: Shorter cooldown buffs . . . because champions couldn't spam enough. Rageblade is getting compensated, seriously? Gaining guaranteed duel-penetration to screw over defenses even more. And the 'nerfs' are just blatantly terrible, not only are they not addressing the problems, but are marginal impactful at best. Towers are still cardboard cutouts that throw used napkins after five minutes. If you want to keep players, stop spitefully favoring champions; but more importantly, make the game fun to play instead of exciting to watch.
Rito afraid of the spooky tank meta We must ensure that there are never two tanks in a game 5 Fighters we must have Give them the damage we must Say we buff the tanks But buff their counters too
: Nautilus, Thresh, Leona, and Taric all have 49-52% winrates and are tank supports. Thresh, being the least tanky of them but still itemizes resistances + aftershock making him tanky. Nautilus has a 52% winrate in almost every elorange and region, also extremely tanky. Leona around 50%, w giving a lot of resistances and runs aftershock. The reason that these champions are good aren't because they're just tanky, they are all play makers and can engage a teamfight. That's braum, ali, galio and tahm have low winrates. They're designed to peel more than initiate, causing lower winrates because it's solo q. If played appropriately and in the right places, they're extremely good. I.E All of these champions are picked a lot more in the pro-scene than solo q.
We're talking about tanks in top lane and jungle. In jungle you have the options of... Nunu, Amumu, Rammus, Sej, and Zac. That's it. That's the whole jungle pool. Luckily most of these champions can boast above a 50% winrate if you put in the time. Unfortunately, Nunu takes a ton of time to learn, and Amumu and Rammus are only being played to fill the role for people who don't normally play tank in jungle. But my problem is, that this pool wasn't always this small. You had J4, Gragas, Naut, Maokai, Malphite, Mundo, even Shen and Cho to some degree. Now, those champs have transitioned into fighter roles, or Riot nerfs what makes them a good tank (J4's shield for example). The champ pool has been dropping over the years, and the amount of viable tanks is being pushed to support. I like playing jungle, and I don't want to move to support just because Riot doesn't want any tanks in the jungle. And I'm sure the same is true for top laners.
: They took out a lot of damage from Wit's End if you factor in the lack of MR shred.
Even still, the sustain it gives now I feel makes up for it
: Patch 9.7 notes
This week we added more damage to Dr. Mundo Azir Wit's End Ghost Poro Zombie Ward Cut Down I will say I like the changes to some of the tanks (focusing on utility and availability of abilities rather than just, slap some damage on that). And I like the buff on cinderhulk, but I don't feel like it'll be on that impact without the same improvements to bami's. Reason being, that tank junglers generally have slower clears, especially on single monsters (like gromp) in the early game. When you have champs that are clearing rapidly at the top of the ranked ladder (Rek'Sai, Karthus, Vi, Udyr) AND have decent gank power to boot, it feels like most tank junglers don't really have a place in the meta (aside from Sej and Nunu, who have pretty good clear speeds because of their abilities having that single target damage).


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