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: Riot favors their AD golden children. It's been obvious for several seasons now. They provide the consistent action and plays with both hard-hitting basic attacks **plus** abilities, while AP champs for the most part only have abilities to rely on. They don't want cooldown-based gameplay to overshadow the constant action AD champs provide, but at the same time, they are obligated every now and then to show some love to AP champs to avoid mass community backlash. There is still money to obtain from it, as well. Why do you think the Precision rune tree, made specifically for marksmen/AD champs, has the tagline: "Become a **legend**"? Also look at the environment the large rune rests at, then look at the Sorcery rune's environment. Riot doesn't give a hoot about anything AP. They truly don't. The evidence is all there. It doesn't fit in with their vision of how they want their game to fit into the e-sports scene (which is all they are focused on), but again, they are restricted through obligation from taking AP out of the game, despite how much they would like to.
Holy tin foil hat! Simmer down there Mr Conspiracy-theorist.
: Wrong. I've been playing for over two years now, and I am ranked silver on my main. This is just a separate one I use when people have been stalking me on my other one. I just really hate Zed, because he is a pain in the ass to play against no matter what champion you are playing, and ALWAYS, always it seems whenever I go ADC, the enemy team picks that mother fucker and no matter how I try to save myself or how much my support tries too, he always fucking kills me and it PISSES me off. Even the other day I was playing support Sona against a team who had a JUNGLER Zed, and he ulted me while we were pushing their nexus. I healed myself over to half health, had a lot of armor, and his ult still fucking killed me, and that was after I had exhausted him too. So no matter what you say, even if he's in his "most balanced" state, to me he is not balanced and should be deleted from the game.
Not wrong then, Silver is still "low elo", and 2 years out of 6+ the game has been around is still "new to the game".
: To me he deserves to be nerfed and in the dumpster. I hate that motherfucking stupid ass champion.
You sound like someone who's either very new to the game, or someone who's super low elo. Zed's pretty easy to deal with once you learn how to...


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