Instig (EUW)
: Why can you cast spells while stunned?
Even better, why are champs allowed to autoattack while they are suppressed? For example, champs can still AA while supressed by Malzahar's Ult.
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: Thanks riot. Played since season 2, finally quitting this garbage heap.
> [{quoted}](name=teto god supp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tmwzKuth,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-15T22:57:00.222+0000) > ... Older champs without 3 dashes, 2 shields, 3 life bars, 2 forms of invisibility, and hyper carry potential are useless. > ... > {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} I am having that problem with my Main (Malzhar). His rework was supposed to give him a shield to help with enemy CC, which was nerfed 3 times to a 1 pop AA balloon. With no Dash, no escapes, no invisibility, no late game scaling, no true damage, and completely nerfed pets that literally die under 1 enemy AOE effect, his game is basically a 50/50 shot based NOT on my play but whether or not my team will win. Let me say it again... IF my team was going to win ANYWAY... then yea. we win. otherwise not. I simply cannot carry in this game with this champ. Late game, he gets burst down INSTANTLY, doesn't matter if he has a shield. Too many champs have hypermobility, yet Malzahar base speed was nerfed. His AA range was nerfed. Why can't riot do something and buff him already.
: Top Lane champs dominating Mid Lane Malzahar
Your advice, while well intentioned, has several fallacies. Lets start with your advice from 1 and go down the list: .1. Malz will win vs Juggernauts (FALSE). Your advice (see below) suggest to build Rylai as the first 3rd tier item. BUT... It does NOT matter if Malz has Rylai, or Liandry and or Morello. This is because its NOT possible to obtain any first complete item build such as Rylai, Morello or Liandry and have enough MANA soon enough in the game to defeat the Top Lane champs because their ability to absorb damage and heal far exceeds Malzahar's Mana pool. This means that Malz MUST obtain a Mana regen / pool early (ie lost chapter) and only then can he start on Rylai (as suggested by you). So that means Lost Chapter + Rylai. Which means we STILL don't have any item that applies grevious wounds or %HP Damage. And he needs boots to have any hope of being able to land a spell / AA / or get his voidlings close enough to help him farm. The Mana Items DO NOT build into Liandry or Morello or Rylai. Which means Malz must either SPLIT his build or build a pure mana item first, which delays Morello or Liandry or Rylai ... and BY the time he does finish those items, Nasus, and Tryndamere have already built either spirit or life steal item that counters all the damage Malz can put out until he runs out of mana. So Yes, its true that Liandry and Rylai help... they can't help IN TIME due to the lack of a first tier item Build path that includes Mana that has enough utility to damage the top laners over the long haul. Echo works to build sustain, but it doesn't counter the healing / shielding that the top laners now have. You mention Doran's shield but that just delays the final Mana build. It does help offset the early damage received by other champs, but because of the delay in building a mana pool it hurts the long term chances later game. .2. Ignite doesn't work on Malz (Partially Agree): I usually run Flash and Ghost, and moved to Ghost and Ignite for the reason that I CAN get a better chance of killing an enemy champ with Ignite when I ult them, or sometimes when they are low. The real problem tho, is that the top lane champs have shields in their Kit, which reduces the chance of ignite working as well has hoped. Mordekaiser, for example seems to constantly have a life saving shield up his sleeve. .3. Runes: 90% of his dmg comes from the spells. I will say this, Most of the GOOD runes other people can use are fairly difficult to use with Malz, because he can't proc them since he is not going to do a lot of basic attacks. Most runes penalize range, AOE and DOT, and ALL of Malz spells are either AOE, or DOT or Non-Applicable (Voidlings). Therefore he gets the shaft. .4. Items: As I said, Malz must have mana to be useful for any kind of exchange, without mana he is useless. Its very very annoying how almost every champ never has to leave lane, where as Malz MUST return to base to get some kind of Mana item or he will lose the lane. It doesn't matter what lane (Top / Mid / Bot / Jg). .5. Lost Chapter is a Must: (100% agree) and this where my argument re: #1 comes into play. Malz HAS to build either lost chapter or the tear *which ends up being not as helpful* in order to survive. BUT just as you advise, HE CAN"T FREAKING FINISH the item, because now he has to build Rylai for the slow or / Liandry / Morello to get any kind of damage that lasts. Because of that, he "Mana POOL" is STILL too small to last long enough vs Nasus / Tryn etc because they heal and heal and heal and heal. So by the TIME that all happens, they have built a full item, and Malz is now has 2 unfinished items and he simply gets out traded and out sustained. .6. Boots: Meh, not worth debating. Ionian seems ok, but again... having CDR is meaningless for Malz when he can't use it. (WHY Can't he use it???) Because it simply means he will run out of Mana 10% faster. (I hope that makes sense?)... the cdr is GREAT, but without the MANA pool He can't use it. .7. Rylai as first item. (AGREED! But, ) If you review my last 20 builds you will see that I usually build Lost Chapter -> Echo or Lost Chapter -> Rylai... Again, this is out of 100% necessity simply because Malz must have mana. Rylai is necessary for Malz but it is NOT good enough. 20% slow just doesn't cut the mustard because there are so many champs that seem to be able to bypass the movement slowing ability of Rylai by using a spell that includes a Dash or Closing mechanic of somekind. Several enemy champs have ults that bypass slow completely. Calling me out on Jg Malz is meaningless, I almost Never do it. That was a rare exception. I do miss being able to jungle. Its simply very unfair that Malzahar's Voidlings can't tank any damage. It ruins Malz ability do damage. IF his voidlings did not die instantly, under AOE damage from champs, this would ALSO help his game significantly, and he might be be able to do better against top laners. As it stands, everyone knows all they have to do is wait for Malz to cast the voidlings and then counter with AOE to kill them all in 1 blast. Its basically a total loss at that point because of the CD for the Voidlings and the cost to cast them over and over. Another issue I have noticed is that his Ultimate power has no Sustain or Scaling like Veigar (Scaling) or other Champs like massive AOE Kat or like Velkoz (True Dmg) that seem to be sooo powerful late game. Malzahar's relies on his ULT to HOLD someone in place, and with QSS (or similar items ) they simply walk away. And Because QSS CD is much faster than Malz ult CD, it makes his ult almost useless. The fact that EVERY CHAMP CAN AUTOATTACK MALZ (IF IN RANGE) WHILE BEING ULTED BY MALZ is moronic. So, overall , You points are mostly good, but they don't address Malzahar's issues which are lack of a Build Path that doesn't split his build early while still being able to help counter the excessive healing and shielding of the top laners. You even admit he needs to build lost chapter first, then not finish the build. But that results in a very significant delay in his build... combined with Malzahar's lack of scaling and Juggernauts simply out last and out damage Malz... At the late game stage, Rylai is useless to slow enough. There is NOT enough damage output to stop the tanks. He has NO re-usable CC QWE. Its over.
: Top Lane champs dominating Mid Lane Malzahar
Malz spell shield is a joke. Many of the top laners have shields that regen with QWE, vs Malz shield takes 3 times that amount of time. Also, top laner shields absorb lots of AA damage, Malz spell shield pops with ANY amount of dmg on it. His shield needs to be given some fading CC protection after popping like it used to have. The reality is Malzahar simply cant compete with the likes of Morde, Irelia, Olaf, Nasus, etc in a standard 1 v 1 and these guys are migrating into Mid because they KNOW it.
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: How do you feel about 1 tricks?
your not even close to 1 tricking with the several champs you play. Nevertheless, how u play is up to you. If you want to win, pick the best champ for the situation that you know how to play well.
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: So..... with the Blitz change....... Morgana?
The WHOLE point of Malzahar's shield is to block 1 important spell / dmg amount. Now its useless because this new mechanic totally negates his shield. Meaning Blitz doesn't even have to waste an AA, knockup or Pull all he has to do is R in range.
: "I'd rather have a 10 minute queue and be put as my role than a 2 minute queue and be autofilled"
Anyone who says Autofill is not a problem does NOT care about what you want. And neither do the devs. If they did, they would offer you 2 lanes and a [x] autofill for less waiting choice when you launched: [x] BOT [x]TOP [ o ] less wait with autofill Yea, you might have to wait a little longer, but that's your choice. Will they give it you ? Nah... who needs choice.
: Malzahar Rework?
The only thing Malzahar NEEDS is improved late game scaling, perhaps in the form of passive improvement to Penetration or Penetration bonus for each kill. As it stands now, almost every champ outscales him late game, and once they stack MR, its really impossible for him to compete. QSS hurts him. I would like to know why QSS is a multi-use item when the Watch is single use. Why is everything so skewed to AD? Almost every AD beneficial item in the game gets a better twist than AP items. WHY are there no improved penetration items?
: > [{quoted}](name=AR URF,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ht4Qy3Mt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-22T08:51:25.820+0000) > > It's kind of sad honestly when I can pretty well predict the outcome of a lane. Mid {{champion:45}} vs mid {{champion:238}}. I'm usually right when I figure {{champion:238}} will win the lane. > > I get that every champion has/needs counterplay, but right now it's becoming ridiculous. Oh damn, you predicted that an early game Assassin will win lane against a late game champ that relies on scaling, and on top of that is heavily countered kit wise. Must be because of the meta.
> [{quoted}](name=Who Fed Ru,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ht4Qy3Mt,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2018-12-23T18:00:54.345+0000) > > Oh damn, you predicted that an early game Assassin will win lane against a late game champ that relies on scaling, and on top of that is heavily countered kit wise. > > Must be because of the meta. You are comparing OP to OP... not OP Burst to Linear Champs. The problem is the sheer amount of damage they are dishing out compared to non-burst champs. Many of the champs are becoming to linear compared to these OP high burst damage champs. For example, Malzahars only high damage spell is the ultimate. Vs Leblanc who can dish it out ever 5 to 10 secs or so versus late game ADC which dish out 1000+ hits every .25 secs. Meanwhile, Malzahar can't possibly compete with that level of damage. Meanwhile everyone complains about his shield but they don't complain about the Malphite / Poppy / Riven Shields that remove damage almost every exchange.
agac4234 (EUW)
: a way to nerf akali with out removing true stealth
True Stealth can be ok IF... 1. It didn't last as long... maybe 1/2 what it is now. 2. It did not work under tower.
: Riot officially admits the meta is damage heavy
Practically every champ explodes my main (malzahar) in 1 hit now. Meanwhile I facing Bot lane champs that dish out my entire ULT in dmg every 0.25 secs. My shield is FKN useless because they have so many attacks in their "1" attack now... My Movement speed is stupid low, my Auto Attack range is moronic. I DESPISE this game now. And I am just gonna have to quit until Riot decides to fix this shit again.
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DW Diana (NA)
: Lets be Positive and give Riot some ideas!
Yes, we all miss the real voidlings, not these FRAGILE GLASS ONES we have now. DOn't worry tho, you can post all the suggestions you want here... No one official actually reads this stuff anymore... its a lot like screaming alone in the vacuum of space... ENJOY!
: watchout eveyone malzahar, ornn nerfs and illaoi buff coming
Malzahar is trash champ now. Almost any top lane and Jg champ can take him down. Since Malzahar damage output so low, tanks brutalize him late game as well. Anyone losing to Malzahar in Challenger Level, is simply not picking from a vast majority of possible counters to Malzahar such as: GangPlank, Riven, Fiora, Camille, Jax, Diana... and they can all do it no matter what lane Malz takes top or mid. His ult is stupid EZ to counter with QSS and that builds to Mercurial Scimitar which is perfect for most AD champs. The fact is Malz is dumpstered and has been that way for a while, and every change riot makes seems to hurt Mages more and more. Now Malz has to back almost every 5 mins just to replenish mana.
: Gonna have to say a good bye...
To be honest, I have stopped playing ranked games and gone back to Norms for 99% of my games simply because the champ I play is too nerfed to play competitively anymore. RIOT can't see what they are doing wrong unfortunately.
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: Midlane for an immobile mage is a nightmare
I hear you. Although lately, Talon is WAY worse than Zed. Midlane Irelia is appearing now and destroying. The problem is that low mobility mages like Karthus, Malzahar have no real escape. Karthus has his slow wall and Malz has a silence. But those don't help when most of these enemy champs have mobility skills that can "go thru" the spell area without being affected before we can throw up any defense. Top lane champs are coming mid because low mobility Mages are easy pickings. Come to think about it, gonna post on that one.
: Revert malzahar from 7.11
Malzhar performance is just aweful now. Too much Mana requirement, terrible scaling, low mobility and short AA range, with voidlings that are stupid slow and die in 1 hit. When the HELL is RIOT going to actually DO something... we have been complaining For way too long. All we get IS (#*&^#*(&^ NERFS... enough is enough.
: Malzahar no longer competitive at high ELO
His ult does not do enough damage to be a concern late game anyway since he is rooted. Just take him out.
Coronet (EUNE)
: Please stop suggesting Malzahar as a general counterpick to Assasins.
It is unfortunate but true. Most people don't know it but Malzahar is way too turret dependent now. The one defense Malz has from any turret dive is his ult... and the hope that he can pin his enemy under his own turret. QSS essentially destroys that. Every assassin knows it too. Lately, Talon has been crushing him. Forget any chance of top lane... they heal so much damage its almost impossible to get anywhere. Basically, Malzahar is a Midlane with support level power. And it totally sucks. We have Talon's running around getting 28 kills. Hey Riot... whats the AVG Max # kills for Talon, Yasuo, Zed vs Malzahar? Hey, how many PENTAS does Malzahar get vs Akali, Kat, Zed... Its pathetic. Meanwhile, his passive does not help him with CC anymore because everything from a fart to a whisper pops it. Even running banshee doesn't help since a small percent of damage penetrates to pop it too. Its so moronic that everything is designed to prevent Malzahar from gaining any kind of legitimate foothold to challenger play.
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: Nobody actually uses Malzahar's passive for its initially stated purpose.
or just shoot him with an AA or just use any lame ability or just any spell or a nocturne ult or fart
Aseraan (EUW)
: Make his ult a warwick like skillshot expect he should screaming "GIMMI TITIES!!!!" than i would say he is not a fking toxic point and click fk you champ.
> [{quoted}](name=Aseraan,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EVvZAITe,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-05-01T22:43:11.227+0000) > > Make his ult a warwick like skillshot expect he should screaming "GIMMI TITIES!!!!" than i would say he is not a fking toxic point and click fk you champ. And how is that any different from Veigar's Instant Damage ult with ZERO chance of counter?
: Riot wanted malzahar off support lane and into mid lane. Well, nerfing him did the opposite.
Malzahar simply cannot compete late game anymore. Its got to the point that I am totally annoyed and disgusted to play him as a champ. So, screw it. Pick another champ.
: When Are We Actually Going to Fix Malzahar?
I hope they git rid of the GD spell shield because its been nothing but a horror show of Nerfs to Malz kit every since they gave it to him. Now he's nothing but a walking feed.
DW Diana (NA)
: Malzahar Mains TRY THIS!
Unless Riot improves Malz's scaling ratio's it does not matter. Too many champs outscale him.
DW Diana (NA)
: Suggestion for Malzahar Rework
Been complaining about for years... nothing but Nerfs... Riot has made no effort to give Malz any competitive scaling.
DW Diana (NA)
: Banshee's on Malzahar
Riot wont fix this.
DW Diana (NA)
: Malzahar?
Riot could care less. Use a different champ.
: Malzahar is dead in competitive and literally all high elo one tricks have abandoned him
Crede777 (NA)
: Malzahar Bug
That's moronic. You can't cast e on a "dead" minion. So at the time of the cast, it was alive. So, it should bounce if the minion dies.
: @Riot - Kassadin and Malzahar, their stories lack substance together
Great Malzahar story means nothing as they have him nerfed to hell. The actual story should read... Malzahar the prophet, who peaked into the void, and saw his balls chopped clean off by riot and lost his powers to see himself since then.
Stacona (NA)
: The slow kind of does that, it is like the old W, but damage attached to the voidling against those in the zone instead. The combination of having a powerful slow at later ranks and silence kind of traps them inside, not to mention place down the zone and suppress them in place does exactly that and allows the voidling(s) to go ham on the target and rip it to pieces. Something I wanted from Malzahar was allow for abilities to work together that did not rely on his ultimate all the time, because I loved the old P+W+R combo, but I wanted stuff like that on his base kit and not have to rely on a long cooldown ultimate to repeat that process. Here I allowed for the abilities to combo and work together while giving back the old P+W+R combo as well (and by removing damage on his suppression directly forces Malzahar to have to combo the ability, rather than be a both an instant suppression and massive nuke over time, that is another thing needed to be fixed is not make the ultimate strong on its own but give a point-and-click some type of thought process and skill to it).\ **** I just wonder if the trap would be too strong however, but with a slow you can have the duration of the zone much long, where as a trap abilities has to be around 2 seconds for a basic ability trap or break some how, but how do you create a breaking effect for a void ability? Personally I think it is best where the ability needs to be combined with either his silence or suppression makes the best sense, allows for better skill expression that way and offers some kind of counter play even with an instant suppression since you can have a brief window to flash away (unless he lands his silence) since the creation of the null zone gives that split second to react with trying to stun the voidling or flash away (The Voidling breaks the leash range under specific conditions while the target is suppressed from Nether Grasp).
> I just wonder if the trap would be too strong however, but with a slow you can have the duration of the zone much long, where as a trap abilities has to be around 2 seconds for a basic ability trap or break some how, but how do you create a breaking effect for a void ability? Malz has no escapes... a trap would give him one.
Stacona (NA)
: Malzahar Re-imagined Ability Kit
I think if you are going to change his W, turn it into something like Jarvan or Yorick's trick... Void Containment. Where they are stuck in a void box for a short time.
Jovius (EUNE)
: Your comment suggest you either have no idea how to play against Malzahar or your mid laners don't. All you have to do, is kill his voidlings, which are dead to either one auto or any aoe spell. This is why every Malzahar playing in a higher elo in proplay is always 10-20 cs behind and pushed under his tower, because those guys know how bad his early game is. Generalization like yours "oppresive waveclear" or "permapush bot" is exactly why his win rate was so inflated. People dont use their brain when playing vs him and then complain on forums about how opressive he is. Kill his voidlings, and he has no damage and no push. When somebody picks him against me, I just play Orianna into him, wait for his voidlings and instantly kill them with a Q. He cant farm without them and if he is dumb enough to ult me without his R up, well.. he just wasted his R and I can shove him under tower and do something on the rest of the map. Any champion with range and poke can deal with Malz easily. Your job as a Malzahar is to survive laning phase. If you can't deal with his push, that's a YOU problem, not Malzahar being imbalanced.
> All you have to do, is kill his voidlings, which are dead to either one auto or any aoe spell. This is why every Malzahar playing in a higher elo in proplay is always 10-20 cs behind and pushed under his tower, because those guys know how bad his early game is. Yes, very very good point. His voidlings die so incredibly easily. Malz can't actually farm with e well enough early game. Trying to play Malz in any other lane is agony too. We used to be able to play him in Jg, but the minions do not tank anymore. So, Malz jg puts him too far behind to be viable there. Malz sup is terrible with No inherent CC, no Heal, no Slow... and the voidling die in 1 AA or any kind of AOE. Malz top is insanely poor. Even if you manage to deal with insane damage of Riven, Darius, Gnar, Sion... in the early phase, once you get to late game, they are just overbearing. Can dive under tower, pop your shield, TAKE YOUR ULT, eat it for breakfast, and while under tower, totally kill you. Malz has no scaling and with his Ult 20% nerfed, he can't kill any more. Late game he is getting crushed because you try glass cannon to compensate for the loss of Ult strength, and you get instapopped. So, your try tanky builds, but you still die, and you can't kill anything. There is no build option that allows Malz to be successful against any competent team... Malz is 9/10 the weakest link in the games. Using his ult late game is essentially a death penalty for Malzahar, because he is rooted. People who complain about Malz, have not actually tried to level up with him as a main. I dare anyone to try playing just Malz and get from bronze to silver and gold. Its nearly impossible. Everyone I know always has to use another champ because he can't do it anymore.
Jovius (EUNE)
: Is it time to give some power back to Malzahar?
Obviously, his win ratio has plummeted. So HE DOES need a buff. His voidlings are part of his identity. They need to scale better as he levels up to make them more useful. Give them more HP each level up. Malz himself has horrible scaling now. His early game sucks. His mid game is fair, and his late game is total garbage. Any late game ADC destroys him in 1 sec, even with the ult because he can't kill the ADC anymore... he's NOT an assassin anymore. He's just a lane pushing squishy.
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: Anyone who thinks Malz is strong "ATM" obviously has not been playing him enough. He's overnerfed beyond stupidity. Examine the top 20 Malzahar players in the world, and you will see they can't sustain their win ratios. so, they switched to Swain or some other champ.
> [{quoted}](name=Mataka Tek,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=75xlsN18,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-04T05:11:06.227+0000) > > Anyone who thinks Malz is strong "ATM" obviously has not been playing him enough. He's overnerfed beyond stupidity. > Examine the top 20 Malzahar players in the world, and you will see they can't sustain their win ratios. so, they switched to Swain or some other champ. But I do like the idea that the enemy champ gets a Knockdown during his ult. I don't like thta his vision would not be refreshed for the Q. Need to keep that, its one of the things that good Malz players can use.
: My Malzahar Fix Idea, Via rework
Anyone who thinks Malz is strong "ATM" obviously has not been playing him enough. He's overnerfed beyond stupidity. Examine the top 20 Malzahar players in the world, and you will see they can't sustain their win ratios. so, they switched to Swain or some other champ.
Crede777 (NA)
: Malzahar Bug
reported this FKN BUG 2 other times now.. they keep ignoring it.
Jovius (EUNE)
: @Riot - Malzahar is down to 48% win rate.
Malzahar's scaling is so bad now, I am losing almost every game I play. Seriously... But instead of looking at me, look at the other top 20 Malzahar players who played him more than anyone else in the world, and look at how many wins and losses they have "just for Malzahar" and you will see... they stopped playing Malz more often then not. They have switched to Swain or something else because Malzahar is no longer even close to Diamond/Plat/challenger material. He needs better late game scaling. Period. His voidlings are useless late game. They give him no protection what so ever. The item changes and "runes" and enemy mechanics and mobility allow champs to avoid the voidlings almost all the time unless they are not familiar with them. My suggestion would be to give the voidlings a scaling HP, and an inherent bit of slow to their bite.
: [GAMEPLAY] Malzahar's R and E bugged, go on cooldown but do nothing
I can confirm the failure of Maleficent Visions near a minion's death and infact, reported this as a bug as well.
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: Sejuani is broken.
Its BROKEN as hell... she is nearly impossible to kill, its game a game breaking passive. Worse than the Malzahar Shield
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