I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: "In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions."... Please no, i dont want to "fight" for my best role... that calling system in blind pick is the worst thing in League We could remove both normal queue and re-introduce team builder as only normal queue.
RIOT PLEASE DON'T MAKE A HUGE MISTAKE WITH THE QUEUE LIKE LAST SEASON. People right now use normal draft to practice, blind pick is AWFUL for that because if you play highly contest positions like mid you either rarely get it or have to deal with a lot of toxicity and instalocks. We do not want people trying new champs in ranked. If you're going to remove normal draft replace blind pick with the old team builder model or something. The "normal" queue should allow you to get the position you want guaranteed, yes players will deal with a longer queue to get that. Think about it, if I want to practice poppy top and my queue is 10 min, i get to practice poppy top at the end of it. If the queue is 3 min but I get shoved into support, a position I never play, from a ranked practice standpoint that was basically a wasted 30-40 min.
woobeee (NA)
: "What does Ivern even do in ARAM?"
Same thing he does in in summoner's rift: suck.
msk51 (NA)
: NA Fans, I'm Embarassed
The US is devolving into a culture of rudeness, it's sad to watch.
: I Cried While Playing League
Look, and I mean this without dismissing that's it's wrong to bully people or say that you don't have the right to be upset. But at least to some extent this is the sort of environment where you need to have thick skin too. It's competitive, people don't like losing, a lot of people that play are young and honestly haven't been taught how to behave like civilized adults. If you let them get to you and make you feel bad you're doing it wrong. Keep in mind whatever random strangers have to say about you based on how you're performing in a match, in a computer game, is not actually about you as a person. They don't know you, and the fact they feel the need to be dicks to random strangers is a reflection of their own immaturity. So yes, mute right away toxic players. Yes report them. But also, don't take it personally or let it upset you, you do have the option of totally disregarding it.
: I think Fiora is fine, I wish she'd build more like a carry though and not halftank
I build {{item:3074}} {{item:3071}} and {{item:3072}}, just add a GA to that and tank item only as last. She works great like that and can clean up like crazy, you just have to be smart to play with a build like that. You cannot engage team fights and you cannot get caught out, you have to sit on the back line and blow up the first of their tanks that dives your back line then after their backline took some good damage you run at them and clean up, you're really hard to kill without focused damage because you get so much health back, so it's just about not being in a position where they can all just focus you down.
: the other day I bought rylais on shyvana (with her 10% ap ratio on W now it was actually pretty decent) so that her dragon form W scorched ground would slow people in it, got me to thinking I should try the item on darius so his bleed slows people like brand's passive :P (hey if zhonyas is core on my darius build, i can try to replace it with rylais for one game to see how it goes)
10% ap ratio does not make it decent, that's terrible. If you want to slow buy a frozen mallet which has better stats for her.
: State of the Season: Mid-season followup
People keep saying cloud is weak but it's not what I see in games at all. As a jun main it's one of my favorites to get, specially if you can stack it. Being able to group and respond more quickly to the enemy team when they're pushing or trying to take a key objective is nothing to ignore. How often do teams get a baron while your team was just a few seconds from being able to get there to stop it in time? If you had the cloud buff you might just have made it and won the game off it.
Raoul (EUW)
: Ok, Boots of Swiftness are now a total joke...
No, they're just balanced. They were crowding out other options. The buff to tabi's was not enough though, they should have bumped the passive to 15%, it's still shit.
Eyesack (NA)
: Riot finally did it. They finally said FUCK YOU to all their players.
: Spellvamp removed, OK, but why AP champions have access to absolutelyNO form of HP sustain?
Add a secondary unique passive to end game AP items like rabadon's and liandry's (both could use a little boost anyways): UNIQUE passive something heroic something: If you have more than 300 AP, health and mana regen increased by 200% while out of combat. You can't give mages early game sustain, that would be broken. Fixed.
: @Riot - We should have 0 tolerance against players encouring others to commit suicide
That should be an immediate ban if it's confirmed in chat logs.
: This game started with 4 bans for 40 champions
I think 1 ban per player would be fine, either now or within a year or two. Don't think we would ever want it higher than that, but just giving each player a ban, considering the size of the champion pool (130-10=120 champions left) seems totally resonable.
nep2une (NA)
: Malzahar has a 57.79% winrate and 90.65% banrate.
It's not the passive, the W is way too strong, and dmg is just too high all around.
: A lot of issues are numbers right now, but there are mechanical issues that make him nearly unplayable as well. * His Q has a much larger delay that affects movement, healing, and damage. This is huge considering how much more reliant he is on its use now (ironically). * Q gets canceled by W. Heal particle gets canceled if you wait until after Q casts to W. * W gets canceled by E. Can't cast E during W. * W now has a longer delay before untargetability. Untargetability now ends sooner, but you are self-silenced for that remaining duration still. Combined with new Q delay, its nearly a full second that you're vulnerable, and often get crit 2 times by the ADC and die before you can use empowered Q out of W. * I seem to be dying during W quite often, despite facing minimal DoT damage so far. Hell, ignites aren't even on me the large majority of the time before I pool. * E's self-slow is entirely counter-intuitive. I'd rather them remove the self-slow and enemy slow on full charge. They just cancel each other out and accomplish nothing after Rylai's.
Agree with all the above comments, same things that bothered me, besides just numbers too low.
Meddler (NA)
: Vlad's one we're looking at a lot right now. We're seeing quite a lot of people struggling with him, what's optimal's changed quite a bit though, so there's going to be quite a bit of adjustment learning curve. Suspect if we did decide to hotfix (big if) it'd be something pretty small as a result (overreaction on Fiora's very much on our minds too).
He is too weak, I'll tell you why having played him a lot before the patch and tried him after. He is squishier now, less health from AP combined with no spell vamp, he just has a harder time staying alive. His E costs a lot of health now, and you have to spam it in teamfights to be effective. On the other hand though, his damage is lower. Considering he was already a bit weak before, seems to me making him squishier and lower damage is not the way to go, that seems like a basic matter of numbers.
: You don't know for sure what they're referring to, it's just 3 letters. There is a first amendment for a reason.
League is private, the first amendment does not apply. Riot has every right to and should censor racist language in their game, it makes them look bad and creates a hostile environment to players of color. If you don't care try a little thing called compassion and think about what it would feel like to be having fun playing a game and see a bunch of references to an organization known of burning people like you alive.
: What if Ekko's utility... scaled with AP?
No, ekko just has too much utility and survivability tools for an assassin. He has a speed boost, two slows, an AOE stun/shield, and an mobility ult that reset his health. I would make the following changes: His ult's base health back should be lower and scale better with AP. His passive should not slow, but only give him a speed boost. The stun should be shorter, from 2.25, to 1.75. Then if he is too weak after that give him better scalling on his E damage, he is supposed to be an assassin after all so boost his point and click ability damage for late game.
: In some ways that may be true, but since both sides always see them, warding ends up gaining importance in other ways. 1. They will be contested more often, so having vision just for tactical advantage becomes important. 2. Both sides should expect more invade steals, so vision wars around those buffs will increase. 3. Invade steals will get more precise in timing, so playing the vision game around river becomes more critical in giving you time to intercept. In our playtests, strategic players (especially supports and junglers) have tended to like the change, since they create more opportunities to make and deny plays and control vision **around** the objectives (instead of directly on them).
The problem with the change (i'm a jungle main with a lot of matches played...) is that they sound really cool in an even game. But few games are even thoughout, specially this season. What this would do more often than not is make sure as a jungler you have even less of a chance to lead your team into a turn around mid game if they lost the laning phase. If laners are behind and their jungler has picked up a couple of kills, they'll just start invading every buff. This already happens when your team is behind but at least right now you can use vision and timing to get some jungle farm, but once they know every timer... Effectively it will mean if their jungler gets ahead and your laners are behind you won't be getting any more buffs. Knowing they're there with vision DOESN'T help if you can fight them for it. So it shuts down the jungler from farming if his team is behind, thus making it harder to help lanes who are behind. As if the game isn't snowbally enough this season... are you kidding me.
: We've been very careful about tuning the snowball and lane-ending concerns on it. That's a big part of why it spawns later, scales with champ level, costs much more health/time to take, offsets its power into a duration that's longer than lane phase, and has a discharge mechanic that gets spent when last-hitting. We're prepared to go harder on those mechanisms if we see the buff deciding lanes too much, but we haven't been seeing that in playtests. And, if those aren't enough, we probably will try more direct mechanics like the duration-reducing death penalty you described.
I agree with what people are saying, this is a bad idea. I play top often and because junglers can't always focus much attention there it's already very unfun when your bot or mid lane is behind and the enemy jungler can camp you while your jungler has to try to help other lanes. The length of the lane makes getting camped pretty brutal, add to that if they kill you 2v1 they can do the camp and now that top has a 20 min substantial 1v1 buff? Nothing like being forced to hug turret for the rest of the laning phase after one successful gank at 6 min... Top already struggles with staying interesting when someone gets ahead because of the melee prevalence and lane length, and you want to make the lane snowball harder for whoever is already ahead or is getting more jungle help? Did you guys think this through?
: For the new BloodRazor enchantment, can we keep the wolf?
Kill the wolf. Sorry but this game doesn't need totally unnecessary visual noise.
Rioter Comments
Saixos (EUW)
: Riot views both Mordekaiser and Skarner as failed reworks.
Quinn's rework is pretty great, she is unique, fun and versatile while currently having at totally resonable win rate in all positions she plays. She skirts the line between marksman and assassin, nothing wrong with that. This post is whiny and unrelated to the title. You're drunk, go home.
: Anyone can do any role, you just need to change how you play them
Also change your expectations about winning.
darkdill (NA)
: B-B-But her boobies... They aren't DD's anymore...
I cry every time I see :'(
: > [{quoted}](name=DragonShea,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=jKopykX2,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-04-13T18:56:49.718+0000) > > Even I have to agree that she is the kind of lady that needs big tits, it's part of her character. just like Darius has massive arms. I don't get that. She seems like exactly the kind of character that SHOULD NOT have big boobs! There are many scientific facts to corroborate this: - She is a SHADOW. She shouldn't give a damn about her appearance, in fact she should try to attract the LEAST AMOUNT OF ATTENTION AS POSSIBLE. - Big boobs would frankly get in the way when you're trying to murder people. Now sure, my personal preference is influencing me here, but it really doesn't make sense for her to be busty. There's a wealth of oversexualized female characters in LoL as it is. Don't get me wrong though, the new splash is beautiful and I'm all for it.
Repeat with me: League is not realistic. League is not realistic. League is not realistic.
rescued (NA)
: I'm married as well. I don't play league to make "friends", I play to relax after work and enjoy myself. I've added randoms in the past and tried to play with them; 9/10 times they end up toxic and I just delete them, so I just play solo unless my husband feels like playing a game of league. Not only that, but not everyone is social. My husband dislikes interacting with people, he just plays the game and enjoys himself. Why should he feel forced to interact with others and add people?
Yeah, I'm in the same boat. My friends don't like league, my girlfriend doesn't play computer games. I have zero desire to "make friends" with randoms in league. I just want to play on my own to have fun after work. Riot needs to stop trying to shove "group play" down our throats. Specially since, to keep it real, the people who fund this game are the older players with jobs who will actually throw money at it often as I have.
: Stop trying to force us to play with friends.
Sounds like you prefer playing with yourself.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: Bloodstone Taric is too Pink
I prefer the pink version.
Asyde (NA)
: The Unpopular Opinion - Why I like the AP item changes
I liked it too. And I really like the idea of adding an AP item with a dash, mages are THE class that I feel that's healthy for because of two things: They're squishy and generally have limited mobility, so if they use it offensively it can help the enemy team as much as them if they end up in a bad position. Some mages are super reliant on flash to be effective (annie, galio) which is lame to be honest, I'd rather we give them an item they can use for that purpose more often and then if they're OP with it just nerf them accordingly. Flash has way too long a CD to be reliant on for effectiveness. They really struggle to be anywhere but mid because of how vulnerably they are if they're caught out of position, the mobility (but also other new actives and sustain) might actually make more mages viable in other positions, it's pretty boring right now that with a few exceptions, most mages are only viable in one position.
: i don't think any effect will change the fact is wearing a boobplate...
Your obsession with the word aside, this game is not realistic, if you haven't noticed. It's called fantasy. To say champions armors should be realistic is stupid nonsense.
Meddler (NA)
: The initial 5 cast limit hit him pretty hard, we saw his performance improve a lot over the course of the patch though as people got used to playing with it. The buff to his Q damage also added a surprising amount of power to him, which does seem to have helped out at a range of skill levels. We don't have any current plans for him, besides the rework underway, if anything though at high level play he's looking on the strong side rather than the weaker side again.
I never understood the rework you did on Ryze. His fundamental problem was his ability to chain cc a single target into oblivion, you arguably made that worse in his rework. The problem with a champion that can lock you down that hard is that if his damage is healthy he is OP, for him to not be overwhelming his damage needs to be too low to make him relevant as a non tanky champ. You guys never seem to be able to get him into a balanced state and that's why. A point and click hard cc should be on a long CD, so you can give him some tools to actually succeed without relying on cc locking.
Meddler (NA)
: We do think some of the changes we've talked about here should have some impact on tower trading in pro play. Pro play does often favor taking the safe, equalizing play when available (you go for our outer tower, we go for yours). We have in the past seen Dragon be a major driver of early conflict when the reward's been sufficient though, with teams prioritizing taking it over towers. Smaller objectives also have some value there as a way to help create situations where 'just go for one of their towers' isn't so often the correct response. Risk defending towers is the other lever we're looking at. As player skill's got better, both in pro and regular play, towers have become increasingly dangerous to defend, with good agro juggling especially allowing much earlier safe ish dives. That means that defending a tower while outnumbered's the wrong choice more often than it should be. Our first step there's going to be making tower damage ramp harder, particularly when they're swapping targets, making dives riskier and defense therefore a bit more appealing. We're also looking into whether minion damage against towers early on's potentially too high, resulting in pushes that grind through a tower too quickly early game (as with agro juggling players have also gotten a lot better at wave manipulation over time). If putting sufficient power into other objectives, stronger tower ramp and potentially better defense against minion damage isn't sufficient to create a more dynamic early game we'll then look into other options. Not certain as to details yet, that'll depend on how those changes go. I'd expect additional work to make it more practical and rewarding to defend towers early to be where we start though.
I like all of those ideas, they would help a lot.
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
You need to either buff or redesign Doran's shield, a lot of champions don't have good starter options right now and that item is just bad as it is.
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
This game does not need solo Q. 99% of people crying for it are people that blame their losses on the Q instead of their play, and news flash, it's their play.
: @Riot Can We Stop Making New Champions and Reworks Have Invulnerabilities
I don't think you know what "invulnerability" means. Fiora's is the only one that doesn't also benefit the enemy, and it's very short. Bard's and Kindred's affect everyone so, eh. Now Tarics, which is pretty unique. Ekko, Tahm and Kalista have or offer ESCAPES. Many old champions have escapes, it's kind of a key part of mobas.
: These Vladimir splashes are absolutely awful...
Vlad needs a visual rework, splash art and models.
: Riot. We *NEED* to talk.
The hair on top looks weird as f***.
: As a long time Taric player/fan...
I played a lot of Mordekaiser last season : / so my attitude towards reworks is a lot less positive...
: You played her 2 times recently and one of them you AFK'd. She is still good.
Congratulations, you can look up matches played. Because obviously screw the coherent argument and the fact I was looking at mass data for her performance to make my points, not at my two irrelevant recent matches on her. "She is still good" seems like a solid, fleshed out counter argument.
Rioter Comments
: State of the game with Meddler, Zirene, and more
Nice podcast, share a lot of the concerns listed above so let me give you some suggestions for balance: {{item:3053}} is fine in terms of numbers but I think should be a melee only item. It should be a fighter item that is ok on AD assassins looking for some extra survivability because those characters at least have to dive to do damage. This item is however simply too good on ADC's by taking away what should be their weakness (burst) while boosting their auto attacks, which is their bread and butter. If it's available to them you'll have to nerf it to the point fighters don't want it. {{item:3156}} The nerf you have in the PBE is what it needs and should put it back in line. Death timers should be perhaps right between what they were last season and where they're at now? That one seems easy enough. Towers just go down too easily, just give them a small health boost and see how it goes. If you do it small and watch you can find a happy medium, it's frustrating that its taking so long to try adjustments. {{item:3009}} are balanced now the problem is movement speed stacking on top of it. Here is a solution: make the diminishing returns curve on increasing movement speed more sharp. I think if stacking multiple MS boost sources becomes less efficient you can keep the current numbers so they're worth getting individually while removing the egregious cases of uncatchable champions stacking 3 MS boosts. {{item:3060}} minion boost just needs a straight up nerf. {{champion:104}} and {{champion:42}} just have too many stats and need nerfs, it's not the items as much as just overloaded champions. Not sure why you included {{champion:133}} in the "problem" list, she seems pretty balanced after the Q nerf and is a good generalist type adc to have in the game as is.
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterVidallis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y4ZdTkqb,comment-id=0063,timestamp=2016-03-21T14:32:15.950+0000) > > Then you change the support starter item line to just give full gold amount for any minions that get last hit by an ally nearby. Then you restrict that item to one per group. By "one per group", do you mean one per team? If so, doesn't that just mean you can get trolled by someone who loads into game slightly faster than the support player and buys that starting item first? I'm guessing that you're trying to prevent scenarios where the whole team buys this item once they start grouping so that everyone gets gold from the waves that they clear as a team. Perhaps the gold generation passive would only work up until X minutes into the game? Or maybe the passive gets disabled when there is more than one nearby allied champ? Or I suppose the implementation could get really creative. Say, the item places a debuff on nearby enemy minions. And when a minion with that debuff gets killed by a champion, it gives gold to both that champion and one (and only one) other allied champion. If there are multiple players on the same team with that item, the debuffs don't stack and the minion only gives the extra gold to the closest allied champ.
Yeah I mean per team. Sure someone could troll and get it even if they're not going duo lane, but that would screw over the support. People could grab smite to steal camps from their own jungler, but they don't, because they actually want to win the match.
: I like how Riot has effectively killed the support role, and still hasn't even addressed the issue.
I work in government consulting, and there is something I often say when it comes to public programs: you design them around what people are doing, not what you think they should be doing. Otherwise they don't work. Riot insists on their idea of a support role, and some players like it. But, most don't. And it's consistently the one position that makes champion select difficult. Last season it was often the position people got forced into due to pick order, which was frustrating and often enough led people to just declare they weren't doing it and refuse. In this new queue it holds up queue times and forces anyone into a support main role if they pick fill or put it as secondary. Riot, most of your player base doesn't like playing your support champions. That's the reality, I don't care how they fit your vision for their game, or what the meta is. Players want to feel themselves get stronger as the game goes. They want to feel that if they get ahead they can make big plays, and if they play a duel well that they can win it. They don't want to be slaves to the other players in a match and incapable of self sufficiency. That's the reality. So maybe for next season you could do something crazy and like, just get rid of the role. _I know, blasphemy,_ but is it? I don't mean the champs, I mean you redesign their numbers so they are full fledged, gold reliant champions with scaling like everyone else. The tankier ones, become full fledged tanks, "mage" support become actual mages. See Lulu for one example that's already like this. Tahm Kench another. Just make all supports like that, nerf their base stats, give them better scaling and some kit tweeks to make them a bit more independent while still having some incentives to work with others, so they can solo lane or duo lane. Then you change the support starter item line to just give full gold amount for any minions that get last hit by an ally nearby. Then you restrict that item to one per group. Then you allow the second person bot lane to just be another full fledged champion with carry potential, and scaling. Then support will just be another role that plenty of people want to play. Not the slave role few want to unless they get forced into it. It would be better for the game long term. Would it lead to major meta changes? Sure, but what's wrong with that? People would adapt.
: Honestly, Even LCS is boring to watch
First week I played after pre-season changes I made a post saying damage was too high and towers too weak this season. People downvoted me. Enjoy your thrilling LCS matches.
: The boards confuse me, is it a tank meta, an assassin meta, a sated meta, or an ADC meta?
It's a snowball meta where assassins and adcs have too much damage, which has meant tanks have had to get very tanky to keep up, and towers are too weak.
The shyvana nerfs are overkill, all they needed to do was remove the 20% bonus monster damage.
Elfezen (NA)
: Linebacker Sion skin
No, thanks, football is stupid.
: "Free sustain+Damage+Point & Click is not really a good combination of things. The only counterplay to it is to not be within range." Agreed! It'll still do damage, heal, and be point and click, that's not changing. BUT! What if, for 3 seconds after Q'ing an opponent, the opponent could fight Vladimir to get the health that he stole BACK? We're not going to do that in particular, as I don't think it fits Vlad particularly well, but my point here is there are other ways to make it fair while retaining all that other stuff.
Or, you could just make it do less damage by itself but heal more, so it's not a mindless poke button. But it debuffs the target so it takes more damage if it gets hit with the E. So Vlad has to actually combo you to do damage, otherwise his Q is good sustain but very low damage.
: PSA: The jungler is not immune to blame
Yesterday I was playing top, got ganked literally back to back about 5 times in a row, still only died twice and got one kill. Pinged for assist many times when he shoved, our jungler completely ignores me. Then when they killed me together again, he ran top and straight up tried to 1v2 them, and fed them another kill. I told him that was stupid he says, "I'm 3/1, u're 1/2, you should stop feeding". It tilted me so hard I literally stopped caring and just let them win. I'm a jungle main, and that dude is the kind of jungler that gives us all a bad name.
Salron (NA)
: Can we do something for Enchantment: Warrior?
They should follow the same model of other items, pick a core item for that champion class and make it a weaker version of it. My inclination would be {{item:3812}} because a lot of AD assassins are gated by lacking sustain to jungle well. But a weaker version of {{item:3147}} would also work.
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