: his ult gives you bonus penetration and stats and a knock up tp to a target his w is meant to tilt others because it virtually blocks everything (not really it doesnt block lux ult or velkoz ulti for example)
my bad maybe its his Q? See lol i dont get it XD
: weird, he's fun to play what did you not like about him
i think its the ult pair with his w. idk i might give him another try
: why did you buy/activate him if you didn't want him?
to try him out cause he is super broken lol, but i dont like his mechanics
: You have now been tainted by YASUO! It will NEVER get off, no matter how hard you scrub yourself. You shall never be clean ever again. For your soul itself has been soiled. O' the accursed, how I pity that you are fated to desperately wash yourself off Yasuo to no avail for the rest of eternity.
Just something i have to get used to i guess
mack9112 (NA)
: Why would you do that it is valuable to be able to trade champions
i guess but not many people in low elo trade champs
Manxxom (NA)
: One word One of your yearly refunds.
i dont get any refunds and i wouldnt waste it on a champ
: You can't sell him, but you can ask the support to remove him from your account. They usually will help you out, as long as you can prove that you are the legit owner of the account.
right i get that but why not allow us to trade him in for a lower cost champ sell him for half his value??? Just a thought
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: That's subject to change patch by patch. Many people who never banned Irelia started to when she got reworked. Many people change their bans if they got stomped pretty hard in the previous match. Some players prefer to ban what counters the champion they want to play that match, which again could change patch to patch or after a hard match. If you think teammates are trying to ban your champ, you could hold off hovering it until after the ban phase. PS: 140 champs, not 200
All good points, just an idea, glad its getting some action. Thank you for the feed back and I feel a little better about this and less salty. It's just frustrating and am trying to get awareness our there. PS: 140 champs, not 200 - i did day + or - lol In the grand scheme of things, its not a huge deal i guess but for someone it may be a much needed game. I have NEVER seen someone ban a Nami, and guy was like " nami sucks use teemo to supp me" than banned nami so i couldnt use her.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mastersprout11,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zE3HKNir,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-08T12:58:13.563+0000) > > No I agree with you, but if you ban a person for the sole reason of being a dic% head that's different. Ok, so what's your metric for whether or not someone was trying to be a dick head vs just banning what they didn't want to put up with? How would you automate such a system?
They would do a tracker and follow your percentage of champs you ban, and add a report option for it. IE: If you ban yi, aatrox, trynd and jinx. then our of nowhere ban a ziggs or nami. ( champs with a low ban %) and you get reported there should be a penalty I'm not saying every time someones bans a champ that you were going to play, that they should be punished. What I am saying is, if someone deliberately bans your pick. There are 200 + or - champs, and only 10 get banned, of those 10 about 4 are champs that get banned almost every game. the other 6 or so is what ever. I have had only two ranked games where all of my champs for that role where banned. It was weird, but I used thresh and moved on. :) Thanks for the feed back. GLHF you :)
: "trolling" sorry but I do not care what you want to play. I will ban whatever champion is strong or I just do not want to deal with, regardless of what team the champion is. Learn to play more than one champion
No I agree with you, but if you ban a person for the sole reason of being a dic% head that's different. I had someone on my team ban Nami after i selected them to show that's who i was going to be. I understand everyone has champions they hate playing against or even with, because the ks or mechanics aren't where they should be. Thanks for the feed back. GLHF :)
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Elswayre (NA)
: logged in just to upvote. rito plz do dis!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
ME TOO Also {{champion:115}} Chroma
: Yeah, these might just be to much for Riot. Maybe just 1 reward is fine. Maybe do Skin + Icon at level 10 is much more reasonable.
Also maybe a Scale to show you how many other players achieved that mastery level with that champ and how many players are in the same level.
: Hmm that one could be tricky, but def worth calling out. We have a long list of functionality to bake into the tool, and we'll just need to start at the top. The goal is for it to be a living tool though, so there's room to iterate in the future.
What about a ghost ( like in Mario carts) where you can play the same game again to see if you can capitalize or review mistakes to correct and learn?
: One word. Ranked.
that's three XD but thanks I have tried ranked but everyone is so toxic and tries to tell me how I should play instead of just letting me play. I will give it some thought thanks for you support :)
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: Champion Mastery live!
{{champion:115}} Leave a comment
: slightly less fun fact : there is no B-baller{{champion:115}} skin :( that would be epic. at least i have my custom skin where he throws watermelons. its almost as cool
{{champion:115}} should get a new skin. I have been saying that for 2 years also I signed in to upvote you :D
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
{{champion:115}} NEEDS A NEW SKIN!!!!!!
: hey look, Ez is straight now.
hey look so is Vi. oh wait.....


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