: Damn the downvote bots are in full force today.
: > [{quoted}](name=Maxìme Bernier,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EVhUOa96,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-11T21:31:02.156+0000) I find winning fun, but hey, each person finds different things fun I guess. Trying new builds is fine, I just hate when people's 'fun' builds end up weighing down the rest of their team and making it not fun for anyone else except for the person building fun and the enemy that gets an easy win. Doing it in practice tool is cool though. At least you're doing that.
I understand your point, but lemme develop. I don't find fun in playing meta champions. I could play Mordekaiser top but it just doesn't do it for me. I've been playing things like Trundle top, Trundle mid, Kha'Zix top recently and I'm having decent success. The vast majority of my games are in normals, and I wouldn't go Omnistone Trundle in ranked without trying it out in a few normals before. Also, the reason why I want to give Omnistone Trundle a shot is because he doesn't really have a keystone "made" for him. PTA is ok, Conqueror is ok, Grasp is ok, Lethal Tempo is ok but none match his playstyle like Conqueror on Garen, Aftershock on Leona, and so on. Since he does ok with many runes but he can't use one only effectively, maybe a temporary keystone that adapts to his current in-game situation would be better? This is what I want to try out. Feel free to check out my [op.gg](https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=max%C3%ACme+bernier) if you want to see how I'm doing with off meta champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=warpenguin555,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EVhUOa96,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-11T21:24:46.950+0000) > > Just don't take Omnistone. Not sure why they'd even take Omnistone on him.
: doesnt his pillar do 1 true damage and proc comet?
That's what I was thinking but I tried it in Practice tool and got this result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1ZqX-SkEtg
Rioter Comments
: Error Code: 1B
Big brain riot committing pbe bugs on live servers
bellil (EUW)
: plese 4000rp plese
: Need to add a slider to the hextech crafting system
: Who should i main?
: So you've never carried/been carried? I would add to that, teams don't get promoted, individuals do.
Yeah because you're evaluated about how much you can bring to a team. If you're useless, you will win less often **on average** than someone who actively impacts the outcome of the game (by getting kills, shotcalling, roaming, getting objectives, etc)
: Can someone tell me why
Because it's a team game, not a single player game
ADC Bard (NA)
: Just a reminder that video games are not sports
Just a reminder that [subjective opinion] hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
: Time to help you ruin the game.
: I don’t know OP, I still have my one account since 2009 and never got any punishment or restrictions. Keep telling yourself whatever makes you feel better about yourself, cause no one else probably wants anything to do with you in game
: My 73% winrate on Eveylnn says otherwise.
How is it related to your toxicity though? >I can safely say the game itself is toxic, not me. This is what I'm referring to, when I'm saying you blame others instead of yourself.
: After having 19 accounts perma banned.
It's so easy to blame others yet so hard to accept that if you have 18.999 more permabanned accounts than the average, you're the problem.
y0r1ck (NA)
: Riot should only balance around pro play. Unpopular opinion I think.
I think it should rather be balanced around masters-low challenger, there's a huge difference in playstyle between solo queue and lcs. LCS is about rotating in team around major objectives, and solo q is exactly like what it's called, solo. That leads to a couple of champions being bad outside of LCS due to their ability to control objectives but also due to their lack of solo carry potential.
Teken (NA)
: Riot, Please Give Me a Chat Restriction
Best you could do is to drag the chat box out of your screen or unbind your enter key
: [GAMEPLAY] Vayne Condemn not knocking back J4
If he's ulting when condemn hits, it's intended. I'm not sure about his Q+E interaction, I know he can dash even while rooted so that could explain it as well.
: People trashtalking Riot for not playing the game LUL
>and you STILL see people complaining about riot adding more damage to the game, are you fcking serious? you have A CLASS SUPPOSED TO DEAL DAMAGE NOT DOING DAMAGE YOU THINK THAT RIOT WON'T BUFF THEIR DAMAGE OUTPUT? I think the real problem is their philosophy of making everyone equally broken. Bruisers should shit on tanks, bruisers don't -> powercreep bruisers instead of nerfing tanks. I'm not saying they aren't making bad decisions, they answered the relic adc meta quickly, made liandry a tank buster item instead of a burst squishies item, etc. But, in the long run, powercreeping everyone to ~ the same level is only hurting the game.
gregory2 (EUW)
: complaints from gregory2 (eu west) acount
if i understood well, you're frequently putting your team at a disadvantage and you're expecting to not be punished?
: Does age affect skill?
Kind of. There are 24 years old deep down in bronze 5 and 15 years old in challenger, but I'm pretty sure the average age goes up with rank.
Vhozek (NA)
: Irealia dashes to marked target once, twice, three times. Diana...
The mark is removed when she dashes to the target, exactly like Diana.
Dr Gustav (EUNE)
: for what i`ve been banned ?
I think if you log in to your account again, it should tell the reason (account sharing, toxicity, intentionally feeding, etc)
: How To Raise My MMR
You seem to have duo q'd with a bronze 4, lost 2 games won 1. That could explain it?
GigglesO (NA)
: Now that Conquer is out
Hashinshin worded it perfectly : conqueror is just another way of patching problems (that will create more problems eventually) instead of looking at the real problems and fixing them.
: Where are you getting the idea that Lich Bane is supposed to be the AP Phantom Dancer?
Assassins don't even build PD, it doesn't make any sense lol
NBKali (NA)
: Ready to leave Bronze
top is the best lane to get out of low elo if you play a splitpusher
: na es lo mismo que lan osea de mierda
: Is Traditional Trundle still obtainable?
Hextech or my shop are the only ways afaik. Good luck in your quest for that skin, I absolutely love it. The orange glowing club after chomp, the "trollier" voice, makes me wanna play Trundle again lol
Luralin (NA)
: I want chocolate
: Whats up guys is me Jeremmy.....
{{champion:122}} {{champion:60}}
: Kai'sa AP or AD build for jungle ?
A Nunu (NA)
: Shit talk Nunu. I _**FUCKING**_ dare you. The downvote machine gun is ready for you all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Purgë,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=h19r09ju,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-23T00:09:45.702+0000) > > yeah i wonder why i got 4 downvotes prob e girls didnt like my suggestion Or because everything you said is more or less wrong.
What's actually funny is someone made the same comment but worded better, got a couple of upvotes (more than 40) and a Rioter even said it was a good idea (Janna losing OOC effects if she shields someone in combat)
: That is when certain adcs were way above other adcs in powerlevel.
So basically, they're screwing up the data really hard because they're balanced among themselves, but unbalanced compared to the other champions
: Who's the hottest male champion? (round 1)
i would've said lee sin but trundle... https://i.imgur.com/4NDH8Wz.png also my desktop picture hehe
: I'm confused as to why no S.
: I mean, it was obviously going to be good on {{champion:23}} Personally love that he finally has a freaking keystone to use.
: When there are threads with the title, "I feel like ADCs have no problem with going into other lanes and taking their cs for no reason," they are talking about the players and not the gameplay of the class.
In which way is it insulting exactly? It's a repetitive behavior they noticed from ADCs and they wanted to point it out, as poorly worded as it came out. I'm not sure as to why you would compare constructive (arguable) feedback vs racism or homophobia. It's not even close.
: I just want people to not make useless threads made to insult and attack people. I want to get back to discussing the game instead of insulting players. I want a forum that isn't attacking a large sum of players. What's illogical about that?
They are not insulting the player behind the computer. They are critizing the class
: Im new and I have an hard time getting more then 20 champs!
On a totally unrelated note, wow, you're gold 3 first season. Congrats!
: Hate Speech should not be permitted on The Boards
I wish hate speech was allowed on the boards because I would be seriously questioning your critical thinking ability
: Help me decide on a cosplay!
If you want to be unique, you should pick a no name champion, hundreds maybe even thousands of Ahri cosplays have already been made
Shiznyte (NA)
: Brain Dead Champions
does it count if i strongly believe my main is braindead?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Karthus mains are the most intelligent league players.
Did I miss something? Is this the new "you have to have an high IQ to ..." ?
: This is just a suggestion bro. I just look at irelia and i was like wow. There is a lot of burst jg champs now. Master yi. Even azir is ggetting good and he is the hardest champ to play in the game. ekko is burtsing. the new champ kaisa is bursting man. me suggesting his q his nothing. Shaco is not surviving and i am a shaco main. Bro come on. Atleast lower his q cooldown to 2 secs. Even swain is op and he was already Op before is rework. wtf
: Add a "physical harm" option to the reporting tool
: Why is veigar still in aram?
ACKCHUAULLY veigar has 58% winrate in aram. Ziggs and Sona both have 66% winrate, why aren't you complaining about them instead?
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