: When it killed the first time was it with a thunderlord's proc? It won't show up if the ult procs a thunderlord's since it's the keystone that actually deals the finishing blow.
No he procd thunderlords before then.
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: Cant play??
Go to the installer and run it. From there it should give you options along the lines or uninstall, and repair. Select the repair option and let it run. If that doesn't fix it try completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.
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: ive been killing a lot of ahris lately no idea why so many
She is a popular pick in the lcs right now because she fits the meta. So people watch that and assume she is op, and that is why there are so many ahri's right now.
: The Reasons why you're never get out of bronze.
You should add: Play only 15 or so ranked games a season... That's why I'm in bronze.
Mig89 (NA)
: What if the bans didn't matter and only the picks were auto banned for game two. The third tiebreaker game it could reset and allow anything
That would work much better, but it is still kind of an issue as far as top tier champs would go, but it might be something to be considered.
: ***
Adderall is probably the biggest. It's for ADHD so it helps you focus better.
: Is this seriously a post to ner fiora? you do know that she's fairly underpowered in this meta right? I'm not part of the "Fiora is trash" camp, but theres a reason much of her fan base has moved on
Underpowered? She builds 3 items and can tower dive a tank and walk away with full health.....
FeeNeeX (NA)
: What will happen if.......................
So there would be the OP champs like those that are basically perma banned in the LCS and then way above them would be Nasus.
: Is it bad to have a rule stating teams can't play something that was picked in the previous match?
It would be I think mostly because it would essentially be 20 bans during the second game and 30 bans in the third game. While there are over 100 champions (actually approaching 150) there really aren't all that many that are top tier. Basically the bans and picks in lcs are the very top tier, and then there are I would say just enough that are quite at that tier that can let you fill out your team comp. Other than that the vast majority of champions are really not all that great in comparison. At least that's the way I think about it.
: Pretty sure Mao should.t do that much dmg
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Is this the most boring meta?
Yes and no. It's boring that is is more or less the same 10 champions being picked every game, but at the same time the game is in a spot where one team can't just snowball so hard out of control that there is absolutely no chance of a comeback. To be honest though I prefer almost anything that isn't just who can split push better, and aside from the occasional Fiora game so far this season split pushing really isn't a thing.
: which champions can kill tanks
brluffy (NA)
: Ranked Placements
Part of what plays into the placement system is how you placed during the last season... In season 6 I was placed in bronze 1 and didn't play anymore ranked (I won maybe 3 games). This season I got bronze 4 and I won 5 or 6 placements. Essentially what the placement system thinks is that in the "off" season you didn't play as much or you didn't try as hard so you lost some skill and it compensates for that.
Seven10 (NA)
: Nerf Lee Sin
Katarina has a billion resets for her e.... if she could ward hop along with that not even talon could catcher her.
: New client too laggy for older machines
I have the same issue kind of. I can run the new client fine (it's a laggy but it's not too bad), but to answer your question about resources and the difference between the game. It is possible (the new client is still in beta) that the code has just not been optimized yet which will cause the program to run slower compared to the game which is (or should be) super optimized.
: Anyone saying they arent excited for finals are just salty fan boys who don't actually care about the game of League but rather what their favorite teams dick tastes like.
I'm not excited for finals, but I'm also not a salty fanboy. I just don't care to watch either SKT or SSG play because it really just doesn't interest me. SKT never really does anything super crazy or outside the book, and I just don't enjoy watching SSG play because I don't know the first thing about the team. I'll probably watch parts of the games because I like competitive league of legends, and if I later hear that any of the games were super crazy I'll probably watch those, but I just have no interest in finals.
: Welp
I came to the boards to make the same post....
: Anyone else get high ping on Alpha Client?
It is probably because the alpha client isn't located on the public server (I dont know for sure). The server it is located on might be further away and might not be able to handle as much load as the normal server which will cause all kinds of delays.
: Some people say that we should test out the plants mechanic before profusely complaining.
I mean you really shouldn't complain about anything until you try it out. Yeah you can hypothesize what might happen, but that doesn't mean it will happen. Basic scientific method. You make a hypothesis and then you test that hypothesis. If you don't test that hypothesis then all you have is an opinion and by definition opinions can't be right.
0 2 Ø (NA)
: League not opening pls help
Try right clicking the icon and running as administrator. If that doesnt work try repairing the league files, and if that doesnt work uninstall and reinstall league.
: Send Help Please
Has your laptop updated recently? That could be the issue if yes. What I would recommend doing is resetting your computer to a previous date if you know when the issues started, and obviously you need to pick a date that is before the issues started (look up how to do it, it isn't really that hard, I would tell you how to do it but I haven't done it in a while). That being said if you reset your computer to a previous date it will delete certain files, so if you have any important files you have created and/or saved after the date you will be going to, then make sure you back them up to an external hardrive/flashdrive or cloud storage. Assuming what the riot employee suggests doesnt work.
Trumma (NA)
: Mastery 6?
I am pretty sure the "Thresh Permanent" is acutally owning the champion. The "Thresh Shard" is a thresh token in hextech crafting. Honestly though riot really fucked up the advanced mastery. It's not hard enough that you have to get 2 s- for mastery 6 and then 5 s for mastery 7, but they also said fuck you and made it so you need additional resources.
So shouldn't everyone be in bronze 5? You know level 30 is the highest level in the game right?
Taikobou (NA)
: Didnt know about that alt+spell thing. Will try it out.
You can also use ctrl + spell, but because the alt key is easier to reach you probably want to use that. Howver, if you use quick cast you might find it worthwhile to set hotkeys up using the ctrl + spell to normal cast so you can see the range. I know you weren't asking about that but if you didn't know about that it could help you out.
: Okay a good syndra should actually be able to kill kennen but thats besides the point, She is a strong burst mage whos cooldowns were probably lower, just get over it
This post is kind of a joke I'm not actually tilted, and I know Syndra is a strong burst mage I play her every now and again, but in this case her damage was lower than mine and she just got a lucky level up.
Rivuo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mat7itan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rtfMQn2Q,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-02T00:49:54.974+0000) > > It doesn't help that I was level 18 and their highest level was 15. About 25 minutes in the game Rox vs G2 thats happening right now kennen killed 2 people by himself. One was killed while he was exhausted so. He lost lane hard and was 0-2 i think or 0-3
Rivuo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mat7itan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rtfMQn2Q,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-01T23:47:02.254+0000) > > I I got a 4 man ult and killed everyone on their team with it except Syndra. got her to one hp... This is why i fucking bann kennen
It doesn't help that I was level 18 and their highest level was 15.
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AhmCha (NA)
: Good ADC's to learn to suit my playstyle?
Caitlyn (kill pressure isn't super high, but she has a good laning phase and transitions into mid game sieges better than anyone) and lucian are probably the best bets.
: these champs are op
Fiora now is nothing compared to what she was. Now she can't oneshot an entire team with the press of a button. Now she actually takes skill to play and is managable. Tryndamere on the other hand has never really been good and really only finds success in lower tiers where people don't know how to play him.
: Yay fizz nerfs
Yeah because the cd on his e will still be lower than a max attack speed kog maw.
: You know one thing that always bugged me about this game?
His kit makes sense if you don't think about him like a gypsy (which he isn't), but as a gambler.
: darshan gonna get benched?
If they haven't benched Huhi yet I doubt they'll bench darshan.
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: Please set up ranked tests!!
So we need to add a bunch of algorithms to the game so that in ranked people are forced to play a certain way or they aren't allowed to play ranked?
: Just watched CLG vs SKT
I just watched it and I really wonder what CLG could do with a good midlaner. It's not that Huhi is bad, but he very rarely does well.
: NA can still get TOP 2
They can still get first. After the group stage there is a best of 5 ladder to go through. Who they lose to in groups really only matters in tie breakers like in the normal season. For example TSM lost twice to NRG (or whoever it was) which tied them in the spring split, but because TSM had already lost to them twice there was no tie breaker and NRG (or whoever it was) got the better seed.
jusho1 (NA)
: lol easy just kill him his nerf broke his back
That's the problem... I can't.
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: Which lane would you guys say Urgot works best in?
Probably mid, but he is pretty bad so it's a tough call...
: Why the NA server is broken
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: I like how league didn't have MUCH active items compared to other moba's.
If you want practice with a lot of actives before they all come out I recommend playing support.... I can only push so many buttons at once ;~;
: Rageblade
People have been wanting a nerf for it since preseason. Even if they didn't it did absolutely nothing in that game because if I remember correctly stixxay didn't even have the item in the only teamfight of the game (you know the one that won them the game).
: Is nobody going to talk about Veigar?
To be fair all infinitely stacking champions are ridiculous.
Boomxic (NA)
: Normals
Because normals mmr (the rating that matches people of similar rating/skill level) is different from that of ranked. So while they may be platinum in ranked they are not that high in normals (they could also be playing with friends of a lower level which can pull them down to a lower mmr). While the system is typically pretty good about balancing teams and the such there are times when things like this happen.
Suka X (OCE)
: Purchasing RP but I didnt get the RP.
It can sometimes take a little bit for the RP to show up as the transaction might take some time to be processed. In my experience with purchasing RP (I've never used cards and just bought my RP from the client so this could be another issue) usually reloading the client fixes any issues. Just in case it is another problem screen shot all of the things relating to the transaction (especially the part that says you should have RP) so you have proof in case it isn't resolved quickly.
: Zed is OP
Well you gave no reasons for why he might be OP so you've got that down, but you definitely weren't whiny enough and your grammar is way too good. ;D
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