rujitra (NA)
: No, I am talking about the consequences of your chat restriction you refer to in your original post - you were toxic, and you got punished. I am also talking about how you repeatedly say that because Riot did not send you a private messenger to scream in your ear that someone was punished that they were not punished. You do not need to know that information. You have no reason to need to know. If you only believe things you see, that’s your problem. You don’t need to get information about other’s punishments so you can harass them or feel better about your own ego.
Again, I didn't see any consequences for "toxic" behavior. I received a chat restriction, but again, I don't see anything in what was said that warrants it, so it is like someone walking up to me and punching me in the face. As far as the Instant Feedback, then please, remove the notification altogether. Because the way it works it makes people think their reports don't mean anything. There is literally no good reason to have the system notify sometimes and not notify other times. Either notify each time your report gets someone banned, or don't notify any bans. It isn't about feeling better about your own ego, it's about feeling as if Riot cares about toxic behavior.
Kei143 (NA)
: In itself, no. But it is pretty severe, so depending on the player's behavioral history, they may get punished for it.
"Holy fuck you're fucking trash" "ENjoy the report, you autistic %%%%" So you are saying that people should not get disciplined for saying that? I mean, as long as they don't have a history of it. And while we're at it, what is the time frame on that history? Is it okay if say, they do it every 10 matches? Every 100 matches? The way I see it, if something is punishable, it should be punishable regardless of "history". We have to look at why it is punishable in the first place. And as far as I can see, the "Why" doesn't change whether the person said it for the first time or the 1000th time.
rujitra (NA)
: You did not read my post. **You did not see consequences** does **NOT** mean *consequences did not exist*. Seeing is believing - but that does not mean that the only things that exist are those you can see.
The consequences that I gather you had been talking about were the chat ban I had a couple years ago, which again, I saw a random person (Riot) walking up to me on the street and punching me in the face and expecting me to see it as a "consequence" of me being there. If you are going to reply, please at least follow along with what the post you are replying to is even talking about.
: Cause you can't. You never will able to do so. When you post proof that Riot punishes a player and states the name of the player they punished in an instant feedback, then I'll respond to your next post. Till then, you get nothing.
Again, you are the ONLY PERSON focused on a NAME. We just want the INSTANT FEEDBACK system to not be random.
rujitra (NA)
: You saw there were consequences for your behavior, which is toxic. You did not see consequences for their behavior. You did not see **lack of consequences**, you simple **didn’t see anything**. In science that’s a grave mistake that nobody makes in research if they have half a brain (cause it’d get them fired and lose any future possibility of them being given research opportunities): Lack of seeing something does not mean it does not exist, ** at all**
I didn't see ANY consequences period, because my behavior did not warrant consequences and was arbitrary. It is the same thing as walking up to a random person on the street and punching them in the face and then trying to see if they "saw the consequences". They didn't, they just saw some random person doing some random thing that caused them annoyance.
: An assumption is never a fact. Even if you think you know. Just because you think you know doesn't mean it's a fact. Riot will never give out the name of who you may have got punished. You never will get the name due to the fact it's part of a policy. So no, regardless of the situation, it will never be your business and you will never get a name from Riot. So my original statement stands.
Your original statement does not explain the "Instant Feedback" system. Nobody cares about getting a list or a name of people who have been punished. My point is about receiving instant feedback on one person and not another. So did one person get punished and the other person didn't?
Kei143 (NA)
: It's not that weird when you understand that the system punishes people based on consistency x severity. Your past bad behaviour gets stored into your "toxicity meter", and when it passes a certain threshold, you'll get punished. So unless you and the other person was at the same threshold and had the same severity in toxicity within the same game, it's rare to see both players get punished at the same time.
So you are saying that calling someone an "autistic %%%%" is not severe enough to warrant getting punished?
: Do you see the name of the player who got that punishment? No. Why? Cause of privacy. It's none of your business of who got a punishment, they're just letting you know that you're doing a good job for reporting those who are ruining the game for other players including yourself, but they will NEVER tell you who got it.
I don't care that there is no name listed. I know who got punished, because I reported them. The fact that a report from earlier was not acted on is what causes me to question the system. I don't think you actually understand what the conversation is about, so you should probably actually go back to a section of the forum that is more your depth. However, if you decide to stick around, I will give you a brief tl;dr. Summoner 1 (Nobody gives a shit about the name of the summoner) - Calls me "fucking trash" and an "autistic %%%%". I reported him, I did not get any "instant feedback", which makes me think he does not get punished. Summoner 2 (Again, nobody gives a shit about the name of the summoner) - Calls my jungler a "r%%%%%" and calls the team "gay" because he was getting camped by the enemy jungler. I reported him, I got "instant feedback", which lets me know he got punished. Giving feedback is not the same thing as Riot posting who gets punished.
rujitra (NA)
: Well you saw there were consequences for your behavior, didn't you?
No, I saw there were consequences for what honestly doesn't even amount to toxic behavior, yet I saw that when toxic behavior DID occur, it was not punished. So the net result is, I don't think Riot actually cares about player behavior, and I have evidence to support that theory.
rujitra (NA)
: No, you do not always get a notification. It is explicitly designed to not always notify you so you cannot have this egocentric attitude about your reports. And no, flaming is not suddenly "excellent behavior" just because someone else is flaming first.
Why would it be specifically designed this way. If someone is playing the game and reports someone and gets feedback, then the next time they report someone and it doesn't, it makes them think nothing is being done and that their reports are being ignored, even though people are calling them "autistic %%%%s" and "fucking trash". If I don't get a report about that person getting punished, it makes it seem like either A) Riot doesn't give a shit about me, or B) Riot doesn't give a shit about that sort of behavior.
: It isn't all that weird. Riot bases their punishments by consistency. This guy probably has a history or he probably doesn't. Also, you're not entitled to know if he is punished or not even if he was. Because of the privacy policy. People only bring their punishments to light only if they choose to do so. So as a player said on here just recently, focus on yourself. Report and move on. You're not here to choose who gets punished, you're here to play a video game. If someone is bothering you, mute them and report them afterward. What happens with that player goes to the employees of Riot. Not you. And yet sometimes Riot does let people know when someone is punished. So literally, what you are saying, is that Riot randomly decides to punish people and/or randomly decides to tell people that others were punished.
: You don't always get notifications when someone else is punished. Guess why? Riot wants you to focus on **you** and **your own behavior** because that's the only behavior you can control. Just because someone was more of a jerk doesn't mean you get to be a jerk too.
That's a flawed line of reasoning on Riot's part. Seeing that there are consequences for bad behavior is a much better deterrent than just trying to ignore that the toxicity exists.
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GPj9HwkE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-31T23:36:50.352+0000) > > You don't know if the other person was punished or not. Focus on yourself. STOP, we know when the person reported got a punishment with a notification. Can you stop using false argument to discredit this bad auto ban system? I also got something pretty similar, insulted/flamed a whole game and result being ban and not the toxic player. Match 2 En jeu Kuroki Kaze: you suicide Kuroki Kaze: under tower Kuroki Kaze: mf Kuroki Kaze: not my fault Kuroki Kaze: + mf Kuroki Kaze: you got caught by morganaz Kuroki Kaze: too many times.. Kuroki Kaze: gj team Kuroki Kaze: what are u doing mf ... Kuroki Kaze: how can u be such a flamer Kuroki Kaze: i dont focus morg u kidding me? Kuroki Kaze: all my spell Kuroki Kaze: are on her Kuroki Kaze: i dont understand why a 1million missfortune player Kuroki Kaze: play like this Kuroki Kaze: vlad Kuroki Kaze: on blue Kuroki Kaze: didnt know twitch there lol Kuroki Kaze: why do u Kuroki Kaze: flame Kuroki Kaze: like this? Kuroki Kaze: they not did drake too Kuroki Kaze: in 20min Kuroki Kaze: zed 9/3 run away from trynd Kuroki Kaze: on 2V1 Kuroki Kaze: + flaming Kuroki Kaze: the more interestin Kuroki Kaze: is miss fortune Kuroki Kaze: 1million500 point on miss fortune Kuroki Kaze: she play like first time Kuroki Kaze: mf its realy your acc Kuroki Kaze: with 1M5 on mf? Kuroki Kaze: you keep using the same word Kuroki Kaze: lol Kuroki Kaze: kaisa vlad trynd Kuroki Kaze: biot Kuroki Kaze: intelligent call Kuroki Kaze: zed Après la partie Kuroki Kaze: last game 2/11 Kuroki Kaze: that was support too? Kuroki Kaze: your just a troll acc Kuroki Kaze: with 1M5 on mf..
Yeah, their "evidence" for the bans seems pretty pedestrian, but the ones who legitimately flame have no indication of whether there is punishment or not, and it feels like there should be. At one point, I know League used to have an "Instant Feedback" system in place which at least helped us feel like justice was being done. If you report someone and they have nothing show up for Instant Feedback and are still playing more games, it's a really frustrating feeling, because it seems like there is no punishment for being THAT toxic.
: You don't know if the other person was punished or not. Focus on yourself.
He got to play another match, so he obviously didn't get a ban or anything. Maybe he got a chat ban, but what he said was 1000 times worse than what I said and should be a lot more severe of a punishment.
: didn't work there is no submit a request it is the same website I had thank you though
Right at the very top center there should be a button to submit a request.
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: Eh, if you aren't trying to learn a new champ, it's generally better to just play a champion you're already comfortable with if you get autofilled to an unfamiliar position. Sion mid/adc OP!
I'm going to say that Tryndamere/Garen mid is no where near as good as Fizz, even if I've never played Fizz before.
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logic301 (NA)
: "Report Mid for feeding"
I got autofilled to MID just last match, never played mid before and don't really have a mid champ I've ever played. I play Jungle/Top main, and do Supp/ADC on occasion. Figured that 4 of 5 positions is fine for queue...But nope! Anyway, went Fizz, tried to play extremely safe but kept getting dove on by the mid Ekko and Trynd jungle. [Did horrible](, but was certainly not the reason my team lost...
D3m37r1 (NA)
: Me when i teamfight
That is my Darius. I just keep smashing buttons until I am the last one standing whenever we have a teamfight.
: There are plenty of ways to become blind without resorting to violence.
At least that's what they TELL us, because they don't want us touching ourselves...
: But then who'd remove the last person's eyes? I'd imagine that surgery is hard to perform blind, and even harder to perform on yourself! Unless we create some sort of robot to remove everyone's eyes or something...
: >Also, players on the boards always insult and make fun of players who have been banned. This includes name calling, insulting intelligence, etc. Those would be the same players, who had to suffer said toxic peoples abuse in their games...usually repeatedly. I don't see a problem here.
I have never been toxic, nor have I been sanctioned. I have had to deal with toxic people on the boards and in game. Most often they are people exactly like you who make snide comments about "uninstalling" or things like that. That doesn't change the fact that HurriKane was a dick last night, and he is supposed to be a Lead Moderator.
: Good to know, I guess I just have to learn to be acceptably toxic. Boutta spam ping and say "uninstall pls" all day!
Probably not a great idea, you aren't considered a "forum regular" so the rules are likely different for you and I.
: You have got to be fucking kidding me.
Well, the answer to that question is that yes, Riot will allow people to harass you without repercussion, as long as they don't cross an invisible line (Telling someone to uninstall the game is not bannable per the moderators).
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: Ranked is not for experimenting
In a perfect world, I would agree with you. But since Riot has this thing called "autofill" that NOBODY likes, I really don't see an issue with experimenting in Ranked. Ideally, though, you can only unlock a champion for Ranked Battles if you had a Tier 5 Mastery rating on that champion. But with that change Riot would need to remove autofill and allow people to queue for only one position. Give people who only select one position a period of 5 minutes where they do not have any priority on the queue, so if they are waiting and someone queues up the person with more than one position selected would get priority.
: Odd you say that because I frequently find that people want mid. Often, they are happy to swap whatever role for mid. And, I'm more than happy to oblige. I find it's better to have a person who is competent and knows what the heck they are doing in the other roles - rather than having yet another griefer on the team. BTW, the odds of you having a team where everyone is happy or semi-happy in their role hinges on the role that you practice and prepare for. It's sort of [a Monty Hall problem]( And, it's an interesting statistics exercise: * If you are a person who regularly queues for the high demand positions (i.e., jungle or mid), then you can count on seeing a griefer in your game occurs more frequently than a person who queues for less popular positions (adc or support). It jumps to about 60% if you do this. That is, over half of the time you will be guaranteed to get someone who is not quite happy with the position they got. * If you queue for top, interestingly the odds of encountering griefers drops slightly to about 50%. That's right - only half of the time. (See if you can figure this one out. ;) ) * If on the other hand, you are a botlane specialist (i.e., adc or support), then your odds of encountering griefers drops to roughly 30%. Now, this being said, the odds do shift slightly as you move up and down the ranks. But not by much... So you make the bed you sleep in, when you queue for the Rift. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I almost never have people complaining that they didn't get Jungle. I queue for Jungle/Top and get Jungle at least 80% of my games. There are some weird MM hiccups, but usually the only people complaining are when they get autofilled to Support. Again, Riot likes to screw with people, though...
: Fuck the ward count did you see those cs numbers all 10 go afk for 15 mins?
It was like a 10 minute game due to all of the feeding.
Syllann (NA)
: Autofill
I'm pretty sure everyone is willing to wait an extra minute or two to not have to deal with autofill, but Riot wants to screw people over. I think they purposely try and screw with people's heads as well. The other day I was in a match where a guy who claims he chose "Support/Fill" was placed as a Mid-laner, while a guy who chose "Jungle/Top" was placed as Support. To top it all off, our Jungler was an "ADC/Jungle", I was placed in Top as a "Jungle/Top" selection, and or ADC was a "Fill". Not one single person had their primary role, and despite a Support main and another player who doesn't mind playing Support, we had a non-Support player put in that position. We had to sort it all out ourselves to fix Riot's BS. Thankfully we got it working, but the whole thing started off on the wrong foot because we had a "Support" that was already mad before we even STARTED champ select.
: [BUG] Blank Bar At Top Of Screen!
Also, it is not loading anyone's icons.
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: I'm going to leave this here... XD Games aren't one-sided, as this match I played pretty much proves that no matter how much you are behind, you can still win. :)
One game doesn't actually prove anything, tbh. Nice game, but that doesn't mean games aren't one-sided or that you can't win a losing match based on one or two lucky fights (The greatest game I have ever seen was Echo Fox against Team Dignitas from last spring split, where Froggen got the CS record and Echo Fox came from behind to win the game. The ending was the greatest ever. Or at least one of the 5 greatest endings ever. The two best farming marks were hit in that lane. The greatest comment ever was made during the game: "You're a cow, not a chicken! Don't stand with the chickens!") But it doesn't make the game balanced because of a couple lucky team fights.
: I claim a team effort win or loss unless someone on either team is an obvious troll who decides the outcome of the game themselves. If someone's score looks really bad and you win, they were most likely still useful to the team by distracting the enemy at key times, clearing waves from towers while defending the base, etc. If someone does really well and has an amazing score but loses anyways, the loss is still on them in some way. A great example is a video I just watched from PBE when someone went full AD Galio. At the end of the video he actually says that if he had built Galio as an AP tank, his score wouldn't have been as good but his team would likely have won.
I also am not sure I would agree that his team would have won, or likely won. It is hard to know what difference the game would have been if he hadn't gotten 20 of those kills. That is like me losing a game and saying "If I had chosen Graves instead of my 20/1/15 Hecarim, we probably could have won!" It would have completely changed the way the game went, and there is just as much likelihood that the game would have gone worse, but we'll never know.
: I think you are missing the point of the post. This is targeted at the people who are "never at fault" for their losses. If someone is never to blame for a loss then they shouldn't be able to take credit for any of their wins either.
I see your point, but it doesn't make sense logically. Most certainly nobody should be able to claim they were the SOLE reason that their team won, although they can be a huge reason for it. Someone can do EVERY SINGLE THING RIGHT, and still lose a game. Therefore the loss would not be their fault. Winning doesn't mean you got carried though. It means enough people did enough work to get it done. You can still be the primary reason that your team won. I know this is a bot game, so it wasn't as hard to "carry" the game, but the concept is the same: Without me, the game would have been lost. Period. However, without the Varus, the game probably would have been lost as well. So while I was not solely responsible for the win, I was actually the primary reason we won. We almost lost, and it wouldn't have been my fault, because I was doing everything I could (I am not going to say I played perfectly, but I didn't make a single major mistake). I got First Blood about 2 minutes into the game, although I did end up dying a couple minutes later in a 1v2 matchup because I was getting minion blocked. A small mistake, yes, but not major. I got a double-kill around 5:45 and then Varus came top to help me push the tower. We killed both top laners two more times and took the top turret pre-10 minutes. By this point bot was getting pushed in hard and mid was dying left and right. At 10 minutes into the game I was 5/1/1. My Varus was 2/0/1. The rest of my team was a combined 0/6/0 and had already lost bot tower. I picked up another double-kill at around 11:30 and then rotated mid to help Kat who had just destroyed a tower. We took the inner turret mid, and then there was a small skirmish in mid-lane which resulted in two kills and three deaths, as well as the enemy Ashe and Lux split-pushing to kill our bottom inner tower. Since I didn't think I could take mid-inhib tower faster than Lux and Ashe could take our bot-inhib tower, I backed and got a quick double-kill on Lux and Ashe. At this point, I'm sitting at 10/1/1 while the rest of my team is a total of 3/9/X (No idea how many assists they got off that skirmish). My team keeps trying to run things down the mid when there aren't enough people there to do so, or when people are too low to really fight and keep dying. I manage to get two "unofficial triple-kills" as well as the "unofficial Penta" at 33:00. I "carried" the team, even if I didn't do 100% of the work. Saying I "got carried" because I won would be stupid, considering I did 43.4k damage to champs and the rest of my team combined for 45.1k damage to champs. I also had double the CS of anyone on my team. If I had been unable to 1v2 (And eventually 1v3 when WW kept going bot after the inner turret was down) the bot lane after my team let the enemy team take those towers, I don't think anyone would have been able to say it was my fault for losing the game, since I won my lane, hard, and roamed mid and helped push, and roamed bot to defend. ------------------------------------------------------- Now, I am not defending people who claim to "never be at fault" for a loss; most of the time they are making mistakes as well. But quite often a player can play very well and not make mistakes and still lose the game because their team folded on the other side of the map. That doesn't diminish their efforts in the loss, NOR does it diminish their efforts when they do win. There is a player "[Saber is Waifu](" who plays extremely well in almost all of their games, even the losses. Most of their losses are not their fault, their jungler goes 1/9/1 for example. That doesn't mean that all of their WINS are not due to their efforts (0/1/23 support, 14/2/12 top, 12/1/2/ top, 0/3/25 support, 4/0/7 top, 10/2/10 top, 12/0/1 top, 11/0/4 top, 16/0/8 top, etc)
: I don't see how that would be the logical extrapolation, to be honest. Let's pretend that we can quantify someone's "carry" through numbers. If you need 100 "carry points" to win a game, your team needs to average 20 "CP" per person for the win. If you do 50 "CP" but everyone else on the team averages 10 "CP", you will end up with 90 "CP" for the team, which means you lost, even though you did half of what the team needed to get done all by yourself. Compare that to if you did 50 "CP" and your team averaged 20 "CP" per person, you'd have 130 "CP" of the 100 needed to win, so you would most definitely win. You can't claim that someone who did more than two others was "carried" to the win. You can claim that the teammates pulled their own weight, though.
I do have to point out that League of Legends is not so simple as to have "Carry Points". Each game is different and will require a different amount of "carry points" to win. Doing a certain amount of stuff in one game may win the game, but doing the exact same thing in another game you may still lose.
Paroe (NA)
: thats the logical extrapolation, yes. But people will argue night and day that its not true, and that YOU are the reason you won.
I don't see how that would be the logical extrapolation, to be honest. Let's pretend that we can quantify someone's "carry" through numbers. If you need 100 "carry points" to win a game, your team needs to average 20 "CP" per person for the win. If you do 50 "CP" but everyone else on the team averages 10 "CP", you will end up with 90 "CP" for the team, which means you lost, even though you did half of what the team needed to get done all by yourself. Compare that to if you did 50 "CP" and your team averaged 20 "CP" per person, you'd have 130 "CP" of the 100 needed to win, so you would most definitely win. You can't claim that someone who did more than two others was "carried" to the win. You can claim that the teammates pulled their own weight, though.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaladinNO,realm=EUNE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=d2zcIkfI,comment-id=000200020000,timestamp=2016-12-08T09:01:50.388+0000) > > It still isn't that hard to spot a real, official community event over a fake one. > > "Just post this link X times for X RP"...hardly a routine publicity stunt. My facebook from highschool begs to differ. "Share x game with x friends to get more cutie points"
When I was in high school there was no such thing as Facebook :(
: Here's the same problem that always comes with it: Picking for an ally. You wouldn't be able to pick that OP champion anymore for the last guy on your team as first pick, just because you don't play it.
I definitely see your point (And that was actually one of my first thoughts as well) but I have also seen people "Picking for an ally" and then one of the two of them ends up not completing the swap and someone gets screwed (Usually the entire team.)
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: why does the "meta" thing exist?
"Meta" isn't something that Riot just decides. They make changes, usually in response to a previous change or just as a way to spice things up (Elemental dragons, jungle plants, etc), then the best players start playing around with the new changes and develop the meta, which is literally the "Most Efficient Tactics Available". The meta that the players come up with is just the best, most efficient way to win. Often the meta will change even without changes by Riot, as players adapt to what other people are doing.
Aeverlon (OCE)
: Fastest Current Way to Get IP?
Fastest way to get IP is to win quick matches. The quicker the better, as long as they meet the minimum time limit.
Porocles (NA)
: Sometimes an account will need to sync to the boards, so that it will show the proper level. It can take a bit longer than usual, but I went ahead and booped your account to make sure it's syncing. Relog and let me know if the issue persists!
Sadly, no. I logged out and back in and it still says I am level 5 and can't post in General. I am going to try and hit level 10 today, so maybe it will at least count me as level 6 for the boards >.<
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