: No Skillshot that Can bank off of terrain?
guess graves was just totally forgotten about
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: Got tower dived 4 minutes in by a Zed and Lee Sin... at 80% hp...
tower dive at level 1 and tell me how it goes for ya'
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: Zed over 15% play rate, nearly 70% ban rate and hovering around 53% win rate
: Ezreal needs a new title
: @Riot, If Cass can't be a poison mage, can you make one?
: Memes are not something you poop into the trashcan
Vorazun (OCE)
: [Champion Concept] Aeria, the Iron Ranger
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: "dont end"
: Kindred Tattoo
: I agree that it's inconsistent, which is unfortunate. I feel pretty strongly that skills should telegraph clearly, and if it were up to me Nunu and Sion would work differently - I was actually surprised when I found out after release that Sion's Q indicator didn't draw out of brush. It's difficult to change characters once they're out. There's a lot of "grandfathering" in, since their players come to depend on those quirks. That's why we're starting with stars visible - we can try this out, and it's much easier to change them back in line with Nunu/Sion than it would be to do it the other way around.
what if they were invisible, but if someone took damage by them, an arrow would point to where aurelion is, like how zed's shadow has an arrow that points to him, orianna's ball, etc
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: What are you looking for in the Taric rework?
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Canidae (NA)
: Trying to get S-rank on your Main
: LickaTahm
genwunner loser
: I was banned for cheating when I never did anything.
: Pretext: I am a clinical therapist who has previously done both acute and long-term interventions with people convicted of murder and rape amongst other things. I'll be honest, I don't care for Jhin's kit all that much, but the character is frighteningly well developed. It's actually for this reason that I have so much fun playing him. There are strong characteristics of multiple mental disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (the number 4, killing compulsions, etc.) and (what appears to me to be) Bipolar Disorder (the belief that he is perfection incarnate, minimizing his own terrible actions, the laughter upon death, the fact that when he talks to himself you can actually hear multiple instruments which is a metaphor for his elevated position in his own head). I absolutely love the minor details, such as Jhin humming to himself to assuage his "stage fright" and his inconsistencies when he speaks (aka how he hates killing but he has to). In reading an article on the development of Jhin, the devs stated that they had to go to a very dark place to come up with these things. As far as a complete character, Jhin hits home harder than any character Riot has made before. I actually considered creating a fake case study of Jhin to take to my interns to help with both diagnostic criteria for mental health disorders as well as possible interventions. And we didn't even cover the fact that he was released from prison and paid off to murder more, which adds a whole other wrinkle to it! So many more possibilities and discussions!
saying things that are learned with common sense, wow, impressive
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Skelenth (EUW)
: Could Taric get a Gloryhammer reference?
rofl, stealing my thread from months ago
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gubigubi (NA)
: So I was bored at work and turned the Fiora concept art image into a bunch of animations.
: Mordekaiser sticker
there you are, i got a new hard drive and lost all my fek blacklists :( i've been waiting for you to post so i can blacklist you again
: Preseason has failed to implement it's goals.
preseason has failed to implement it is goals.. right why are people even reading a post made by someone who has no understanding of the english language?
: > fun fact Lux is the only champion who used to have Mejai's as an essential item {{champion:40}} ???
she had is an offensive, not essential
Paroe (NA)
: Question: If itemization makes a champion over powered, is the problem not with itemization? If masteries make a champion over powered, is the problem not with masteries?
it's not just masteries and items, lux has been unnerfed for so long while virtually everyone else was getting nerfed, she just filtered out to the top just like brand and to some extent anivia.
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: How I see the 2016 season masteries
literally doesn't make any sense because td is only in one tree
: "Man you are so autistic."
maybe you should grow some balls or stick to single player games
: Zed and Yasuo are extremely frustrating to lane against
so you play vel who can harass through minions anivia who can harass through minions and talon, a more toxic champion than zed and you're complaining about zed and yasuo? i'm confused.
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: Swap two Champion's quotes
is this... supposed to be funny... or..
: From [League of Legends wikia](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kayle#Righteous_Fury) Righteous Fury RANGE: 525 / 150 COST: 45 Mana COOLDOWN: 16 Passive: Kayle's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. 「 Bonus Magic Damage: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 (+ 15% AP) 」 Active: Kayle ignites her sword for 10 seconds, gaining bonus attack range, doubling Righteous Fury's on-hit damage, and causing her basic against non-turret enemies to splash to nearby enemies for the duration. Splash Magic Damage: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+ 30% AP) (+ 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% AD) **While Righteous Fury is active, Kayle becomes a ranged champion.** The bold part should clear it up.
so what happens if i melee once, then turn on E? is it going to activate there, or in the next 3 attacks?
Rebonack (NA)
: Let Kog'Maw eat things
so literally fresh meat from hots
: She is melee without E active, so she gets 2 stacks per AA You sould get 3 AAs in before you use E
so i just got two different answers
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: A) does you champiom have an ap scaling? Any ap scaling at all? B) does your champion build devourer or like on hits? C) does your champion have any innate on hits? If the answer to any two of these is yes then the answer is yes to guinsoo's over botrk.
any reason why? if you can build hydra, why not build hydra?
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: QoL - Champions with apostrophes in their name shouldn't require apostrophes in the search bar
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: Wind Wall and you: Is this a projectile?
ezreal ult? ROFL, fuck that thing
: A Dota 2 Players Gripes With LoL
please leave and never come back rofl
: Statistically, AD assassins are doing much better than AP assassins.
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