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: Is pantheon simply broken or not?
He is meant to block turret shots, it is in fact a mechanic, he is only dealing damage if you fed him(otherwise he runs out of mana), and if he is hitting you a bunch it is because your positioning is bad.
Reav3 (NA)
: LoL. Before I was at Riot I was actually the Gameplay Producer at Sony on the God of War Series so a big part of me would be hyped about this as well. Doubt we would go that direction for Panth as Targon is bit more spacey then ancient Greece.
A lot of why I love pantheon is because of my obsession wit ancient greece, try to make him resemble spartan while allowing him to be a targonian pleeaaase ;3; also i am one trick so of course Im biased; but will i have to relearn his playstyle or will it seem familiar as to what it is currently?
Reav3 (NA)
: In the "Potential of Archetype" category? Can't think of all of them off the top of my head but I will list a few along with the archetype we don't think we are fully delivering on right now. Warwick - "Werewolf" Irelia - "Telekinetic Blades" Evelynn - "Shadow Assassin" Mordekaiser - "Death Knight" Pantheon - "God of War" Shyvana - "Half-Dragon, Half-Human" There's probably many more I ca't think of right now
Can i have some hints on the Pantheon rework? im a panth main and i care about him <3
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: Alpha client patch .02 changelog
i find it a bit clunky that when you click on one of the tabs you are able to move the window, i like having my window centered so thats kind of annoying
: Prepare to Test: SR and ARAM
i wanted to point out that the post-game feature of checking for damage and other statistics has been removed, i was wondering if that would be added at a later point because its always cool to brag about who dealt the most damage. Also an MVP recognition would be cool, even if it is as broken as play of the game from overwatch
TallyZrg (NA)
: Oh Really? I remember when I played Vel'koz one for all that even multiple knock-ups (4-5) didn't cause it. I believe that it can still happen though, I occasionally see bugs in my games still that make me go "wat".
Azir's wall caused me to go almost off the screen when i w'd something as pantheon, pretty interesting.
: League client update Q&A: The Play Loop [Now Complete]
Will the website also get an update to stick with the theme of the new client?
Alleo (NA)
: Velkoz Animation bug
Images and video for Proof: (screenshots taken by me and video by gf)"
: {{champion:17}} Sometimes I put mushrooms in handicap spaces. . . . . c:
you're an a** hole! he's an a** hole! love that song man


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