon?
From what Riot has said, Auerlion Sol is confirmed to be a dragon champion, with no transformation gimmick. He has been called "The First Ever Dragon Champion Confirmed" So you can infer that they mean something different from Shyvana.
: Why does Yasuo Windwall Block Jhin W?
Jhin's W is a lightspeed projectile It travels at 'lightspeed' meaning that it will affect the first target it hits, but it will arrive at the target at the same exact time even if he was 3000 units farther etc. still a projectile. its a gimmicky thing, but thats why yas blocks it.
FatTaco (EUW)
: Early game feed is the 1# reason I lose in Season 6.
Wait. early feed is the main reason you lose? isn't that like, the way its always been or like have i been in the matrix playing an alternate version of league, and just now waking up
: I'm waiting to log in, tell me why you play your main!
{{champion:238}} I love the champion, he's angsty, i'm angsty, he was tryhard in lore, im tryhard in lol, hes a ninja, im a ninja (except for the ninja part), he has no gf, i have no gf btw call me the similarities are there, riot practically saw a pic of me in highschool and was like damn lets make a champion after him then after releasing gragas, they made zed some time later.
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: Most/Least played champion stats
Champion mastery shows this.
: Please more like {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:99}} <- q-q the enemy to us all
lulu is my next, for sure, just too god damn good of a bronze carry to pass up. i play lux situationally, and i suck dick at Janna.
: you need a few more on least 7-8. just in case they all get banned/picked before you get to pick your champion.
these are just my freelo, i have a bigger champ pool. {{champion:84}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:421}} are some others
: "We know Katarina buffs make everyone worried"-Riot
Time to expand my freelo champ pool ;^) {{champion:203}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:11}} and now {{champion:55}}
: Because then people would pressure to afk after no one dodged in champ select, after first blood, first dragon, first teamfight loss. It creates to much toxicity for small amount of benefit. Trust me I hate it when someone afks in my ranked games but to be honest it has never really dropped me past where i am supposed to be. It might take me one more game to climb higher but with the enough games over the course of a season afk losses are quite small.
Ofc, You are right its exploitable, and its a less encountered problem, but its still a huge pain in the ass to lose an hour of my life to some asshole who had to go eat mac and cheese, and to lose ANOTHER hour, to go reclaim that LP. Everything is exploitable btw, I could exploit my way into getting mid instead of bot, even tho dynamic forced me into bot. There are ways around it too, if someone doesn't connect for the first 15 minutes, there should be a surrender option with little LP loss.
Slythion (NA)
: It would also create a host of exploitable problems, such as intentionally dc'ing right before you lose so that you take the LP reduction etc etc. It's too much of a risk to add such a system to the game when the reward is so small overall
If someone D/Cs before the match starts, and is AFK for 15 minutes, there should be at least a reduction of LP loss.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Entropy Aether,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Gs0P6LYb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-24T20:39:04.209+0000) > > his q is annoyingly better poke then most mages... I agree, I feel like they should nerf q but buff e so its more appealing and we aren't just ruining zed What about reducing his Q damage and increasing the reward he gets for hitting multiple Qs on the same target? It'd keep his all-in about the same, make him a bit less ult reliant, and make his harass a lot worse.
I have this bias that all these Zed threads are filled with unintelligent/(ironically) biased ideas that are way out of the water, or just dont have any sort of debate at all and are just complaints. This idea is actually solid, Nerf harass, Reward geometry more. This will seperate the OK zeds who harass you and then do a 'meh' ult on you to kill you, from the Zeds who can kill you at full health at level 6 because they know their champions so well that they can do it. He's a healthy champ for sure, but he's strong in areas that don't need to be strong, like harass. His range makes him enough of a bully, along with his safety, he doesn't need outrageous damage. Great idea. -Zed main ;^)
: By healthy I don't mean balanced. Numbers rise and fall all the time. I personally think his numbers are a bit low right now. When I say healthy I mean the design behind their kit fits well in the game.
By your definitions: Healthy = 2 Useless abilities, One gimmicky ability, and One spammable burst move that only needs two casts in order to kill squishies. This is constant reliable burst, with barely any restraints mid-late game. Unhealthy = Champ that requires ult to kill until midgame, with two damaging abilities which are both tied to either skillshots, or being at melee range. Ult can be cancelled with QSS or Zhonyas. Or are you talking about everything BUT their assassination patterns, like Zed's waveclear , "free ad", etc.? Because that has nothing to do with the healthiness of a champion based on riots standards. When saying if an assassin is healthy or not, they mean their assassination pattern. Zed's is the healthiest by far as its not instant until late game where it needs to be, or if he snowballed out of control in the early.
: Just a field of Down votes. RIP GG.
Mael bro (EUNE)
: How is it physically possible to think that Nidalee is a healthy champion?
PinguinZo (EUW)
: A list of things you can do while waiting for respawn in season 6
my friend got hit by a morg q so i ran off but the zed killed me. after 65 seconds i ran top lane and farmed three waves and a turret, recalled, bought mikael's crucible, and ran back into their base to free my friend.
ßoy (NA)
: What are the chances of A player-created skin concept actually being developed?
Very low. But its actually been done so I mean, not impossible.
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Szunray (NA)
: I dunno. While theres f FOTM champs, it seems like the most random shit can and will work . There are the fotm champs {{champion:5}} {{champion:236}} Champs that just recently stopped being fotm {{champion:21}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:36}} Champs that have always been popular {{champion:238}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} Champs that aren't popular and but win a lot {{champion:161}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:143}} Champs that have quietly become overpowered {{champion:96}} I'd say theres tons of viable champs and ways to play. There could be even more if the community would lose some preconceptions. I've seen AP sions and AP tryndamere's carry games, but some players can barely handle the idea of an ADC Kindred.
> Champs that have quietly become overpowered Quietly? I guess you could call it quiet since he kills you before you can scream. ;^)
: Yeah, if both the enemy teams carries have been neutered their damage output to avoid death and the other members of the team are all tanks, Zed's already singlehandedly won the game. Otherwise, he can find something and kill it. And if he actually has to try, and doesn't have a 100% chance of automatic victory over the enemies toplaner or whatnot? Boo hoo. Poor Zed, not being entitled to free kills on everything. And Zed still beats some adcs with mercurial, the immobile ones mostly.
You're telling me that an item with 45 armor 100 AP Invulnerability Stasis has bad damage? What about 35 MR 75 AD 10% lifesteal Bad damage? No dude, these items are amazing even without their actives. Yeah they are overshadowed when actives arent needed, but when they are they fill their niche well.
: I actually got a little triggered when I read "incredible duelist". Zed isn't beating a Tryndamere, Nasus, Jax, or Yi in a duel unless they are far behind or asleep. Add Xin Zhao, Trundle, Yorick, and Dr. Mundo to the list as well. With that said, though I'm very tired of the butthurt salt being thrown Zed's way, I think it is true that he is too strong at the moment. I'm just not really sure what should be done.
Please don't take this as butthurt salt, i'm a Zed player and want him to be viable, but I do agree he is overtuned. This is simply my idea for balancing him. You'll probably find this is a fair assessment of him. As for the arguement of not beating those AA heavy champions I'll address the way I beat them each, individually. Tryndamere: Hard one, but all you need to do is all in him and force him to use his ulty, while keeping your W. Run away from him juking with your R. If he realises its a bad idea and runs away, then use your W to chase and kill him. He still going balls deep? He's dead anyway because it took way too long to reach you and that 5 seconds is well over now. W E AA. Nasus: He's a tank, you should not fight him. No real reasoning here, he cannot beat him. Duelists can't beat a tank designed to destroy duelists. Jax:... Good Jax: Will save E for until you ult, because he knows you're trying to bait it. This one is a measure of how good this jax is, so what you do is throw a W behind you. Ult him and mash-the-fuck out of your W key so that you dodge his E, then go back and engage with your full combo. If he is too tanky you shouldn't fight him anyway, but if he is building a cheesy guinsoo/hybrid build you should be able to take advantage of most people's lack of spacial awareness. Bad Jax: Wait for him to use E, dodge with ult, kill. Yi: You can't beat a good Yi, he will save his W for when you ult him. Remember Zed isn't the best duelist, only an exceptional one, he can beat 90% of the roster in a 1v1 unless they you know built full armor. The only way to beat a Yi, is to be more fed, and force his W out. You might be able to get away with igniting him while he W's, bursting him, then trying to finish him off afterwards. Take advantage of his cooldowns is my tip. Hard fight. Xin: Ult him right when he dashes to you. Juke with your shadows while throwing abilities. If you land them all then ignite him and AA until it pops. If that doesnt work then RIP. Trundle: Force him out of his ice field, and you can fight him. If his ult is up then I would advice trying to bait it, or buying something to counter it. If you can't bait it out then don't fight him tbh. Yorick: Yo fuck this champ btw, but yeah you can kill this guy because he's never fed, and when he is you should probably be split pushing and ignoring him. He's UP for a reason, riot hates him for the fact that he is unbeatable when fed. Dr. Mundo: Ignite, Bork, Hope its not late game, AA until it dies. You can outrun him by dashing over walls.
: Yup. Also, the whole thing about Zhonya's/QSS? It at very worst just makes him target someone else, don't ever claim it makes him useless.
You need to understand this from a Zed's point of view. Unless it is under 30:00, and you are at LEAST at a 3:1 ratio for your KD, you will not kill anyone who is building tanky. That leaves you with potentially four targets, but very very likely to be only two targets. The ADC, and the Mid Laner. If the Mid Laner builds a Zhonyas, Zed can no longer ult that person until he is certain it is down, then he has a 1:30 window to kill that target, managing around the massive armor it gives as well. If the ADC gets a Mercurial Scimitar, He will never beat them in a 1v1, so that will never be a choice for him. That leaves him with the Jungler, who better be damn underfed or squishy as hell. Think Elise, Rengar, Etc. Which are already hard to 1v1. Or the top laner. Who is almost certainly either an amazing duelist, like fiora or riven, or a tanky champion that Zed CANNOT kill. The support? Sure, ult the blitz/thresh/raka/sona. Because they are certainly alone. And killing them will certainly put their team in a bad position. The point stands, items which remove effects from you make Zed easy to deal with. The problem I am addressing, is that Zed is able to reach that 3:1 Ratio easily with his strong laning phase, waaaaay too easily, which means those items are irrelevant right now.
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: All I literally asked was to reduce the AD ratio. Zed's AD ratio on his E is higher than Talon's W, who actually relies on getting the slow from his W to proc his passive. Zed's E isn't meant to deal damage. THAT is my point. Not to mention that your counter-argument is absolute moot. 250 damage is only 70 damage above the E's base damage. That means that Zed has to have less than 100 bonus AD, which means that you're telling me that late game this Zed has less than two damage items. See, I can do numbers, too, but it never ends well. There's always going to be conflict over "oh, my. You said so and so number, I'm triggered." The point is that the AD ratio is too high for an ability that's supposed to SLOW targets. Also, armor is basically halved for almost everyone because of how much flat armor pen is included in Zed's build. So don't tell me that squishies have the ultimate damage mitigation, because their armor is worth a lot less than you think because of how little health they build to back it up.
> Zed's E isn't meant to deal damage. Yes it is. It's one of his 2 only damage abilities. Don't try to argue that his W gives him more damage, it BARELY gives him more damage if he lands all of his shurikens, with massively reduced damage on his Qs, and only ONE e does damage even with all three hitting. This argument is composed of sodium and ignorance, i'll be back in 2 months when Sejuani is the topic of complaint.
: That's not the point of this thread. If you came to argue numbers, you're in the wrong place.
"Numbers here are debatable" verb 1. argue about (a subject), especially in a formal manner. Contradicting yourself because you know your main argument is bullshit and you want to cover up, sounds good.
: The one change to Zed that could make him legitimately balanced.
I call bullshit on E doing that much damage. Does like, 250 late game on average assuming you dont have armor built.
Derfel (NA)
: Who actually enjoys playing against Zed
I do. It's fun and keeps me on my toes because I enjoy fast paced games more, champs who I hate going against are champions who are combo-to-kill champs with little counterplay/punishing mistakes harshly and usually with death. {{champion:1}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} Honorable mention to {{champion:161}} since a velkoz main can and will oneshot you level six, but it is fair just not fun.
dennisfu (NA)
: why i have 9 wins 1 loss in first 10 matches,i only got bronze5
Its because of your mmr. I went 5-5 and got Bronze IV
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