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: Support, because someone has to do the dirty jobs :3
Are you Mike Rowe? OoO
: The ancient civilization always existed. The native population that lived on the highest cliffs of Bilgewater was mentioned at least once in burning tides. Im sorry that I cannot find some exact evidence as a quote for you, But their relevance and existance was described, even that they "worshipped" "ancients gods" of their ancestors. edit: Found some primary concrete evidence "the indigenous stone carvings in the rock", butcher's bridge leads to an "ancient temple" “We wanted Bilgewater to feel eclectic; a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, reflecting that its inhabitants have come from all over the known world. **Add in the original indigenous culture (which is highly respected in Bilgewater), and you start to have a place that feels rather unique.”** We already know that the Bearded Lady is hugely respected and is a large part of Bilgewater's culture and the statue that was used to stop the Harrowing was a statue of the Bearded Lady "The Bearded Lady is also known as Mother Serpent by the indigenous people of the islands" "The Bearded Lady is the **patron deity** of Bilgewater" "**Myths** about her date back centuries" We know Illaoi is a priestess to the Bearded Lady, so we can assume that she can "invoke" her god's power Edit 2: “Tales of the Shadow Isles spread through the world, but not every Runeterra resident will believe them.” Runeterra is a biiiiiiiig place, like stated before in the same article not everyone always knows whats going on where. So yes Lucian's order definitely could have tried to make use of the origin of the light from the Bearded Lady statue. But only if they knew about it. Also because it is a staute in a temple that is "worshiped" it may not be the best known information of what it can do, it was probably a secret of the indigenous people. Lastly Lucian probably wouldn't use it anyway since the power of the guns comes from the light and purity of the users soul. The Bearded Lady statue uses a different kind of power, and can most likely only be invoked by the priestess. But I will grant you one thing that you do have a valid point about... Why did Illaoi wait until now to use the statues power? In Riot's defense they did emphasis that it takes a lot of power out of her. Second it does not appear that she cares much about what goes on in lower Bilgewater, she probably only used it because the Mist had finally reached the temple, which it had never done previously
I believe you're right about why Illaoi waited until then to invoke the Bearded Lady's powers, namely that the Mist had never reached the temple until this Harrowing. If the light is emitted from the statue and spread outwards to coat all of Bilgewater, it would be a waste of her energy to invoke it every time the Mist rolled into town. On top of this, the temple seemed like a rather sturdy place, a place I'd bet could protect several hundred people from the average wraiths and spectres like it was before Fortune and crew came along. I feel like Illaoi's hesitance to invoke the power of the statue is less a lack of care for lower Bilgewater, and more of a fear that invoking that power too often would potentially kill her or anger Nagakabouros (hope I spelled that right). There's no need to exert that much pressure on her body when the Mist isn't reaching up to the temple and she can instead protect the lower inhabitants of Bilgewater there.
: My ping has been consistently higher in NA lately, what’s going on?
Camden, South Carolina, USA TruVista Broadband Haven't honestly experienced any horrible changes in ping yet, but I was wondering if there were any discussions with TruVista yet.
Wuks (NA)
: Hey yall, I'm on the West Coast, and I'm ecstatic for this move. I understand that our ping will be marginally higher, but I think this is a great change for the League of Legends community at large, as well as for the gaming base. This change is a long time coming, and I'm glad the East Coast is getting the attention they've been needing for the past five years. Remember, not all of us West Coast'ers are salty pirates! {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}}
I don't know you, may never see your name again (two games later, "oh hey!"), but this is the best outlook from the west coast I've seen on here. You keep doing you, you cheerful west coaster you. -Excited East Coaster
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago, Here We Come
Have their been discussions opened with TruVista? They're a localized service provider for parts of South Carolina and Georgia.
: i also wanted to try the public beta enviornment but i never got the e-mail
It'll take a while to get PBE access. Mine took about five months I think? I don't remember what patch I sent it in, but I got it between Bard and Rek'sai's releases iirc.
: Hold Me Closer, Shadow Dancer= Hold Me Closer Necromancer. Great read, if you are into action/fiction in a modern day setting
Definitely a great read. I don't remember much of the plot since that was almost a year ago, but I do remember loving the crap out of it.
: 20 years ago, you would pay a shit-ton of money for a low resolution, black and white TV. Now, for the same price, you can get a 4k resolution TV with full color display. Now imagine some company decided to start making black and white TVs again, at huge price. Would you buy them? Yea, it's not the same thing since we are talking about real life stuff, but the principle is still there. I won't buy something that I can make for free in 20 minutes. And YES, i understand that it takes money to run a company. But money is something that Riot is NOT lacking. Blizzard, a MUCH smaller company compared to Riot, gives "chromas" out for free based on how many times you played a hero. Don't they need the money aswell? Anyway, asking that much money for a recolor back in 2010 was acceptable because Riot was a small company, but now, i don't think it's fair to charge players for these simple pallet swaps, and as such, as a consumer, i will exert my right of punishing them and will not buy their product.
First of all, Blizzard? Small? You are referring to Blizzard Entertainment, yes? The company that has ran one of the world's largest MMOs (which is pay to play past a certain point) for over a decade? No way in hell do they need the money from recolors. Secondly, recolors back from 2010 were sold at 520 RP. Now Riot is saying you can have three of them, all at the same time, for 590 RP. That's not even 197 RP per chroma. Where is this price gouging? They're not only admitting the prices from 2010 recolors are overpriced, but giving you three of them for less than three 2010 recolors would be. It might just be me, I like Deadly Kennen and Exiled Morgana and whatnot, but that sounds like a bargain to me. Lastly, how is not buying their product punishing them? It's been made clear not just by myself, but by others in other comments on this very article, that people will buy these at this price because they also see it as fair. So some people won't buy it, oh well! Some people don't buy skins. I've bought maybe two in my LoL career as well as mystery traded with some friends. Is it something I'll do often? No, I don't have the money to throw at this game. Is it forcing me to? Never. Just like it's not forcing you or anyone else to buy chromas for these prices. Besides, Riot has said several times that the price isn't set in stone. They're willing to look at other means of giving out chromas. I'll leave you with a quote off of the FAQ, first sentence of the question "Why can't I earn chromas or buy them with IP?" "All options are still open in the future, but we’re sticking with RP-only at launch, in line with our historical approach to cosmetic content."
Arie (NA)
: Share Your Best URF Moments
Best moment? Probably the only game I ever had a troll in. They went Bard, I was Malphite, and two of the team members afk'd because they didn't wanna deal with Bard. It was me, a Malzahar, and Bard versus the full enemy team and with Bard somewhat co-operating we almost made the comeback a thing. It was a beautiful game and I couldn't even report anyone because it just left me with this feeling of accomplishment. [Here is the match data]( for the game I'm talking about. Could we have won? Definitely if the afks hadn't happened, but in the end I was still left with a fuzzy feeling, being able to 2v5 a team in any game mode.
: Problem with ARAM is you don't choose your champion.
I'd say ARAM should display the mastery of a champion to teammates, but not be included in calculating a champion's mastery as building between normals/ranked and ARAM varies on some degrees.
: Isn't Kalista's passive supposed to give the other person a choice?
From my experience with Kalista, you bind with someone using the Black Spear item. ( {{item:3599}} This thing.) I've only bonded once (it was in a game with a friend that'd bought her, I was Anivia mid to prove that you could rebond because I THOUGHT somewhere I saw you could), and it was entirely a voluntary choice. They clicked on me with the item, a thing fell out on the ground, and when I clicked it I did what Anivia does best. I do not recall the choice ever not being voluntary.
Diahane (EUW)
: > The IoW is not a blind five-year old stuck in a tunnel with a straightjacket, man. They're an institution with the powers to literally stop time, they can be the police, they can be james bond. > Things can happen with the League knowing if those things are big things! Like giant blood rituals involving long-term planning, collaborations between 3 separate champions, *and a giant rampaging monster*. If a well-known burial ground in Noxus starts to crumble and lots of people go in and out they probably should know. > > People selling weapons is not the same as raising a rampaging zombie. The UN doesn't even have powers on the same order of magnitude as the IoW. These examples have so little relevance to the world of Runeterra that I wonder if you've been reading the lore. Having nation-specific summoners go on "strike" is incredibly unlikely for the reasons you've stated (e.g. Kalamanda incident). One nation pulling entirely out of the IoW because they don't get to raise a zombie designed specifically to kill J4 is kind of political suicide. > > Not seeing the arguments for not having the IoW is due to a lack of understanding of how the IoW works. If the Noxus politicians leverage their influence, then they need to be a part of the plan, and now the summoners almost definitely knew beforehand. This is in addition to the fact that putting Sion in the League is completely out of character for Swain because Sion is supposed to be used for killing Jarvan IV and not for showing off in 5v5 battles that don't involve J4 at all. Have YOU even read the Reborn lore? Day two, there's a decree of the Grand General forbidding to get near the Sion's memorial, where he is buried. Violators will face public execution. Sion's story was erased from the records too and Swain had to dig them deeply to figure the story out. He talks about finding it "deep in old Noxus". It was not a frequented place, more like deserted for *centuries*, since Sion's imprisonment. So who the heck could have gone disturbing Noxus' Grand General from doing what he damn pleased in an unfrequented area of his own city? Come on, your argument is totally invalid. What three champions, one of them the leader of his own country, do in their free time is no IoW business. They're not the secret police in East Germany. They're an organization of people located somewhere with the goal of avoiding escalation of conflicts to Rune Wars. They do hold no power in a free country like the UN doesn't hold it in NY. What Swain does in his homeland is his own business, they can't meddle with it. They don't have no means to know he is resurrecting a juggernaut to utterly crash Jarvan IV. Why would anyone in it tell them? If they were so good at espionage and omniscient, why didn't the IoW higher-ups involved in the Kalamanda conspiracy see Jarvan IV, Katarina and Talon's investigation coming their way? Why couldn't they stop them with their super-powers from discovering it and disclosing it to the public? Three champions working together there too, but they didn't know anything. How comes?
I'm sorry for reviving this, but I just have one question. > (snipping bit about writers doing anything, pretty irrelevant) How is a writer choosing one option in a story over another irrelevant to a discussion about the story that the writer is writing? The entirety of the argument has been over how restrictive, if at all, the Institute is, and the fact that the writer is given a choice while making the story proves further that the Institute might not be restrictive. On a side note, I want to mention that copying the format of the person you're arguing against to the extent that you have been in a live debate casts doubt upon your own arguing abilities and hurts the credibility of your side. Addressing points in the same order is fine and dandy, but treating your opponent's argument like an ad lib for your own words is plagiarism in any context and intolerable.
: FACTIONS — General Discussion Thread (Nyroth arc)
Agh, you're asking me to choose between my home and my homeland ;-;
: [Champion Concept] Scarth, The Wisp Commander
My one big complaint is name originality with the abilities. Every name (aside from the passive) has wisp in it, and I think changing that up a bit would be nice.
: Don't forget you're losing that 70 hp too.
But the AD you gain is so, so sweet in comparison.
: Welcome to the League of Nerfs... They sure like to hit {{summoner:7}} a lot. First they reduce the healing value, but then they surprise me with a speed boost. But, they reduce the speed boost duration and make it so that only one other champion can be healed? And now they reduce the heal amount even more? I don't think I'm going to bother taking Heal anymore. =\ I don't think {{champion:412}} is going to be enjoyable for me anymore, either. Seriously, making it so that only one other champion can be shielded? What next, take away the shield entirely so it's only used for transporting an ally and soul collection?
Hasn't {{summoner:7}} always just healed you and one other champion, at least recently? I'm pretty sure the tool tip for the past few patches has said you and the most wounded champ in range unless you use it with the mouse and target a champ.
kazkids (NA)
: {{champion:31}} is love {{champion:31}} is life
Not gonna lie, I logged in just to up this. {{champion:31}} *is* love and life.
Squirll (NA)
: Wait, she tells you that you're the only one too? That whore :'(
She could mean that only summoners can hear her, so she'd only really be a whore if she started communicating with other champions! :D


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