Cloud273 (NA)
: So the amiibos for Breath of the Wild cost more than the game AND the dlc combined...
obviously nintendo is trying to create a cash cow like skylanders
: soccer is not a sport
if soccer isn't a sport then I don't even know what LoL is considered a waste of time?
: Please eat fruit and don't worry about their sugar content
fruits are for wimps real men eat trees
Pouting (NA)
: Tanky Shaco is fair.
tanky AD shaco has always been good his itemization has been up and down over the years but it's stiill viable
Enselus (NA)
: "i fk u mother"
you mother
: I just played against a support shen
unconventional? camille support is new shen support has been around for an extremely long time
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Thete should be a wall around top lane for the first 30 minutes.
: So apparently I don't take "real engineering classes"...
La Spork (NA)
: God I love thick west-african accents.
: should I buy a computer that cost 4000 Dollars, or one that costs 11k?
if you're spending that kind of money on a set-up you better be getting 3 monitors
: barbecue peanuts are the best peanuts.
peanut plant are the best peanuts
: Why are duo queues allowed in solo queue?
Jamaree (NA)
: Don't join PvP servers if you don't want the risk of being world PvPed?
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=I1b3LBUR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-13T01:41:21.972+0000) > > Don't join PvP servers if you don't want the risk of being world PvPed?
: Yesterday I had about a gallon of water in the form of those tiny bottles in about 1.5 hours
you only need about 2 liters a day unless you're outside in the sun working otherwise i suggest you increase* your sodium intake it's incredibly important to get at least 2000mg a day some days I get 4k and I feel great
askar1 (OCE)
: Looking to change regions - Sick of Blind queue position calling / arguing
NotSid (NA)
: Tfw you wake up and realize you lost an hour of sleep
its already summer here in california
: We need AP fighters whose autos scale AP
RexSaur (NA)
: So im playing riven vs talon, im 2-0.
an assassin doing his job talon excels when he can get off his passive
: Can I get in trouble for uh... playing norms with a scripter?
absolutely this is considered mmr boosting and is a serious offense
: Teleport should not be allowed to Zacs revive
Meira3 (NA)
: Looking for friends to practice my English skills.
you will not develop your english by playing this game you can develop your english by studying like a 1st grader start with the alphabet
: Wewe, Y does it hurt to be so swoles after a workout?
djMack (NA)
: Looking for a Club, I mostly play ARAMs
try team recruitment and learning how to read this is general discussion
: Uryek
quality thread
: How to Nerf and Buff Shen at the same time while not destroying his kit - coming from a Shen Main.
Anonagon (NA)
: The "Games like Dark Souls" tier list
googled hardest game ever found dark souls ordered dark souls proceeded to get platinum on dark souls found out dark souls had a prequel called demon's souls hated demon's souls because of karma or whatever the hell it was DLC for dark souls is still the best gameplay ever
La Spork (NA)
: Why does it hurt to flex after a workout?
you shouldn't be experiencing pain while working out if you are that means you are not doing something right i suggest you quit while you still can
CLG ear (NA)
: Why the fuck are there so many level 110 horde at the legion start zone
: "The game card was removed" Halp
game may be corrupt your DS is faulty either way I would strongly suggest not playing any handheld device as they lead to many physical problems like arthritis they were not built with ergonomics in mind and are designed to fuk over the player
: Question for toxic players
none of those proposed would be effective at all 1. I would troll every single game until the effect is gone 2. I would troll every single game until the effect is gone 3. I would still troll every single game until I can open boxes
: What people don't realize about increasing minimum wage
i completely agree we need to strike down this minimum wage bullshit if you think you need 10 dollars an hour just think about this you could have hired two employees at 5 dollars an hour then two people get to eat instead of just one being a fatass son of a bish i rest my case fukers
: I like pokemon because it simulates having pets
your conclusion is a false premise therefore you are incorrect
: Leona goes full Escanor
the new client looks so trash there's too much wasted space
op must be a moron you can't just introduce cat to each other and expect them to get along there are ways to do this without causing them to permanently hate each other i highly suggest you do things the right way and google how to introduce cats to each other or they will NEVER stop the hissing
Rioter Comments
Proxy345 (NA)
: Why does Nintendo think that day 1 dead pixels are normal? lol
the only time i've ever had a dead pixel on a nintendo device was when i abused the shit out of it obviously either nintendo is shit or nintendo is bad
: RIP Nintendo switch PART 2
can we get a summary will smith is not very good at talking
: A little help for a noob
you must build the correct items to get a good grade. it is impossible to get a good grade without the correct items. a single wrong item will instantly lower your grade by an entire letter.
: Fiddle buffs won't make him viable
they just need to make W lower the CD of his other abilities every second he drains like xin's Q problem SOLVED
: Riot, why do you keep giving everyone mobility?
nobody cares about your main and the concept of having a main is stupid do you think jhin mains you? jhin doesn't care about you
: The crazy stubborn guy is not willing to accept my cash through paypal for a mechanical keyboard
paypal is corrupt and comparable to satan i wouldn't accept anything through paypal
: If i get into champ select as my primary role and i take support for someone, it should count...
no it shouldnt because autofill protection is a pointless concept and should be removed entirely
awdaf (NA)
: Ryze feels really clunky after Riot increased the CD on his E
and this is exactly why rito nerfed it get rekt harder
: Removal of pink wards actually made invisible champions unbalanceable.
you are clearly stuck in a mindset of noobish thoughts try being the invisible champion for once and you will see how wrong you are
: Why am I still restricted from getting rewards, after being mute for 50 plus games?
there used to not be any rewards for play period get used to it bish entitled players will always feel entitled
Dasdi96 (NA)
: New game mode idea: exhausted
you realize exhaust was nerfed right?
Trax2001 (NA)
: LP Gain and Loss
stop worrying about rank and just play the fucking game for fun oh wait
: after new galio rework i need a new bulky/anti-assassin/midlaner
Trogmar (NA)
: TF tips, guides?
build tank hp regen/mana regen
: Fiora Riposte blocking aoe damage and lasers?
you are obviously not as skilled as fiora have you even read the skill description?
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