: The Tribunal isn't around any longer though. People weren't happy with it, because of how backlogged it was with literally thousands of cases waiting for review and thousands of toxic players going unchecked, simply because there were not enough members of The Tribunal to review all the cases. There are also always people who say any decisions made by people are biased, even though The Tribunal actually had the entire chat log, so it saw everyone's comments, not just the reported player's. The solution to that was the IFS. It's a bot, so it has absolutely no bias. Every player is judged on exactly the same standards by picking out keywords and phrases, and because it is automated, it works infinitely faster than the old Tribunal did. Riot didn't change that because of the world series and pro players. They did it because of the "average joes." I know you may not think they care about the non-famous players, but many of the changes that happen are put in place as a direct result of the outcries of the main player base.
Nah bro, i know for a fact Riot doesn't give two shits about us average joes. Their too busy catering to the World Series, game was at its prime during Seasons 1-3, after that it's just become utter shit filled with trolls and feeders. And it still happens with Auto-Fill, people getting stuck with roles they don't want. So they just go do something stupid like "Master Yi ADC" (Actually happened to me) and had more than half the deaths of the team because, yeah. Master Yi ADC is a REAL legitimate thing, I'd be more than willing to wait the 10 minutes to get into a game than to be stuck with a troll who got auto-fill and has a little hissy fit about it rather than dodging the lobby. GG riot.
: Unfortunately, this sort of idea seems to be rather prevalent on the boards at the moment, but it's not true. It's more difficult for Riot to punish trolling and intentionally feeding, because the Instant Feedback System was launched and seems to focus predominantly on chat violations. The Leaverbuster system was already in place to catch afk/leaves, and Riot doesn't disclose exactly how they monitor and detect the various third party and boosting violations. Which leaves mainly the trolling and intentionally feeding left to be addressed. And that's not something that can be as easily addressed by the same bot that handles chat violations. It's one thing to create a program that scans chat logs and issues punishments based on uses of various slurs. It's an entirely different story to create a program to detect what is intentionally feeding vs having a bad game. Not every case is as simple as having a player go 0/20/0 and buy 6 tears on Lee Sin. The programs have to account for itemization, assists, participation in dragons/barons/towers. There's a lot more to it, and Riot does not want to punish innocent players who are having a bad game. Trolling and intentionally feeding is NOT okay, and no one at Riot is going to advocate throwing games, or doing anything that will deliberately negatively impact the gaming experience of your teammates. Just because they don't have a shiny new IFS in place for that right now doesn't mean it's not being worked on though. Riot is aware of the problem, and they have been working on it, and have alluded to things coming in the future as soon as the new client is broken in.
In all honesty Riot wouldn't and doesn't give two fucks about us "average joes" its all about the world series and their dumb ass updates to make games go by faster. Remember when games would literally last for an hour because towers were deadly and unforgiving to dive? Yeah i remember that too. But now a Nami and Miss Fortune can tower dive you and walk away like it's nothing, Riot Games has gone down hill at an alarmingly fast pace, they've changed the game into one that can be done and over with at 20 minutes (I've actually won games at 20 minutes in, and this is not by the enemy surrendering.) Whether it's ranked, or Normal. Riot doesn't care, if they did do you honestly think they would have a broken system like The Tribunal?
: I'm not so sure about this. I'm mildly toxic in ranked (never in normals) and I only get punished when I know I may have crossed the line. Just avoid telling people to kill themselves or insult them with real life insults. I tell people they suck with a champion, should play co op vs ai, or should stop expecting a gank while diving the enemy tower at level 2. I do not tell people to kill themselves, that they have autism, or that their parents should have aborted them. Also I don't tell people to kill themselves because it's just wrong, not because of the punishment.
I can assure you I'm the same way. I'm mildly toxic when someones doing something stupid and i would never tell someone to "kys" because I've actually lost friends to suicide, and unfortunately. Ever since Season 3 the community has become nothing less than stupid, granted the cussing isn't against the rules and hardly do i ever actually direct it at a player. But that doesn't stop an overly sensitive person from reporting you because you did something as simple as ask them to play safe because their having a bad game, tilted to the point you could say "hi" and they would get overly offended.
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: Mfw people troll in every mode no matter if its ranked or rotating game mode.
It might sound hypocritical of me say but i could careless if someone "Trolls" around in ARAM or Normal, because those are more or less two game modes that are for casual play. But when it's constantly happening in ranked games that make it impossible to get anywhere i think it's time to say enough is enough. Riot should have stepped in a long time ago and dealt with this, but it's so far out of hand now that i don't think there is a way to fix it.
: lol i just gotta deal with bot lanes feeding their asses off then not want to hear me saying hey idiot stop dying learn from ur deaths and stop making the same dumb ass choices this just shows how stupid americans are tbh they dont think they just think one way is the right way and if they cant do that then something else is wrong and its not their fault lol u cant downvote disagree but this is a strategy game that requires u to actually think and if ur gonna try to call me out on spelling or grammer i could give 2 shits because this aint a term paper its a internet game forum i dont need to speak perfectly in order for the message to still be delivered
It's not even always bot lane that feeds, to be honest. I main Support/Jungle. And occasionally ADC when i get bored of both roles, and during my jungle games I've had a lot more Top Laners/Mid Laners feed because they expect a gank every two minutes and don't want to play safe until I'm in position or even set up for the gank themselves by taunting a fight or landing a stun, but when they die it's all of a sudden the jungler's fault for not ganking. (A lot of the times they get ganked themselves and 95% of the time it's because no one cares to ward) it's a no win scenario now a days. It's EVERYONE else's fault when someone dies because of no vision/over extending.
: I've gotten all trolls and assholes the past 3 days as well. 2 games in a row own team bans champ then one just said "expand your champ pool" (bronze of course) the other was a troll support who keep taking cs
It's aggravating, i couldn't climb out of Bronze 1. Five times i lost my qualifying matches to move up to Silver because of some bot lane troll picks and or people leaving game just because they can't handle their lane. Riot needs to address these problems and fix them, because it's getting next to impossible to climb out of that hell hole that is Bronze. And it's not always the player's fault either you can't carry a team if 2-3 people have given up, there is just that many toxic people that get a cheap sense of entertainment from screwing someone else over.
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