: Fortnite took the prize
Oh Trust me, me no toxic just banned for misunderstood slurs I rarley talk in chat can't emphasize that enough
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: Is...is this a meme?
No i didn't know it was a hate speech word
: Permanently banned for what?
My friend says that word in pubg and i just said it because they were Japanese i think
: Permanently banned for what?
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SitonFace (EUW)
: Would you consider this to be toxic?
If you actually got banned riot banning system is just crazy dumb
: Is toxicity getting worst lately?
I mostly think its fortnite this game is starting to die and people are to angry to play league when there's no balance when someone gets fed so people wanna retreat to fortnite and have fun with nice peaceful action colorful game
Rewt (NA)
: Or like. Just dont. They still havent brought back the best mode they ever had. Showdown
Never heard of it what is it?
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: Usually it is a 10 game chat restrict for first punishment then 25 game chat restrict. Then 14 day ban Finally a perm.
A perm is honestly way to harsh shouldn't be a thing There are people that wasted 100$ on the game perm should be applied to those who feed and troll constantly for fun
stainlord (EUNE)
: ***
Why do you say that Honestly look what you're saying you probably deserve a ban
: Reworking the Banning system/Rework Permabans
Honestly 14 day suspension is just Bonkers! Then full suspension Wow! 1st of all it should be a 1 day ban to show you are being watched, watch what you are saying There are people that cannot control there anger but a 14 day suspension makes people quit league on how long it is and move to fortnite Anyways you get the gist
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